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Hi all,

As you may recall, my Number 96 Home Page (est. 1996) at members.ozemail.com.au/~lindsay96/ vanished without warning last year, so while I waited for action from my service provider, the most frequently-used elements (such as the episode guide) had to be urgently retrieved from Wayback Machine (because my original HTML files are on a dinosaur computer, and recent updates had been done to the site live). All old "free" webpages had been wiped clean in an overhaul of their system.

Thus, I had hastily uploaded this placeholder site on Blogger. I was able to transfer the number96.tv domain name to here instead, plus the year-by-year episode guides. (At least when people typed in the domain name, they had something to view; the 1999 edition of the home page is also archived on Pandora, but that version is long out of date.) Then, while re-creating and improving the old character guide from my retrieved data, my computer crashed... just as I got to "Z" on the list. I was mere seconds away from uploading to the blog. When I finally got back in, hours and hours of work had vanished. Even the "auto save" function on Blogger had failed.

A few days later, my service provider's new owners announced that they had found the data for my lost Ozemail/iiNet webpages and, even though "free" webspace was no longer something they offered, I was a valued longtime customer and they restored it anyway. Disaster averted.

I'm finally getting back to restoring/improving the character guide and placing the updates here on the blog. (One day, I'll get my improvements duplicated across to the webspace version, which is well overdue for a complete overhaul.) Go HERE to see what I've been up to. Currently up to "H".

If you're looking for something that you remember from the old home page, it's still at members.ozemail.com.au/~lindsay96, although there are many outdated inaccuracies there at the moment. Oh, and members.iinet.net.au/~lindsay96@ozemail.com.au/ also works.


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