Ian's Number 96 episode guide: 1975

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Can the deli survive its stern new owner, Freda Fuller?

Will Don Finlayson's sister, Carol, believe that her fiance, Brad Hilton, is a homosexual?

Did Lucy Sutcliffe's secret cause the destruction of Michael Bartlett's family?

Will Tracey Wilson endure another beating from her husband, Peter?

Has Harry Collins returned from the grave?

Who killed Patti Feather?

670. (13/01/1975) Marilyn's news about Reg shatters Edie. Arnold cannot accept that Patti is dead. Carol makes serious accusations. Dudley is unable to establish an alibi. Michael's motive for lying to Lucy may have been revenge over his mother's death.

671. (14/01) Dorrie is jealous about Flo's election to president and Flo finds herself homeless. Les is found with pantyhose around his neck, but he is just conducting an experiment. Andy's plan misfires. Arnold must face grim reality.

672. (15/01) Flo makes a sacrifice. Carol ends her disagreement with Don. Dudley's wallet reveals a strange secret.

673. (16/01) Marilyn and Carol are both scared, but for different reasons. Andy must prepare Vera for a shock.

674. (17/01) Dudley tells Don that he has found another photo in his wallet: Marilyn's! Vera is unable to attend Patti's funeral because she is needed at the police station. Detective Sergeant Short arrives to arrest Dudley for murder at the climax of a very sad day for the tenants.

675. (20/01) The Sutcliffes have arranged for Arnold to stay with their son, Jim, in Perth. Vera explains that Harry did not die in the car crash after all. Dorrie's babysitting duties precludes her attendance at Claire Houghton's luncheon, but Les provides a solution by dressing in drag. Don's attitude has everyone puzzled. Tanya Schnolskevitska (Natalie Mosco) considers taking a job in the wine bar. Vera's dream may have revealed the killer's identity.

676. (21/01) Marilyn and Michael try to console Edie over Reg's absence. Freda wants Tanya to work in the deli and she takes up the offer. Lucy takes Vera's dream seriously and wants her to tell the police that she "saw" Marilyn's murder. Flo discovers that Dorrie had actually been waitressing for Claire, not socialising, at her luncheon. Reg returns from a week's sojourn in Woy Woy, which he did to punish Edie for neglecting her domestic duties. Michael reaches a most important decision; he and Marilyn get married.

677. (22/01) Edie takes Marilyn's news better than Reg. Tracey tells Vera that she thinks Peter is the killer. Reg realises a marriage cannot be annulled if it has been consummated. Vera's health is a concern: she has been poisoned. Tracey lets out a secret that upsets Marilyn.

678. (23/01) Les considers a career as a nanny. Dudley is hiding out in a hotel. Carol has resigned her job and seeks work in the wine bar. The Whittakers have an increase to the family when Norma's mother, Mrs Florentine (Aileen Britton), comes to stay. Les greets her at the door dressed as Dorrie. The trap is closing in on the murderer.

679. (24/01) Marilyn's lunch is a complete disaster. Andy raises suspicions. There is a happy reunion for Norma when Dudley returns, but terror for Marilyn in the laundrette when the murderer is revealed to her.

680. (27/01) Following Tracey's arrest for her attempt on Marilyn's life, the police think the mystery of the Pantyhose Murders is resolved, but Tracey has other plans. Mrs Florentine does not approve of sleeping on a camp bed. Tracey tells Andy how she escaped from the police, but leaps to her death from a Flat 6 window.

This episode was broadcast in colour.

681. (28/01) Vera is released from hospital, only to learn of the news about Tracey. She realises that Tracey must have been the one who poisoned her. Les commences teaching Dorrie to drive. Freda offers Arnold the job of manager of the deli. Don's health is still a cause for concern. Dorrie finds that her driving lessons are not incident-free.

682. (29/01) Alf's taxi causes a disturbance in Norma's Bar. Trixie O'Toole returns from Brisbane and moves into Vera's spare room. Carol and Dudley wonder why Don has chosen not to confide in them. Dorrie wants to work as a fashion model for Vera to earn the money she owes Alf. Norma can't believe what her own eyes tell her: Aldo and Roma Godolfus have returned home.

683. (30/01) The MacDonalds plan a surprise celebration for Marilyn and Michael, but Reg has given a budget of only $15. Arnold breaks the news to Aldo and Roma about Patti and Tracey. Marilyn and Michael consider moving out of Flat 5, while the Godolfuses move into Flat 6. Don receives some shocking news from his doctor; he has only six months to live.

This episode was broadcast in colour.

684. (31/01) Reg has invited the TC to the party and raises the budget by $40. Arnold can see a glimmer of hope. Dorrie applies for a job advertised in the paper and is almost skewered by a professional knife-thrower. Edie's fruit punch has been laced with several different additives. Marilyn and Michael reach the right decision. A change of luck is in store for Alf: he has won the lottery!

685. (3/02) Freda refuses to pay Tanya and Arnold their wages. Roma and Aldo's new plan to go into the restaurant business will involve Arnold. Alf lets Dorrie off the hook regarding the damage to his taxi after his lottery win, but his joy soon turns into rage. His partner, Chiller Thomas, had put the winning ticket into his own name only and is refusing to share the winnings.

686. (4/02) Trixie attracts the attention of TC Buchanan (Brian Moll). Les has arranged a piano for "Happy Hour" in the wine bar, to be played by Flo. Lucy hears from Tom Bartlett in New Zealand, who can't understand Michael's silence. Dorrie's financial situation is desperate again, while Alf's attitude is unrelenting.

This episode was broadcast in colour. Brian Moll had taken over the role of TC Buchanan.

687. (5/02) Life is much brighter for Flo, but storm clouds are gathering over Aldo's shop. Freda fires all her staff. Marilyn and Michael are bickering. Will Dorrie become the new tea lady at the Paddington Town Hall? Freda has put the deli up for sale.

688. (6/02) Norma wants her own bed back, but Les assures her that a Murphy bed is on order for Mrs Florentine. Dudley is very concerned about Don, so Carol decides to take the initiative; she discovers that Don's illness may be terminal. The Godolfuses try to turn back time. Andy horrifies Arnold; he wants to move back into Flat 6.

This episode was broadcast in colour.

689. (7/02) Trixie continues to fight off the attentions of the TC. Vera is angry about some unusual overnight visitors: two near-naked young unicyclists. Les creates havoc with the Murphy bed he installs for Norma's mother. Marilyn makes some accusations which silence Michael; a phone call from New Zealand has revealed the existence of a secret wife and child.

690. (10/02) Reg is promoted to ADTC. Lucy lends Dorrie $500 to pay for the damage to Alf's taxi. Changes are planned for the deli, but Tanya may lose her job. Reg's plan to surprise Marilyn and Michael works perfectly, to their horror; he knows they are not married. Dorrie has a shock of her own for Flo.

This episode was broadcast in colour.

691. (11/02) The TC proposes to Trixie. Alf threatens Chiller about the lottery money. Les's attempts at matchmaking Norma's mother with the TC result in disaster. The sausage machine causes trouble again in Flat 1. Edie has a wedding to plan, but Marilyn and Michael decide to elope instead. Alf has a surprise when Chiller's wife brings him a substantial cheque.

692. (12/02) Don's high calorie diet is of concern, but he is following doctor's orders. Andy has a solution for the dilemma which has embroiled Tanya; he offers her a job as his secretary. Dudley and Carol plan to contact Amanda about Don's condition, while Vera has strange visitors once again.

693. (13/02) Dorrie has plans for the Town Hall. Lucy threatens Alf, while Marilyn suffers a shock.

694. (14/02) Trouble is looming over Number 96. Amanda learns about Don's problem, while Trixie decides to put Vera's plan into operation.

695. (17/02) Dorrie requires help from Don. Vera learns the truth. The tenants get ready for battle.

696. (18/02) Reg is in deep trouble, while Aldo and Roma have a surprise visit. Andy is out on a limb.

This episode was broadcast in colour.

697. (19/02) A long-forgotten talent is recalled by Edie. Trouble pursues Dorrie as Trixie interferes.

698. (20/02) Maggie Cameron has a shock for Don, but saves an angry tirade for Andy.

This episode was broadcast in colour.

699. (21/02) Roma's latest career venture has repercussions. Lucy is unhappy while Maggie shows a side of her character which is rarely seen.

700. (24/02) Andy is furious. Dudley and Carol find it difficult to hide their unhappiness.

701. (25/02) Arnold's patience runs out. A letter from an old friend arrives for Vera.

702. (26/02) Dorrie has a new scheme, but Arnold refuses to take part in it. Maggie has a surprise for everyone.

703. (27/02) Trixie is left with some explaining to do. Reg shocks Edie with news of a move.

704. (28/02) Maggie has a warning for Andy. Carol and Dudley are caught in a compromising situation.

This was the last "Number 96" episode transmitted in monochrome.

Just before midnight, Channel Ten broadcast a short b/w scene featuring Chard Hayward, as Dudley Butterfield, turning on a television set. The image on its screen appeared in full colour. This was the brainchild of director, Brian Phillis. Network Ten was thus able to promote itself as "First in Colour" in station identification ads.

705. (3/03) Alf and Les have formulated a plan. Marilyn loses her temper. Vera has another premonition.

From the official introduction of colour broadcasting on 1st March, all new "Number 96" episodes appeared in colour.

706. (4/03) Norma determines to investigate the new restaurant. Maggie tries to take over Vera's latest boarder, Adam Shaw (Julian Rockett). Roma and Arnold stubbornly refuse to resolve their differences.

707. (5/03) Lucy's news is a source of horror for Alf: she is expecting a change-of-life baby. Les's latest scheme does not impress Norma.

708. (6/03) Arnold disappoints Aldo, while Tanya makes a mistake.

709. (7/03) Tanya has a surprise. Andy refuses the offer of a bribe. Carol is distressed by some news.

710. (10/03) Dudley has an important decision to make. Arnold is determined to fight for Aldo.

711. (11/03) Dorrie and Herb arouse the wrath of Maggie. Marilyn has a proposition for Adam.

712. (12/03) Vera's suggestion proves a shock for Adam, while Les is desolate. Confusion reigns for Carol and Dudley.

713. (13/03) A discussion about pregnancies confuses Reg. Tanya has a surprise for Andy.

714. (14/03) Dudley is furious with Maggie. A special appointment awaits Dorrie and Flo.

715. (17/03) Norma returns to utter chaos. Maggie threatens Andy. Carol and Dudley are feeling guilty.

716. (18/03) Arnold is heartbroken. Maggie's proposition to Dorrie gets her thinking; she may yet act upon it.

717. (19/03) Adam has an apology for Vera, but she is even more concerned. Andy seeks Norma's assistance.

718. (20/03) Roma has too much to say on a matter. Alf and Les have vanished.

719. (21/03) A phone call terrifies Roma. Edie breaks down and Dorrie attempts to implement the scheme suggested by Maggie.

720. (24/03) Marilyn misunderstands an offer. A proposed visit upsets Alf. Herb has some great news.

721. (25/03) Marilyn's plans are upset by Trixie. Andy has a surprise.

722. (26/03) Reg overhears the truth. Carol finds herself in a dilemma. Vera turns to Trixie for some advice.

723. (27/03) Another anonymous letter, with serious implications, arrives at Number 96. The Sutcliffes have a visitor in the form of Lucy's niece, Vanessa Harrison (Wendy Hughes).

724. (28/03) Carol requests Dudley to act, while Vera is confused. A wine-tasting ends in disaster.

This was a Good Friday screening.

725. (31/03) Reg has a secret and Marilyn discovers it! Aldo is unsure about how to take Arnold's conversation. Vera realises that she must tell the truth.

726. (1/04) Edie makes a terrible mistake. Tanya must adjust to poverty, but she finds it difficult; the time has come for her to make a confession.

727. (2/04) Maggie is again in a rage. Trixie worries about Flo.

728. (3/04) Adam loses his temper. Maggie is on the rampage, while Dorrie finds herself in a quandary.

729. (4/04) Les has developed a new scheme. Andy is surprised by a strange woman.

730. (7/04) Vera loses her temper and Lucy has a decision to make. Aldo devises a plan.

731. (8/04) Norma is unsure whether to be jealous, while Dudley manages to horrify Reg.

732. (9/04) Andy's behaviour puzzles Tanya. Arnold manages to hurt Aldo.

733. (10/04) Maggie and Reg arrange a meeting. Tanya has a terrible shock and Marilyn is horrified by some news.

734. (11/04) Edie is unsure about whether or not she approves of Marilyn's plan, while Les has a mysterious engagement.

735. (14/04) Norma is surprised by Les. Carol and Dudley burn their bridges.

736. (15/04) Flo has a warning for Dorrie; Herb makes a discovery which surprises him. Adam has made Maggie furious.

737. (16/04) Arnold agrees to help Roma and Aldo. Tanya's comment frightens Edie.

738. (17/04) Dudley remains unforgiving. Dorrie meets up with an old friend.

739. (18/04) Flo expresses her concern for Vera. Andy has a terrible shock.

740. (21/04) Les winds up in a tight spot. Dudley is unhappy, while Alf remains sceptical.

741. (22/04) Vera has made up her mind. Arnold suffers a disaster, while Aldo and Roma can't agree.

742. (23/04) Edie prepares for the end of the world. Meanwhile, Marilyn is convinced that Arnold has something to tell her.

743. (24/04) Flo makes a confession and Andy is confused by Tanya.

744. (25/4) Roma makes Aldo furious. Andy is happy for Vera.

745. (28/04) Maggie's change of heart amazes Vera. Norma must rethink her attitude towards Dudley.

746. (29/04) Tanya once again puzzles Andy. Dorrie is sure she has a solution to the mystery of the dog.

747. (30/04) Vera is impatient with Don and Alf's advice. A nasty shock awaits Reg.

748. (1/05) Roma's present to Arnold horrifies Aldo.

749. (2/05) Dudley attempts to face the truth. The Godolfuses have a problem to resolve.

750. (5/05) Don has some advice for Maggie. Arnold's brilliant idea to hire Phyllis Pratt (Moya O'Sullivan) misfires.

751. (6/05) Tanya is in for a terrible shock. Marilyn decides to interfere and give Edie some assistance.

752. (7/05) Alf makes a discovery, while Aldo is in trouble with Phyllis.

753. (8/05) Andy is angry with Tanya. Miles Cooper (Scott Lambert) makes a muddle of his private life.

754. (9/5) Marilyn offers advice to Edie. Herb is full of complaints for Dorrie and Flo.

755. (12/05) Reg renders Maggie speechless. Lucy is feeling unwell, which is of concern to Alf.

756. (13/05) Carol receives a surprise call, while Les is a source of worry and alarm for Norma.

757. (14/05) Disturbing dreams interrupt the sleep of both Dorrie and Flo. Carol has a decision to make.

758. (15/05) Lucy suggests a solution to Tanya. Roma worries about the future of her Majestic Rooms.

759. (16/05) Edie amazes Reg. Phyllis makes Aldo feel ashamed.

760. (19/05) Flo has a bright idea, while Carol comforts Miles.

761. (20/05) Edie wants to go job-hunting. Maggie makes a surprising move.

762. (21/05) Arnold has a tough decision to make. Herb helps Miles with a plan.

763. (22/05) Dorrie is in for a terrible shock, while Aldo uncovers a truth.

764. (23/05) Reg finds it difficult to accept the new Edie. Roma must provide some answers.

765. (26/05) Don has a horrifying discovery, while Aldo is unbending. Dudley has offered advice to Don, but will he follow it?

766. (27/05) Maggie may be able to provide the solution to Norma's problem. Dorrie has an attempt at matchmaking. Miles wonders about accepting a new proposition.

767. (28/05) Marilyn gets a promotion. Tanya discovers the source of Miles's nest egg.

768. (29/05) A surprise overwhelms Roma. Arnold's advice is sought by Tanya. Will Marilyn be hurt yet again?

769. (30/05) Phyllis is in a quandary, while Dudley loses his temper. Don is in a predicament.

770. (2/06) Maggie is pleased, but the MacDonalds experience disappointment.

771. (3/06) The situation in the wine bar angers Dudley. Aldo is in for a shock.

772. (4/06) The Godolfuses attempt to help Phyllis. Alf creates problems.

773. (5/06) Tanya has an ultimatum. Don loses his temper with Les.

774. (6/06) There is a surprise for Alf and Marilyn is aghast about some news.

775. (9/06) A shock awaits Marilyn, while Maggie is up to her old tricks. Alf faces a new problem.

776. (10/06) Alf offers Arnold a bribe and Roma agrees to keep a secret.

777. (11/06) An emergency involves Dorrie and Herb. Dudley forces Don to lose his temper.

778. (12/06) Arnold has reached the end of his tether and tells Alf. Maggie throws a spanner into Miles' plans.

779. (13/06) Tanya is furious with Miles. Les has a delightful surprise.

780. (16/06) Arnold attempts to intervene in a crisis. Maggie continues to upset Miles.

781. (17/06) The mystery surrounding Bernadette (Charne Marshall) deepens. Norma is fed up with the fuss over Les and his Wine-o-matic patent. Marilyn cannot believe the stories Liz Chalmers (Margaret Laurence) is telling about Dean.

782. (18/06) Marilyn is agitated, while Vera is infuriated.

783. (19/06) Don is in a quandary. Arnold makes a shattering discovery and Norma also suffers a shock.

784. (20/06) Reg is angry with Edie and Dudley offers a warning to Tanya.

785. (23/06) Norma tries to be firm with Les. Don loses his temper again. Tanya is hurt and angry.

786. (24/06) Edie is upset and Alf loses his temper with Marilyn.

787. (25/06) Herb has an remarkable surprise for Dorrie and Herb. Bernadette loses her patience.

788. (26/06) Arnold seeks a solution to Aldo's problem, while Norma offers assistance to Tanya.

789. (27/06) Flo is willing to help out Lucy. Dorrie and Flo have a terrible shock.

790. (30/06) Roma will be surprising Aldo. There may be bad news for Lucy.

791. (1/07) A new event leaves Dudley agog. Miles is able to foil Maggie's plans.

792. (2/07) Roma is upset, while Maggie has harsh words for Don.

793. (3/07) Dorrie tries to remedy a situation. A strange visitor calls on Bernadette.

794. (4/07) Vera shares a confidence with Don. Flo and Herb are concerned. Alf has other problems.

795. (7/07) Maggie embarrasses everyone and Roma mystifies Aldo.

796. (8/07) Miles tries to console a very upset Tanya. Edie has a new problem.

797. (9/07) Norma threatens Les and Vera's strange behaviour confuses her friends.

798. (10/07) Tanya causes troubles for Miles. A tragedy brings the Godolfuses together.

799. (11/07) Alf is unable to find Lucy. Norma talks about her relationship with Les and wants advice.

800. (14/07) Tanya's situation confuses Miles. Dudley's letter causes him concern.

801. (15/07) Lucy tries her hand at matchmaking and Aldo has a terrible shock.

802. (16/07) Reg is convinced that Edie is a failure at hostessing social events, but Liz and Edie are out to prove him wrong. Miles discovers the truth about Tanya: that she's actually an American, by the name of Rosemary Prior.

803. (17/07) Alf is bitter towards Lucy, while the Godolfuses are beside themselves with worry.

804. (18/07) Norma violently disagrees with Les's suggestion that the latest disaster is good publicity.

805. (21/07) Alf is confused by the behaviour of Grace "Prim" Primrose (Pamela Gibbons). Reg has harsh words for Edie.

806. (22/07) Surprisingly, Maggie is in need of help. Les still refuses to notice Norma's scheming.

807. (23/07) Aldo has some horrifying news. Dudley believes that all his dreams are about to come true. Susan Temple (Debbie Baile) tells Miles that she is pregnant with his child.

808. (24/07) The wine bar is chaotic on Prim's first night and Edie is no help. Arnold loses his temper. Miles keeps a problem close to his chest. Maggie tries to tempt Warwick Thompson (Kit Taylor) while Vera is in Melbourne. Dorrie entertains several visitors in the hospital. Maggie and Reg make front page headlines. Dorrie causes concern by living in the past.

809. (25/07) Aldo is firm with his sister, Selma Horowitz, while Vera has an eye-opener for Warwick and Maggie.

810. (28/07) Lucy loses her temper with Alf. Dudley springs a surprise on Don.

811. (29/07) David Palmer (Vince Martin) receives advice from Prim. Aldo surprises an intruder.

812. (30/07) Julian Flaxman (Rob Dallas) has a surprise for Miles. Norma and Edie are so suspicious of Les's activities that chaos ensues.

813. (31/07) Dudley has a new plan. What has happened to Arnold?

814. (1/08) Vera is unforgiving. An upset Liz confides in Lucy.

815. (4/08) Edie has begun to feel unwanted. Alf refuses Les's help.

816. (5/08) Miles is muddled, while Flo is suspicious of Herb's antics. Aldo has shocking news.

817. (6/8) Something has happened to change Don. Liz offers her assistance again. Maggie suffers a terrible shock. Who is the mysterious caller?

818. (7/08) Julian throws Miles' life into confusion again. Maggie has an accusation for Vera. Liz surprises the MacDonalds.

819. (8/08) There is a nasty surprise awaiting Miles and disappointment for Vera. Alf needs Don's help.

820. (11/08) Prim is firm with Miles. Arnold puts his foot in it. Alf is in trouble again.

821. (12/08) Vera is unable to calm a terrified Maggie. Liz has a warning.

822. (13/08) Herb seems to be hiding something, which puzzles Flo.

823. (14/08) Arnold's discovery angers Aldo. Liz has a shock for Lucy.

824. (15/08) Alf's luck seems to be changing. Prim ensures that Miles' latest plan will go awry.

825. (18/08) Roma surprises Alf. Don receives bad news and refuses to help out.

826. (19/08) Norma confides in Lucy, while Dorrie's promise of assistance leads to disaster.

827. (20/08) Don delivers a shock to Maggie, while Prim has some surprises for Miles.

828. (21/08) Lucy is upset with Alf, while Dudley has a surprise. Vera finds a note warning of a bomb in Number 96 and the police evacuate the building, leaving Edie behind in the cellar.

829. (22/08) There is reason to panic at Number 96; the bomb was real! Dorrie is worried about Flo. Aldo catches the shoplifter: a boy named Kerry Braddon (Ashley Grenville).

830. (25/08) Jacqueline "Jaja" Gibson (Anya Seleky), Dudley's cousin from the country, poses a problem for Dudley and Don. Aldo makes a horrifying discovery.

831. (26/08) Don has a proposition for the Sutcliffes. Maggie makes some accusations.

832. (27/08) Jaja's latest escapades infuriate Prim. Norma can't understand the new mystery.

833. (28/08) Dudley's latest plans amaze the Sutcliffes. Maggie confronts Jaja.

834. (29/08) The MacDonalds receive a nasty shock and Roma loses her patience with Aldo.

835. (1/09) Roma speaks harshly to Aldo. Flo's behaviour baffles Dorrie.

836. (2/09) Reg and Edie are unsure how to handle a situation. Maggie has strong advice for Vera.

837. (3/09) Flo is desperately unhappy, while it seems that Vera has overplayed her hand.

838. (4/09) Maggie has infuriated Warwick. Some unlikely visitors call on Reg at one o'clock in the morning.

839. (5/09) The new Flo raises Dorrie's suspicions that her friend is shoplifting. Lucy and Alf think they have solved their house-hunting troubles: they decide to swap flats with Don. Les finds a note about a bomb in Number 96 and sounds a warning to all the residents, but will he have enough time?

Instead of the traditional shot of the building and individual flats during the closing credits, the text appeared over footage of the smouldering aftermath of the bomb.

840, 841. (8/09) The explosion in the deli has claimed the lives of Aldo, Roma, Miles and Les. Alf is worried about Lucy and the baby, while Vera turns to Warwick for comfort. Nigel Morgan (John Allen) takes over and Maggie is determined to solve a new mystery.

Two episodes were screened back-to-back to create a sixty-minute presentation. An airbrushed photograph of the building showed the damage to the building during the opening and closing credits sequences. Episode #840 was later incorporated into an episode of "The Golden Years of Television" entitled "Salute to Australian Soaps".

842. (9/09) Arnold is shocked by a visit from Aldo's daughter, Rose Myers. Don has some plans afoot.

843. (10/09) Dudley runs into trouble, while Reg has some explaining to do to Edie. Lucy discovers the truth about the tragic bomb blast.

844. (11/09) Alf blames himself for his awful mistake. Dorrie has a mystery to solve.

845. (12/09) Mystery continues to surround Maggie. Jack Sellars lends a hand to trap the bomber. What is the truth behind Flo's strange secret?

846. (15/09) Dudley's reaction to Jaja's adventures thrill her. Arnold makes a noble sacrifice.

847. (16/09) Dorrie is not sure if she approves of the changes in Flo. Some news brings out a strange reaction in Liz.

848. (17/09) Edie is suspicious of Liz. Herb and Dorrie argue over the latest disaster with Flo.

849. (18/09) Nigel ruffles Dudley, while Don advises Vera.

850. (19/09) Prim is given frightening news which she must pass on to David. Warwick does some straight talking.

851. (22/09) Reg is annoyed with the way Edie is treating Liz. Dudley chooses the wrong moment to interrupt.

852. (23/09) Flo's latest escapade horrifies Dorrie. Vera decides to confide in Don.

853. (24/09) Jaja manages to confuse Gary Whittaker. Vera is determined to confront Warwick.

854. (25/09) David doesn't react according to Prim's plans. Dorrie, Herb and Flo have come up with a new scheme.

855. (26/09) Vera is acting strangely, while Liz and Jaja clash.

856. (29/09) Dudley's news amazes David and Prim, while a confused Norma suffers pangs of guilt about her friendship with Gilbert Barton (Don Philps).

857. (30/09) Nigel and Reg disagree. Warwick has some advice for Vera.

858. (1/10) Arnold is gullible, while Norma is put into a spot by Liz. Who put a bag of heroin in David's camera bag?

859. (2/10) David confronts film producer Louis Spiro (Jeff Ashby) about the bogus Bali trip, while Dorrie disapproves of Flo's new friend, Arthur Partridge (Gordon Glenwright). Reg is depressed about Nigel's popularity at the TH, and is impatient to take over as DTC. Louis gives David a new assignment, which he passes with flying colours. What are Arthur's intentions regarding Flo?

860. (3/10) Gary has a warning for Dudley, while a distraught Lucy tries to cope with a disaster.

861. (6/10) Liz is playing a strange game with Arnold. Lucy breaks down over little Emma Sutcliffe's disappearance.

862. (7/10) Dudley's plans don't proceed according to his expectations. Herb believes that Dorrie may have acted in haste.

863. (8/10) David's situation worries Prim, while Norma gives advice to Louis.

864. (9/10) Gary causes David to lose his temper, with disastrous results. Arnold makes a special announcement about his and Liz's future.

865. (10/10) Gary attempts to convey the truth to Arnold but Liz is always a step ahead.

866. (13/10) Don has some advice for Vera. Prim is positive that David is hiding something.

867. (14/10) Reg is outraged, while Don's suggestion horrifies Laura Trent (Mary Ann Severne). What is the strange hold Celia Palmer (Margaret Christensen) has over her son, David?

868. (15/10) Arthur's model trains and Cookie, his cockatoo, take over much of Flat 3. Gary has his suspicions about Gilbert and Norma. Prim finds out the truth about David's relationship with Celia: she is actually his wife, not his mother. Arnold's latest news is a surprise to Flo, but she and Arthur agree to witness a marriage. Vera is baffled by the actions of Warwick's wife, Muriel Thompson (Rowena Wallace).

869. (16/10) Don and Laura have a plan, while Edie is distressed by Liz's announcement.

870. (17/10) Prim has a proposal for Vera. Gary makes Liz furious; she then begins acting very strangely.

871. (20/10) Edie is told to take a good, hard look at herself. Eileen Chester (Patti Crocker) is still oblivious to what is going on with her younger daughter, Debbie (Dina Mann).

872. (21/10) David can't see a way out of his dilemma. Warwick is angry with Muriel.

873. (22/10) Reg receives a mysterious telephone call from his son, Dean. David is threatened by Celia.

874. (23/10) Edie is the recipient of some harsh words from Arnold. Laura is concerned about Jaja.

875. (24/10) Muriel makes a suggestion to Warwick. Flo must come to a decision.

876. (27/10) Edie is forlorn over Reg's oversight. Eileen fails to notice Debbie's ill health.

877. (28/10) Muriel demands to see Laura immediately and Don wonders what the problem might be. Arnold attempts to smooth things with Edie.

878. (29/10) Dorrie plays the part of Flo's fairy godmother. Liz threatens Gary.

879. (30/10) Debbie loses control in front of Dorrie and Flo. Gary makes a promise to his mother.

880. (31/10) Prim attempts to help Vera. Gary ignores his promise and seeks a showdown.

881. (3/11) Jane Chester (Suzanne Church) tries to reason with Debbie, her stubborn younger sister. Arthur takes charge of Dorrie's landscaping plans... and the Sunshine Patio takes shape at the rear of Number 96.

882. (4/11) Gary is playing games with Liz. Debbie's proposition stuns Dudley.

883. (5/11) Gary's news startles Prim. Reg has a suggestion for the local "garbo", Weppo Smith (Roger Ward).

884. (6/11) Jaja believes she has found true love. Arnold unexpectedly returns to Liz's chagrin.

885. (7/11) Don is mystified about an incident while there is a shock in store for Debbie.

886. (10/11) Liz continues with her strange game. Prim tries to comfort Vera.

887. (11/11) Don is in trouble, but Debbie is in deeper trouble. Jane tries to get Dudley to see reason.

888. (12/11) Dorrie places some blame solely on Reg's shoulders. Muriel makes her move.

889. (13/11) Debbie loses her temper with Arnold, while David makes a stand.

890. (14/11) Dudley is worried about himself. Reg seeks Weppo's help to resolve a problem.

The plotlines for the original paperback novel, "Number 96" (Stag, 1976), take place around the time of this episode.

891. (17/11) Don is furious with Dudley. Vera breaks down and makes a confession to Prim.

892. (18/11) Gary makes a suggestion to Liz. Arnold receives an unexpected windfall.

893. (19/11) David has a warning for Jaja. Meanwhile, Arnold gives Liz a nasty shock.

894. (20/11) Norma enters the fray of the strike and Debbie is in trouble again.

895. (21/11) Liz's move fails to concern Debbie. Dorrie sets out to defeat the council.

896. (24/11) Norma loses her patience with Gary. David needs comforting. Dorrie and Weppo appear as guests on The Mike Walsh Show, to be interviewed by Mike Walsh (Himself), about the garbage strike in Paddington. Don tries to get Laura to see reason.

897. (25/11) Reg sides with Weppo. Jane has a shocking confession for Eileen.

898. (26/11) Jane does not think too highly of Dudley's idea of discretion. Muriel is plotting to destroy Warwick's happiness.

899. (27/11) Gary has a tirade of harsh words for Norma and remains unforgiving. The police may be called in to investigate Arnold's health.

900. (28/11) Gary refuses to go to the police station. Debbie feels trapped: Mick refuses her $40, telling her that the price is $50 unless she agrees to push drugs for him. David warns Jaja about the tour to the Far East once again, but she won't take him seriously. Gary is charged with poisoning Arnold. He tells Laura that it was Liz. Edie intends to be a candidate in the local council elections.

901. (1/12) Liz feigns surprise about Gary's arrest. Jane inadvertently triggers a disaster. After young Simon Thompson's visit, Vera breaks down and confesses a secret to Warwick. $50 is missing from the delicatessen's till and Jane has found Debbie's heroin implements. Prim reluctantly incriminates Gary. Jane tries to help Debbie go "cold turkey", without success.

902. (2/12) The latest scandal has not met with Dorrie's approval. Liz makes an accusation about Debbie to Eileen. Jaja tells David that she has signed the contract for the tour, which instigates another row. Eileen blames Jane for Debbie's condition. David proposes to Jaja. No barrister is willing to take on Gary's case. David walks into a deadly trap and is quickly joined by Jaja.

903. (3/12) Muriel does some fast talking and Warwick is left feeling confused. Norma is resigned to the fact that Gary is going to prison. Eileen is unforgiving. Reg acts as MC for Dorrie's grand opening of the Sunshine Patio, but nobody turns up. During a trip to the zoo, Warwick's children tell him how they feel.

904. (4/12) Dudley and Prim share concern over David and Jaja's welfare. Don has questions for Liz, but she manages to bluff her way through. Edie and April plan a political rally. Don visits Eunice Springer, who supports Liz's story, but Gary knows she is lying. Muriel asks Laura to hold off the divorce proceedings for the time being. Dorrie is annoyed that Edie's rally on the patio interrupts her peace and quiet. Dudley identifies a body at the morgue: Jaja's. Vera and Warwick make plans for a trip to Europe.

905. (5/12) Don realises that something has upset Dudley. Eunice sticks to her story. Edie puts Reg in a quandary; should he be worried or elated? Arnold threatens to lodge a formal complaint about Don's treatment of Liz. Muriel realises that Laura, too, is in love with Warwick.

906. (8/11) Warwick undergoes a change of mind. A funnelweb spider is an uninvited guest at Dorrie's barbecue. Vera tries to bring Warwick and the children closer together. Arthur finds an advertisement in a Queensland paper asking for Herb to contact a solicitor and Dorrie is convinced he will receive an inheritance. Arnold gives Don a piece of his mind. Liz threatens Eunice.

907. (9/11) Arnold makes a confession to the police, claiming that he poisoned himself, but Sergeant Murphy doesn't believe him. Eileen does her best to cover up for Debbie, but Jane is furious. Jaja's funeral takes its toll on Dudley. Vera refuses to give Eileen time off to visit Debbie. The police ask Norma about Gary's attempt to shoot his estranged wife years before. Edie goes missing while campaigning. During a family outing to the beach, Warwick finds Muriel floating face down in the water.

908. (10/11) Herb is thrilled by news of an inheritance, which will require a trip to Brisbane. Vera hears grim news about Muriel. Prim tries to help Dudley. Dorrie causes an accident and Arthur may never be the same. Faded Hollywood actor, Trevor Banks (Kev Golsby), stumbles across Norma's Bar.

909. (11/12) Reg is frantic over Edie's disappearance on polling day. Arthur is suffering from a concussion. Eileen prepares for Debbie's hearing with the magistrate. Despite a plea from Scott Taylor (Robert Davis), Prim refuses to forgive her unexpected visitor: her alcoholic father, Trevor. Will Debbie be placed in a detention centre for delinquents? Arthur needs a wife to take up a job at the train museum in Bowral. Edie defeats Clem Benson in the election. Muriel's operation has been only partly successful.

910. (12/12) Prim still has no time for Trevor, and throws him out before he can tell his side of the story. Dorrie announces that she and Herb have great expectations, but when Herb inherits a 51-year old son instead of money, he and Flo desperately try to hide the truth. Liz shows Don an incriminating letter which Norma confirms as being in Gary's handwriting. Vera learns that Muriel will never walk again. In private, Liz tells Gary that she wishes he would hang. Jaja is back from the dead.

This episode's cliffhanger endings would not be resolved until the 1976 ratings season, when episodes would be screened twice weekly, in one-hour blocks.

Number 96 synopses © 1994, 2017 Ian McLean and Lindsay Street Productions. They have been rewritten and annotated from information derived from Sydney and Melbourne editions of TV Week and TV Times, cross-referenced with original Cash Harmon documentation and viewings of episodes. No text may be reproduced without the express permission of the author. To use this material in research, you are requested to inform the author and credit his contribution accordingly. Thank you.

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