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The Number 96 spin-off pilots

Several attempts were made by Cash Harmon Productions to spin-off new shows from "Number 96". Josephine Kurr's character of Lorelei Wilkinson was killed off so she could headline as a new character in "The Unisexers", over on Channel 9, but it was shortlived. Comedy pilots were then written around the characters of Reg & Edie Macdonald ("Mummy and Me"), Vera Collins ("Fair Game", featuring the return of Abigail!), Don Finlayson (reconceived as a straight-acting, "Petrocelli"-type, investigative lawyer) and, a year later, Hope Jackson (in a script loosely based on a classic comedy movie, "Bells Are Ringing"). All of these pilots were made as if they were scenes from the parent series, and economically inserted into regular "Number 96" episodes. All were ultimately unsuccessful. "Mummy and Me" EPISODES 1071, 1072. (First aired 25/10/1976) The Chester girls see a way out of their difficulties. Fl