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A placeholder site

Hi all, As you may recall, my Number 96 Home Page (est. 1996) at vanished without warning last year, so while I waited for action from my service provider, the most frequently-used elements (such as the episode guide) had to be urgently retrieved from Wayback Machine (because my original HTML files are on a dinosaur computer, and recent updates had been done to the site live). All old "free" webpages had been wiped clean in an overhaul of their system. Thus, I had hastily uploaded this placeholder site on Blogger. I was able to transfer the domain name to here instead, plus the year-by-year episode guides. (At least when people typed in the domain name, they had something to view; the 1999 edition of the home page is also archived on Pandora , but that version is long out of date.) Then, while re-creating and improving the old character guide from my retrieved data, my computer crashed... just as I got to "Z" on