Ian's Number 96 episode guide: 1973

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Number 96 building 1973


Is Bev Houghton having an incestuous relationship with her crippled brother, Rod?

Will Salvadore Russo survive the gunshot wound inflicted by Gary Whittaker, Anna Maria's jealous husband?

Can Aldo Godolfus accept Roma Lubinski's marriage proposal?

Will Don Finlayson enter into a marriage of convenience with Sally Fielding?

Does Gordon Vansard survive the fiery car crash?

202. (8/01/1973) Aldo Godolfus agrees to marry Roma Lubinski after being trapped into a proposal. They discuss buying a restaurant together. Don Finlayson agrees to meet with the pregnant Sally Fielding to discuss Sir Arnold Ashton's idea of a compassionate marriage but he is surprised to find that she is both straightforward and intelligent. Anna Maria Whittaker and her in-laws, Les and Norma, wait anxiously for news about Salvadore Russo, whom Gary Whittaker has shot. Will Gary be charged with murder? Don and Sally chat over drinks. Perhaps "a marriage of convenience" really is a good resolution for both of their situations? He drops her home on his way to check on Gordon Vansard, whom he last saw quite inebriated. There are raised voices from Salvadore's hospital room. The doctor leaves abruptly. Salvadore has seemingly escaped his encounter with Gary with only a flesh wound - much to the Whittakers' relief - and the doctor has requested a nurse, not the police. Later, a police officer is knocking on the door of the chemist shop, after checking the registration of Gordon's address from his driver's licence. Anna Maria sees the policeman on her way to visit Salvadore at his home and becomes alarmed. She fetches Norma. The officer explains that he is seeking a "Mrs Gordon Vansard". Norma realises that nobody has seen Sonia in some time. He tells them that Gordon and a young female have been involved in a serious car accident. Both are in critical conditions. A frantic day in the deli means that Aldo and Roma's happiness cannot be shared with their neighbours. When Arnold Feather arrives for work, Roma urges Aldo to explain everything to him but ends up telling Arnold about their marriage intentions herself. Aldo is saved from relating the rest of the story, about the restaurant, by customers in need of attention. Norma checks in with Don to tell him about Gordon's accident, and to ask if he knows of Sonia's whereabouts. Aldo can't seem to change Arnold's mind about his new job at the supermarket. As he leaves for deliveries, Arnold mentions a Mrs Carlton and Aldo wants to know who she is. Don can't get any information about Gordon's condition. He rings Vera Collins to ask if she has seen Sonia. Marion Carlton (Lorrae Desmond) comes into the deli, looking for Arnold. Arnold is committed to taking up his new position at the supermarket. Les tries to comfort Norma, who is feeling overwhelmed by recent events. Arnold introduces Marion to Aldo and Roma. He sits down to chat with her and a curious Aldo tries to eavesdrop on them. Don finally learns of the extent of the tragedy: Yvonne Marette is dead and Gordon is in a coma, with only a slim chance of recovery. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

The first week of resolutions to the 1972 cliffhangers were rushed back to air too quickly for "TV Times" to announce the show's return from hiatus. Instead, the NSW edition of the magazine had advertised that Channel TEN-10 would be screening a string of classic movies in the now-traditional "Number 96" 8.30pm timeslot: "Never on Sunday" (1960), "The Long Night" (1947), "My Darling Clementine" (1946) and "The Piccadilly Incident" (1946), plus on the Wednesday, an episode of "Love, American Style". The Don/Sally/Sir Arnold plotline was novelised for the 1974 Arkon paperback, "Marriage of Convenience". (The book's "wedding photograph" cover concidentally features actor Julian Rockett as Don. Julian would later play Adam Shaw on the series.) Lorrae Desmond would go on to play a regular role, Molly Sparks, in "Arcade".

203. (9/01) Bev Houghton tries to make her crippled brother, Rod, comfortable. She brings a TV into the bedroom and suggests a game of chess. She worries about Jack Sellars, and how he reacted to seeing them cuddling in bed together. She wants to clear up any misunderstandings between them. Rod doesn't think Jack is worth their concern. "Jack is just a nuisance," Rod claims, and requests a leg massage instead. Bev complies but remains preoccupied about Jack. Don attempts to console Vera, who is distraught over the still-comatose Gordon. He is being tended by Doctor Wilson (Kevin Healey) and a nursing sister (Barbara Frawley). Sonia Vansard is still missing. Terry Sanford arrives home to Flat 7. She tries to keep the mood light and suggests to Vera that they get on with their sewing work before the building is demolished around them. Alf Sutcliffe and Herb Evans are in the pub and overhear Mrs Parot (Shirley Sunners) gossiping about Lucy Sutcliffe's dishonesty. She insists that Lucy stole money, accidentally left in clothing at the laundrette. An upset Alf attacks Mrs Parot and she leaves. Terry and Vera arrive at the pub. Terry suggests that Alf and Herb should be out house-hunting instead. Bev drops into Don's flat to borrow a book, but casually mentions Jack. Don says that he understands Jack's stubborn stance on her situation but admits that he doesn't know where he is. Bev is keen for Don to meet Rod, so that Don can judge for himself. Alf and Lucy discuss buying a house. Lucy is sceptical about the loan repayments. Arnold is sad about the Sutcliffes leaving, but Alf wants him to go with them, as his rent will assist them to meet their repayments. Arnold urges Lucy not to let Mrs Parot, or anyone, blacken her good reputation. Don has to disguise his instant dislike to Rod. He finds Bev's brother to be sarcastic, self-centred and ungrateful. While Vera is in the laundrette with Lucy, a customer rushes back in to check the basket of clothing for money; it seems that Mrs Parot is outside again, spruiking her suspicions about Lucy. Vera makes a loud statement about Lucy's honesty. They notice that all the newspapers have announcements about Sonia's disappearance. Dorrie Evans doesn't want to move to Mount Druitt, and away from all of her friends. Herb is vacuuming when he hears a police message on the radio, looking for Sonia. In the deli, Mrs Parot is interrogating Arnold about Lucy; Dorrie enters the shop and also comes to Lucy's defence. Dorrie discusses the radio announcements about Sonia. Lucy comes in to pay her bill - with a large wad of banknotes! Don and Sally make plans for a picnic. Despite Bev's disapproval, Don and Sally seem to be very compatible. No one has heard from Jack. Dorrie again refuses to contemplate a move to Mount Druitt and orders Herb not to mention it again. She overhears Don and Sally talking about Rod. Dorrie decides to visit him, but Don advises her not to go. Alf wants Lucy to quit the laundrette altogether. Mrs Parot comes in with an apology for Lucy; her missing money turned up at the drycleaners! Alf warns her that she'll be hearing from his solicitor. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

The official synopsis cheekily suggests that Bev and Rod Houghton should play "a game of chest". The tone and longer lengths of the synopses for Episodes #201, 202 and 203 indicate that Johnny Whyte was back preparing them.

204. (10/01) Dorrie turns up to visit Rod, bringing a game of Chinese Checkers with her. Rod sends Bev shopping and begins questioning Dorrie about the other residents and she is eager to share some gossip. Aldo wants Roma to settle on a wedding date, but she still hasn't heard from her son, Irving Lubinski. Norma and Alf call into the deli but Aldo can't get answers to any of his questions. Dorrie is still with Rod when his mother, Claire Houghton, arrives. Claire tells Rodney that she will be ordering an appropriately extravagant dinner, and will return soon to eat with him and Beverly. Mr Thorburn, the laundrette franchise owner, has apologised to Lucy over doubting her about Mrs Parot's missing money - and has offered her a raise. In the pub, Alf, Norma, Herb and Les chat about the perils of house-hunting. Lucy arrives and reveals that the wad of money she had in the deli was her holiday pay. Claire returns to Flat 6 with dinner. A distressed Bev is forced to lie to her about Jack's disappearance. Norma is concerned that Les hasn't seriously started looking for a new home for them. Les has discovered a talent for writing and Les is convinced that, once he gets that first book published, he and Norma will be "living in luxury". The Sutcliffes notice that Bev is looking a little strained and invite her to go househunting with them. Bev declines. While dining out, Aldo is embarrassed. He has left his wallet at home and Roma offers to pay the bill instead. This does not sit well with Aldo. Dorrie fantasises about attending a prestigious ball with Mrs Claire Houghton of Point Piper. While Bev does the dishes after dinner, Claire plies her son with cocktails and grills him about the absent Jack. Rod boasts that he has organised it so that Jack will never return. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

205. (11/01) Rod tells Claire that his dislike of Jack mainly stems from Jack's job as a bookmaker, which makes him unworthy of his sister's affections. He has fixed it so that Jack will stay away. Rod has a big row with his mother - and Claire storms out! Alf and Lucy go off to inspect a new house. Vera heard the phone ring throughout the night. She complains to Terry, who insists it was always a wrong number. On the landing, Vera tries to discuss Alf and Lucy's progress with house-hunting and the phone in Flat 7 can be heard ringing again. Terry says it was a wrong number. Les is still writing his novel. When he hears that Rod has spent time in Las Vegas, he races next door to see him. Vera is curious as to why Terry keeps running to answer the phone and she finally admits that it is a previous client from her days as a high class call girl. Vera is surprisingly understanding and admits that she was once a call girl, too. Salvadore and Norma's conversation is interrupted by Les, who suddenly wants to grill Salvadore about the Mafia for his book. Vera is designing outfits for a major production - a charity comedy review - and is invited to a two-day conference at Whale Beach. Terry won't be going, as she needs to catch up on the sewing. Claire tells Bev that it is imperative that she find Jack, as she needs him to accompany her to a ball. Alf is discouraged; he and Lucy found a house they really like, but cannot afford. He doesn't want Lucy to be disappointed. Vera explains that doesn't have time to make Claire a new ballgown. She is still designing costumes for the big charity event. Bev tells Claire that Jack won't be escorting her anywhere, as he has gone for good. Terry uses the deli's payphone to organise a client to visit her in Flat 7 tonight while Vera is away in Whale Beach. Salvadore, now recovered from his gunshot wound, makes a decision not to press charges against Gary. Les continues to badger Salvadore about the Mafia. Over the phone, Gary is told that Salvadore will not be pressing charges over the shooting, but only if Gary provides evidence of his infidelity to Anna Maria, so she can divorce him. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

On 11th January 1972, Ron Fraser (as Himself) taped an episode playing the compere of the charity revue, for which Vera Collins has been designing the costumes. He was well known to many of the writers and cast of the series. Episode #219 would air only three weeks later.

206. (12/01) Aldo is still trying to find out if Arnold is taking the job at the new supermarket, but can't get a straight answer. Dorrie comes into the deli and is anxious for the latest gossip on the Vansards. Don and Vera also enter, but neither can add any news and they head upstairs to Flat 4 for coffee. Terry takes several bottles of champagne down to Flat 3 and asks Herb to put them in the fridge for her (so Vera won't see them), and she will collect the bottles later. Don wants Vera's advice on the Sally situation; he worries that Sir Arnold Ashton, his uncle, may try to ruin his career if he doesn't help out. Luckily, Don finds that he does really like Sally. Aldo gets a phone call from his daughter Rose Myers, who is still living in Port Moresby. Arnold and Dorrie discuss Roma living in sin with Aldo before they are married. Sir Arnold's perky secretary (Pamela Garrick) holds the fort while he rings Sally at her workplace. Arnold Feather buys food for the special dinner party he is planning for his catering school teacher, Marion. Vera leaves for her stay in Whale Beach. Dorrie tells Mrs Lubinski that she does not approve of her current living arrangements, especially since she is yet to set a date for her wedding to Aldo. Dorrie offers her the use of Flat 3's spare bedroom until the big day. Over drinks, Sally tells Don about how she fell pregnant, and how she asked his Uncle Arnold for help. Meanwhile, Arnold Feather is attempting to cook his carefully planned meal, which is to be judged by Marion, but she keeps getting in his way. Showing Roma the spare bedroom, Dorrie offers her a drink but, finding Terry's champagne chilling in the fridge, she decides to use that. Terry answers the door to her first client (Peter Colville) and remembers to collect the money first. Arnold intends to ask Marion for advice: should he leave his job at the deli? Marion has a very different agenda: when they finish dinner, she drags him over to the sofa and starts unbuttoning his shirt. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

Pamela Garrick, who portrays Sir Arnold's secretary, would return as a regular character, Nurse Patti Olsen, the future Mrs Feather. Peter Colville, who appears as Terry's client, previously played Joe Mason in Episode #138. The Australian Broadcasting Control Board's official report, released in September 1973, mentioned that the prostitution storyline "did not conform to Television Program Standards", and that every episode now had to be screened for the Board before going to air in Sydney. (It was still one night behind in Melbourne.) This mandate lasted until March of 1973.

207. (15/01) Aldo rings Arnold from Dorrie and Herb's flat and gets no answer. He is puzzled and decides to go up to Flat 8 to investigate. His knocking interrupts Marion's attempts at seduction but Arnold is relieved to see him! As Aldo descends the staircase, another client is heading up to see Terry in Flat 7. Just as Terry is pushing her client into bed, Vera rings her. Aldo then meets Don and Sally on the stairs and he asks Don if there is any news on Gordon or Sonia. Terry tells her client that there will be an extra charge as he is staying for breakfast. Still sitting on the sofa in the Sutcliffes' flat, Marion apologises for rushing Arnold. They are discussing food when Alf and Lucy arrive home. Aldo and Roma thank Dorrie for her hospitality and Dorrie announces to Herb that she intends to ask Don if he knows, yet, what will be happening to the building. Is it really getting demolished? She goes next door to Flat 4, where Don and Sally are having coffee. Dorrie is intrigued to meet Sally, and wants to know all about her. While having breakfast, Alf finds Arnold's abandoned tie and intends to have a joke with him about it. Arnold gets all embarrassed and confused. In the deli, Dorrie is carrying on about "certain people" at Number 96 with loose morals. Lucy teases that she knows of someone else who entertained a woman in one of the flats late at night; Arnold is relieved when Lucy doesn't name-and-shame. Don promises Alf that he will go to the local council and investigate the current status of the building. Aldo is still trying to get an answer from Arnold about the supermarket job when Marion sails into the deli to announce that she has recommended Arnold for a junior manager position in a hotel on the North Shore. Aldo tells Roma that he thinks Arnold is definitely leaving but Arnold announces that he has made a decision - and intends to stay on at the deli. Don is running late to meet Sally for drinks. Despite domestic bliss with her in Flat 4 of late, Don's research into the local council's decision reveals some bad news for the tenants of Number 96. The building is slated for demolition in one month. [Episode written by T. Agar.]

208. (16/01) A distressed Bev still hasn't heard from Jack. Will she ever see him again? Rod tells her not to waste her time thinking about him, as she must realise by now that Jack is not right for her. Norma tells Anna Maria and Salvadore that she finally heard from her son, Gary - and he has gone back into the Army. Claire arrives at Flat 6 to see her children, Beverly and Rodney. Claire has been trying to find Jack, but this news makes Bev furious - and she storms out! Rod wants to know why his mother even bothered and Claire tells him that it is her intention for Beverly and Jack to marry. Rod is not pleased. Don is about to knock on the door of Flat 3 when Bev rushes down the stairs in a state. Don offers to take her to the pub for a drink. She agrees. They chat to the Whittakers about the impending demolition of Number 96. He reassures Norma and Les that the tenants with leases should receive compensation. Bev tells Don about her unhappiness regarding Jack. Salvadore chats to Anna Maria. His solicitor has told him that the situation regarding the shooting will resolve itself now that Gary has given evidence. On their way back upstairs, Bev is telling Don about Claire's attempts to locate Jack. They find Sally sitting there, outside Don's flat. Don introduces them to each other. Sally wants Don to go away with her for a few days. Bev arrives home to find Claire with Rod's lunch and tells them about the building being demolished. Claire insists that they can both come to live with her - and both Bev and Rod refuse! With Flat 7 all to herself for a few days, Terry has been getting on with her work, but the nature of much of this work would surprise Vera. In the pub, Terry sees Salvadore reading over papers from his solicitor and starts to chat him up. Anna Maria comes in and Terry takes the hint and leaves. Don visits Flat 7 to tell Vera about the building news, but Terry tells him that Vera is away. While Don is there, the phone rings and it is another of Terry's clients. Norma confides in Les that she thinks she saw Terry trying to chat up Salvadore. Terry is entertaining another client when Claire arrives at the door, looking for Vera. Terry tries to brush her off unsuccessfully, but Claire is determined to at least have a drink first. Sally cooks a meal for Don but realises they still have much to learn about each other. Terry finally gets rid of Claire and is in bed with a client when they hear the front door slams. It is Vera, calling out for Terry! [Episode written by T. Agar.]

209. (17/01) Terry manages to intercept Vera before she reaches her bedroom, where a client is waiting. Claiming to have planned an early night, Terry asks what happened at Whale Beach. Vera says that just became sick of everyone and decided to come back early to help Terry with all the sewing. Terry fetches the designs from her bedroom, whispering to her client that he will have to get ready to leave. She tells Vera that Don had been looking for her earlier. If she goes down to see him, Terry will prepare her a snack while she's gone. Vera visits Flat 4 and Don introduces her to Sally. Meanwhile, Terry's client is able to sneak out without Vera seeing him. Vera hears the grim news about the fate of the building. She agrees that Sally and Don should have some time away together. Mrs Lubinski has taken up Dorrie and Herb's offer of the spare room in Flat 3. Dorrie encourages Roma to have a large breakfast before going down to the deli. Dorrie learns about the building's demolition from Herb - it's coming down at the end of the month! She demands to know why she wasn't told. Roma arrives in Flat 2, where Aldo has cooked her a huge breakfast, identical to the one Dorrie had prepared for her! She is forced to eat it. Don calls by Flat 6 to give Rod some magazines and Rod is as rude as ever. Rod asks Claire what the relationship is between his sister and Don. Claire says, "None", as Don is a homosexual. Rod is relieved. Aldo and Roma discuss having to leave the building and start up a new business. Roma wants them to be business partners, but Aldo won't hear of it. Dorrie and Herb enter the deli and join the conversation about the demolition. She is outraged that the Whittakers will be getting compensation. Bev rushes in for cigarettes and Dorrie assumes that Bev and Rod will be moving back to Claire's at Point Piper. Bev denies it but cheekily suggests that Dorrie might move into her mother's place instead. Dorrie takes her offer seriously. Don and Sally are out, having drinks, and encounter Jack Sellars. Don describes Bev's current state but Jack has no intention of going back to her. Dorrie dresses up in her finery and goes to see Claire about moving in. Claire has no idea what she is on about, but laughs when she hears it was Beverly's suggestion. Don tells Bev the bad news about Jack's position and she is dejected. Her mother and brother are not easing the situation. Sally arrives to pick Don up. Dorrie then encounters the tearful Bev on the stairs and berates her for playing her little joke. Terry and Vera are busy sewing in Flat 7 when Bev arrives, seeking sympathy. She realises they are too preoccupied to listen, so she leaves again. It is almost 10pm, so Aldo walks Roma up to Flat 3. He is about to kiss Roma goodnight in her room when Dorrie bursts in with Roma's hot cocoa. In Flat 6, Bev is sitting alone and forlorn when Jack walks in. [Episode written by T. Agar.]

210. (18/01) Jack informs Bev that he only came to see her because Don told him how upset she was. Bev tries to explain and pleads with him to stay the night. Jack says "No", as he has much to think about, but promises to come back to see her tomorrow. Next morning, Norma places an order in the deli and Arnold and Lucy are worried that she looks off-colour. She promises to see her doctor. No one has any news about Gordon Vansard's condition, but Norma expects that Les will know more when he returns from his shift at the hospital. Dorrie returns from seeing the building's agent, Mr Bayswater. She complains to Herb that she got nowhere with him, but still has no intention of moving to Mount Druitt. In the pub, Alf is complaining to Les about the high cost of housing - and everything else! - and Norma reprimands them that they'll never find a place if they just talk about it. Norma has a doctor's appointment for tomorrow. Les says that Gordon is still in a coma. Dorrie takes so long giving Herb a long list of housework chores to do in her absence, that she almost misses the bus to bowls! Jack has an ultimatum for Bev: either Rod goes or he does! Les has a new get-rich scheme: in order to examine some examples of natural dialogue for his novel, Les conceals a tape-recorder in Herb's pocket. Rod tells Bev that he has had a tingling sensation in his legs! Marion invites Arnold out to lunch. Sir Montague Porter (John Faassen), Rod's doctor, informs him that there is no damage to Rod's spine or nerves and insists that he try to walk. Jack meets Norma going up the stairs to Flat 5 and offers to help to carry her shopping; she invites him in for a drink. Les asks Jack where he's been. Dorrie is complaining to Herb that she was beaten by Flo Patterson at bowls. Herb mentions that he has finally repotted the indoor plant. He reminisces about Dorrie's habit of eating daisy leaves to get "unpregnant" before they were married, and how Dorrie's father insisted that Herb make "an honest woman" out of her, so that little Joan wasn't born out of wedlock. Little do they suspect that this conversation is going down on tape on Les's recorder. Jack is entertaining the Whittakers with jokes when Herb arrives to borrow a tie for the Senior Cits' function tonight. Les retrieves his device from Herb's pocket. Bev is telling Jack about Rod getting sensation back in his legs. Rod arrives home - and lies that he was told he will never walk again. [Episode written by Susan Swinford.]

John Faassen, who appears as Sir Montague Porter, will return as Warren Davies and Maurice Hardy in 1973 and Lucy Sutcliffe's obstetrician in 1975.

211. (19/01) Aldo and Roma arrive back from dinner to discover that Aldo's television is not working, so they decide to go up to Flat 3, to watch the Evans' set while they are out. Aldo is just starting to get romantic when Arnold turns up, wanting to have some time away from the shop for lunch the next day. In Flat 8, the Sutcliffes tease Arnold about him spending time with Marion, an older woman. Lucy goes next door to visit with Vera and chat. Neither of them have heard from Sonia. The phone rings but, when Vera answers it, the caller hangs up. This is a chilling reminder of last year, when Harry Collins kept making nuisance calls. Arnold gets himself dressed up for his outing with Marion. Roma brings Aldo breakfast in bed and announces that she is moving back from Flat 3. Norma is unwell and Anna Maria brings her a light breakfast. Lucy tells Norma that Alf is taking her to lunch. Marion arrives at the deli to collect Arnold, almost catching Aldo, Roma and Vera talking about her. When Roma goes to get Arnold, he is in a terrible flap. Vera and Aldo chat with Marion while she waits. Later, Arnold orders lunch while he and Marion drink at the bar. She apologises for being hasty the other night and suggests that they start a relationship, but at Arnold's pace. As the older woman, Marion is more experienced, so Arnold should tell her when he is ready. Lucy and Alf meet up with Vera at the pub during lunch. Anna Maria and Salvadore ask the Whittakers for permission to marry. Arnold arrives back from his three-hour lunch a little under the weather. Everyone at the pub is invited back to Flat 5 for celebratory drinks with the Whittakers, Anna Maria and Salvadore. Vera tells Lucy that she is too busy, so won't be joining them. At the happy gathering, Les somehow turns on the taperecorder - and a lot of people hear the Evans' taped conversation. Vera opens the door to one of Terry's clients and is puzzled. Before Les can tell Norma about the play he is writing, she completely floors him with her own announcement: she is not pregnant after all. It was a phantom pregnancy. [Episode written by Susan Swinford.]

Norma Whittaker's pregnancy was first announced in Episode #142.

212. (22/01) Bev and Jack have plans to go out for dinner. As they leave, Rod mentions to Bev that he intends to move into Buckingham Lodge, their mother's mansion in Point Piper. Les and Norma commiserate about the phantom pregnancy. Vera confronts Terry; it is obvious that Terry is using Flat 7 to work as a call girl. Terry manages to deflect by telling Vera about one particular man who has been pestering her. She really has given up the trade, Vera must believe her! Roma has decided! She tells Aldo that she will inform Dorrie about moving back into Flat 2. As they are saying goodnight, Arnold comes in to make a personal phone call. He dials Marion's number - but Mr Carlton answers! Arnold quickly hangs up. Roma broaches with Dorrie and Herb her desire to move out, but her plans are quashed when Dorrie starts getting excited about her plans to redecorate Roma's room to make her stay more pleasant. While playing another game of chess, Bev urges Rod not to move in with Claire. She will look after him, despite everyone's opinion, even Jack's. Arnold is on the phone to Marion. He tries to explain that he did ring earlier, but her husband had answered. Aldo approaches and Arnold quickly hangs up. Roma arrives and apologises that she has not been able to break the news to Dorrie and Herb. Vera and Terry are madly sewing when the phone rings. Vera answers - and tells the caller to stop bothering Terry, or she'll go to the police! Vera is off to the deli and Terry quickly rings her client back, explaining that they need to make alternative arrangements. Jack drops into the pub and Les pounces on him. Will Jack consider being the financial backer of the play that Les has been writing? Dorrie arrives at the deli and Aldo attempts to tell her that Roma is moving back downstairs, but he can't say it. Vera rushes into Flat 7 to collect the finished costumes for the charity fundraiser. As soon as she leaves, Terry starts dialing. Vera chats to Bev on the stairs about Rod. Behind the door, Rod is walking perfectly, but as Bev starts to open it, Rod lies down and feigns helplessness. Les announces to Norma that they have just received $100 compensation for having to move out. The demolition is going ahead. Arnold brings Dorrie's grocery order up to Flat 3 and accidentally makes mention of Roma moving back to Aldo's flat. Rod's plan works perfectly. Bev and Jack have another row about Rod and Jack demands that she chose one: Rod or him. She chooses Rod. Jack storms out for the second and final time. Bev tells Rod that she and Jack are finished. [Episode written by Bob Caswell.]

213. (23/01) Norma, Les and Alf are chatting together on the landing as a man abruptly pushes past them on his way upstairs. Curious, Alf heads up behind him and sees the stranger knocking on Vera's door. At Flat 8, Lucy opens the door to Alf and he goes inside, mentioning the man next door. Their discussion is interrupted by an incoming phone call from Marion, ringing to speak to Arnold. Lucy is very concerned and warns Arnold not to get involved with a married woman. Dorrie and Herb are getting ready to go to the Senior Cits. There is a knock at their door: it is Aldo and Roma. Dorrie tells them that she knows all about Roma's intentions - and slams the door in their faces. Arnold encounters Don and Sally arriving home. Has there been any news about Sonia and Gordon? Don and Sally discuss their short getaway over drinks. Lucy prepares an early breakfast for Alf as he is off on a trip to Melbourne in the truck. Arnold wanders out to join them; he is having trouble sleeping. He is worried because Mrs Carlton wasn't at night classes and he is worried that he has offended her. Don meets Herb on the landing and mentions that he has been away for a few days. Dorrie comes out of Flat 3 and asks if they still have to move. Unfortunately, the answer is "Yes". Aldo and Roma are enjoying breakfast together when Arnold comes through from the shop holding a cable from Irving Lubinski, Roma's son. At the laundrette, the topic of conversation is moving. Norma, Lucy and Dorrie discuss their plans. Dorrie mentions that Roma has moved back with Aldo. It is just not seemly for them to be living under the same roof before their wedding. Les and Herb are also discussing moving and Herb is panicky that he doesn't have enough money. How will he and Dorrie cope? Les suggests that Herb could take up babsitting for extra cash. Sally and Don catch up for drinks at The Cosmopolitan and realise that they must decide on their marriage plans. Arnold announces to Herb that he has a babysitting job for him. Lucy drops into Flat 5 and asks the Whittakers if they have any news on Gordon. Alf's truck breaks down on his way to Melbourne. Herb won't tell Dorrie where he is going. Alf's truck needs repairs, so he must check into a wayside hotel overnight. He makes an intriguing discovery: Sonia Vansard is working there! He tells her the grim news about Gordon's condition. [Episode written by Bob Caswell.]

214. (24/01) Terry is busily working on the costumes when a man named Gilbert Dawson (Terence Cooper) arrives. He is her former pimp. Vera arrives home and Gil is quite taken by her. He invites Vera to dinner. While they are talking, Vera receives a phone call from Sonia. Vera is very pleased to hear from her. Vera decides that she will accept Gil's offer of dinner. Gil is pleased but Terry is very worried. At The Cosmopolitan, Vera and Gil bump into Don and Sally. Vera is pleased to tell Don that Sonia had rung and will be returning to Sydney tomorrow. Back at the flat, Terry tries to discourage Vera from getting too interested in Gil. Herb arrives home from babysitting and gives Dorrie $8, but he is evasive about how he earned it. Sonia turns up at Number 96 as Don is about to leave for work. He offers to drop her at the hospital. Lucy's boss, Mr Thorburn (Reg Evans) arrives at the laundrette to give Lucy the $5 raise he promised for disbelieving her about Mrs Parot's lost money. He overhears Vera and Norma talking about moving. Gil turns up at Flat 7 to take Vera to lunch, but she's not there. Vera encounters a distraught Sonia in the hall and takes her up to Don's flat. She has seen Gordon and his condition is unchanged. Vera tries to comfor her. Dorrie grills Herb about how he is earning his money. When Mr Thorburn learns that Number 96 is to be demolished for future redevelopment, he promises to investigate. Dorrie turns up and tells Lucy about Herb being secretive about a new source of income. Gil and Vera spend an afternoon at the beach and, again, Terry is concerned. Don prepares Sally a lavish dinner. Sonia won't stay as she wants to visit with Gordon again. She leaves just as Sally arrives home. Herb gets ready for another babysitting job. Sally and Don have just finished dinner when Mr Thorburn calls by Number 96 with some interesting news for Don and the other residents. Don, Sally, Lucy, Dorrie, and Vera are all gathered to hear that Lindsay Street is not zoned for a highrise building, so Number 96 will not be getting demolished after all. Terry and Gil discuss Vera. Don and Sally decided that they will give Sir Arnold Ashton's suggestion - of a marriage of convenience - a try after all. [Episode written by Bob Caswell.]

Reg Evans returns to the role of Mr Thorburn. He was last seen in Episode #117, although he was often mentioned in dialogue throughout 1972.

215. (25/01) Vera encounters Alf on the stairs and greets him with the news that the building has been saved! When she gets to her door, Gil is waiting for her. He wants to invite her and Terry to a party. Claire is sitting with Rod in Flat 6 when Bev and Jack return from an outing to the movies. Have Bev and Jack resolved their differences? Surely Jack would be delighted to accompany Claire to the Summervilles' party? Les suggests to Alf that he should expand his business by adding a second truck and employing another driver. Bev and Rod reminisce about happy times from their childhood. Rod is stroking her long hair and starts to get carried away. Bev realises what is happening and stops him. Jack and Claire are surprised to run into Vera, Gil and Terry at the Summervilles' party. Jack is very concerned as to why Vera is with Gil. Norma tells Les that Salvadore is keen for Anna Maria to leave the pub. Jack tries to convince Bev that Rod would be better off in the country air, not cooped up in a Paddington apartment. Claire confesses to Jack that she is concerned about Rod's reluctance to go back to the doctor. Vera and Terry discuss the party and Vera wants more information on Gil. Bev has been convinced by Rod that she would be happier looking after him. She tells Claire that she has decided to finish with Jack, at least until until Rod is better. Norma, Les and Alf chat together at the pub. Jack comes in, looking rather grim. Gil pays Vera a visit and presents her with a beautiful diamond hairclip. Jack arrives at Flat 6 in the midst of a row between Claire, Rod and Bev. Jack decides to act constructively: he goes over to Rod and hauls him to his feet, demanding to know how long Rod has been hiding the fact that he can walk! [Episode written by Mike Harris.]

216. (26/01) Rod makes an admission. He didn't tell Bev he could walk because he didn't want to leave her. He tells Bev that he loves her - and it's not just in a brotherly way. Bev and Claire are devastated. Arnold approaches Don for advice in his relationship with Marion. Jack and Bev walk in on Claire's phone conversation with Rod's doctor. Bev goes in to see Rod and he again professes his love. Claire wants to take Rod back to her place. Even though she's left it too late, she needs to help him. She has to make up for the past. Bev comes out to say that she has convinced Rod to move to Buckingham Lodge. Alf and Lucy discuss the idea of buying another truck when Arnold comes in. Alf teases him about Mrs Carlton. Sally, Don and Sonia have dinner together but Sonia is understandably distant. Gordon's condition is unchanged, despite Sonia's daily visits to the hospital. She decides to take a walk when they finish eating. She meets Aldo and Roma on her way downstairs and then decides to go into Flat 1. She sits down and the memories of her time with Gordon come flooding back. She is overwhelmed with sobs. Aldo and Roma discuss Herb's mystery job but Arnold is able to enlighten them. Don comes into the deli and asks Arnold if he has made a decision about his liaison yet. Aldo starts to castigate Arnold for considering dating an older woman. Lucy overhears Alf on the phone enquiring about obtaining a new truck. Claire arrives to collect Rod and take him back to Point Piper. A telegram turns up from Irving. Roma is thrilled that he is finally coming to Australia. Sonia receives a phone call to inform her that Gordon has regained consciousness. Arnold has packed a small overnight bag for his date with Marion. He informs the Sutcliffes that he intends to stay the night with her. Sally and Don meet up at The Cosmopolitan for drinks before dinner. Don proposes marriage - and Sally accepts! At the hospital, Sonia is waiting to see Gordon, but the doctor comes to her with bad news. Gordon has passed away. [Episode written by Mike Harris.]

217. (29/01) Vera and Terry are having fun in the wacky costumes they have been sewing, but they are interrupted by the arrival of Gil. He has come to Flat 7 for a dinner date with Vera. In Flat 4, Don and Sally are making wedding plans when Sonia arrives back from the hospital. She tells them that Gordon has died. Marion is waiting for Arnold to join her on the waterbed, but he is so nervous that he is having trouble getting undressed. Sally manages to calm Sonia down and finally gets her off to sleep. Arnold and Marion are lying in bed but the phone rings. It's Mr Carlton, to tell his wife that he is at the airport and will be home shortly. Arnold panics and hastily attempts to get dressed. Marion offers to call him a cab. "Do you think it'll come quickly?" he asks. "If the evening is anything to go by," says Mrs Carlton, "It'll be here before you've got your tie on." Once again, Dorrie tries to find out from Herb about his night job. Don goes upstairs to Vera's, but only Terry is at home. He tells her about Gordon and asks her to pass the message on. On the way back down to his flat, he passes a dejected Arnold heading up to Flat 8. Even though it is late, the Sutcliffes are still up when he goes inside. Lucy notices that his evening did not go as planned and tries to console him. Next morning, Vera goes down to Flat 1 to check on Sonia and they chat about Gordon. Alf and Lucy discuss Alf's plans for a second truck when Dorrie arrives with the mail. There is an aerogramme from the UK; it is a letter from Alf's mother, announcing that she will be coming to Australia! Herb notices the door to Flat 1 is ajar and checks inside. He is surprised to see Sonia there, chatting to Vera. As Sonia tells Herb the grave news about Gordon, Don turns up. He suggests to Sonia that they should visit the undertakers to start the planning for Gordon's funeral, and he offers to accompany her. In the deli, Dorrie boasts to Arnold about Herb's success in business and how profitable the new job is. Arnold expresses surprise. He says that he never thought of babysitting as a lucrative profession - and Dorrie is appalled. "Why wasn't I told?" Herb enters the deli and tells them both about the passing of Gordon Vansard. Vera and Terry are going through the list of people expected today for final costume fittings. Gil rings with a lunch invitation for Vera. Dorrie tells Lucy about Gordon and tries to get more information about the international mail she delivered this morning. Sonia is back from collecting Gordon's personal effects and has a cry when she finds a photo of herself in Gordon's wallet. Terry tells Gil that doesn't approve of Vera's developing relationship with him. Since Terry and Gil share a colourful past history, she threatens to tell Vera about his probable intentions, but Gil retaliates. If Terry tries to do that, she will regret it. [Episode written by Michael Boddy.]

218. (30/01) Herb arrives at the pub to tell Les and Alf about Gordon. Alf mentions that his mother has sent news that she will be visiting from England. Norma realises that the arrival of Mrs Sutcliffe Sr might end Arnold's stay as a boarder in Flat 8. Alf had not considered that. Aldo and Roma are also at the pub, enjoying a counter lunch. Arnold comes in to ask Roma if she would like to cater for the wake after Gordon's funeral. She agrees - and Aldo insists that they will not charge Sonia. Dorrie intercepts a call for Herb offering a babysitting job. She takes the job for herself. Bev is upset because Rod keeps ringing her. In the laundrette, Lucy and Norma chat about Mrs Sutcliffe's impending visit. Arnold and Aldo argue about the arrangements for Gordon's wake. Les has a new brilliant idea: he will give up his job as a hospital orderly and become Alf's second driver, but he will have to obtain his truck licence first. Arnold calculates the cost of the Vansard wake and Aldo apologises for making such a fuss earlier. Aldo invites Roma out to dinner and Arnold offers to mind the shop so they can leave early. Norma invites Alf and Lucy to stay for dinner, since Alf had been wrangled into helping Les to prepare it. Jack and Bev are off to a party, but Bev gets melancholy, feeling that it is inappropriate to be enjoying herself so soon after Gordon's death. Jack cajoles her into coming with him and goes to pick up the phone to dial for a cab. It rings and he answers it: it's Rod again, but Jack hangs up on him. Dorrie mentions the forthcoming visit by Alf's mother, but this is the first that Arnold has heard of it. In Flat 5, the Whittakers and the Sutcliffes enjoy a lighthearted meal together. Arnold goes up to Flat 8 confront Lucy about the other Mrs Sutcliffe, but no one is home. Lucy and Alf return to their flat to talk to Arnold, but it seems that he already knows that he has to move out! [Episode written by Michael Boddy.]

219. (31/01) Sonia drops in to see Don and Sally in Flat 4. They are deep into a game of Scrabble. Sonia tells them that her mother is coming to stay with her for a while. Jack and Bev meet Vera and Gil on the stairs and invite them into Flat 6 for a drink. Vera helps Bev in the kitchen as she prepare something for them to eat. Meanwhile, Jack - already knowing about Gil's seedy background - asks Gil about work. Gil insists that he is no longer running his business up at Kings Cross. He is now a wine exporter. He also mentions that he is keen to marry Vera, much to Jack's amazement. Next morning, Terry attempts to steer Vera away from Gil. Jack is keen to have Bev accompany him on a move to the country, but Bev wants to find work in the city. Norma calls by Flat 1 to see Sonia and meets her mother, Vi Freeman (Marion Johns). At The Cosmopolitan, Don and Sally talk about Sonia. The conversation moves to the wedding; Sally is looking more pregnant every day. The barman overhears them and does a doubletake. At the pub, Vera and Terry tell Norma about all the notable people who are coming for costume fittings. The show's designer, Adrian Wolfe (Owen Weingott), joins them at their table and is intrigued by Norma. Don and Sally have invited Jack and Bev to join them at their table. They break the news that they are entering into a marriage of convenience because Sally is pregnant. Jack and Bev express their delight, but what are Don and Sally's true feelings? Sonia visits Flat 4 to have a break from her mother and notices all the champagne. "What's the celebration?" Don worries that it is not yet the time to tell her about the upcoming wedding. The celebrity host of the charity revue, Ron Fraser (Himself), apologises for running late for his costume fitting in Flat 7. Don and Sally chat again and decide that they should make a public announcement of their engagement. There are laughs all around as Vera and Terry try to complete the fitting for a very witty Mr Fraser. Gil turns up to take Vera to dinner. Adrian has been in the pub, sketching, all afternoon. Jack arrives and heads over to the bar to ask Norma if he has had any messages. Norma confides in him that she seems to have a secret admirer. She beckons Adrian over and he shows them the sketches he has been doing: they are all of Norma! Later, Vera and Gil return because they are moving onto a party together and Vera wanted to get changed. Vera calls Gil into the bedroom to zip up her dress. After he does so, he asks her if she really wants to go to the party... or maybe do something else? He slowly unzips her dress. [Episode written by Michael Boddy.]

Marion Johns returns in a new recurring role, Vi Freeman. Previously she portrayed Selma Horowitz in Episode #75, a role taken over by Hilda Scurr (Episode #271), and then Lea Denfield (Episode #807). Adrian Wolfe is portrayed by Owen Weingott, who had previously appeared as Victor Cameron in Episode #54. (Owen Weingott's real life son, Paul, had portrayed Bruce Taylor, the lover of both Don Finlayson and Maggie Cameron.) Ron Fraser plays the compere of the charity revue, for which Vera Collins has designed the costumes. He was well known to many of the writers and cast.

220. (1/02) Roma organises the wake for Gordon Vansard, to be held in Flat 1. Everyone in the building has been invited. The many new arrivals at Number 96 are proving very confusing for the residents, especially Aldo. He meets Vi Freeman, who is staying in Flat 1 with Sonia, her daughter. Sonia breaks down at the wake. Roma has to leave early to collect her son, Irving, from the airport. Aldo admits to Alf and Lucy that he is quite terrified of meeting Irving. He has heard that the young man now wants to be known as Irving Lewis, as he is ashamed of the stigma that comes with the surname "Lubinski".

221. (2/02) Irving Lewis (Bill Riley) claims that he changed his name from "Lubinski" due to him needing to do dealings in the American business world. Arnold is invited to board with the Whittakers in Flat 5, as they have a spare bedroom and he will need to vacate Flat 8 when Mrs Sutcliffe Sr arrives. Bev has been invited to go out to dinner with Sally and Don but she doesn't want to go. Irving puts off his mother for lunch. He tells her about a non-Jewish girl he is interested in. Roma wants to discuss her forthcoming marriage to Aldo with Irving. Bev gets distressed by Aldo and Roma talking about what a nice couple Sally and Don make. Adrian presents Norma with a small painting of herself, which he did from all the sketches he made in the pub the other day. She is both impressed and flattered. Marion and Arnold have another encounter in her waterbed - and Arnold plans to be more knowledgeable for his next encounter with her. He will do some more reading: sex manuals, this time, not cook books! Jack finally gets it out of Bev as to her current dark mood: she is still deeply in love with Don.

222. (5/02) Don and Sally go off to get married, but Bev can't understand that it is a marriage of convenience for both of them. Don's boss at the law firm of Willoughby, Willoughby & Martin had once urged him to find a wife to deflect from his homosexuality, and Sally will avoid the stigma of being an unwed mother. Gil arrives at Flat 7 to take Vera out. While Vera is changing, Gil tells Terry that she needs to be earning him some money while she has the flat to herself all day. Marion gives Arnold a big miss. He was too much work for her! Sonia decides it is time to go back to work and reopen the chemist shop. She will need to find an assistant pharmacist. Gil and Vera head out just before Terry's next client turns up. Alf and Lucy get another letter from Alf's mother in England. She is definitely coming to Sydney. Jack gets heavy with Bev and practically orders her to accompany him to Don and Sally's gathering this afternoon. Terry, Vera, Gil, Alf, Lucy, Arnold and Sonia are all at the party in Flat 4. When Jack and Bev arrive, Don and Sally make public the fact that they were married earlier today. Bev is shattered and finds it hard to hide her feelings.

223. (6/02) Irving has settled back in Australia, but life in America seems to have altered so many of his plans for the future. Aldo worries about how Roma will react to these changes. Jack falls asleep while Bev is trying to make love to him. She is furious! Later, Sally asks Bev for advice on handling Don. Irving announces that he intends to marry his American girlfriend, Samantha, because she is very wealthy. Sally wants Sonia's opinion on Bev's reaction to an earlier conversation about Don, but Sonia knows the backstory and warns Sally to be very careful of Bev. Sally's presence does relieve Sonia's loneliness for a time. Irving makes a stand on his mother's relationship with Aldo. He tells Aldo that he does not approve of them getting married.

224. (7/02) Norma finally agrees to pose for Adrian. Irving has already reacted negatively to Roma's plan to marry Aldo. He now talks about his American girlfriend's father, the wealthy RJ Vanderhum, who also happens to be Irving's boss. Mr Vanderhum has a hatred of the Jews and everything Jewish. Arnold moves into the spare bedroom in Flat 5, although the untidiness of the Whittakers' flat is daunting. Vera confronts Terry about "entertaining" clients in Flat 7 and Terry gives her the lowdown on Gil. He is Terry's pimp.

225. (8/02) Vera succumbs to Gil's charms, but then she needs to go to another meeting at Whale Beach. While Vera is gone, Gil threatens Terry about getting back to work with some clients. Arnold suffers through his first chaotic night with the Whittakers in Flat 5. Bev tries again with Jack but he is too tired to perform. Vera confronts Gil about Terry's accusations. Gil tells Terry that she is feeling jealous because Vera is in love with him. Gil gets very nasty with Terry and tells her to shut her mouth. Is Bev about to make a big mistake? She invites Gil in for a drink.

226. (9/02) A misunderstanding with a client of their prospering baby-sitting venture causes Dorrie to vent her anger on poor Herb. Don tells Sonia that Gordon has bequeathed her an insurance policy payout of $50,000. Aldo is found collapsed on the floor.

227. (12/02) Gil tells Vera how much he loves her. There are more comings and goings at Number 96: Alf's domineering mother (Neva Carr Glyn) arrives from England and Aldo is rushed away in an ambulance. Vera's costumes for the charity review are considered an absolute success. Mrs Sutcliffe has a string of complaints - about everything. Aldo is suffereing an expected heart attack. Roma breaks down in front of Arnold. Terry again tries to tell Vera that Gil is a "professional procurer". Bev is fascinated by Gil. Terry wants to know what Gil has planned for Vera and he tells her to mind her own business. Roma blames herself for bringing on Aldo's heart attack.

228. (13/02) Jack arrives at Flat 6 and blows his stack when he finds Gil inside, sitting with Bev. She eventually calms Jack down; Gil was only offering her a job. Dorrie won't forgive Herb for locking her out of the flat. An old boyfriend of Don's, Paul Mathews (David Whitford), now a professional journalist, pays a visit to Flat 4. He is turning 21 soon and wants Don to come to his party. Sally reacts badly; is she jealous of Paul, or has she realised that she has made a grave mistake in marrying Don? Norma is despairing about Les's jealousy; he begrudges all the time she is spending with Adrian Wolfe.

229. (14/02) The hospital has contacted Roma. Aldo is out of Intensive Care, but still very ill. Roma is too worried about him to work in the shop, so Arnold is again running the deli single-handedly again. Dorrie has convinced herself that the recently-bereaved Sonia is having an affair with the new pharmacist, Brian Banerjee (Beverley Roberts)! Lucy is finding it very difficult dealing with the whims of her caustic, ungrateful mother-in-law. Aldo's doctor explains that there is nothing wrong with Aldo's heart. He has a hiatus hernia. Roma realises that she is not prepared to pretend to be not-Jewish when meeting Samantha's parents.

230. (15/02) Jack is concerned about Bev, and the fact that she seems to have turned into a nymphomaniac. Gil tells Vera that he loves her and she couldn't be more thrilled. Jack apologises for trying to keep Bev all to himself. He thinks she should take the job that Gil has offered her. Bev is pleased. Sally refuses to attend Paul's 21st birthday party, but she is actually trying to let Don have some time to be with Paul on his own. Gil's actions should reveal his true motives to Vera, but is she looking for any? The relationship Don and Sally share is undergoing some changes; are they still "just good friends"? She waits up until 2.00am for Don to return home, and gets very upset. Sally goes to see Bev in Flat 6. She explains to Bev that she has fallen in love with Don.

231. (16/02) Lucy and Alf have a row over Mrs Sutcliffe. Roma has another quarrel with Irving. He wants his mother to assume his new surname, "Lewis", so that he can improve the family status, both socially and financially. She refuses to pretend to be someone else just to satisfy Samantha. Terry tries to help a disillusioned Arnold by suggesting that he should go to bed with her, with no emotional involvement. Maybe she can improve his performance with women? Arnold asks for Les and Alf's advice and they both agree that he should take up Terry's offer. Vera receives an engagement ring from Gil.

232. (19/02) Adrian's framed portrait of Norma is unveiled. She had posed for the artist fully-clothed, but the large painting is a reclining nude, taking much inspiration from Goya's The Naked Maja. Les is aghast, but everyone else loves it! Will the portrait stay hanging on the wall of the pub? Dorrie and Herb live to regret their good intentions regarding the situation between Alf's mother and Lucy. Mrs Sutcliffe seems to think she has been invited to stay! Alf comes to retrieve his mother. She has just finished dinner in Flat 3. Alf wants her to come back and apologise to Lucy. Norma is puzzled; she finds Arnold's hairbrush in her dressing table drawer. Everyone is puzzled as to how it ended up there. Lucy makes a great effort to get along with her mother-in-law. Sonia's handbag turns up under the counter in the chemist shop. She is amazed as she never brings it into the shop. Arnold has some good news for the other residents. When Georgina Carter left for Coffs Harbour, she had left behind an ornamental "pot plant". Auntie Dee has been taking good care of it. Someone tells Dorrie that the leaves are very tasty in salads. She chops up some of the plant - and she and Herb end up rather high after their meal. [Episode written by David Sale.]

233. (20/02) Lucy rings Vera and asks her for help; she has just found Dorrie and Herb in their flat - and they are roaring drunk! Aldo is allowed to return home from hospital. Terry promises Arnold that she'll keep her eye out for the right girl for him. Bev wins the commercial job and is thrilled. Irving admits to Roma that he still hasn't told Samantha he is Jewish. Roma promises to meet her later in the week. Terry meets Robyn Ross (Carolle Lea, aka Carlotta) in the new show she is working on and lines her up to go on a date with her friend, Arnold. Gil proposes to Vera again. Vera tells Jack but, even when he expresses his doubts, nothing can disturb her happiness. Sally is having trust issues over Don and Jack tries to offer advice and ease her suffering. Aldo realises that the $300 he put in a drawer, before he went to hospital, has vanished. [Episode written by David Sale.]

Carlotta's real identity, when playing Robyn Ross, was hidden from most of the cast. They were introduced to her as "Carolle Lea" to maintain the surprise twist to her story arc for as long as possible.

234. (21/02) Dorrie and Herb are very vague about the events of the previous night. Les receives a letter from Gary, who is still with the Army. He has applied for an overseas posting. Les tells Alf that his truck driving lessons are not going well. He recently ran over the driving instructor's foot and the driving school told him to go elsewhere. Dorrie's experiments with Georgina's organic food creates a strange effect. She and Herb give some salad to old Mrs Sutcliffe, and they all get high. Roma finds Aldo's missing money - in the oven! They are mystified. [Episode written by David Sale.]

235. (22/02) Arnold phones Mr Sanford to get Robyn Ross to return his call. Over dinner, Roma discusses with Irving how she must prepare herself to meet his fiancée. While serving breakfast to the Whittakers, Arnold learns that he will have the flat to himself tonight. Vera, Sonia and Brian discuss the bizarre goings-on in the building. Does Number 96 have a poltergeist? Aldo surprises Roma with a lunch invitation to The Blue Danube. He only left hospital two days ago after his hernia scare. Arnold offers to work through his lunch hour, to cover for them, if he can get off at 6.00pm for his date with Miss Robyn Ross. Romance with Robyn is blooming for Arnold, but Aldo and Roma are sick of hearing about his infatuation. At the pub, Vera introduces Les and Norma to Brian. While having lunch, Aldo and Roma overhear two American women - the brash Denise and her daughter - making anti-Semetic remarks from another table. Aldo gets very upset at the situation. Gil asks Vera if she'd mind having a client of his around to dinner. Aldo and Roma chat with Sonia and Brian in the chemist shop as they prepare Aldo's medication. Brian talks about his fiancée back in Ceylon. Robyn drops into the deli to get Arnold's flat number. Les is leaving Flat 5 just as Robyn arrives. Aldo wishes he could accompany Roma and Irving to the dinner where she will be introduced to Samantha. Arnold tries to get something happening with Robyn, much to her surprise, but she is not upset. Roma meets Samantha Vanderhum (Jinx Huber) - and is shocked to realise she is the young anti-Semetic diner at lunchtime. [Episode written by David Sale.]

Jinx Huber (now Jinx Lootens), who portrays Samantha Vanderhum, was the then-wife of Executive Producer Bob Huber. Jinx made several more appearances in different roles, including a nurse in 1973, a Kings Cross prostitute in 1976, and Mrs Hadley and Coral Fuller in 1977.

236. (23/02) Lucy holds up Dorrie and Herb on their way out for a social night at the Paddington Senior Citizens Club. Mrs Sutcliffe seems strange after her last visit to Flat 3. Don and Sally discuss Paul again. She is uncomfortable with Paul having spent the night in Don's room. Terry enters Flat 7 to discover Gil wearing only a towel and comments upon it. Don and Sally discuss her pregnancy but the phone rings and he must rush off due to an emergency. Dorrie and Herb are asking for trouble by using Georgina's "pot plant" two days in a row. Jack is in bed reading the newspaper. There is a story about a rather wild meeting, attended by members of the Paddington Senior Citizens Club (Harry Pegg and Molly Raynor), at which Dorrie's marijuana salad was served. Her niece had told her it was a nutritious "organic herb". Dorrie is mainly worried about the reaction of Mrs Terry, the president of the Senior Citizens Bowling Club. Vera is preparing dinner for Gil and his client. Jack is on the phone, placing bets, when Bev arrives home. He teases her a bit about the audition for the commercial. Sally arrives, telling Jack and Bev that Don has cajoled Paul to write an article about the Senior Cits' drug scandal. Paul will interview Dorrie and Herb about Georgina the hippy niece, and her time with "Harry Krisher". Jack and Terry are in the pub when Paul and Don come in. On her way out, Terry confides in Don, privately, that she is worried about Vera's safety whenever she is with Gil. Dorrie enquires after old Mrs Sutcliffe's health and Lucy tells her that she is resting after her "shocking ordeal". Terry's fears are well founded; Gil makes a strategic departure after inviting his business associate, Warren Davies (John Faassen), to Vera's for dinner. Vera has to cope with entertaining Warren alone. Don and Paul are having a laugh over Paul's interview with Dorrie. Sally joins them but is unimpressed. Bev describes her audition to Jack. Paul has had to leave in a hurry, so Don and Sally are eating alone. Dorrie is about to leave for her babysitting job, but the phone rings. The job has been cancelled. The phone rings again and it is Flo Patterson. She hangs up after only a few words. Vera is alone with Warren when he begins making improper advances on her. Vera finds it all very distasteful, but all of this has seemingly been organised by Gil. [Episode written by David Sale.]

Molly Raynor, playing a member of the Senior Cits, had previously portrayed Mrs Peters in Episode #32. There was a Harry Pegg who was a notable Australian sportsman who represented Queensland in Australian Rules football and first-class cricket. Making a cameo as a two-line extra? John Faassen, who appears as Warren Davies, previously portrayed Sir Montague Porter in 1972, and will return as Maurice Hardy in 1973 and Lucy Sutcliffe's obstetrician in 1975.

237. (26/02) Irving's intended bride has left Roma in a turmoil and Aldo can't find the right words to calm her. A distraught Vera confronts Gil about stranding her with the amorous Warren. Sally brings Don breakfast and wants to chat about Paul. Jack decides to take Bev out for some shopping therapy to buy some new clothes. Gil makes threats to Terry to stop her bringing up Vera's encounter with Warren last night. Don reassures Flo and Herb about the drug hearing after the disastrous meeting of the Paddington Senior Citizens Club. He then gently teases Flo about the incident. At morning tea time in Flat 3, Flo talks with Dorrie and Herb about the Extraordinary Meeting of the Senior Cits that has been called. Vera tells Terry in front of Gil that she loves him. Roma tries to reassure herself that Samantha is the right girl for Irving. Should she tell her son about his fiancée's anti-Semitic attitudes? Laden with parcels after their shopping expedition, Jack and Bev call in to see Don at the pub. They return to Flat 6, where they are joined by Sally. Bev and Sally are in the kitchen, checking on dinner. They attempt to bond over their mutual fondness for Don. In the deli, Aldo is complaining about how long Arnold is taking on his delivery run. Irving arrives and tries to cajole his mother into lending him $30,000 to $35,000 for his new flat in the eastern suburbs. [Episode written by Bob Caswell.]

238. (27/02) Arnold finally arrives back from deliveries, so Aldo and roma are able to close the shop on time. Arnold is visibly agitated and Aldo and Roma correctly guess that Robyn Ross is the cause of his current demeanour. Alf is leaving Flat 8 for the start of a night run in his truck when Arnold races up the stairs and knocks on the door of Flat 7. There is no answer. Lucy invites him in to have dinner with her. She tries to tell him not to worry about Robyn. Aldo expresses his shock about the $30,000 that Irving wants from Roma. Arnold is the latest victim of the so-called poltergeist! Brian and Sonia also uncover a mystery: someone has forced the shop's front door to rummaging through the poisons cupboard. The morphine is missing! [Episode written by Bob Caswell.]

239. (28/02) Dorrie and Herb's liberty is under threat on the day of their court appearance on marijuana charges. It is up to Don to free them, and he is confident that he can, but Dorrie is preparing for the worst. They decide to wait for Don down at the chemist shop, managing to coincide their arrival with that of Detective Sergeant Miller (Mark Kelly), who has arrived to investigate Sonia's report of missing morphine.

Mark Kelly reprises his role of Detective Sergeant Miller. Previously, Miller had investigated stolen money in relation to Flat 8. As a Detective Inspector, he attempts to resolve the kidnapping of Emma Sutcliffe by "Mad" Stella and the resulting clifftop siege in Episode #861.

240. (1/03) Sally cannot attend Paul's party because she has had to travel to Melbourne. However, it gives Don the chance to see another side to Paul's character. How will Don tell Sally of some newfound feelings? [Episode written by Susan Swinford.]

241. (2/03) Aldo finally stands up to Roma's son, setting a firm condition to which Irving must agree. Irving will not be able to conceal his true name from Samantha for much longer.

242. (5/03) Dudley Hammond-Jones (Mark Albiston) puts the hard word on Bev, but she rejects him. Arnold continues to take his relationship with Robyn very seriously, but Robyn regards him merely as a friend. Terry adds a new dimension to the situation when she sees Robyn holding a hypodermic syringe.

243. (6/03) Irving insists that he discuss Roma and Aldo's wedding plans with them at his apartment, but then Irving has some explaining to do about how the flat was purchased.

244. (7/03) Lucy's mother-in-law problems are worsening. Now Mrs Sutcliffe Sr is planning to stay with Alf and Lucy permanently.

245. (8/03) Sally finds it hard to hide her feelings from Don about his friendship with Paul.

246. (9/03) At last, Arnold introduces his beloved Robyn to the tenants of Number 96. She makes quite an impression on Aldo, Roma and the Whittakers.

247. (12/03) Robyn proves to be not the woman Arnold thought she was, shattering Arnold's self-esteem. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

Robyn Ross is actually transgender, played by the notorious Carlotta of "Les Girls", a fact that was kept from even most of the cast until the last minute.

248. (13/03) Jim Sutcliffe is back from Perth, seeking his wife and son. He discovers that Noelene is staying with another man and Jim resolves to get her and Sebastian back. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

Brendan Lunney makes his second of three onscreen appearances as the oft-mentioned Jim Sutcliffe. Previously he had a brief story arc from Episode #41 and would return in Episode #858.

249. (14/03) Roma's wedding trousseau is missing; the phantom thief has struck again. Exasperated, Dorrie calls a meeting of all tenants in her flat. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

250. (15/03) An accidental discovery in the Whittaker family tree designates Les as an Earl. He has a new brainwave, but it creates a unique problem; after all, Earls don't work as hospital orderlies. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

251. (16/03) Sally fails in her attempt to break up Paul and Don. They return to Flat 4 to hear her version of events. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

252. (19/03) Dorrie and Herb are waiting for Flo to arrive so the three of them can head off to the Paddington Senior Citizens Club harbour cruise. However, a phone call reminds them of a baby-sitting appointment for the same day.

253. (20/03) With Aldo and Roma away for a few days, Arnold is left in charge of the deli. However, Aldo still has the key to the night safe, causing headaches for Arnold, who has two days' takings to look after - and there is still a thief in the building.

254. (21/03) Vera is unsuspecting when Bev invites Gil into Flat 6 while Jack is at the races. Meanwhile, Vera is left to contend with Claire and her whims.

255. (22/03) Strange things keep happening in Number 96 and one of the tenants is suspected. An unexpected guest drops in on Bev.

256. (23/03) Sonia's traumatic past brings to the surface an inner self. This worries Brian greatly. He and Don try to make her face reality.

257. (26/03) Don and Paul were expecting an adverse reaction to their relationship from Sally, but her acceptance of it throws a new light on the situation. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

258. (27/03) Jack and Vera notice the seesaw effect of Sonia's condition; she is drifting further into fantasy. In the pharmacy, Brian is coping well until the arrival of a cable from his parents in India. He must return to his homeland immediately! [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

259. (28/03) Salvadore has told Anna Maria about Gil's Mafia connections and now Anna Maria feels that Vera should be informed. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

260. (29/03) Jack organises the residents into shifts to look after Sonia, but she remains oblivious to their presence and suffers a relapse. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

261. (30/03) Arnold Feather is the hapless victim of Dorrie's gossip mongering when she overhears a discussion between Sir Arnold Ashton and Sally. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

262. (2/04) Alf and his new business partner and driver, Mick Milligan (Peter Berg), are doing well. However, they are choosing to ignore Arnold's carefully prepared rosters. The truth about Gil's background is finally revealed. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

263. (3/03) Gil is forced to reveal his true colours now that Vera is aware of the implications surrounding his business dealings. Dorrie slanders Arnold when she accuses him of having a "candlestine" affair with one of the married tenants. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

264. (4/04) The plans to redevelop the empty chemist shop are going well. Alf takes the opportunity to do some down-to-earth ribbing. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

265. (5/04) Don is confronted by Sally and Sir Arnold. Bev tries to comfort Sally over the events that follow, but she is inconsolable. Dorrie causes another tragedy. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

266. (6/04) Vera is disgusted over Gil and his behaviour, but her good nature will not allow her to take action. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

267. (9/04) Chaos reigns supreme during every stage of the Whittakers' move into Flat 1. Norma is at her wit's end with Les and his misadventures. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

268. (10/04) Herb puts Dorrie into a spin when he tells her that their daughter, Joan Parker (Judith Fisher), has rung from Melbourne. It seems Joan's husband will be arriving a day earlier than expected, much to Dorrie's annoyance. Lucy seeks help about Alf from Vera, but Vera has another visitor in Jack. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

269. (11/04) Helen Sheridan (Carmen Duncan) arrives to inspect Flat 5, intending to sign a lease. Sir Arnold makes threats against Don, Sally and Paul. Despite their gloomy futures, the three decide to stick together. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

270. (12/04) Jack decides to try making amends with Bev, but he continues to suspect that she is two-timing him. Dorrie is disappointed about not being able to join the Paddington Senior Citizens Bowling Club committee for dinner, especially when Flo confirms that the Marquise will be attending. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

271. (13/04) Dennis Parker (Ron Blanchard) finally arrives for his visit with his in-laws, Dorrie and Herb and proves to be a very sanitary person. In attempting to sterilise their flat to Dennis's satisfaction, they discover that Herb is allergic to the air freshener. Aldo's sister, Selma (Hilda Scurr), also arrives at Number 96. She has strange news for Aldo concerning his first wife, Ida (Brenda Senders). [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

Hilda Scurr had taken over as Selma from Marion Johns.

272. (16/04) Sally is resolute that, due to Sir Arnold's complete lack of concern for her, he will never have access to her child. [Episode written by Joe James.]

Joe James, who had played Gordon Vansard, was now writing for the series.

273. (17/04) Alf tries to cure his bout of tiredness by using the pills that Mick gave him, but Arnold realises that the drug is dangerously addictive. Aldo struggles to cope with the realisation that he is a bigamist and may face charges. [Episode written by Bob Caswell.]

274. (18/04) Dorrie, Herb and Dennis have an evening at the Cosmopolitan Restaurant, where Helen is the hostess. Helen offers to order for them, but Dorrie is unimpressed by her selection. A hippy makes a bizarre delivery to Helen's flat: her unconscious, younger sister, Jill Sheridan (Candida Raymond). [Episode written by E. Bienstock.]

275. (19/04) After a few more finishing touches, the new wine bar will be ready to open on the site of the Vansard pharmacy. To celebrate, Jack invites all the residents of Number 96 plus his society friends. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

On Good Friday, 20th April, the show was pre-empted by the movie, "Francis of Assissi".

276. (23/04) "That painting" of Norma has been transferred from the pub to the wine bar. Dorrie has a predictable reaction to Norma's attitude to posing nude. Don and Sally have dinner together. Roma has gone missing! Sally contemplates suicide. [Episode written by Brian Faull.]

Of course, Norma had actually posed for the painting fully clothed! Adrian Wolfe is probably named for an actual artist and cartoonist, Alfred Adrian Wolfe (1891-1975) of the Jewish Association of Arts and Sciences (J.A.A.S.) and the Shletneils Club. His portrait of Norma was painted in the style of Goya's "Naked Maja" and first hung in the pub where Norma was the barmaid. It was in homage to "Chloé", an 1875 painting of a nude woman (by French artist, Jules Joseph Lefebvre), which has hung in the Young and Jackson Hotel, Melbourne, since 1909. Three versions of the Norma painting (created by Cash Harmon's props artist, Eunice Dyer) exist: one from the set, sold in the 1977 "Number 96" auction; one created for actor Tom Oliver to display in his real-life wine bar, "Jack's Cellars" in Kensington, NSW; and a b/w version, signed by the cast, presented to Sheila Kennelly. Episode #276 was accidentally transposed with Episode #277 in Melbourne, when a staff programmer at Channel ATV-0 assumed that an episode had aired on Good Friday.

277. (24/04) Don prevents Sally from making a terrible mistake. Roma is still missing and Aldo becomes more desperate, but he keeps her disappearance from the other residents. Sally decides to separate from Don Finlayson, upset over his homosexual activities.

In Melbourne, this episode actually aired on 23/04, when it was accidentally transposed with Episode #276. This would have been the only occasion an episode had aired in Melbourne, Victoria, before Sydney, NSW. The mix-up was reported in the press and became a talking point for "The Graham Kennedy Show" on rival channel, GTV-9.

278. (25/04) Arnold has two wonderful ideas, suggesting to Les that the wine bar commence serving snacks and that, furthermore, Arnold himself be the chef. However, when they go looking for Jack to discuss the proposals, he is nowhere to be found - and Jack is not the only one missing.

In Melbourne, Episode #277 was repeated at 8.00pm, because it had been accidentally aired out of order on the Monday night. It was then followed immediately by Episode #278 in the usual timeslot.

279. (26/04) To make amends for standing up Dorrie at dinner the night before, Herb intends to prepare a sumptuous meal.

280. (27/4) Paul's editor is making life difficult for him and tells Don that he believes Sir Arnold is applying the pressure. They seek out Sally to settle matters.

281. (30/4) Sally calls Don at the office and informs him that she has taken an overdose of sleeping pills.

282. (1/05) Paul makes two terrifying discoveries: one concerns Sally, the other, Don. Vera worries that the situation will also affect Sue Marshall (Anne Lambert). [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

283. (2/05) Theorising that someone has falsified Alf's business account books, Arnold confronts the prime suspect. However, the tables are quickly turned on Arnold. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

284. (3/05) The Evans' secret about their daughter's mental health is threatened by Les's latest wild scheme; he intends to pursue a part-time career as a private investigator. Jill has a happy-go-lucky attitude to life, but a drastic change is looming. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

285. (4/05) Jill is warned by Helen about life in the city and the need to find employment, but Jill is unconvinced. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

286. (7/05) Disgusted by his uncle's conniving and selfish attitudes, Don holds Sir Arnold responsible for Sally's death. Don is determined to make him pay for what he has done. [Episode written by Bob Huber.]

287. (8/05) Sue reveals her true self when she confronts Mick about his illegal activities. Alf, however, suspects nothing, and dwells over whether or not to buy the truck Mick has recommended. [Episode written by David Sale.]

288. (9/05) While on duty, Les discovers that the hospital has a patient suffering withdrawal symptoms, a patient named Harry Collins. [Episode written by David Sale.]

289. (10/05) Arnold overhears a discussion as he passes Flat 3 while delivering groceries, but when he tries to tell Aldo and Roma, they accuse him of emulating Dorrie herself. [Episode written by David Sale.]

290. (11/05) Don is determined that Sir Arnold's reputation will soon be in tatters. Nothing will prove an obstacle in Don's path, even if he and Paul end up digging ditches for the rest of their lives. [Episode written by David Sale.]

291. (14/05) Lady Frances Ashton (Faye Donaldson) pleads with her nephew not to ruin Sir Arnold's career, fearing that such action would also lead to the termination of her marriage, such as it is. Don is left in a quandary about what to do. [Episode written by David Sale.]

292. (15/05) Roma is behaving strangely towards Arnold, but she insists nothing is wrong. Aldo is unable to resolve the situation. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

293. (16/05) Dorrie and her "phantom" daughter seem to have vanished, leaving Flo and Herb to live life to the fullest. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

294. (17/05) Harry calls for assistance from Alcoholics Anonymous, but he once again relapses into depression and reaches for the bottle. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

295. (18/05) Les has concluded that Herb has run away with Dorrie, so he calls a meeting of the residents to explain his investigations. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

296. (21/05) Wally Scott (Peter Corbett) and Mick double-date with Sue and Jill, but Jill is feeling uneasy. Mick offers her some marijuana. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

297. (22/05) Now that Arnold has left the deli, Roma and Aldo are finding it difficult to cope. Meanwhile, Arnold is delighted with his new job in the wine bar. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

298. (23/05) Helen's position at The Cosmopolitan is causing her trouble, so she seeks Jack's advice. He thinks that the Assistant Manager, Frank Braidwood (Tony Ingersent) and staff are reacting adversely to her "masculine" behaviour. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

299. (24/05) Aldo's deli comes under suspicion when Flo comes down with similar food poisoning symptoms to Lucy's. Herb has yet another surprise in store for Flo. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

300. (25/05) Vera and Harry seem to be a couple again; she has made no attempt to reject his advances. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

301. (28/05) Vera and Harry's relationship will self-destruct unless one of them makes a strong stand. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

302. (29/05) Alf's three employees continue to deceive him, but time is surely running out for them. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

303. (30/05) Mick and Wally pull another scam - a big one - and try to keep it a secret from Alf. [Episode written by Susan Swinford.]

304. (31/05) Vera refuses all help, and her situation continues to worsen. [Episode written by Susan Swinford.]

305. (1/06) Finally accepting her predicament as a serious problem, Vera takes the advice of her friends. [Episode written by Bob Caswell.]

306. (4/06) Flo's job in the deli infuriates Dorrie, although Aldo and Roma actually find Flo's help to be more of a hindrance. [Episode written by Bob Caswell.]

307. (5/06) A gang of hoodlums have made a nuisance of themselves outside the wine bar at closing time. Arnold hopes his new boxing skills will be sufficient to deter them. [Episode written by Bob Caswell.]

308. (6/06) Following Arnold and Jack's altercation with the hoodlums the previous night, Jack asks the police to keep an eye on the wine bar. However, Arnold believes that stronger measures are necessary. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

309. (7/06) Don's odd behaviour is of concern to Jack and Vera. On the other hand, Vera and Harry seem to be recovering well. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

310. (8/06) Arnold has an eye-opener in store for Mick; it is only a matter of time before the Sutcliffes realise the truth about Mick's activities. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

311. (11/06) Jill is pleased that her relationship with Tim Grose (Stuart Finch) is going well. She is enthusiastic about her modelling job and her first pay packet. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

The Australian Broadcasting Control Board's official report, released in September 1973, mentioned that storylines "did not conform to Television Program Standards" twice in June 1973. The Jill/Arnold/Tim storyline involves the production of a pornographic movie. Stuart Finch, who played Tim, later returned to portray Lieutenant Swanson of the CIB in 1975 and the recurring character, Ian Chester, in 1976.

312. (12/06) Les's tall tales have gotten him fired from his job at the hospital and everyone dreads what his next project will be. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

313. (13/06) Bev Houghton is back! But, as the newly-married Mrs Goodman, she still has one more surprise up her sleeve for Jack: Earl Goodman (Richard Lupino). [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

Abigail had returned from "a sabbatical" following several public disagreements with the producers. Richard Lupino was the cousin of US actor/director, Ida Lupino.

314. (14/06) Earl and Bev have all the tenants gossiping over their sudden appearance. The other topic of conversation is Flo, who has lost everything except her pet budgerigar (Mr Perky) in the tragic Paradise Street fire. A lout (John Fitzgerald) and his two mates threaten Lucy in the laundrette, demanding keys to the money boxes of the machines. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

Flo's cat, Ponsonby, did not survive the fire, but he would still be part of Flo's story arc during her time in Flat 3.

315. (15/06) Sue and Mick have carefully planned their latest scam, but things start going terribly wrong for Mick. The relief laundrette manager, Valerie Mason (Sally McMaster), finds Lucy collapsed on the floor of the laundrette. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

Sally McMaster makes an onscreen appearance as Valerie Mason. The character is often mentioned in dialogue but returns onscreen in Episode #775.

316. (18/06) Dorrie complains that Flo is living off the other residents because she is accepting their charity. Furthermore, Flo is not helping out in Flat 3 and Mr Perky is driving everyone crazy. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

317. (19/06) Harry's personality is undergoing a radical change. He is being self-centred and acting like a nasty, belligerent fanatic. Vera finds that her affection for him is cooling. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

318. (20/06) Roma overwhelms Aldo with her surprise, but it means even more responsibility for Arnold. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

319. (21/06) Joe Corless (Tony Allyn) realises what Sue and Mick have been up to. He plans for revenge. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

320. (22/06) Bev (Victoria Raymond) and Earl talk business. There are more worries for Alf. Sue, of course, continues to play it cool, and only Arnold suspects her true motives. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

Victoria Raymond had taken over the role of Bev from Abigail after ongoing disagreements between Abigail and Cash Harmon Productions.

321. (25/06) Arnold's talents have become as indispensable to Les and Norma as they are to Aldo and Roma. [Episode written by Susan Swinford.]

322. (26/06) Despite the latest setbacks, Doctor Alistair Pascall (Raymond Duparc) firmly believes that Don can successfully change his character if he truly wants to. [Episode written by Susan Swinford.]

Raymond Duparc, who plays Dr Alistair Pascall, was previously Doctor Riley in 1972, and would return in 1975 as Herr Humpernickel.

323. (27/06) Flo, Dorrie and Herb have caught the competition bug, whether they be television quiz shows or contests in the newspaper. Dorrie and Flo doubt each other's abilities to win. [Episode written by Harvey Shore.]

324. (28/06) Aldo announces the birth of his first grandson, Aldo Bronislav Damien Myers, or Damien for short. Tim's cool exterior is to too good to be true. He has something in store for Jill that she doesn't expect. The extent of Sue's treachery is finally revealed and there are further complications for Jill when she returns to find her flat ransacked. Dorothy Dunlop (Diana McLean) commences her duties at Norma's Bar. [Episode written by Marcia Hatfield.]

325. (29/06) Les makes life extremely difficult for Norma when she commences dieting. Wally surprises Alf with a concession. [Episode written by James Workman.]

326. (2/07) Herb arrives home with a pile of books that Les has lent him, to study for the TV quiz. Flo comes out of her room with two balloons and Herb must help her sit on them to burst them. Vera is pleased when Harry arrives home early, but he has to go out again. Don tells Jack it is Helen he is interested in, not her younger sister, Jill. Jack tries to explain that Helen is an independent woman. Bev and Earl's conversation is interrupted when Jack tells Earl not to use his name again. A phone call from Mrs Terry, wanting Flo to partner her in an important bowls tournament, puts the Flat 3 Scrabble game on hold. Dorrie is annoyed. Jack meets Helen on the stairs and mention's Don's interest in her. Claire surprises Bev and Earl with an invitation to lunch the next day. Flo is moping around as Dorrie makes plans to take her bowling dress to the laundrette. Then she realises that Flo's uniform was destroyed during the fire which made her homeless. Flo goes down to check the mail. Her pension cheque has arrived but, when Herb turns up, she shoves it into her cardigan, claiming it is a letter from her daughter, Raylene. Herb has a parcel for her: material from the Senior Cits, so Flo can make a new bowling dress. Jack and Helen have drinks together at lunchtime. Flo visits Vera to ask about having a uniform sewn. They share a drink. Harry arrives and races out again, telling Dorrie and Herb that Flo and Vera are drinking. Claire offers to lend Earl some money but a furious Bev has overheard. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

327. (3/07) Claire and Bev offer apologies to each other. Arnold asks Aldo about the deli's credit card system and Aldo's pockets are filled with scraps of paper. Norma celebrates the start of her diet; she buys sweets for one last treat. In the laundrette, Vera urges Lucy to seek the advice of an optician when her eyesight continues to deteriorate. Bev and Earl eat at Buckingham Lodge and, when Bev goes off to have coffee with Rod, Claire suggests that Earl could use her address in his dealings. They make plans for lunch the next day. Dorothy enters the deli to buy chives for the wine bar in time to overhear Arnold's call, in which Jill invites him to take her out. Vera has been waiting for Harry, who has been out "doing the Lord's work". Lucy keeps handing Alf the wrong items at breakfast. Meanwhile, the Whittakers both eat a dietary breakfast. Norma catches Les sneaking cold sausages out of the fridge. Lucy's optician recommends the services of an eye specialist. Earl reminds Claire of her late husband - and she tells him so. Vera cooks dinner for Harry and wants him to come to bed with her, but Harry declines. Alf needs some money from Lucy. Arnold asks her discreetly about the optician's report and she begs him not to mention it to Alf. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

Lucy's eye problems had begun after she was bashed by the lout in the laundrette in Episode #314.

328. (4/07) Dorrie wants Arnold to test out her general knowledge to prepare for a contest. Helen invites Don to dinner. Arnold requests some time off for his "independent activity". He needs a haircut and will buy a corsage for Jill. Tim arrives to see Jill and has photos and money for her. Flo tries on her new bowling outfit but, when Dorrie barges in, Flo leaps into bed and pulls up the covers. Flo complains that her back is out again - and Dorrie heads out the ring Mrs Terry with the bad news. In a day full of surprises, Roma springs one on Aldo, Jill has her own surprise for Arnold and Tim has one planned for Jill. Roma wants a second honeymoon and hopes Arnold can mind the shop. Despite Arnold's new hairstyle, Jill breaks off her date with him. Dorrie accidentally throws out the ashes of Flo's departed cat, Ponsonby. She sends Herb down to the deli to buy something to replace the ashes. He returns with some garlic salt. Jill arrives at Tim's late, but he has left her a note. She is furious and immediately invites Arnold over and they climb into bed. Behind a two-way mirror, Tim and his cameraman, Hank (Frank Gallagher) watch on, impatiently. Flo says goodnight to Ponsonby - and screams when his remains smell of garlic. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

329. (5/07) Alf and Lucy discuss the budget that Arnold has drawn up for them. Lucy knocks a cup off the table. It smashes on the floor. Norma is weighing herself when Les rushes in with the news: Mr Bayswater has told him that Number 96 has new owners. Les has a parcel for Anna Maria. He obtained it from the hospital. It belonged to someone who was run over. When the parcel is opened, its contents are revealed to be smashed. Vera is in Flo's room, adjusting her new uniform. Flo keeps Vera hidden and tells Dorrie that she is still brokenhearted. Dorrie and Herb race out to buy Flo a new bowling dress as a surprise. Harry is pontificating in the deli. Earl races off when Claire rings him and Bev's patience is tested. Lucy tells Vera not to let Alf know about the eye specialist's news. Dorrie and Herb arrive home to see Flo in her new dress. Anna Maria's upcoming wedding fills Les's head with ideas, but it seems that Norma doesn't approve of any of them. He has found an ancient-looking meat grinder and Norma orders him to throw it out. Vera and Harry make love. Harry immediately regrets it and Vera gets out of the bed, dejected. A miserable Flo explains that, not only did she not play, the team lost the match. Norma calls in to see Lucy, who is in bed. Lucy breaks down and explains that she cannot see properly. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

330. (6/07) Jill does not mince her words when she tells Arnold that his poor performance at Tim's flat means that there will be "no next time". Les is disappointed with the diet food that Norma is forcing him to live on. Lucy has a day off, claiming to have a headache. Alf asks Arnold to check on her and take up some magazines. Aldo sends up a box of chocolates. Norma has an appointment with her specialist. Tim has yet another surprise planned for Jill: he wants her to star in a movie he is making. With Claire's assistance, Earl concludes his first successful business deal with Richard Monkhouse (Roger Cox) at Buckingham Lodge. Arnold is excited about being the lead actor in Tim's movie. Lucy is put into hospital for some exploratory tests. Bev is upset that Claire enabled Earl's business deal to happen. Norma has news for Alf about Lucy. [Episode written by Joe James.]

331. (9/07) Flo tells Dorrie that her pension cheque has not arrived. An telegram arrives at Flat 3 and causes great excitement for Herb and Dorrie: they have been accepted for the quiz show and will be appearing tomorrow night. They immediately begin practising. Jack signs the deal that makes him and Johnny Briggs (Deryck Barnes) the new owners of Number 96. Don tells Jack that he had dinner with Helen while he was in Melbourne. Meanwhile, Vera returns home to Flat 7 to discover a strange girl sitting on Harry's knee. Harry tries to explain that he was only trying to help her because she was so drunk, but Vera refuses to listen. Dorrie enlists Arnold's help to practise for the quiz show. She discovers Flo's pension envelope. Jack finds himself getting upset about Don and Helen. Harry promises not to bring any more alcoholics into the flat. Aldo and Roma go off to make arrangements for their cruise. Jack faces Helen about Don. He wants to know if she intends to sleep with him. She says, if it will help him, then yes. Dorrie and Herb set off for the taping of the quiz, both a bundle of nerves. Helen tells Jack she is already serious about Don. [Episode written by Bob Caswell.]

The Vera/Harry plotline was novelised for the 1974 Arkon paperback, "The Sins of Harry Collins". The unidentified young woman is named Diana Ford in the book. (The cover featured no actors from the series, but the model playing Vera has been identified as Rickie Hilder.)

332. (10/07) Lucy is very frightened about the tests. She tries to put on a brave front. The residents of Number 96 gather around their television sets to watch the Evans' appearance on the quiz show, which is compered by Jimmy Jock (Johnny Ladd). They win a cruise as their prize! Vera and Alf return from the hospital, with Alf feeling depressed. Wally shows Alf a note from Joe. Alf says to ignore it. Norma catches Les stealing food from the fridge in the middle of the night. Flo suggests that she should take over as "conserge" in Dorrie's absence but Dorrie refuses to allow it. Roma's travel agent has had to change her cruise itinerary at the last minute. She is horrified that she and Aldo are now on the same ship as Dorrie and Herb. Alf gets the results of Lucy's tests. The doctors decide to operate but warn that the results are not always predictable. Aldo gets summonsed for jury duty and it is for the same time as their cruise. [Episode written by Bob Caswell.]

333. (11/07) Arnold tries to explain that Aldo's jury service is his civic duty, but Aldo just wants his second honeymoon. Jill mentions that a recent trial had the jurors locked away for three and a half months. Roma and Aldo are horrified. Don tries to talk Jack into having lunch with him and Helen, but Jack refuses. The film project is a source of great excitement for Arnold and Jill, but they are unaware of Tim's plans. They think it will be a work of art. Arnold mentions that the only way to get out of jury service is to appear biased. Roma thinks that would be a good plan. Helen thinks that Don must do what is needed to help him change. Claire talks Earl into letting her lend him money for a land deal. It is to be their secret. Arnold tells Roma that if Aldo pretends to be biased he can be held in contempt of court, and go to prison. Roma is distraught. When Aldo returns, he explains that he did not pretend to be biased and now they will miss out on their second honeymoon. Roma is thrilled that Aldo has avoided prison. Don plans to spend the night with Helen after dinner. [Episode written by Bob Caswell.]

334. (12/07) Flo convinces Dorrie that she should be "conserge" while Dorrie is on the cruise. Dorrie insists on a written contract. Harry finds out that Vera went to see John Vernon (Harry Lawrence), at Alcoholics Anonymous, about Harry being so stuffy. He is very upset with her. Jack stresses out about Don staying the night with Helen, but he explains that nothing happened, because he couldn't do anything. Jack feels sorry for him. Harry warns Dorrie about taking her cruise, because she didn't earn it through blood, sweat and toil. Wally admits that he went to the police and give evidence against Joe. Now he wants Alf to have the $1000 reward money for Lucy's operation. Alf is overcome and accepts the money. Dorrie drags Herb to the doctor to get inoculated for their cruise, but they don't need any shots. They both suffer with sore arms and Dorrie ends up bedridden. Norma and Les head off to St Peters for Anna Maria's wedding to Salvadore, but can't find it. They realise it was being held in St Peters in Rome, Italy. Lucy has her operation and Alf tells her about Wally's $1000. It is hoped that things will now take a turn for the better. Vera arrives home to find a drunken girl hammering on her door, looking for Harry. Vera explains that Harry is not there. Vera tries unsuccessfully to make her leave. They struggle and the girl goes over the bannister and down the next flight of stairs. She is dead. [Episode written by David Sale.]

335. (13/07) Vera has convinced herself that she is responsible for the death of the drunken girl, Diana Ford. Helen and Harry take Vera back up to Flat 7. Roma makes soup for Aldo but doesn't believe Arnold that she won't be able to see him during his jury service. Don and Harry are worried that Vera will appear guilty during the police interview, especially when Don remembers that Detective Sergeant Wellington (Andrew Grant) has an outstanding record for successful convictions. Herb and Flo discuss the accident and, as usual, Dorrie doesn't know about it. She goes down to the deli and realises that everyone knows about Aldo's jury service except her. Wellington examines the staircase and Dorrie offers to help. Harry must go off to help another drunken girl, so he calls Marie Crowther (Hazel Phillips) to look after Vera. Wellington shows a photo of the dead girl to the Godolfuses and Dorrie denies that she offered her help. Marie consoles Vera. Flo tells Dorrie that there is a policeman at the door, but it is only Jack. Vera tells Don, Jack and Marie that, whatever happens, she is responsible for the girl's death. [Episode written by Ron McLean.]

336. (16/07) Norma is being driven crazy by Dorothy's psychic "vibrations", but now Les is getting just as bad. Vera has realised that she was foolishly blaming herself for a freak accident, but someone else still believes that she was responsible. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

337. (17/07) Earl seems to be spending more and more time at Claire's place, but Bev is still believing every word her new husband says. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

338. (18/07) Jill has developed an insufferable star complex and reacts poorly to the news that an unexpected guest will be accompanying her and Tim to the screening of the film. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

339. (19/07) It is an exciting day for Dorrie and Herb, who are packed and ready for their cruise. At the hospital, Lucy prepares herself for the removal of the bandages from her eyes. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

340. (20/07) Dorothy finds that an important piece of Dorrie's luggage has been left behind. Norma attempts to ask Roma's advice on a matter. [Episode written by John Bennett.]

341. (23/07) Jack has received a shock, but he is more concerned with Helen's reaction. [Episode written by David Sale.]

342. (24/07) Don confronts Alistair and Jack puts forward a proposal for Don to consider. [Episode written by David Sale.]

343. (25/07) An unexpected incident disturbs the peaceful rapture of Number 96's "acting concierge", Flo. [Episode written by David Sale.]

344. (26/07) Jill is unwell and it seems possible she has the same problem as her sister. [Episode written by David Sale.]

345. (27/07) The inquest has been postponed due to the discovery of new evidence. Vera is understandably worried. [Episode written by Ann Duroe.]

346. (30/07) Helen is adamant that an abortion is out of the question, but Jack, worried about the risks, tries to make her see reason. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

347. (31/07) Les has resumed his interest in being a private detective - and the enigmatic writer of the poison pen letters is his target. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

348. (1/08) Les accuses his suspect. Roma and Aldo receive a mysterious telephone call. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

349. (2/08) Jack and Alf have an evening out, but the night ends in a shock for the other residents. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

350. (3/08) Don is finally introduced to Johnny, Jack's business partner. Johnny's suggestion surprises both Jack and Don. [Episode written by M. Cooney.]

351. (6/08) When Roma Godolfus meets Mrs Levin (Hazel Hollander), Roma becomes convinced that and the jury made the wrong decision. Jill searches for a new job, while Helen seeks peace of mind in church. [Episode written by Susan Swinford.]

352. (7/08) Earl is working on his latest underhanded scheme. [Episode written by Susan Swinford.]

353. (8/08) Jack arranges a meeting with Tim in an attempt to get possession of the blue movie featuring Jill and Arnold. Les demonstrates his latest invention. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

354. (9/08) Aldo and Roma's arguing reaches a stalemate. Aldo seeks Don's advice. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

355. (10/08) Roma's plan to learn "Australian" English is put into motion when she finds herself a willing teacher. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

356. (13/08) Flo and Herb have their own alternate plans when Dorrie is invited to a charity party. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

357. (14/08) Earl is under pressure and requires help from Jack, but he may not get what he needs. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

358. (15/08) Les has an unusual present for Norma, but the gift Dorrie receives is unexpected. Dorothy is still causing problems for Arnold. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

359. (16/08) Marie and Harry continue their verbal sparring matches and Jill is in for a shock when she visits Vera. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

The Vera/Harry plotline was novelised for the 1974 Arkon paperback, "The Sins of Harry Collins". The unidentified young woman is named Diana Ford in the book. (The cover featured no actors from the series, but the model playing Vera has been identified as Rickie Hilder.)

360. (17/08) Vera finds a familiar-looking ring in her bed, but can't remember the identity of the owner... yet. [Episode written by David Sale.]

361. (20/08) Aldo makes progress in his evening violin class. Dorothy conducts a seance which produces some startling results. [Episode written by David Sale.]

362. (21/08) Following Claire's malicious attack, Bev will have something to say to Earl. [Episode written by David Sale.]

363. (22/08) Jill takes a risk or several when she makes advances to Harry. [Episode written by David Sale.]

364. (23/08) Don has a serious choice to make. Will he be swayed by loyalty to his new job or his friendship with Aldo? [Episode written by David Sale.]

365. (24/08) Jill wants Harry to resume their liaison, but an unexpected discovery may spoil her plans. [Episode written by Ken Shadie.]

366. (27/08) Les prepares for the first demonstration of his latest invention. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

367. (28/08) Dorrie's concern over Flo's back is minor, compared to what is to come: Herb suffers a mild stroke. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

368. (29/08) Marie is well prepared for her dealings with Harry. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

369. (30/08) Jack offers a new proposition to Aldo. Don receives a sum of money from an unexpected source. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

370. (31/08) Dorrie is finding it difficult to cope with Herb. [Episode written by Ken Shadie.]

371. (3/09) Arnold and Dorothy are becoming more deeply involved, but Arnold is still unsure about the situation. [Episode written by David Sale.]

372. (4/09) Dorrie dubiously seeks Les's assistance to bring Herb back to normal. [Episode written by David Sale.]

373. (5/09) Arnold suffers through a tirade of man-to-man advice from Les about handling women like Dorothy. [Episode written by David Sale.]

374. (6/09) Don and Jack once again confront Johnny about Aldo's deli, but it seems they are wasting their time. [Episode written by David Sale.]

375. (7/09) Johnny has a surprise in store for Jack and Don, while Alf suffers another bout of bad luck. [Episode written by Ken Shadie.]

376. (10/09) Success at night school continues to bring pleasure to both Roma and Aldo. [Episode written by Ken Shadie.]

377. (11/09) Jill's disappearance is a worry to both Harry and Helen, but then something happens which may incriminate Harry. [Episode written by Ken Shadie.]

378. (12/09) The Missing Persons Bureau contact Helen, raising her hopes that Jill has been located. [Episode written by Ken Shadie.]

379. (13/09) Norma is annoyed that Maggie Cameron is making so many changes at the wine bar. [Episode written by Ken Shadie.]

380. (14/09) Despite their past arguments, Maggie makes an enticing suggestion to Norma. Plans for the fashion parade are put into action. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

381. (17/09) Aldo and Roma's evening classes begin to create problems. Arnold tries to make a difficult decision. Dorrie has plans for Roger Wotherspoon (Terry O'Neill). [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

382. (18/09) Flo has some surprises up her sleeve and Herb receives an unexpected visitor. Perhaps Claire's condition will improve soon. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

383. (19/09) Les offers his services to Dorothy, who is still searching for a man. Arnold requests help from Helen. Flat 4 is the destination of a strange visitor to Number 96: Don's Aunt Amanda, the Baroness von Pappenburg (Carol Raye), arrives out of the blue and dazzles everyone. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

384. (20/09) While at her mother's house, Bev makes an unusual discovery. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

385. (21/09) Amanda has to attend an audition. She makes an interesting proposal to Flo. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

386. (24/09) Rod Houghton expresses his concern about Bev and tries to decide whether or not to tell her about Earl's affair. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

387. (25/09) Harry receives a parcel and a letter, but this time they are not anonymous. Dorothy, hoping her "vibrations" will prove correct, goes off on a blind date. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

388. (26/09) Harry has a difficult decision to make. Jack is stern with Helen, who also has news for Arnold. Herb is sneaking off behind Dorrie's back. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

389. (27/09) Amanda is mounting up huge bills, which worries Don considerably, as do the problems he is having with Maggie. Earl is in deep trouble. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

390. (28/09) Roma is pleasantly surprised by some unexpected news, but Aldo is unimpressed. It is expected that the blackmailers will again be in contact with Harry. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

391. (1/10) Flo has some bad news, but Vera's news is quite different. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

392. (2/10) Dorothy has a premonition of forthcoming evil news. Norma hears from an old friend and everyone remembers Dorothy's warning. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

393. (3/10) Dorrie does all she can to help Flo, but not in the way that Flo wants. Harry leaves Number 96; where is he off to this time? [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

394. (4/10) Jill is back, apparently safe and well, but appearances can be deceiving. Lucy receives another phone call from England. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

395. (5/10) Flo and Dorrie squabble over who will complete a certain good deed. [Episode written by Ann Duroe.]

396. (8/10) Helen must come to a difficult decision concerning Jill. [Episode written by Ann Duroe.]

397. (9/10) The Whittakers make some startling discoveries over Dorothy. [Episode written by Ann Duroe.]

398. (10/10) A rift between Don and Jack is looming; Jack and Maggie have been making decisions without Don's input. [Episode written by Susan Swinford.]

399. (11/10) Flo's prayers seem to have been answered; she has found somewhere to live. [Episode written by Susan Swinford.]

400. (12/10) Alf has news from London. Les comes up with another idea. Maggie has a new reason for being angry with Don. [Episode written by Ken Shadie.]

401. (15/10) Norma finds that her new boarder, young Ian Daniels (Alan Wilson), has unexpected talents. Helen looks for help, both for Jill and for her own problems. Don gains a new admirer in Dudley Butterfield (Chard Hayward). [Episode written by Ken Shadie.]

402. (16/10) Dorrie has cause for alarm. While life looks rosy for Harry and Vera, things are gloomy for both Jack and Flo. [Episode written by Ken Shadie.]

403. (17/10) Maggie has upset Don. Helen is being stubborn. Amanda decides to try her hand at matchmaking. Herb causes deep concern. How will Alf cope with the decision being forced upon him? [Episode written by Ken Shadie.]

404. (18/10) Jack finally gets Helen to reveal the truth. Jill is in love again, but with whom? Two of the building's oldest tenants may be leaving. [Episode written by Ken Shadie.]

405. (19/10) Jill finds an outlet for her needs by helping Father David O'Brien (Hilton Bonner) with his community project. Claire has discovered Earl's whereabouts. What has he been up to? [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

406. (22/10) Dorrie tries everything to rid herself of Flo. Bev sinks deeply into self-pity. Helen is suspicious of Jill's motives for helping others. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

407. (23/10) Maggie intends to teach Don a lesson, but Amanda's aspirations are higher. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

"Gramophone Girl" is also referenced by Dorrie in the 1974 movie.

408. (24/10) Maggie's revenge on Don was successful. Father O'Brien seems to have a confession of his own. Amanda considers taking on the role of mediator for Ian. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

409. (25/10) Ian reacts strangely to some news. Aldo and Roma reach an agreement about their trip. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

410. (26/10) Helen (Jill Forster) may yet realise her true feelings; happiness is within her grasp. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

Jill Forster replaced Carmen Duncan as Helen from this episode due to Ms Duncan's real-life pregnancy.

411. (29/10) Roma is, perhaps needlessly, concerned for Aldo, but he is still anxious to have a private discussion with Don. Have Helen and Jack finally reached a decision about their future? [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

412. (30/10) An unexpected visitor to the deli discovers some secrets. Lucy may hear some surprising news from Alf. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

413. (31/10) There is a surprise in store for Bev, but someone else has a bigger bombshell to drop. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

414. (1/11) Some of the residents feel like celebrating, but sadness looms for others. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

415. (2/11) Alf is being stubborn and Roma has secret worries. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

416. (5/11) David is about to receive advice from well-meaning friends; how will he react? Norma tries to convince Ian to see things her way. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

417. (6/11) Maggie, Amanda, Jack and Les visit a gambling den, with disastrous consequences. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

418. (7/11) Don hears from an old friend: his former lover, Bruce Taylor. Meanwhile, Jill indulges in some outrageous behaviour. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

419. (8/11) Helen may have been misjudged by David. Dudley realises he must explain his motives for helping with Amanda's plan. [Episode written by Eleanor Witcombe.]

420. (9/11) Arnold has a message from the hospital for Roma, but he is reluctant to pass it on. [Episode written by David Sale.]

421. (12/11) Vera hears news which awakens memories of her past. Herb has some explaining to do. [Episode written by David Sale.]

422. (13/11) Dorrie wants Don's assistance in an official capacity, but Don has his own problems. [Episode written by David Sale.]

423. (14/11) Ian's newly-gained freedom may not be what he expected. Maggie renews an old acquaintance. [Episode written by David Sale.]

424. (15/11) Roma steels herself for the doctor's verdict. Will Aldo's fears be realised? [Episode written by David Sale.]

425. (16/11) Bruce finds himself in great demand. Ian's father, Ben Daniels (John Trenaman), must face his responsibilities. [Episode written by Ken Shadie.]

426. (19/11) Lucy's business venture may not be what she had hoped, while Dudley finds himself in a dilemma. [Episode written by Ken Shadie.]

427. (20/11) Ben and Ian surprise each other. Dorrie has come up with a strange idea to keep a check on Herb's activities. [Episode written by Ken Shadie.]

428. (21/11) Vera's step-father, Neville De Groot (Ronald Morse), has arrived; a dinner invitation is made under false pretences. Bev's patience may have been rewarded. [Episode written by Ken Shadie.]

429. (22/11) Harry does not know what to believe. Maggie is relentless. [Episode written by Ken Shadie.]

430. (23/11) Don's business trip reveals some disturbing news. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

431. (26/11) Neville attempts to place doubt in Vera's mind while, in the deli, Aldo causes confusion. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

432. (27/11) Bev may live to regret her assignments for Bruce. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

433. (28/11) While at the hairdressing salon, Amanda discovers some interesting reading matter. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

434. (29/11) Vera attempts to put the past out of her thoughts, but now Harry has something to hide. [Episode written by Lynn Foster.]

435. (30/11) Neville has some unfinished business. Has Les finally achieved success? [Episode written by David Bragden.]

436. (3/12) Maggie wants everything her way, which could explain Bev's melodramatic behaviour. [Episode written by Anne Duval.]

437. (4/12) Fortuitously for Bev, Don decides to checks in on her. [Episode written by Anne Duval.]

438. (5/12) Alf has no idea that he is harbouring secret information. Helen may yet get a reprieve. [Episode written by Susan Swinford.]

439. (6/12) Vera tries Harry's patience; he may seek consolation elsewhere. [Episode written by Susan Swinford.]

440. (7/12) Don is greatly inconvenienced by Amanda's generosity. Bev confides in him. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

441. (10/12) Norma wants to do her own thing, but Lucy may regret doing hers. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

Production of the "Number 96" feature film commenced on this day. Eleven days later, the cast wrapped for the Christmas hiatus. It was filmed on 16mm film stock, later blown up to 35mm for release to cinemas. Only five prints were deemed necessary, premiering throughout Australia on a staggered release during 1974. The budget was a mere $100,000. However, most sets, props and costumes were already available.

442. (11/12) Roma has a phone conversation which puzzles Aldo. Bruce does not mince words with Bev. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

443. (12/12) Helen makes an amazing decision. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

444. (13/12) Alf's persistent warnings to Arnold about danger seem to fall on deaf ears as a parcel bomb claims its victim. [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

445. (14/12) Bev seems desperate over Bruce's intention to marry Maggie. Les and Norma inform Jack of their intention to leave the wine bar. Bev pulls a gun on Bruce and she is shot during a struggle. A woman claims to be Dudley's wife. Arnold's condition causes concern; the doctors seek the Sutcliffe's permission to amputate his leg. Harry's joy may soon turn to despair when Vera informs him that her baby may have "coloured blood". [Episode written by Derek Strahan.]

This episode's cliffhanger endings would not be resolved until the 1974 ratings season.

Number 96 synopses © 1994, 2020 Ian McLean and Lindsay Street Productions. They have been rewritten and annotated from information derived from Sydney and Melbourne editions of TV Week and TV Times, cross-referenced with original Cash Harmon documentation and viewings of existing episodes. No text may be reproduced without the express permission of the author. To use this material in research, you are requested to inform the author and credit his contribution accordingly. Thank you.

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