Ian's Number 96 episode guide: 1972

Number 96 synopses © 1994, 2017 Ian McLean and Lindsay Street Productions. They have been rewritten and annotated from information derived from Sydney and Melbourne editions of TV Week and TV Times, cross-referenced with original Cash Harmon documentation and viewings of episodes. No text may be reproduced without the express permission of the author. To use this material in research, you are requested to inform the author and credit his contribution accordingly. Thank you.

PREMISE: Pensioners Dorrie and Herb Evans live in Flat 3 of an apartment block known as Number 96. The building occupies the site of their former house in Lindsay Street, Paddington, an inner suburb of Sydney. Six apartments are situated over two live-in shops on the ground floor: one a delicatessen, the other temporarily vacant but destined to become a pharmacy. The series focuses on the lives and loves of the tenants, and their associations with each other, during their stay at Number 96.

EPISODES 1, 2, 3. (First aired in Sydney: 13/03/1972) Mark Eastwood (Martin Harris) and his eight-month pregnant wife, Helen (Briony Behets), move into Flat 4 of Number 96. Dorrie and Herb Evans (Pat McDonald & Ron Shand) introduce themselves to the new neighbours. When Helen rejects her frustrated husband's sexual advances, Mark turns to young Rose Godolfus (Vivienne Garrett) for consolation. In Flat 6, actress Janie Somers (Robyn Gurney) worries about her meeting with an American producer, Alex Lederer (Harry Harris). Mark rescues Rose from a sleazy bikie, Cliff Stevens (Vincent Gil). Helen's condition after her tragic fall causes concern and the building's residents are generous in their offers of support. Flat 5's Bruce Taylor (Paul Weingott) plans his latest wild party.

Three episodes were combined to create this special 90-minute premiere in Sydney. Episode #3 was a new version of the October 1971 pilot, reshot to blend with the other instalments. In Melbourne, the first two episodes were aired back-to-back on 14/03. Channel 0 elected to black out the lower half of the screen during Mark's attempted seduction of his wife. When repeated in a daytime timeslot, commencing 4/02/74 at 1.30 pm in Sydney, the episodes were aired in 30-minute segments. TV Times included a long list of the show's characters and performers, while TV Week listed only the characters of Vera Collins, Bev Houghton, Janie Somers, Alex Lederer and Rose Godolfus in their program guide. The Janie/Alex plotline was novelised for the 1972 Arkon paperback, "Janie Stagestruck", while the Mark/Helen/Rose plotline was novelised in 1973 as "The Wayward Husband".

4. (14/03) Dorrie, the self-proclaimed "conserge" of Number 96, continues her relentless interference into the lives of the building's tenants. Bruce's flatmate, Don Finlayson (Joe Hasham) admits that he sabotaged their latest party in order to pacify Dorrie. Flat 8's Lucy Sutcliffe (Elisabeth Kirkby) begins her job at the new laundrette, but her day is cut short by electrical problems. Meanwhile, in Flat 7, Vera Collins (Elaine Lee) is being plagued by phantom phone calls.

TV Times listed actors Ron Shand, Pat McDonald, Elaine Lee and James Elliott as stars, while TV Week listed Elaine Lee, Johnny Lockwood, Briony Behets and Joe Hasham.

5. (15/03) Vera hosts a party to celebrate Mark's good news about Helen and their baby daughter. Meanwhile, Janie and her flatmate, Bev Houghton (Abigail), do their own celebrating: a double date with Alex and Charles (Max Osbiston). Delicatessen owner Aldo Godolfus (Johnny Lockwood) is unable to keep his daughter at home. In desperation, he tries to arrange a suitable match for Rose "just as they did in the old country", but she is unimpressed with his selection, Dr Julian Myers (Lew Luton). Vera advises Peter Harvey (Peter Guest) about future business ventures through a card-reading.

TV Times listed Johnny Lockwood and Abigail as stars; TV Week listed only Elaine Lee.

6. (16/03) How will Mark break the shocking news about the baby to Helen? Alf Sutcliffe (James Elliott) is bickering with Lucy again; he wants to return home to England, but his wife is determined to stay. Bev flirts with both Don and Alex and each responds in quite different ways. Helen is suffering from catatonic withdrawal. Rose expresses her true feelings for Mark, but Aldo overhears.

From now on, TV Times usually listed the names of actors whose characters were mentioned in the episode descriptions. TV Week continued to list Elaine Lee over the next three weeks of episodes, sometimes alone (which, some gossip columns claimed, caused resentment among the other actors) and sometimes with Robyn Gurney, Vivienne Garrett and/or Abigail.

7. (17/03) Dorrie makes it her special project to discover who is occupying the vacant shop in front of Flat 1.

8. (20/03) Maggie Cameron (Bettina Welch) and Bruce find their time well occupied when they return to Number 96, but Maggie has to be home by eleven o'clock to avoid arousing the suspicions of her husband, Victor (Owen Weingott).

TV Week's listing noted for the first time that the show was "an Australian produced series", the story of ordinary people "with ordinary emotions: desire, love, jealousy and hate". Note also that the actors who played Maggie's husband and lover were, in reality, father and son.

9. (21/03) Ethel Brinkman (Jenny Lee), the daughter of Alf and Lucy, returns from Newcastle in a desperate plea for help.

TV Times listed Norman Yemm and "Maggie Cameron" (sic) as stars.

10. (22/03) The mysterious caller finally reveals his identity to Vera. It is her estranged husband, Harry (Norman Yemm), and he's not very friendly.

11. (23/03) Helen returns home from the hospital and must face reality. Harry is not convinced that Vera's "clients" only want their fortunes read.

12. (24/03) Sonia Freeman (Lynn Rainbow) has begun moving chemist supplies and household effects into Flat 1 and its vacant shopfront. Aldo signs a purchase agreement on a restaurant with Mr Holloway (Ken Goodlet). Mark leaves for his job at the local school and while he's away, Dorrie tries to look after Helen. However, Dorrie's lack of tact only creates more of a disturbance.

13. (27/03) Dorrie condescends to patronise Lucy's laundrette, at least on a trial basis, to give Lucy a boost. However, two young hippies (Chard Hayward and Cathy Jones) have no inhibitions about using the laundrette at all.

Chard Hayward would later return as a regular character, Dudley Butterfield.

14. (28/03) Bev is devastated by Alex's treatment of her. Alf and Harry engage in a heavy drinking session, but Alf is supposed to be driving a 600 mile journey in just a few hours' time. Sonia is observed sharing a very passionate kiss with her brother, Gordon Freeman (Joe James).

This plotline was novelised for the 1973 Arkon paperback, "Who Killed Sylvia Vansard?"

15. (29/03) Don must leave Bruce's flat. Cliff, Rose's bikie attacker, suddenly becomes more intriguing to her: he's a married man, just like Mark. The Eastwoods' dinner guest, Doctor Jansen (Max Meldrum), surreptitiously evaluates Helen's mental health.

16. (30/03) Vera is perplexed by a sense of deja vu. Where has she seen Gordon, the new chemist, before?

On Good Friday, 31st March, the show was pre-empted by "Telethon '72", in aid of the Royal New South Wales Institute for Deaf and Blind Children. However, as compensation, viewers were promised telethon appearances by celebrities Johnny Lockwood, Pat McDonald, Joe Hasham, Briony Behets and "the entire cast of Number 96".

17. (3/04) Gordon is worried that Vera has recognised him and knows him to be the former Dr Vansard, so he takes action.

18. (4/04) Maggie discovers that Bruce is moonlighting again.

This plotline was novelised for the 1973 Arkon paperback, "Bev & Bruce & Maggie & Don".

19. (5/04) Cliff calls by the deli late one evening and Rose discovers a whole new scene.

The censors decreed that Rose must be shown to dislike the effects of smoking a marijuana cigarette. Years later, young Debbie Chester was shown mainlining heroin and the writers had police input to ensure accuracy.

20. (6/04) Rose has been out all night, but when Aldo protests, she claims to have been with her friend, Jenny.

21. (7/04) Janie reveals at lot more to Alex than she had planned.

TV Week described the series on this night as being the story of the lives of "ordinary people" who live in an apartment block.

22. (10/04) Aldo despairs over his real estate investment.

23. (11/04) Helen's reaction to Rose's revelation causes great concern to all at Number 96.

24. (12/04) Helen's outraged father, Mr Fulton (Kevin Manser), arrives from Perth.

25. (13/04) In desperation, Bruce turns to Maggie once again.

26. (14/04) Herb tries to hide his gambling winnings from Dorrie, but she is suspicious.

27. (17/04) Janie, the understudy, must step in at the last minute when her play's lead actress, Gloria Gould (Judy Lynne), withdraws from the cast.

28. (18/04) The tenants throw Janie a party to celebrate the resolving of her role in the play, The Rainbow Trap.

29. (19/04) A distraught Bev faces the truth about Don, but there is nothing she, nor anyone else, can do to change him.

This plotline was novelised for the 1973 Arkon paperback, "Bev & Bruce & Maggie & Don".

30. (20/04) Aldo is pleased when Roma Lubinski (Philippa Baker) offers him the restaurant and he seems rather enamoured of Mrs Lubinski as well. Will Sharon Stevens (Mirren Lee) prevent Aldo from shooting Cliff?

31. (21/04) Sonia feels that Gordon is using her and she forces the issue with him. Herb's solicitor, Mr Calthrop (Ken Fraser), oversees the contractual agreement that makes Herb and Harry partners. Maggie invites Cliff up to Flat 5 for a modelling audition. Vera and Harry try to conceal an intoxicated Herb from Dorrie.

32. (24/04) Chad Farrell (Ronne Arnold) and Gordon argue over Sonia. Mark receives a lead in his search for Helen in the form of an anonymous letter, but it will cost him $50. Herb is in trouble when he reminds Dorrie that they had to marry in haste after their daughter, Joan, was conceived. An old lady (Molly Raynor) denies knowing Helen.

33. (25/04) Chad and Sonia share an evening out and he confesses his true feelings for her. However, Sonia tries to convince him that she has been in love with Gordon for two years. Aldo leaves Julian and Rose alone, but will he find out that they actually played Monopoly? Alf and Lucy's 30th wedding anniversary is threatened by an impromptu drinking session with George Baker (Barry Donnelly) and Harry. Harry's bigotry reaches breaking point when he encounters Chad on the stairs.

34. (26/04) Bev tries unsuccessfully to face reality; Don is no longer the man with whom she first fell in love.

35. (27/04) Don is surprisingly sympathetic towards Bev when she apologises for her previous outburst. Maggie has a surprise for Don and Bev, as does Bev's mother, Claire Houghton (Thelma Scott).

36. (28/04) Claire feigns a heart attack in her daughter's flat. Bev and Janie are not pleased that she seems to expect to be treated as an invalid. Sylvia Vansard (Shirley Cameron) visits Gordon but they are interrupted by Harry, who is seeking Gordon's help with a medical matter.

37. (1/05) Maggie makes herself known to many of the tenants and Claire finds great solace knowing the someone of her own social standing lives in the building.

38. (2/05) Bev returns home unexpectedly one afternoon and overhears a conversation between Claire and Doctor Gott (George Cardin), which confirms the truth about her mother's phoney illness.

39. (3/05) Harry and Herb's investment in the used car business seems to have paid off; after only a week in business, they have received a purchase offer of $24,000. At a meeting of the tenants, Harry mentions that Gordon was an abortionist.

40. (4/05) Rose suspects she is pregnant and a doctor confirms her fears. An illegal abortion seems to be her only solution. Maggie finds herself at the heart of a row.

41. (5/05) Sons often visit their parents but Jim Sutcliffe (Brendon Lunney) and his snobby wife, Noelene (Penne Hackforth-Jones), use Alf and Lucy's flat like a hotel.

42. (8/05) Sonia tells Gordon that she can't see a future for them. She has decided to accept Chad's proposal of marriage. After the argument with Noelene, Jim decides to resolve the situation once and for all, but he worries about their son Sebastian's future. Maggie's receptionist, Angela (Maureen Elkner), is concerned about her encounter with Cliff. Mr Calthrop explains to Herb that although Harry has left the state, he can't access Herb's money. Mr Thorburn (Reg Evans) is making staff cuts at the laundrette and he gives Lucy two weeks' notice; will she finally agree to return to England with Alf? Maggie overhears a heated row from Flat 1.

43. (9/05) Cliff spends the night with Maggie and then decides to provide Aldo with something to think about by calling by the deli for eggs. Aldo remembers their last encounter and, outraged, he pulls a knife on Cliff. Claude Strauss (Alexander Archdale) and Aldo reminisce about wartime Austria. Jim buys his parents two air tickets to Manchester. Sonia has decided that her heart belongs to Gordon. Thanks to Aldo's phone call, Cliff and Sharon's "freak out" is raided by the police, but Cliff escapes and heads for the deli.

44. (10/05) Chad and Mark come to Aldo and Rose's rescue. Don is still staying with Bev and Janie and the arrangement seems to have become permanent. With his final examinations approaching, Janie tries to put a stop to Bev's flirtations. Roma invites Aldo to a meal at The Blue Danube, where Janie is a waitress. Rose tells Vera that she is not pregnant. Peter and Vera get to know each other over dinner. Chad is stunned when the only job he is offered is in the outback, teaching Aboriginal children. Rose tries to seduce Julian.

45. (11/05) Herb is finding it increasingly difficult to hide his nest egg from Dorrie and the profits keep rolling in. Julian is guilty about deceiving Aldo and then learns that Rose is not taking the Pill. Sylvia argues with Gordon and Sonia. She reveals that Gordon's youngest son, Martin, has gone to live in England. When Mark and Chad pass by Flat 1 that evening, they find Sylvia dead on the floor.

This plotline was novelised for the 1973 Arkon paperback, Who Killed Sylvia Vansard?

46. (12/05) Detective Superintendent Carroll (Mike Dorsey) begins his investigation into Sylvia's death. Chad worries that Sonia may have been involved in a murder, while Dorrie has decided that Gordon must have been aborting a poor girl in the flat when something went wrong. Chad locates Sonia at her flat in Jubilee Gardens. An autopsy on Sylvia's body reveals that she had ingested cyanide. Sonia realises that she had found a descrepancy in the poisons book only the day before.

Mike Dorsey later returned as regular character Reginald P. MacDonald, otherwise known as "Daddy".

47. (15/05) Following the discovery of Sylvia's body, the police turn their attentions to Gordon and Sonia for possible motives. Thirty lethal potassium sulphocyanide are missing from the chemist shop. The revelation that Cliff has given Maggie's name as a character referee puts Bill Barton (Tony Allen), a reporter for a national crime magazine, on the trail for news. Gordon tells Vera that Harry was the only customer to have a prescription filled for same drug that killed Sylvia. Maggie decides not to mention Gordon's death threat until the result of the inquest is known.

48. (16/05) Alf's steadfast determination to return home to England finally convinces an exasperated Lucy to agree to accompany him. Mr Thorburn offers Lucy a promotion at the laundrette. Maggie spills the beans to Claire about Don flatting with Bev. Don manages to charm Claire by discussing his highly respectable connections; his uncle is a judge of the High Court. Julian presents Rose with a diamond engagement ring. Vera accuses her of rushing the relationship because Rose really is pregnant after all. Rose bursts into tears.

49. (17/05) Aldo mistakes Rose's crying fit for tears of joy. Claire has moved into Flat 5 while Maggie is away and uses every excuse to drop into Bev's unannounced. Carroll returns with more questions for Sonia and Gordon. Rose seeks advice from Bev, who tells her to let Julian think the child is his. No one can substantiate Sonia's alibi. Janie's boyfriend, Jack Sellars (Tom Oliver), thinks that there is a part for her in a new American play in which he's invested. Claire holds a "tiny soiree" and is most impressed with Jack's hysterical anecdotes about her society colleagues. Aldo discovers a doctor's appointment card in Rose's handbag. To his surprise, she blurts out that she thought she was pregnant.

50. (18/05) Alf is planning the trip to England, but Lucy is strangely quiet. Chad and Mark prepare to give evidence at Sylvia's inquest. Aldo advises Rose to tell Julian of her experience with Cliff so they won't start married life with any secrets. Ethel visits Lucy with the good news that her husband, Kevin Brinkman (Peter Corbett), has a new job and will be moving the family to Sydney; the Sutcliffe's grandchildren, Debbie and Garth, will get a chance to really know them. Mark suggests that Don seek solace in Flat 4 while he is preparing for his law finals. Julian seeks Aldo's permission to marry Rose, but Aldo is more concerned about the sumptuous meal he is preparing. Roma is unable to attend Aldo's dinner for the Strausses. Mark gets an unexpected call about Helen's whereabouts.

51. (19/05) Helen reveals that she has been staying with two men, brothers John and Colin, whom she knew from Perth. They convinced her to get psychiatric help. Herb cleverly wins over Dorrie with a fur coat, while at the same time covering up his side dealings with George. Helen wants to try to make her marriage to Mark work, but refuses to return to Number 96. Don tells Janie to take up Jack's offer of help to get an acting role. Mark is moving out; perhaps Don would like to share Flat 4 with Chad? Herb gets good news from George and is quite enamoured of his two companions, Trixie (Noeline Brown) and Babs (Penny Ramsay). Gordon learns that Sylvia was suffering from an inoperable brain tumour and had only weeks to live.

52. (22/05) Grant Morris (John Bonney), Janie's former director, makes her an exciting offer. Bev is more in love with Don than ever and she is shattered that he is moving out. Dorrie hears that Herb was seen canoodling with two tarty girls. Despite the theory that Sylvia may have committed suicide, Gordon and Sonia are still under investigation. They both have motives for murder and now they have begun to suspect each other. Dorrie's sister, Connie, is being hospitalised for a gallstone operation and Dorrie packs herself an overnight bag. Aldo recalls the time that Harry sought Gordon's medical advice after hours. Herb tries to hide Trixie from Dorrie, who has arrived home unexpectedly.

53. (23/05) Dorrie is disgusted that her sister's gallstone was merely indigestion. Claire tells Maggie that her mind is at ease about Bev because Don is a final year law student with excellent prospects. Maggie opens an airmail letter addressed to Don from Bruce; he's in Canada, but has nothing nice to say about Maggie. Vera advises Dorrie to woo back Herb after she finds lipstick on his shirt collar. Don is a target for Maggie's drunken abuse.

54. (24/05) Mark completes his packing. Bev convinces Don to let her share his bed, but only to sleep in his arms. Julian is ecstatic about his promotion at the hospital, but Rose doesn't share his enthusiasm; a difficult decision weighs heavily on her mind. Maggie is reunited with Victor. Before she leaves, she make amends with Don and gives him a cheque for $200.

55. (25/05) Helen bids farewell to Chad, apologising for the way she treated him. Bev gets very emotional because she can't accept that Don is moving away from her. Gemma Strauss (Hilda Scurr) invites Aldo to bring Roma over for a meal. Helen comes face-to-face with Rose, but she is extremely pleasant and wishes her all the best for her wedding. Julian hears the story of the attack on Rose by Cliff's gang, but she stops short from telling the truth about the baby. Mark says goodbye to the residents. Roma is convinced that Claude was the Nazi officer who sent her parents to the gas chamber.

56. (26/05) Roma insists that Claude is a wanted man. Sonia wants to delay her marriage to Gordon to allow a respectful period after Sylvia's death. Dorrie seems uncharacteristically disinterested in Herb's doings and, although this concerns him, he takes full advantage. Rose is told she is entitled to a legal abortion because she had been pack raped, but she confesses that the baby is someone else's.

57. (29/05) Don is in turmoil over his exams and his sexuality. Alf's sister, Lily, has written from England to convey bad news about Alf's former boss. Although he puts on a brave front for Lucy, Alf has doubts about returning to his homeland. Aldo and Roma are supposed to have dinner with Claude and Gemma, but Roma is sure she recognises Claude from her past.

58. (30/05) Gemma pleads with Roma not to report Claude as a war criminal. Herb's bank statement reveals, to his horror, that the money from the sale of the car yard, $8000, has been placed in his and Dorrie's joint account.

59. (31/05) Herb has to find a way to convince Dorrie that his nest egg was earned in a fair deal, but Dorrie has already given it away - to the vicar and the Senior Citizens' Club. Rose can't go through with the abortion, but will Julian accept another man's baby?

60. (1/06) Kit Vansard (Denny Lawrence), organises to have lunch with his father, Gordon, so that an important issue can be raised. Maggie wants Vera to go into business with her.

61. (2/06) Sonia has decided that, if Kit moves into Flat 1 with his father, she will move out. However, she will continue to work at the pharmacy each day. Alf announces that he has arranged his flight to England. Is the Department of Education really discriminating against Chad? Roma muddles through her first week at the deli.

62. (5/06) Dorrie seeks the assistance of Mr Calthrop in retrieving Herb's money. Alf will be leaving for England in less than a week, but Lucy has not accepted the fact yet and they continue to hide their true feelings behind petty bickering. Can Herb get Dorrie's coat back from Trixie and Babs? Bev makes a play for Jack while Janie is at a rehearsal.

63. (6/06) Chad's story hits the headlines. Rose is suffering from morning sickness and asks Gordon for medication. Roma immediately recognises the pills and, realising the truth about Rose's condition, she asks if Aldo has been told. The Tapemeasure, Maggie and Vera's Double Bay clothing salon, begins to take shape.

"The Tapemeasure" was also the real-life commercial venture of the producer's wife, Nancy Cash.

64. (7/06) The Senior Citizens' Club is making Dorrie an honorary vice-president against her will. She'd rather have her $4000 back and, of course, blames Herb for the entire situation. Bev invites Julian up to her flat for a drink and accidentally drops a bombshell about Rose.

65. (8/06) Maggie and Vera celebrate with Peter and his elder brother, John Harvey (Ken Goodlet). Janie is concerned about Bev so she makes a phone call to Claire, who comes as quickly as possible. Chad has been offered a university posting in Canberra, but can Don afford to stay on in Flat 4?

Originally, the series was not expected to run beyond thirteen weeks, marked by this episode.

66. (9/06) Julian is missing and Rose is confused. Chad reminds Don about Maggie's uncashed cheque, but Don is not interested in "conscience money". Claire attempts to "buy" Don as a husband for her distraught daughter. Kit surprises Sonia with an invitation to a discotheque. Julian confronts Rose about the baby.

67. (12/06) Alf is leaving, but Lucy is still refusing to believe he'll go through with it. Claire wants to cheer up Bev, so they decide to phone Rod, Bev's brother, in Texas. John has found out about Vera's unsavoury past and tries to warn Maggie about going into business with her.

68. (13/06) Vera makes contact with Julian and pleads with him to sort things out with Rose. Meanwhile, Dorrie is concerned that she is losing her grip on what is happening to the building's tenants. ["Why wasn't she told? It's enough to drive a body beresk!"] John threatens Vera about her relationship with Peter.

69. (14/06) Kit discovers that Chad had once been in love with Sonia. Don and Bev clear the air a little. Janie would like to get her room back, but she is terrified of Claire. Rose has decided that she cannot bring an unloved child into the world.

70. (15/06) Kit questions Don about the events which led to his mother's death. Don explains that his only information is second hand from Chad. Jack succeeds in moving Claire out of Flat 6. Kit investigates the poisons cupboard in Gordon's shop.

71. (16/06) Dorrie is to deliver a speech to the Mothers' Union on "The Essence of Christian Charity", leaving a delighted Herb with the prospect of a free night. He plans to paint the town red and invites Lucy and her daughter, Ethel, to join him.

72. (19/06) Rose feels that she cannot go on now, following her ordeal at the seedy abortion clinic. Peter wonders if Vera is avoiding him. Julian decides that he really does love Rose and resolves never to doubt her again.

73. (20/06) Dorrie hears from Jessie Blanchard (Margo Lloyd) that Herb has been seen in the company of two prostitutes, but the gossip proves to be unreliable. Janie loses her voice on the eve of her play's dress rehearsal. Dorrie is pleased to show the empty Flat 5 to Mr Evans-Jones (Colin Croft). Gordon discovers that someone has been tampering with the dangerous drugs in the shop. Once again, a quantity of cyanide, the same drug which killed Sylvia, is missing and the culprit would appear to be a resident of the building.

74. (21/06) Kit is enjoying setting Sonia and Gordon against each other. Hospital orderly Les Whittaker (Gordon McDougall) and his barmaid wife, Norma (Sheila Kennelly) call into the chemist shop for the keys to inspect Flat 5. Rose and Julian are also flat-hunting. Lucy's depression about Alf's departure worsens when a telephone call informs her that Ethel and family will be moving to Darwin, not Sydney, after all.

75. (22/06) Roma oversees Rose's wedding arrangements. Janie is distressed over press gossip which praises her understudy in Find Me A Lover. Aldo's elder sister, Selma Horowitz (Marion Johns), seems put out not to be involved in Rose's wedding. In the midst of preparations for the opening of Vera and Maggie's business venture, a problem develops with Peter and John. It is up to Vera to find a solution.

76. (23/06) Rose and the other residents are looking forward to the wedding. Meanwhile, Dorrie has plans for the empty Flat 5 but, much to her displeasure, she discovers that new tenants have already moved in: Les and Norma.

77. (26/06) Lucy realises she misses Alf too much and makes plans to join him in England, but an overwhelming event puts all other thoughts from her mind.

78. (27/06) The day of Rose and Julian's wedding arrives, but confusion and chaos reign supreme before the ceremony can begin.

This episode's script actually had a title, "Is This Going To Be A Wedding!", although it did not appear on screen. The wedding was a ratings-winning event that began a great, almost compulsory, tradition for all Australian soaps to follow.

79. (28/06) Everybody at Number 96 is off to opening night of Janie's new play. When Jack goes to pick up Bev, who has not been well, a sudden accident means that the two will miss the big event.

Susan Swinford, the writer of this episode, would later make several guest appearances as Patti Olsen's mother.

80. (29/06) Bev can't cope with her situation and takes drastic action, leaving Janie and Don feeling guilty. Just when Janie thinks Jack has matters under control, Bev astounds them all.

81. (30/06) Les and Norma seem to have settled into their new place of residence, much to Dorrie's disgust.

82. (3/07) Sonia and Gordon's relationship is becoming more and more strained. It seems that a third party is involved.

83. (4/07) Kit catches Don on his way to work and asks if he needs a flatmate, explaining that there is too much friction in Flat 1.

84. (5/07) The reviews for the play please Janie, but her relationship with Jack is headed for dangerous ground.

85. (6/07) Jack has made up his mind about the situation with Janie, but what will Janie do about Jack?

86. (7/07) Norma and Lucy are not amused by Les and Alf's latest idea for a business venture and neither are the other residents.

87. (10/07) Dorrie gets an interstate phone call. Jeff and Lois, Dorrie's brother and sister-in-law, have been involved in a serious road accident, so young Georgina Carter (Susannah Piggott) will be spending time with Aunt Dorrie and Uncle Herb.

88. (11/07) Vera and Maggie's business venture is up and running, so Vera turns to organising her private life.

89. (12/07) Ever since Rose's wedding, Roma has been helping Aldo to run the deli, but now she unwittingly jeopardises both the business and Aldo himself.

90. (13/07) Bev has arrived home, but Janie has yet to make up her mind and Jack is getting apprehensive.

91. (14/07) Gordon mulls over the situation between Kit and Sonia. Meanwhile, Kit has discovered a soul-mate in Dorrie's niece, Georgina. Peter's suspicions about Vera are aroused when he passes Simon Carr (John Orcsik) on the stairs late at night.

92. (17/07) Georgina is proving to be uncontrollable, so Dorrie demands that Herb take over. He talks to his niece and she expresses a dramatic change of heart, but all is not as it seems.

93. (18/07) Thanks to Don, Roma and Aldo's day in court turns out well. Meanwhile, Don is being drawn into the problems between Gordon, Sonia and Kit. Janie and Jack have a misunderstanding.

94. (19/07) Les and Norma receive a visit from their son's army welfare officer. He informs them that their daughter-in-law will soon be arriving to stay with them.

95. (20/07) Roma receives a letter containing happy news from her son, Irving, who is in England. However, the letter's contents do not please Aldo.

96. (21/07) Gordon's worries are brought out into the open. He is stunned by Kit's reaction.

97. (24/07) Maggie is anxious to get Simon into bed after their double date with Peter and Vera, but Simon wants them all to continue the party at a nightclub. Don tells Gordon that Kit has moved out. Bev starts her training as an air hostess, while Janie and Jack reach an understanding. Aldo is sure he has convinced Roma not to leave, but she changes her mind again after running into a friend while out shopping.

98. (25/07) Georgina's discovery of The Church of the Enlightened is responsible for her inner peace. Norma consigns her husband's junk to the cellar in preparation for Anna Maria's arrival, but he quickly retrieves it. Vera receives a letter from her solicitor: Harry wants his conjugal rights restored, or a divorce, but her shock dissipates when she sees Lucy. Roma has plans to join Irving in England and has arranged for business student Arnold Feather (Jeff Kevin) to meet with Aldo.

99. (26/07) Don confuses Dorrie about Georgina's involvement with "Harry Krisher". When Gordon hears that Kit is in the building with Don, he rushes upstairs to see him. However, his son's news will devastate Gordon.

100. (27/07) Lucy now believes her chest pain was caused by indigestion. Norma's exercise routine is a source of annoyance for Dorrie. Don's spare room may soon be occupied by a work colleague, which disappoints Les, who wanted to store his junk there. Lucy is horrified when Alf agrees to help Les with a similar arrangement. Simon is the focus of Maggie's scheming, but he won't cooperate because he has his own plans... to marry Vera.

101. (28/07) Aldo feels like an assistant in his own shop. Dorrie meets Aquarius, Georgina's Krishna high priest. Something about Don's prospective flatmate's manner unsettles him but, while awaiting an answer, Don receives an unexpected phone call which brings tragic news to overshadow everything else.

102. (31/07) The news about Don's parents' plane crash causes Roma to fret about her own trip. The Army notifies the Whittakers about their daughter-in-law's imminent arrival. Norma leaves all the arrangements to Les so, of course, trouble soon follows. Gordon tries to propose to Sonia, but they are interrupted. He is considering re-registering as a doctor.

103. (1/08) Jack and Bev are aware that they have been using their friendship to help themselves through their respective problems, but now Bev wonders about Jack's real intentions. Anna Maria (Rosalba Verrucci) mistakes Dorrie for her mother-in-law.

104. (2/08) Alan Cotterell (Mark Hashfield) tells Janie that he has found a financial backer for their film. Norma worries that Anna Maria doesn't feel at home, but Les gets along with her easily. Arnold wants Aldo to move out of Flat 2 so the shop can be enlarged and refitted.

105. (3/08) Alf advises Aldo to "pop the question" to keep Roma from leaving the country. Simon is still trying to woo Vera, but she is worried about how Maggie will react to the situation.

106. (4/08) Dorrie decides that not only does the pharmacy need an assistant, but that Georgina would be perfect for the job. Maggie accuses Vera of stealing Simon away from her.

107. (7/08) Arnold's credit card system causes havoc in the deli. Don has returned from his parents' funeral, but soon everyone's attention is distracted by more trouble with Lucy.

108. (8/08) The time is finally right, so Sonia and Gordon tie the knot, but they have opted for a small, quiet ceremony in the registry office. Vera realises she has no hope of raising the money needed to buy out Maggie.

109. (9/08) Maggie is out for revenge on Vera; the more Simon pleads for her to reconsider her intentions, the more determined Maggie becomes. Janie and Alan speculate about the exciting future of Cotterell Productions. Anna Maria's cooking threatens to ruin Norma's figure.

110. (10/08) Don tells the Vansards that his air hostess sister, Carol, plans to move into his spare room soon. Lucy fears how she will fare in her operation; if the the lump in her breast is cancerous, the doctor may have to perform a mastectomy. How will Alf react? Les tells Herb about a scheme involving inflatable plastic women. Dorrie is pleased to be able to introduce her niece to young Arnold - and is delighted when he asks Georgina for a date. Don confronts Mike Parsons (Patrick Ward) about the hints he's been dropping at work.

111. (11/08) Alan confirms the news about the plans for the theatre to be pulled down. Les and Herb struggle to hide their inflatable friend from their wives. Bev is thrilled by the success of her first big challenge at work, but Jack reminds her of other, more personal challenges... her virginity and fear of being frigid!

112. (14/08) Alf is very worried about Lucy and everyone at Number 96 is concerned for them both. Vera goes with Alf to visit his wife in the hospital when the pathology result comes through... and the lump is pronounced benign.

113. (15/08) Norma is pleased that her daughter-in-law has met some old friends from Italy. However, when one of them arrives to take Anna Maria out, Norma worries about the possibilities. Gordon once more tries to bring things out into the open. Georgina brings out Arnold's dormant sexual impulses.

114. (16/08) Les does not approve of Norma's dietary supper of soya bean sprouts and brown rice, while Norma is concerned about Anna Maria's late hours. Georgina and Arnold's evening has a surprise ending when Dorrie and Herb arrive home. Janie intrudes on Bev and Jack's privacy. Maggie seems poised to have her own way, destroying Vera's career in the process, but Peter decides that it's time he lent a hand.

115. (17/08) Alan is depressed after his meeting with the theatre management. Ralph Finlayson (Max Cullen) arrives at Don's flat drunk and the two brothers argue about missed opportunities. Anna Maria has moved out of the Whittaker's to stay with friends. Ralph has designs on Vera and Don warns him off. Mike tries to blackmail Don at work. Aldo becomes increasingly depressed by the imminent departure of Roma to England, until a telegram arrives from her son.

116. (18/08) Ralph wonders why Don doesn't have a girlfriend, with all the beautiful girls to choose fronm at Number 96. Irving has won a fellowship to study architecture in the United States for at least six months, so Roma must postpone her trip. Herb is horrified when Dorrie needs money from their joint account, but Alf saves the day. Alan is unemployed and soon to be homeless and Janie tries to calm him. Don faces a dilemma when Mike barges into his flat, making demands and accusations, only to be ejected roughly by Ralph. How will Ralph take the news that his brother is a homosexual?

117. (21/08) Herb has been put in charge of looking after Georgina while Dorrie is visiting Georgina's recuperating parents; everything is under control, but perhaps it's just the calm before the storm. Lucy is anxious to get back to work, but Alf doesn't approve. Mike continues to harass Don at work, but Ralph diagrees with Gordon and Sonia's advice that Don face Mr Willoughby with the truth.

118. (22/08) Georgina has her heart set on an evening out, but Herb and Arnold insist that she join them in a game of Twister. Another sale is notched up for Inflatable Ladies Inc. Worrying rumours are circulating despite the success of Janie's play. Alan is still after Jack to help him obtain financial backing for his film and Janie hears the news that she and Bev have been fearing.

119. (23/08) Aldo castigates Arnold for his tardiness, but he is actually in a flap about Rose and Julian coming for dinner. Gordon warns Ralph that it is his attitude which prevents Don from confiding in him. Les invites Anna Maria to visit, but Norma doesn't want her doing any cooking. Ralph confides in Vera about his failed marriage to Ruth. Don is getting deeper into trouble, so Ralph decides to solve Don's problems without his knowledge.

120. (24/08) Vera calls an end to her relationship with Peter. Jack admits he was unable to get the money for Janie and Alan's film, but their dejection is overshadowed by the discovery made in Vera's flat: a kinky prowler has made his first strike.

The cast and the media quickly nicknamed this villain "The Knicker Snipper".

121. (25/08) Don fears the worst when Mike's actions lead to a confrontation with Mr Willoughby (Gerry Duggan), but it is Mike who gets himself fired. Alf thinks that Harry is responsible for what happened to Vera's undergarments. Gordon tries to educate Arnold about women. Alf has organised a meeting of his work colleagues regarding their unroadworthy trucks. Norma fears that the vice squad will be after Les and Herb, who still have three inflatable ladies to hide before Dorrie returns.

122. (28/08) Arnold and Georgina attempt a serious discussion about their relationship. Les thinks Norma's dizzy spell was brought about by her diet, but could it also be the worry of Gary's impending arrival? Dorrie returns from Queensland and encounters evidence of Herb's latest shady business dealings, but Georgina's discovery in her laundry basket is sure to divert everyone's attention. Georgina tells Sonia she suspects that Arnold is the Prowler. Anna Maria calls from Queensland and Norma pleads with her to get back before Gary does. A visitor to Flat 1 shocks the Vansards.

123. (29/08) Kit's malicious stories about his mother's death and Gordon and Sonia's subsequent marriage have reached the ears of Daphne Bryant (Shirley Cameron) in England. Daphne is Sylvia's identical twin sister. Alan is intruding on Bev and Jack's privacy and Bev complains to Janie. Alan has organised an outback tour for the Arts Council, which will mean employment for both him and Janie. Vera is annoyed when Daphne brings up Sylvia's death. Bev asks Jack to make love to her, but she can't go through with it.

The Gordon/Sonia/Daphne plotline was novelised for the 1973 Arkon paperback, "The Perfect Victim".

124. (30/08) Rose and Julian's dinner with Aldo and Roma is interrupted by a phone call. Alf has organised a strike meeting without the backing of the union. Gary Whittaker (Michael Ferguson) arrives home and his parents, Les and Norma, have some explaining to do because Gary's wife is nowhere to be found. Another drama is brewing in Flat 2 when a depressed Rose pays Aldo and Roma a visit. Bev and Jack convince her to come to a party, but no-one realises that Julian has cancelled his night shift to take Rose to dinner.

125. (31/08) Vera tells Janie and Bev that Georgina still blames Arnold for the incident with her undergarments, but Alan believes the motive was sexual gratification. Ralph is still convinced that Don can find women attractive. Daphne refuses to believe the truth about her sister's suicide. She continues to question the buildings' residents, and even Mark Eastwood. The Arts Council seem to approve of Janie's talent. Rose believes that Julian cannot accept her baby. Daphne drops a bombshell on Gordon and Sonia: she wants the police to re-open the investigation.

126. (1/09) Dorrie wonders where Georgina's underwear has gone, but she doesn't get to the truth. Alf's boss, Bob Gerrold (Bob Lee), threatens him to get his colleagues back to work. Anna Maria is making an effort to get along with her in-laws, but despite Gary's help and understanding, the situation is still difficult. Georgina is unaware that the Prowler is hiding under her bed.

127. (4/09) Ralph still won't believe he's been black-banned as a wharfie by the union. Georgina is positive someone was in the flat while she was showering, so she tells Dorrie and Herb about the incident with her underwear. Arnold is jealous of Don, who seems to have caught Georgina's attentions. Alan suggests that the residents set up a vigilante group to catch the Prowler.

128. (5/09) Maggie has told Daphne that Vera knew all about Gordon and Sonia's row about killing Sylvia. Rose is unwell following her latest misunderstanding with Julian. Bev discovers that she has become the latest victim of the Prowler.

129. (6/09) Daphne's investigation is not proving to be very successful, but her lack of success has not curbed her vindictiveness towards Gordon and Sonia.

130. (7/09) Gary and Anna Maria decide that they need a flat of their own.

131. (8/09) With the onset of premature labour, Rose is back in the hospital. Julian's fears are about to be realised.

132. (11/09) Alf takes Les and Herb's advice about forming his own business, but Lucy fears Alf's desire to get even with Bob will affect his decisions.

133. (12/09) Vera sees a mysterious young man, possibly the unknown Prowler, lurking in the stairwell. When she returns with the others, he is gone.

134. (13/09) Les wants to utilise the basement of Number 96 for his latest business venture, but Georgina doesn't want it to happen.

135. (14/09) Arnold stumbles across Georgina's secret in the basement and realises that he can use this information to get his way with her.

136. (15/09) Gordon wants to practice as a doctor again, so he has applied to the court to have his name restored to the medical register. An unknown young woman makes a serious accusation about him.

137. (18/09) Janie is upset. Alan's job, as the stage manager of the travelling company they have joined, has fallen through, so Janie goes to the theatre to attempt to get out of her contract.

138. (19/09) Lucy's doctor wants her to take a break by visiting her daughter in Darwin and Alf agrees that it is a good idea, but can they afford it?

139. (20/09) Georgina and Herb finally tell Dorrie about the mysterious Danny Morrison (Gregory Ross), who is a draft resister. The police arrive to inspect the basement and, against her better judgment, Dorrie becomes involved in the situation.

The repeat of this episode, screened on 22/08/74 in Sydney, was the last in the 1.30 pm timeslot.

140. (21/09) The knicker-snipping prowler has been quiet for some time, so Georgina has other things on her mind when she rushes into Flat 3. Hearing a strange noise, she calls for Jack, who catches the perpetrator in the act.

Daytime repeats recommenced, two episodes at a time, from 16/09/74 at 11.00 am.

141. (22/09) Jack is shocked to learn the identity of the Prowler: it was Alan all along. Anne Spencer (Lynda Keane) has made serious accusations against Gordon; he thinks that the police will have to act, even though the evidence is circumstantial. Alan blames his kinky crimes on unemployment - and Janie's refusal to have a sexual relationship with him. Georgina apologises to Arnold, while Ralph seduces Vera. A plan to have classical music piped into the deli goes awry. Sonia visits Vera to have her fortune read; Vera goes into a strange trance, later shrugging it off as tiredness. Janie makes her final farewells but is interrupted by a detective, who has a warrant for Gordon's arrest for performing an abortion.

The Gordon/Sonia/Anne plotline was novelised for the 1973 Arkon paperback, "The Perfect Victim".

142. (25/09) Ralph has not yet told Don about Ruth's letter, so he must endure Don's criticisms. Vera cooks a meal for Alf, who's so tired from building up his own business as well as working for Bob that he falls asleep before he can eat. Norma thinks she's suffering the change of life, but Sonia suggests she see her doctor. Arnold and Roma are ready for their first day of serving luncheons in deli, but Aldo is dubious about success. Ralph, Les and Alf agree to start a petition about the rising rents at Number 96. Don confronts again Anne to get to the truth and her story perplexes him. Norma announces that she is pregnant.

143. (26/09) Dorrie is furious: why wasn't she told about Alan? Bev tells Jack that she is preparing to meet a prospective new flatmate, Karen Winters (Toni Lamond). Georgina is worried about Danny giving himself up and discovers, to her delight, that Arnold is now a prospective draft resister. Herb is late for dinner and Dorrie's anger increases when she hears that he has been celebrating with the Whittakers. To Dorrie's amazement, Norma herself confirms the news of her pregnancy in the deli.

The Bev/Jack/Karen plotline was novelised for the 1973 Arkon paperback, "The Grip of Evil".

144. (27/09) Norma wants to use the cellar for storage, so Arnold and Georgina must find new lodgings for Danny. Gordon, out on bail, suspects that Daphne is behind his current problems. Danny hides out in Georgina's room. Aldo explains to Vera that Rose has recovered quickly after the loss of her baby, but that she and Julian will soon be moving to New Guinea. Dorrie brings matters to a head; she won't stand for Danny staying in a young woman's bedroom. Don and Anne have a dinner date, but she remains suspicious about his motives.

145. (28/09) Danny has disappeared without a trace. Alf is still working two jobs, but has promised Lucy he will resign from his position in Bob's business. Jack and Vera realise that Alf seems to have no intention of doing so and express concern about his use of pep pills. Georgina blames Dorrie for Danny's arrest. Karen is curious about Vera's talents as a fortune-teller. Alf gets fired by Bob.

146. (29/09) Alf lies to Lucy about his current predicament. Don loses his temper with Vera over Ralph's love life. Aldo goes to see off Rose and Julian, returning to find that Roma's luncheon crowd has encroached into his living room. Anne is very convincing as she tells her story to Sonia. Bev and Karen seem to be getting along very well, but is Karen all that she seems?

147. (2/10) It seems that Bev is unaware of Karen's display of affection the previous night. Arnold impresses Georgina with the news that he failed his medical. Hynotherapist Vernon Saville (Alistair Duncan) quizzes Karen about Vera's "suitability"; later he gives Jack some unusual post-hypnotic suggestions. Despite Aldo's apprehensions, Arnold and Roma's lunches are selling well in the deli. Major Stephan Duval (Kenneth Laird), an old friend of Roma's, walks back into her life. Les and Alf make a mess printing business cards and posters in Flat 5. Arnold is searching for new lodgings.

148. (3/10) Georgina's parents have returned home to Coffs Harbour, so her stay at Number 96 will soon end. Sonia is not pleased, since she will need to find another assistant for the pharmacy - and just what is Gordon up to? Dorrie makes preparations for the opening of the Senior Citizens' bowling green. She argues with Norma over Alf's petition. Gordon attacks Anne.

149. (4/10) Jack gets himself into some serious business difficulties with the underworld after a horse race was fixed; his only supporters are the tenants of Number 96. Don tries to pacify a shaken Anne, while Gordon is distraught. Bev suggests that Vernon's hypnotherapy could cure Vera of smoking. Ralph is angered when he is compared to Harry Collins. Gordon loses his temper with Don over Anne's flawless story.

150. (5/10) Alf can't believe the support he is receiving from Les and Herb. Jack continues to hide out in Flat 4. Meanwhile, Ralph's wife calls from Tamworth; his young son is ill and he must fly up there. Vera demands to know why Don has dropped Gordon's case. Mr Bayswater (Reg Gillam), the agent for Number 96, tears up Alf's petition. Don tells Ralph that he is attracted to Anne. Mr Bayswater visits Dorrie and Herb to announce that, due to a loophole the new owners of Number 96 have found, they are all being evicted.

This recurring eviction plotline would also be the driving force behind the infamous bomb blast in 1975 as well as the lead-up to the final episode in 1977.

151. (6/10) Vera asks Sonia and Gordon's advice about seeing Vernon, Karen's hypnotherapist boss. Dorrie gets melodramatic about their forthcoming eviction. Alf reluctantly accepts Arnold as a boarder. Roma breaks a date with Aldo to attend a reunion organised by Stephan. Under hypnosis, Vera reveals the truth about her trances and visions.

152. (9/10) Don promises to look into Dorrie and Herb's legal problems. Jack says he feels like a prisoner in Flat 4 and he storms out into the night. Georgina wants Arnold to claim her virginity before she leaves Sydney, but they find it difficult to be alone. Alf will get a surprise to see Lucy back early from her Darwin holiday, but not quite the same as poor Arnold's encounter with her... in the bathroom. Jack's underworld contacts have linked him with Bev. Flo Patterson (Bunney Brooke) from the bowling club sees Dorrie at the laundrette, commiserates about the eviction threat and offers to preside over the grand opening.

153. (10/10) Roma questions Aldo about his plans for Roma's Palace and thinks he is overcompensating because of Stephan. Gordon considers jumping bail. Les has a new brainstorm: he plans to print profound poetry on toilet paper to help people concentrate. Roma succeeds in convincing Aldo to make friends with Stephan. Anne coldly refuses Gordon's plea to retract her evidence. Aldo cooks a special meal for three, but when he hears the major's news about his restaurant in England, he regrets being so friendly.

154. (11/10) As a result of Jack's problems, Bev and Don are placed in danger. They all agree to take precautions. Georgina arranges with Bev to use Flat 6 to be alone with Arnold. Stephan has some ideas on how the deli could combat the threat of the new supermarket opening nearby. Vera joins Bev, Karen and Vernon for lunch and, after Bev has left for work, Vernon puts Vera back under hypnosis with a snap of his fingers. Later, Karen returns to the flat in time to catch Arnold and Georgina in her bed. Two underworld hoods catch up with Bev.

155. (12/10) Jack's disappearance alerts Don to check in on Bev and his timely arrival sends the hoods running. Dorrie and Herb are required to attend a meeting to resolve their legal problem, but it is to be held on the same day as the bowling green opening. Karen gets Bev to admit her problem with relating to men. Don's involvement with Anne has meant that he must tread warily with Gordon and Sonia. Nevertheless, an ugly scene develops. After Vera falls into another trance, Karen suggests that she make a new appointment to see Vernon.

156. (13/10) Dorrie attempts to train Flo in the art of public speaking in preparation for the grand opening. Georgina says her goodbyes to Arnold. Gordon has made up his mind: he can't wait for the business to be sold and intends to leave. Just then, a uniformed police officer knocks on the door and hands him an envelope.

157. (16/10) Gordon's problems worsen, but a visit to the pub leads to a meeting with Anna Maria, who could provide one solution.

In a bid to catch up with Sydney, Melbourne began airing episodes back-to-back. This episode was screened with the previous one.

158. (17/10) Lucy and Vera worry that Alf is still pushing himself too hard. He is relying on pills to keep himself awake. Lucy fears the worst when a phone call about Alf comes from the hospital.

159. (18/10) Karen succeeds in persuading Bev to visit Vernon for treatment. Bev hopes it will solve her problem, but feels very uneasy. Vera tries to reassure her about the benefits of her treatment. But for whom will it be most beneficial?

Daytime repeats in Sydney were being reevaluated, from this episode on 27/09/74. TV Times gave the next week's repeat timeslot as "to be announced".

160. (19/10) After the Evans' party for the other tenants, Dorrie feels unwell. Perhaps the punch, concocted by Les, Herb and Alf, was to blame? Meanwhile, Jack Sellars' reappearance makes Bev feel on top of the world.

161. (20/10) When an unsuspecting Vera feels ill, Karen recommends that she visit Vernon again. However, he has an ulterior motive for wanting Vera in his office. Disaster is looming.

162. (23/10) Don hurries to Number 96 to tell Sonia that he has finally discovered the truth about Gordon from Anne, but he may be too late.

163. (24/10) Things are still not happy between Gary and Anna Maria, but Les and Norma don't realise the extent of the problem.

164. (25/10) Jack is concerned about the effect of Vernon's treatment on Bev and confronts her. Matters are brought to a head, but Bev is still in danger.

165. (26/10) Aldo is still depressed, but is now also suspicious, about Stephan's attentions to Roma.

166. (27/10) Lucy and Arnold worry about Vera's dazed condition. She hasn't been looking after herself properly, but the reason behind it is too bizarre for anyone to guess.

167. (30/10) Julia Cornich (Jenee Welsh) is writing an article on pensioners and Dorrie and Herb hoodwink her into basing it on them. When Julia moves in, Dorrie's deception proves difficult to keep up.

168. (31/10) An old friend of Bruce Taylor's requests help from Don. Lending assistance is possible, but will Don be treading on dangerous ground to do so?

169. (1/11) Gary returns to his parents' flat searching for his estranged wife, Anna Maria, but she is not there.

Final scheduled daytime repeat, 4/10/74.

170. (2/11) Arnold makes a reference to Roma and Stephan, which arouses Aldo's worst fears. Aldo confronts Roma, who confirms them.

171. (3/11) Jack questions Karen about Vernon's treatment of both Bev and Vera, who are both acting strangely.

172. (6/11) Arnold becomes embroiled in a fight between Alf and Lucy when he tries to assist with Alf's campaign speech.

173. (7/11) Julia's article on the Evans' has been published, which thrills Dorrie, but Herb is worried that trouble will ensue because of it.

174. (8/11) Jack's timely rescue of Bev and Vera from Vernon, De Como (Peter Reynolds) and the Black Mass produces unexpected results; getting away from Saville seems to have cured Bev of her problem.

This plotline was novelised for the 1973 Arkon paperback, "The Grip of Evil".

175. (9/11) As Don becomes more deeply involved with Barry Tett (Spencer Whiteby) and his story, he and Graham Fletcher (Gavin Hamilton) must work harder to get at the truth.

176. (10/11) Yvonne Marette (Sophie Vaillant), the new assistant in the pharmacy, has settled into her job. Now that Gordon is taking over the medical practice from Dr Riley (Raymond Duparc), Sonia is seeing even less of him.

177. (13/11) Arnold's life is in turmoil. Alf has convinced him that, as Alf's campaign director, he should be out canvassing votes, but Lucy believes that this is Alf's job. Meanwhile, Arnold is so worried about Roma, he cannot even begin to concentrate on the campaign.

This was the first episode simulcast in Sydney and Melbourne. It was also rescheduled to 9.00 pm, due to Gough Whitlam's ALP policy speech.

178. (14/11) The story on "the penniless pensioners", Dorrie and Herb, has led to some flattering publicity. Now, a television crew plans to interview them in Flat 3.

This episode was rescheduled to 9 pm due the Liberal policy speech by the Right Honorable William McMahon.

179. (15/11) Some of Gordon's patients, remembering his court case, express their prejudice against him. Furthermore, his relationship with Sonia continues to crumble.

This episode was delayed by 15 minutes due to Doug Anthony's Country Party policy speech.

180. (16/11) Vera, back from hospital and feeling better after her ordeal, has trouble getting back into her work routine. Then an unexpected figure from the past, Maggie Cameron, comes visiting and all thoughts of dressmaking are put out of Vera's mind.

181. (17/11) Sonia's plans to start a family angers Gordon, but leads him to having some tests done. However, the results prove to be distressing to him.

182. (20/11) Dorrie and Herb head off to the Channel 10 television studio to be interviewed by Brian Bury (Himself) on the plight of the average pensioner. Everyone is stunned by Dorrie's manipulations and Flo is out for revenge.

This episode was delayed by 15 minutes due to Senator Vince Gair's Democratic Labor Party policy speech.

183. (21/11) Maggie is staying with Vera while she sorts out her affairs, although one thing has Vera very worried. Is Maggie doing the right thing?

184. (22/11) Arnold must cope alone in the deli, now that Aldo has caught Roma's virus. Dorrie offers assistance, but she proves to be more of a hindrance.

185. (23/11) Sonia tries to come to terms with Gordon's announcement, but Yvonne's concern brings her motives into question.

186. (24/11) Despite Gordon and Sonia's initial reservations, Graham is still staying in Flat 4. Don is convinced that everything is quite innocent, but is it really?

187. (27/11) Arnold had been given complete responsibility for running the delicatessen but, now that Aldo and Roma are well, he must fulfil an unpleasant duty... involving Dorrie.

188. (28/11) Following a conversation with Don, Sonia tries a fresh approach to resolving the situation between her and Gordon. However, Gordon's reaction to Don's idea is the exact opposite of Sonia's expectations.

189. (29/11) Bev is distraught over a phone call she receives from America, concerning an accident suffered by her brother. Bev is distraught, but Jack urges her to return to work so she won't be waiting around for news of Rod's condition. When the news does come, Bev is completely shattered.

190. (30/11) Norma and Les are unable to console Anna Maria. Gary is missing - and, now, so is her beloved Salvadore Russo (John Serge). When Salvadore does turn up, he has astonishing news.

191. (1/12) Maggie is in deep trouble and is not sure what to do about it. Vera offers her some advice, but she seems unlikely to take it. Norma and Vera devise a plan to help Maggie out.

192. (4/12) Vera and Arnold are very pleased to hear that Alf's business concerns have caused him to pull out of the elections.

193. (5/12) An unpleasant experience with a client the previous night is still distressing Bev. When she turns down a party invitation, Jack steps in to handle matters.

194. (6/12) Sonia tells Don that she plans to be more understanding of Gordon, but it seems that Don knows more than she does about the situation.

195. (7/12) Salvadore gathers up the courage to propose to Anna Maria, but as the happy couple are discussing the situation with Les and Norma, a telephone call comes through which stops everyone in their tracks.

196. (8/12) The owners of Number 96 seem to be planning to evict the tenants; everyone is once again in an uncertain position.

197. (11/12) Rod Houghton (John Benton) arrives back in Australia and his sister Bev is delighted; Claire and Jack, however, are not.

198. (12/12) In an attempt to share expenses, Terry Sanford (Bernadette Hughson) is moving in with Vera, but there is concern over the situation with the lease. A meeting of the tenants is called by Don to inform them of the latest disastrous news.

199. (13/12) Jack is not pleased that Rod has moved into Flat 6 with him and Bev. However, returning home unexpectedly, Jack makes a shocking discovery and storms out!

200. (14/12) Anna Maria and Salvadore discuss their future over lunch, but they are disrupted by a most unwelcome visitor. A distraught Gary brings disaster to their happiness.

201. (15/12) Roma admits to her friends that she had tried to bluff Aldo into a marriage proposal. Lucy tells Alf that she has resigned her job. Don's uncle, Sir Arnold Ashton (James Condon), insists he has found a solution to Don's problems, so he finally agrees to meet Sally Fielding (Christina Danielle). When Don arrives at the bar, he notices Gordon and Yvonne leaving to drive home, a drive which will end in tragedy.

This episode's cliffhanger endings would not be resolved until the 1973 ratings season. The Don/Sally/Sir Arnold plotline was novelised for the 1974 Arkon paperback, "Marriage of Convenience".

Number 96 synopses © 1994, 2017 Ian McLean and Lindsay Street Productions. They have been rewritten and annotated from information derived from Sydney and Melbourne editions of TV Week and TV Times, cross-referenced with original Cash Harmon documentation and viewings of episodes. No text may be reproduced without the express permission of the author. To use this material in research, you are requested to inform the author and credit his contribution accordingly. Thank you.

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