Ian's Number 96 episode guide: 1974

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What dark, family secret does Helen Sheridan keep concealed from Jack Sellars?

Can Arnold Feather survive the amputation of his injured leg?

Did Bruce Taylor or Maggie Cameron cause Bev Houghton's gunshot wound?

Does Dudley Butterfield really have a secret wife?

Will Harry Collins return to the bottle if his wife, Vera, gives birth to a black baby?

446. (28/01/1974) Dudley is jealous because Don was out all night with Bruce, but he is unnerved when confronted by his past: his wife, Jan Butterfield (Denise Otto). Flo has lost Amanda in Honolulu. Arnold's injured leg has been amputated. Jan tells Don that Dudley has a three year old son, Ben (Ben Huber).

447. (29/01) Some new tenants, Reg and Edie MacDonald (Mike Dorsey & Wendy Blacklock) of Blacktown, and their daughter, Marilyn (Frances Hargreaves), have moved into Flat 5. Maggie shows her true colours, claiming that she wasn't present during Bev's shooting. When Marilyn accidentally tears her blouse, Aldo and Les encounter her ample charms.

Actually, Marilyn's charms were even more "ample" when the role was played by Judy McBurney. However, a bout of peritonitis led to the character being recast. Frances Hargreaves had to reshoot all of Ms McBurney's scenes.

448. (30/01) Marilyn has been out all night with a friend. Amanda returns home and soon has everyone in a party mood. Dorrie sees more of Marilyn than she anticipated. Don gets a phone call from Claire, who has some shattering news about Bev.

449. (31/01) Lucy frets about Arnold; he doesn't know his leg has been amputated. Norma considers her new modelling contract. Jack receives a letter from Helen. If Harry stops his game of pretence, Vera will be unable to face the consequences.

450. (1/02) Amanda takes Flo, Dorrie and Herb to her fancy dress farewell party, but Herb gets himself arrested. Claire vows to have her revenge over her daughter's death. Amanda resolves Herb's court ordeal. Lucy is uneasy about Mr Poreski (Tim Eliott) and his men, but Alf is determined to tell all on the Names in the News television show. Harry wants Vera to have an abortion.

451. (4/02) Maggie may be forced to tell the truth.

Repeats of the series, from Episode #1, commenced in a daytime timeslot (1.30 pm in Sydney). Due to censorship rules, some episodes were heavily edited and occasionally pre-empted by episodes of "Room 222".

452. (5/02) Claire rewards Jack's kindness in a most unexpected way... with a beach house.

453. (6/02) Don speaks plainly to Bruce. Harry requires some answers which only Vera can provide.

454. (7/02) Lucy's fears may be realised and Dudley meets his problem face-to-face.

455. (8/02) Alf has a secret plan. Arnold has some serious thinking to do about his future.

456. (11/02) Claire is still bitter towards Maggie. Dudley contemplates ways to change his story.

457. (12/02) Vera receives a cruel note. Marilyn meets an artist who has some colourful ideas.

"The Box" makes its Sydney debut in a 90-minute episode, achieving a rating of 46. The previous night, it had scored 32 in Melbourne.

458. (13/02) Dorrie is starting to doubt the wisdom behind her business venture.

459. (14/02) Jack tries to get the truth out of Helen. Maggie continues to be a problem.

460. (15/02) Arnold's hopes are dashed. Herb is planning a special treat for Dorrie.

461. (18/02) Roma suffers a situation with "too many cooks", while Reg's prim facade could be misleading.

462. (19/02) Maggie has had a distressing encounter with Claire.

463. (20/02) Les is in yet another predicament.

464. (21/02) Marilyn is confused by Dudley's emotional behaviour.

465. (22/02) Norma reacts in horror to Jack's news.

466. (25/02) Arnold hears something and is lost for words. Dudley wants to make a clean break.

467. (26/02) Is Claire hearing the truth from Maggie? Jack has cause for doubts.

468. (27/02) Norma faints in surprise, but Helen is also in for a shock.

469. (28/02) Shadows from the past keep turning up to haunt Mal Jackson (George Assang), while Arnold looks to his future.

470. (29/02) Helen amazes Jack again. Dudley has had a change of attitude.

471. (4/03) Jack agrees to let Helen's mother, Elissa Sheridan (Betty Dyson) stay with them, but Helen soon realises that her father (Tom Farley) may have known best after all. Maggie's problems are overwhelming and she threatens Claire, while Vera and Mal argue.

472. (5/03) Dorrie's voice returns and she puts a stop to Flo's reunion plans. Vera loses something very important: her sketch pad of pirated fashion designs. Claire's health is a cause of concern when she refuses an operation to remove a blood clot, but Jack signs the consent form. Norma reads an instalment of 54 Paddington Place. Elissa goes shopping with Helen, but why has she also brought a huge knife with her? Vera is a victim of Mal's nightmare.

473. (6/03) Edie confides in Marilyn. Mal tries to help Vera in his own way.

474. (7/03) Reg decides on the only appropriate course of action. Don has an important message for Dudley.

475. (8/03) Don has uncovered some undeniable facts during an investigation. Herb's Good Samaritan act has been discovered.

476. (11/03) Jack's words spoken in jest are actually close to the truth.

477. (12/03) Helen believes that Jack is being melodramatic, but Vera finds him to be a good friend.

478. (13/03) What will Jan think of Dudley's latest idea? Norma is mystified by something she reads. Jack wakes up just in time: surrounded by fire!

479. (14/03) There is a happy reunion at Number 96, but Norma is far from happy about her discovery.

480. (15/03) Maggie wins a round with Claire. Dorrie decides to start a petition. Elissa seems contented.

481. (18/03) Helen is disturbed by something she has found. Meanwhile, Arnold's nurse, Patti Olsen (Pamela Garrick), has some surprising intentions.

482. (19/03) Roma and Aldo are over-anxious in their desire to assist a friend. Marilyn is suffering from the pangs of unrequited love.

483. (20/03) Les's newly acquired prosperity is burning a hole in his pocket, leading to some strange ideas. Dorrie receives a gift and is overwhelmed.

484. (21/03) Jack gives the Sheridan family some time to be alone. Edie must realise that the holiday is over.

485. (22/03) Dorrie maintains that she has witnessed a crime, but nobody believes her.

486. (25/03) Dorrie receives a most unwelcome visitor. Helen must face the truth.

487. (26/03) Two marriages at Number 96 are under threat. Tragedy strikes again in Vera's life.

488. (27/03) Feelings between Aldo and Roma are strained. Don finds the door to the laundrette closed, but has no idea of the sinister dealings behind it.

489. (28/03) Reg and Edie endure a night of fear. Patti and Arnold find that it is difficult to be alone at Number 96.

490. (29/03) Jack gets a good reception, but Don can't say the same. Les finds that he has a lot to learn about photography.

491. (1/04) Helen tries to withstand her mother's plea. Aldo aims to equal Roma's achievement.

492. (2/04) Reg refuses to listen to reason. Alf gets the wrong idea about Tom Bartlett (Ron Roberts).

493. (3/04) Dorrie's party may not go according to plan. Tom decides to speak out.

494. (4/04) At last, Arnold finds the right words. Jack is shocked into silence by the scene that greets him.

495. (5/04) Jack is not sure if his problems are solved. Alf confuses Lucy even further.

496. (8/04) Don and Dudley tidy up the flat and discover that nothing has been stolen. Jack informs Helen of Elissa's death. In the cellar, a mystery surrounds the Buddha statue; it is found to be filled with packets of drugs. Les wants to try out a miracle hair restorer on Herb. Dean MacDonald (Marty Rhone) discloses a family secret over dinner: that Marilyn is adopted.

497. (9/04) An emotional outburst horrifies Vera. Dorrie dispenses some good advice.

498. (10/04) Alf is due to be shocked out of complacency. Flo becomes a martyr to a cause.

499. (11/04) Arnold's newfound happiness may be in jeopardy. Jack tries to get the truth out of Helen.

500. (15/04) There is a mixed welcome home for two residents of Number 96. Meanwhile, Helen seems have adopted a defeatist attitude.

Often claimed in articles to be "the first colour episode", Channel 10 in Sydney didn't convert its studio for colour production until the 1974 Easter weekend.

501. (16/04) Tom has a plan and seems intent on seeing it through. Aldo has a point to prove.

502. (17/04) The Whittakers have a midnight caller. Dean's reaction is not what Reg expected.

503. (18/04) Marilyn is having second thoughts. Flo receives recognition as a result of Dorrie's fund-raising efforts and Herb undergoes a transformation.

504. (19/04) Amanda's phone call does not alleviate Don's confusion. Arnold and Patti have conflicting ideas over their wedding arrangements.

Over the Easter weekend, Channel 10 in Sydney converted its studio for colour production. Even then, although all scenes were being taped in colour, completed episodes would still be compiled in black and white for several more weeks.

505. (22/04) It's panic stations for Reg... and for Don, too, if he can't pacify his visitors.

506. (23/04) Helen's father has some information to her advantage. Dudley's intruder leaves behind a clue.

507. (24/04) Roma and Aldo try to play cupid. Marilyn is innocently oblivious to the attentions of her admirer.

508. (25/04) Lucy tries to make Alf listen to the truth. Reg feels that his family situation is now completely out of hand.

509. (26/04) Gary Whittaker shows a sudden interest in Maggie. Don is careless with his briefcase.

510. (29/04) Tom wants an answer from Lucy. Marilyn shocks her parents with her plans for the future.

511. (30/04) Maggie strikes a hard bargain. Alf overhears a conversation which startles him.

512. (1/05) Don thought his troubles were over, but Gary has news which changes his mind.

513. (2/05) Helen straightens things out with Jack, while Patti sets standards for Arnold.

514. (3/05) Herb is headed for trouble if he listens to Flo. Lucy takes a bold step.

MOVIE. (Previewed 5/05) Vera suffers a traumatic experience at the hands of a bikie gang. The former Sonia Vansard (Lynn Rainbow) returns to Number 96 with a new husband, Duncan Hunter (Alister Smart), while Jack falls for their neighbour, a beautiful air hostess named Diana Moore (Rebecca Gilling). Aldo takes on a second job after his nest egg is burned in a fire. Dorrie and Herb's plans to celebrate their Ruby Wedding Anniversary may be ruined by a shocking discovery. Simon Carr (John Orcsik) and Nicholas Brent (James Condon) compete for Vera's affections. Les, Alf and Herb build a sauna in the basement and try to make some money from it. Sonia experiences psychic phenomena in her dreams... or is it reality? Tony Brent (Patrick Ward) is revealed as Vera’s bikie attacker. The residents of Number 96 attend a fancy dress party. Australia has a new Prime Minister and Vera shares a position of prominence in a street parade.

This feature film version of "Number 96" had its gala preview at Sydney's Regent Theatre. It then had staggered premieres in various capital cities and country towns over the next four months. It was still running in suburban cinemas and drive-ins during the August school holidays. Coincidentally, the film's opening weekend dovetails neatly into the ongoing prime time storylines. The MacDonalds are not involved in the movie - their flat is vacant - and the Sutcliffes are abruptly reconciled, but otherwise, it all seems to fit. The movie's television premiere was on 29/10/1976.

515. (6/05) Alf makes a bitter realisation. Dudley is puzzled by the frequency of Gary's visits to Don.

516. (7/05) Marilyn does some boasting about a conquest. Jack may have a solution to Norma's problem with the wine bar.

517. (8/05) Dorrie goes on a door-to-door campaign for the Purity League and comes close to uncovering Herb's guilty secret (about posing nude for an issue of the Paddo Scream). Marilyn takes an interest in Colin Campbell (Steve Bannister), but Vera admonishes her. Aldo is robbed and he tries to blame Roma, and then Arnold, for his predicament. Dorrie is powerless to act against the squatters in Flat 6 because Penny Snow (Bethany Lee) claims that her mother has signed a lease.

518. (9/05) Vera has her hands full, trying to console Alf about Lucy and, at the same time, advising Colin.

519. (10/05) Jack's reaction to his loneliness has a disastrous consequence. Gary brings his mission to a successful conclusion.

520. (13/05) Maggie must take second place. Alf finds some consolation, while a phone call brings anxiety for Jack.

521. (14/05) Colin does not keep to his agreement. Maggie investigates Jack's finances. Aldo finds a new interest.

522. (15/05) Dorrie experiences a severe blow to her campaign, while Dean creates great concern for his family.

523. (16/05) Vera succeeds in bringing Alf to his senses. Dorrie and Flo disagree over their ideas and create a calamity.

524. (17/05) The Whittakers are surprised by Jack's reaction. Aldo and Les have plans to make a fortune.

525. (20/05) Les's behaviour puzzles Norma. Alf is about to make a rash decision, which causes Vera to regret her honesty with him.

526. (21/05) Colin refuses to go to school and Penny gets angry. Reg tells Marilyn not to visit Dean. Dorrie is not pleased about Herb's job as "Mr Pep". Penny gets the wrong impression. Flo is completely unaware that she is ruining an important project; she allows Dorrie to lock her in the cellar as an experiment in Gaol Reform, but takes a few hidden necessities with her. Gary and Marilyn make use of the vacant Flat 6, unaware of Colin's presence. Gary leaves for the wine bar and Penny walks in, leaping to the wrong conclusion. Reg finds Edie collapsed on the bathroom floor.

527. (22/05) Dorrie serves her "prisoner" a lunch of leftovers. Edie has been overusing headache powders. Penny's mother, Trixie O'Toole (Jan Adele), tries to cheer up Alf by inviting him to her club show. Edie's disappointment brings its reward when she and Reg visit Dean in the hospital. Herb falls asleep and Dorrie gets lonely so she plans to let Flo out "on probation". Dean asks Marilyn if she is still going to marry him.

528. (23/05) Don's arrival is eagerly anticipated by Maggie and Jack. Vera checks on Alf's mail.

529. (24/05) Marilyn startles Dean. Jack has to make his story very convincing.

530. (27/05) Alf has urgent business to discuss with Don.

531. (28/05) Dudley is feeling neglected. Two good friends turn to each other for comfort.

532. (29/05) Aldo and Les send sparks flying at Number 96. Edie has help with her entertaining.

533. (30/05) Patti issues Arnold with an ultimatum concerning the date of the wedding.

534. (1/06) Vera has a new family pattern. Gary's farewell is a source of concern for him.

535. (3/06) Dorrie has bought a wedding present for Arnold and Patti but the wedding is off. Why wasn't she told? A business deal turns sour for Aldo. Marilyn attempts to escape her problems.

536. (4/06) Colin indulges in hero worship. Norma is not looking after her own health.

535. (5/06) Arnold cannot think of an answer to his friend's simple question. Jack finds himself speaking out of turn.

538. (6/06) Alf refuses to accept Lucy's explanation. Dorrie must decide between two important events.

539. (7/06) The tenants of Number 96 celebrate the long-awaited marriage of Arnold and Patti.

540. (10/06) Marilyn indulges in fantasy. Alf's crumbling marriage is only one of his problems.

541. (11/06) Les has a good idea, but it backfires. Colin seems to resent Vera's happiness.

542. (12/06) Marilyn faces the moment of truth. Someone takes a frightening interest in Aldo's delicatessen.

543. (13/06) Aldo has a terrifying experience, while Marilyn is torn between two loves.

544. (14/06) Dudley realises that three is a crowd. Alf's attitude shocks Lucy.

545. (17/06) Alf's plans are changed for him. Amanda is the recipient of horrifying news.

546. (18/06) Lucy is able to convince Alf, but there are still more troubles to come.

547. (19/06) Flo gets an opportunity that makes Dorrie envious. Marilyn is unsure of herself.

548. (20/06) Reg shows an unexpected depth of feeling. Herb wears the scars of battle.

549. (21/06) Amanda has a confession for Don, while Vera unwittingly hurts Jack.

550. (24/06) Reg decides that Marilyn needs to hear the truth.

551. (25/06) Alf is optimistic, but the mood won't last for long.

552. (26/06) Roma fears a grotesque visitor. Dorrie asks Reg to grant a favour.

553. (27/06) Aldo has a single clue, but it disappears. Patti is kept busy.

554. (28/06) Amanda finds out the truth. Colin is happy about his new friendship.

555. (1/07) Roma and Aldo believe they have traced the intruder. Don has his suspicions about Otto Schiller (Alfred Sandor).

This marks the first episode ever viewed by yours truly.

556. (2/07) Lucy needs comforting. Don's services are required by several tenants.

557. (3/07) Lorelei Wilkinson (Josephine Knur) gets the wrong idea about Jack. Dorrie is grief stricken.

558. (4/07) Lucy and Vera confide in each other. Aldo receives a particularly vicious phone call.

559. (5/07) Reg and Edie experience a short-lived happiness. The Sutcliffe saga undergoes a new development.

560. (8/07) Don suffers a bout of jealousy. Alf finds that his cloud has a silver lining.

561. (9/07) Marilyn is enjoying her new role. Jack and Vera are taken aback by Colin's outburst.

562. (10/07) Alf suffers a setback, while Reg makes an awful discovery.

563. (11/07) Don and Colin's friendship causes confusion for others. Marilyn is astonished.

564. (12/07) Amanda demands the truth from Otto. Vera has placed her friendship with Don in jeopardy.

565. (15/07) Flo misses a good friend. A outburst from Bill Summer (Alan Tobin) catches Marilyn by surprise.

566. (16/07) Dudley is a source of disappointment for Don. Maggie finds a new interest.

567. (17/07) Les finds a new love, while Arnold is displeased.

568. (18/07) Otto finally achieves success. Roma is not amused.

569. (19/07) Maggie's judgment lets her down, but she is not the only one.

570. (22/07) Dick Riggs (Colin Taylor) is impressed by Amanda's display of wealth. Reg has a reprimand for Edie.

571. (23/07) Vera dabbles in the occult once again. Some of the tenants are keeping the Whittakers' puppy, Webster, a secret from Dorrie.

572. (24/07) A long-distance phone call puts Aldo into a panic. Roma resumes her hobby.

573. (25/07) Cain Carmichael (Tristan Rogers) has a frightening proposition for Dick. Dorrie's plan looks like it will succeed.

574. (26/07) Patti defies Arnold's wishes. Amanda behaves recklessly.

575. (29/07) Amanda's actions meet with disastrous results. Flo and Dick make plans for their future.

576. (30/07) Aldo's enemies strike once again. Vera bids a sad farewell.

577. (31/07) Roma complies with a threat. Dorrie reacts with anger to a small, furry visitor.

578. (1/08) Alf's latest job confirms Lucy's fears. Roma appears over-anxious about a situation.

579. (2/08) Maggie discovers the truth about who is harassing Aldo. Lorelei is a source of trouble.

580. (5/08) Don attempts to assist Aldo. Cain has plans for dealing with Maggie.

581. (6/08) Dudley and Amanda are puzzled by Don's secrecy. Meanwhile, Maggie walks into Cain's trap.

582. (7/08) Lucy hears the verdict from the hospital. Norma confides in Flo and manages to surprise her.

583. (8/08) A disaster is barely averted, no thanks to Aldo's determination. Don is in need of cheering up.

584. (9/08) Cain underestimates the formidable Maggie. Jack demands an explanation from a horrified Vera.

585. (12/08) Maggie emerges as a heroine, while Vera is preoccupied.

This episode was the first to be compiled in colour. Previously, the colour footage had been edited onto black and white masters for broadcast. When the series was repeated by Network Ten in a late-night timeslot (Sydney 4/02/1980; Brisbane in 1982), this episode was chosen as a starting point. All colour episodes are on record and stored at the National Film and Sound Archive, Canberra.

586. (13/08) Les stumbles across something mysterious. Meanwhile, Norma and Dorrie are feuding.

587. (14/08) Lorelei has gone too far this time. Reg's suspicions are alerted to a situation.

588. (15/08) Les is being deceived. Flo is the recipient of unsolicited advice.

589. (16/08) Dick's freedom is under threat. Vera is still troubled by a problem.

590. (19/08) Les's concern for his wife saves him from trouble. Vera pays a visit to an old friend: Helen Sheridan (Jill Forster).

591. (20/08) Flo's daughter, Raylene Shackleton (Robina Beard), is stunned by her mother's attitude. Les is in danger.

592. (21/08) Roma's latest plan causes Aldo some distress. A mystery surrounds Edie's presents.

593. (22/08) There is a surprise ending to Vera's dinner party. The Godolfuses are being stubborn again.

594. (23/08) Jack is on top of the world, but Vera and Don cannot share his optimism.

595. (26/08) Norma fears for the safety of her husband. Maggie is annoyed with Jack.

596. (27/08) Aldo gets some help from his friends. Herb makes an astonishing discovery.

597. (28/08) Reg is about to make a terrible mistake. Roma is shocked by a transformation.

598. (29/08) It seems that Amanda may have a double. Arnold jumps to conclusions.

599. (30/08) Due to his interference, there are consequences for Les to face. Why is Dorrie always the last to know what happens?

600. (2/09) Amanda tries to explain things. Vera receives a most unusual present from Jack: a racehorse, which she christens I Kid You Not (Scarlett O'Hara).

601. (3/09) Reg believes he has discovered the identity of the ringleader of a sinister plot. Aldo tries to make amends.

602. (4/09) Dorrie has a series of strange, romantic dreams. Marilyn takes the initiative with Andy Marshall (Peter Adams).

603. (5/09) Alf seems determined to be difficult, while Aldo is happy again.

604. (6/09) A visitor surprises Dudley. Amanda still can't convince anyone that she has a problem.

605. (9/09) Dudley's plan has the effect he intended. Marilyn and Andy are confused.

606. (10/09) Alf has a sudden change of mind. Amanda seeks help from Don.

607. (11/09) Reg makes some accusations, but they backfire on him. Patti helps out during a crisis.

608. (12/09) Marilyn gets her own way. Aldo doesn't seem to be able to win. Dick looks forward to a rosy future.

609. (13/09) Amanda is presented with an opportunity to prove herself. Don commences an investigation.

610. (16/09) Alf needs cheering up. Amanda's identical double, Claudine (Carol Raye), and Rudi (Kevin Golsby) believe their plan can succeed.

Repeat b/w episodes continue, at the rate of two per day, at 11.00am weekdays.

611. (17/09) Lucy experiences disappointment. Meanwhile, Vera stands up to Maggie.

612. (18/09) Don's detective work uncovers some startling facts.

613. (19/09) A new interest has Aldo enthused. Dorrie is called upon to make an important announcement regarding Flo's wedding.

614. (20/09) Flo experiences the warmth of friendship. Marilyn gets herself involved.

615. (23/09) Andy's past catches up with him. Rudi's plan is likely to succeed as Amanda plays into his hands.

616. (24/09) Arnold is carried away by Aldo's enthusiasm, while Andy is prepared to make a sacrifice.

617. (25/09) Edie complains of feeling trapped. Andy puts a progressive thought into the Whittakers' minds.

618. (26/09) Herb has an unwanted guest: Raylene, who explains that she has left Mittagong and her husband, Tyrone (James Bowles). Success is in sight for Rudi.

619. (27/09) Maggie is upset by Don's business judgment. Rudi horrifies Claudine with a change of plans.

620. (30/09) Lorelei tries to be helpful. Amanda confesses everything. An ultimatum is issued by Maggie.

621. (1/10) Vera is optimistic, but the feeling is short-lived. Reg puts away his pride and asks a favour.

622. (2/10) Self-pity takes the place of Aldo's enthusiasm. Poor Herb has some explaining to do.

623. (3/10) Maggie involves Vera in a lie, while Don is the victim of a deception.

624. (4/10) Following the MacDonald's dinner party for Mrs Buchanan, consternation reigns supreme. Claudine may yet be caught in her own trap.

625. (7/10) Reg must think of a way out. Amanda's freedom is cause for celebration. Maggie is relentless.

626. (8/10) Don disagrees with Maggie. Arnold receives an undeserved blow.

627. (9/10) Arnold suggests to Aldo and Roma consider business before pleasure. Edie has news for Reg, but it won't please him.

628. (10/10) The Whittakers have found a friend, but Dorrie may lose one.

629. (11/10) Herb is hoping for a reprieve, while Aldo is no match for Lorelei.

630. (14/10) Herb's day of reckoning has arrived. Vera's decision raises doubts for Andy.

631. (15/10) The weekend at the TC's beach house goes from bad to worse for the MacDonalds. Don is forced into recklessness by Maggie's attitude.

632. (16/10) Maggie loses another wine bar employee after insulting Lorelei. Trouble looms following Patti's gesture of friendship to a work colleague, Tracey Wilson (Chantal Contouri). Vera and Andy celebrate their new business partnership, but Andy seems to have ulterior motives.

633. (17/10) Trixie must teach Edie how to sing. Herb finds it hard to believe his bank balance, while Don gets a nasty surprise; his chicken pox will prevent him and Dudley from going to Heidelberg with Amanda.

634. (18/10) Roma has found a flat in Chestnut Lane and her behaviour arouses suspicion. Lorelei is placed in isolation with Don and Dudley. Amanda leaves Number 96 in grand style. Will Flo move back in with Dorrie and Herb? Tracey offers a melancholic Arnold some sympathy.

635. (21/10) Aldo doesn't comprehend Arnold's warning. Vera realises that her trust in Bert Kelly, the horse trainer, was misplaced. Dorrie places Herb in quarantine.

636. (22/10) Norma worries about her plan to open a wine bar in opposition to Maggie. Dorrie and Marilyn are hired to work in Maggie's wine bar, but Dorrie manages to turn the tables. An impromptu party in Flat 8 attracts unexpected guests: Alf and Lucy.

637. (23/10) Alf is not pleased to have Trixie, Les and Norma under his roof. Alex Bardwell (Colin Drake) charms Roma about her paintings. Herb gets the blame for Dorrie's predicament: now she has chicken pox. Tracey has been beaten up and will need the support of her friends.

638. (24/10) Aldo tries to be romantic with Roma on the eve of her exhibition. Marilyn's honesty and her outfit cause trouble. Tracey receives a threatening telegram. Maggie has reached breaking point. The big day has arrived for Roma.

639. (25/10) Edie's new friendship with Mrs Buchanan, mother of TC Ian Buchanan (John Rayner), will be beneficial to Reg. Marilyn gets her laundrette job back. The Whittakers suffer a major setback when their financial backers go bankrupt.

640. (28/10) A sudden change in events perplexes Les; Maggie offers the Whittakers a 50% interest in the wine bar. Andy senses trouble, while Alf overhears words said in confidence. Is Tom Bartlett back from New Zealand?

641. (29/10) Patti attempts subtlety. A promise is revoked. Reg meets Michael Bartlett (Peter Flett) and Marilyn feels left out of the conversation. Dudley is faced with an emergency; his mother is ill in Melbourne. Tracey thinks that Patti should work at her marriage.

642. (30/10) Aldo is in need of reassurance; Alex has fallen for Roma. Herb continues his attempt to trace his mysterious benefactor, but Lorelei ruins everything when she tells Dorrie about the lost $500.

This episode was screened in Sydney at 7.30pm, against Channel 9's final episode of "Silent Number". At 8.00pm, Ten presented the television premiere of the James Bond movie, "Doctor No".

643. (31/10) Vera's horse, I Kid You Not, wins its race and Dorrie is thrilled. Michael stops avoiding Lucy. Edie becomes a relief counsellor for the Community Aid Line. Meanwhile, Dudley's sense of duty to his mother leads to an unpopular decision.

644. (1/11) Patti and Tracey have reason to celebrate; they have passed their exams. Roma has a change of fortune when someone buys all her paintings. Tracey thinks Andy is a nice person. Alf and Les decide to start up a help line, which they name Dig Up a Treasure. Lucy is shattered by Michael's news that his father, Tom, is dead.

645. (4/11) Dorrie is given an assignment with a difference. Reg jumps to the horrifying conclusion that Marilyn was the blonde woman found strangled to death with pantyhose in Chestnut Lane.

646. (5/11) Matt Barrington (John Paramor) comes into the wine bar and chats to Lorelei. Marilyn turns up alive; she has been flat-hunting on Michael's behalf. Roma's paintings materialise in an unexpected place: Arnold's flat. It seems that Roma has purchased them herself and sworn Patti to secrecy. Matt takes over Arnold's chef duties while Dudley is away. With Tracey's husband, Peter Wilson (Dennis Miller), back on the scene, her new freedom seems to be short-lived.

647. (6/11) Dorrie's despair turns to panic when her hand gets stuck in Lady Mendel's vase. Roma's son, Irving Lubinski, calls from America; he is in urgent need of $100000 and Roma doesn't have enough to send him. After smashing Dorrie's hand free, Flo delivers the news that the vase was a Ming. Alf is resentful when Lucy offers accommodation to Michael.

648. (7/11) Alf's jealousy shows. Michael goes flat-hunting. Vera's psychic powers are at work again. A suspicious character spooks Marilyn at the laundrette. Alf tells Don that he saw Dudley at the airport.

649. (8/11) Tracey is falling for Andy, but she knows that Peter won't agree to a divorce. Matt distresses Lorelei when he peeks at her in the shower. Andy is unable to partner Tracey to the hospital ball as he has to work late. Dudley is still in Melbourne, which depresses Don. Arnold is upset about Patti's new job as a private nurse and he drowns his sorrows with Don in the wine bar. A chilling sight greets Norma and Les when they return from the ball: Lorelei has fallen victim to the Pantyhose Murderer.

This was the very first episode of "Number 96" to be broadcast in colour as Channel Ten, Sydney, commenced an irregular series of prime time colour equipment tests.

650. (11/11) Arnold is furious with Patti. The publicity about the latest murder means that business is booming at the wine bar. The ghouls are out in force; however, Matt has disappeared. Arnold is without an alibi. Don is tortured by doubts about Dudley, while Michael seems evasive. Alf is sure he heard Dudley talking to Lorelei on the night she was strangled.

651. (12/11) The Godolfuses seek assistance from Dig Up A Treasure. Reg reminds Edie of the forthcoming Paddington Council's Kerbing & Guttering Ball. Flo begins work at the deli. Lucy disturbs an intruder and follows up a clue concerning Michael. Herb loses a baby at the movies. Roma hears more news of Irving, who faces a gaol term unless she can send him the money he needs.

652. (13/11) Andy claims that he was seeking a divorce from his wife on the night of the murder. Les catches Detective Sergeant Short (Ken Fraser) in his trap. Herb gets a legacy from his job: an abandoned baby. Dudley learns of Lorelei's death. Matt finally seems to have an alibi. Patti suspects Peter of murder, but finds incriminating evidence in Arnold's pocket; what does he need with a packet of pantyhose?

This episode was broadcast in colour.

653. (14/11) Don confronts Dudley about conflicting information. Aldo suspects Reg of murder. Arnold is told a lie about a gift. Arnold and Aldo try to dissuade Roma from sending money to Irving. Edie discovers she must let Reg take Alderman Mrs April Bullock (Judi Farr) to the Kerbing & Guttering Ball. Dudley is the one to suffer when Don decides to be ruthless.

654. (15/11) Vera has a strange dream about stolen paintings. The MacDonalds' key is missing from Dorrie's master keyring, which means that Marilyn is in danger. Dorrie departs for a week in Epping to visit her sister, Connie. Meanwhile, a Cinderella goes to the ball when Herb becomes Edie's escort. Vera is stunned by her own predictions.

655. (18/11) Dudley inherits $2000 from Lorelei's will, but Alf sticks with his story. To Reg's horror, Edie does a stint of waitressing at the wine bar. Arnold is surprised to find that Patti's new bracelet has an inscription from Graham Thompson, her patient. April plots to keep Edie occupied with committeee work so that she can spend more time with Reg. Don finally gets the truth, if not an explanation, out of Dudley.

656. (19/11) Dudley finally tells Don that he was in Sydney the night Lorelei was killed; he had spent time with his wife and son. Roma must decide whether her true loyalties are to Irving or Aldo. Don's spare room is in use again now that his sister, Carol Finlayson (Paula Duncan), has arrived. Carol approves of Dudley. Arnold offers Roma his share of the deli as collateral. Reg believes he has ascertained the identity of the killer when he finds Don on the landing.

This episode was broadcast in colour.

657. (20/11) Is Tracey jealous of Andy spending time with Vera? A postcard from Tokyo disproves Andy's alibi. Les's hopes for a reward are dashed when Flo finds an article about stolen paintings in the paper. Michael is confused and manages to upset Alf. Vera is being used by Andy against her will.

658. (21/11) Edie's suspicions about April have been aroused. Carol warns Don about her boyfriend's homophobia. Alf is suspicious of Lucy. Les has lost his key and Don is implicated. Everyone at Number 96 feels uneasy, but none more so than Marilyn when she finds a sinister package on the doorstep.

659. (22/11) Who sent Marilyn a pair of knotted pantyhose? Vera's situation is hopeless. Peter apologises to the Feathers and begs Tracey to come back home. Andy takes Marilyn to the police station. Aldo has prepared himself to make a big sacrifice.

660. (25/11) The police think Vera knows too much about the Pintor paintings. Flo suspects Dorrie of being an intruder. Andy admits the truth about his whereabouts the night of Lorelei's murder; he was asking Peter to divorce Tracey. Dorrie has a theory that the strangler only murders blonde women. Will Marilyn be the next victim? Arnold's sacrifice makes two people very happy, while Patti is confronted by a terrifying sight: Tracey has become the latest victim of the Pantyhose Strangler.

661. (26/11) Tracey has miraculously survived the attempt on her life, but several of the tenants have some explaining to do. Sergeant Short insists that the perpetrator is a tenant of Number 96. April flirts with Reg, while Carol fights with her boyfriend, Brad Hilton (Terry Bader). Alf's peace of mind is shattered by a chance meeting with Mrs Cole.

662. (27/11) Alf quizzes Lucy about Mrs Cole. The Godolfuses are unimpressed with the new deli owner, Freda Fuller (Sheila Bradley). She plans numerous changes. April cannot restrain her feelings for Reg any longer.

663. (28/11) Arnold and Freda have their first confrontation. Dorrie has thought of a form of protection against the strangler: a brunette wig. Times will change for Arnold as his old friends, Aldo and Roma, make a sad departure from Number 96.

This episode was broadcast in colour.

664. (29/11) Dorrie has a premonition of a plane crash. Norma is disturbed when she sees the ghost of Lorelei in the kitchen. Another premonition disturbs Vera. Andy seems to know more about I Kid You Not's poor performance than he will admit. Who doped Vera's horse?

665. (2/12) Don and Dudley need dates for their night out with Carol and Brad. A scandal embroils Andy and Vera. Strange occurrences at Number 96 keep alive the tenants' memories of Lorelei. Freda asserts her authority. Andy is fired over the scandal involving I Kid You Not.

666. (3/12) Marilyn attempts to warn Edie about April's intentions towards Reg. Alf delves into the past, but Michael's latest news involves Lucy even more; she has inherited money from Tom's will. Dorrie and Flo are vying for supremacy when their Senior Citizens' Club requires a new president.

667. (4/12) The Feathers meet up with Carol and Brad at the Red Baron. Freda offers temporary work to Dorrie. A meeting in the stairwell with Peter both puzzles Alf and arouses his suspicions. Arnold is saddened by memories of the past and Patti urges him to apply for a new job. Tracey's happiness with Peter is curtailed.

668. (5/12) Edie doesn't understand when Reg tries to explain about April's crush on him. Vera is frightened when she finds Michael in her flat. Les disguises himself as a sidewalk artist to catch the strangler. The police believe that Harry Collins is still alive and may be hiding in the area. Lucy must deal with the appearance of a ghost from the past: Tom is alive and well. It is obvious that Michael has been playing some kind of game.

This episode was broadcast in colour.

669. (6/12) Arnold must travel to Canberra for an interview with a hotel chain. A distraught Tracey claims that Peter has tried to kill her, but refuses to call in the police. Arnold is the new assistant manager of a luxury hotel in Tahiti. The truth about Brad is revealed: he would prefer being with Don. Tragedy strikes once again as Arnold's moment of joy turns to horror: Patti is the murderer's latest victim.

This episode's cliffhanger endings would not be resolved until the 1975 ratings season.

Number 96 synopses © 1994, 2017 Ian McLean and Lindsay Street Productions. They have been rewritten and annotated from information derived from Sydney and Melbourne editions of TV Week and TV Times, cross-referenced with original Cash Harmon documentation and viewings of episodes. No text may be reproduced without the express permission of the author. To use this material in research, you are requested to inform the author and credit his contribution accordingly. Thank you.

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