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Suggestions for the Return of Maggie Cameron

The recurring character of Maggie Cameron (Bettina Welch) was quickly embroiled in an early dramatic arc in Season One of Number 96 : a romantic entanglement with the bisexual, fashion photographer, Bruce ; his homosexual, law student lover, Don ; their virginal, next door neighbour, Bev ; a shady biker, Cliff ; and Maggie's estranged husband, Victor . This plotline was novelised for a 1973 Arkon tie-in paperback, Bev & Bruce & Maggie & Don . Coincidentally, the actors who played her husband (Owen Weingott) and her lover, Bruce (Paul Weingott), were father and son. From Episode #60, Maggie began convincing Vera about starting a business venture with her: a Double Bay fashion salon, The Tapemeasure . With Victor now working overseas, the two woman became rivals for the affections of advertising guru, Simon (who would also return in the 1974 feature film version). She also briefly moved in with Vera. In a memo dated 11th December, 1972 , a think tank by the writ