Ian's Number 96 character guide (contains SPOILERS!):

Cast of Number 96

ABDUL, one of Eve's dates when she was flatting with Samantha Minerver and Vera Collins. He arrives in Arab robes and everyone sings, "For he's a jolly good fellow."

ACCIDENT VICTIM, Alf Sutcliffe is taken in for questioning by the police after he accidentally hits a man with his taxi. It is almost a hit-and-run, but Alf goes back to help the man. A newspaper article reports the death of the well-known businessman, who was hit by a taxi.

Quincy Samuel ADAMS of New York, who was, according to Tanya Schnolskevitska, the intended husband of the heiress, Rosemary Prior, as selected by her wealthy parents.

ADRIAN, a camp friend of Edie MacDonald, whom she met at meetings of the Gay Liberation Movement. A partner of the older Rodney, and a flamboyant antique dealer. Portrayed by Sean Myers (now Sean McEuan).

ADRIAN THE WAITER, a young drinks waiter known to Claire Houghton. He is working at Grant Chandler's drunken audition for Mardi Gras Records and seemingly answers to "Adrian, darling...".

ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE, who is displeased with Trixie O'Toole's live shopping centre performance as "the Goldybix Girl". Later, he realises that sales of the "yummy bickies" have increased significantly due to her efforts - and he offers her a contract for several TV commercials and takes her to dinner to celebrate. Portrayed by Guy Matthews.

ALAN, the obsessed brother of Bernadette. He wants to return to the incestuous relationship of their teenage years, but she rebuffs him. Alan makes several attempts to assault Bernadette and scare her into coming back to him, and leaves a message in lipstick on her mirror during Vera Collins' fashion parade. Portrayed by Peter Weston.

ALAN THE OUT-OF-TOWNER, from Wagga Wagga, who pulls up in his car outside Number 96 looking for a "Denise". In a job organised by Shani Carroll, new prostitute Jane Chester accepts a transaction and goes with him. Portrayed by Gordon Poole.

ALICIA, Claire Houghton's maid at her Point Piper residence. She is replaced by the much older Jasmine.

ALISTAIR, Trixie O'Toole's date at The Red Baron restaurant. He has a beard and an eyepatch, and is the foreman of a sardine factory.

AMBULANCE OFFICER. Portrayed by Reverend Alan Russell.

AMOS, the local wino who reports hearing the kidnapped Les Whittaker's Morse Code "S.O.S." message.

ANGELA, Maggie Cameron's receptionist, who has an unpleasant encounter with Cliff Stevens. Some of her secretarial duties are later taken over by Monica. Angela is mentioned by Jack Sellars during the time of the deli bomb incident, so she is still working for Maggie.

ANGELO, the chef at The Cosmopolitan restaurant and a colleague of Helen Sheridan. He resigns after being set up in a work politics scandal by Frank Braidwood. Portrayed by Paul Faranda.

ANNABELLE, Gary Whittaker's attractive nurse during his hospitalisation. She ignores his amorous attentions but, to Gary's annoyance, Annabelle agrees to accompany Dudley Butterfield on a date. It becomes a fiery one-night stand once they get back to Flat 6, thanks to Kerry Braddon. Portrayed by Nostalgia [Lindi] Mason.

ANTONIO THE JUGGLER, a showbiz acquaintance of Trixie O'Toole.

AQUARIUS, Georgina Carter's Hare Krishna high priest in The Church of the Enlightened.

ARABIAN MAN. After Lady Flo Mainwaring pulls a joke on Dorrie Evans, by dressing in Arabian garb and facial hair, Dorrie tugs on the beard of a robed man in Lindsay Street, who is carrying a sandwich board on his back advertising Mohammed's Take-Away Shish-Kebabs.

"ARMPITS", a colleague of Weppo Smith's on the garbage truck. He sweats a lot.

Miss ARMSTRONG, a rather masculine-looking woman in a tweed suit, collar and tie, turns up at Flat 3 to buy one of Herb Evans' inflatable ladies, much to Dorrie Evans' bewilderment. Portrayed by Vicki Battese.

Amanda ASHTON --> See Baroness Amanda VON PAPPENBURG

Sir Arnold ASHTON, a respected judge of the High Court and the uncle of Ralph, Don and Carol Finlayson. He lives in the respectible suburb of Hunters Hill. Sir Arnold convinces Don to marry Sally Fielding for their mutual benefit. Sir Arnold is revealed to be the father of Sally's unborn child. He meets up with his sister, Amanda Von Pappenburg, in Marrakesh, and tells her of Don's "emotional troubles". Portrayed by James Condon.

Lady Frances ASHTON, Sir Arnold's wife, who remains loyal to her wayward husband. She pleads with her nephew, Don Finlayson, not to take revenge on Sir Arnold after Sally Finlayson's death by suicide. Portrayed by Faye Donaldson.

ATHOL THE TOURIST, who is from Auckland and staying at a nearby motel. He and his wife wander into the deli looking for toiletries. He is stunned to recognise Liz Feather behind the counter, calling her "Beckie Wilson". Liz is perplexed and denies knowing them. Portrayed by Brian Barrie.

ATHOL THE TOURIST'S WIFE, from Auckland. She complains that motel soap always affects her sensitive skin. She offers condolences on the fate of Beckie Wilson's husband, but Liz Feather is perplexed and denies knowing them. Portrayed by Betty Cheal.

BABS, a tarty friend of George Baker and Herb Evans. She frequents the local pub and encourages George to buy her a brooch when he comes into money. Jessie Blanchard suspects her of being a prostitute. Portrayed by Penny Ramsay.

Mrs BAIRSTOW, a gossipy member of Paddington Senior Citizens Club and a friend of Jessie Blanchard. She sees Herb Evans out with two "tarty girls" and delights in informing Dorrie Evans.

George BAKER, a used car salesman, friend of Babs and Trixie, and the former business colleague of Harry Collins and Herb Evans. Portrayed by Barry Donnelly.

Mervin BAKER, the general manager of Prospect Developments, and the first witness in Maggie Cameron's trial over the delicatessen bomb blast. Portrayed by Gordon Poole.

Barbara BALLANTINE, supposedly an old school friend of Rose Godolfus, who lives at Hunters Hill, but Vera Collins discovers that she is part of a cover story when Rose is seeking an illegal abortion.

Brian BANERJEE, the Tamil assistant pharmacist who is briefly employed in Sonia Vansard's chemist shop. His parents live in Calcutta and have pre-arranged his forthcoming wedding. During a delusion, Sonia confuses him for her dead husband, Gordon Vansard, and she tries to take Brian into her bed. He quits his job in her chemist shop to travel to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) so he can cancel the wedding. Portrayed by Beverley Roberts.

Mr & Mrs BANERJEE, the parents of Brian. They live in Calcutta, India, and have pre-arranged their son's forthcoming wedding.

Trevor BANKS, a famous, but faded, American actor, now an alcoholic. Flo Patterson recognises him at the airport and wants his autograph. He later turns up at Norma's Bar, and is revealed to be the estranged father of Grace Primrose. In his heyday, Trevor wed Prim's mother and took her to Hollywood, but his womanising ways destroyed the marriage. Trevor has returned to Australia to make a movie, but his talent agent, Scott Taylor, seems to be the only one with faith in Trevor's cinematic future. Portrayed by Kev Golsby.

Detective Sergeant BANNING, who conducts an official search of Carlo Lenzi's residence with Detective Bowers following an anonymous tip-off about the Moritza Diamond. Portrayed by Harold Jones.

BAR CUSTOMER. Portrayed by Graham Rushton.

Alex BARDWELL, a smooth-talking art gallery owner who tries to convince Roma Godolfus that her (terrible) paintings are worth exhibiting, but he is really seeking Roma’s affection. Portrayed by Colin Drake.

Billy BARNES, the original trainer of Vera Collins' horse, I Kid You Not. He is replaced by the more trustworthy Bert Kelly. Portrayed by Reg Gillam.

Mr BARNES, a board member of a family wine business, Harvey & Sons. Portrayed by John Bull.

Matthew "Matt" BARRINGTON, the surf-loving, temporary chef from Norma's Bar who has a fascination for Lorelei Wilkinson. Matt is caught peeping at her in the shower, and disappears soon after Lorelei’s murder, which makes him a prime suspect. Portrayed by John Paramor.

Oscar BARRY, who supposedly runs a theatrical agency for showgirls and hostesses travelling to Singapore to perform in shows. It is, in fact, a white slavery racket. Jaja Gibson signs with him, which leads to David Palmer being kidnapped by the bogus Detective Cord. Oscar is eventually arrested after David's dead body is found. He gives over the names of the rest of the syndicate. Portrayed by Redmond Phillips.

Joe BARTHOLOMEW. Many years ago, Ida Godolfus left her husband, Aldo, and daughter, Rose, to be with Joe. When her new partner died, Ida moved on to Joe's best friend, Maurice Hardy.

Martin BARTLETT, the younger brother of Michael Bartlett and a son of Tom. He lives in New Zealand.

Michael BARTLETT, the handsome, but sometimes untruthful, fiancé of Marilyn MacDonald. When he first arrives at Number 96, Michael is an architecture student at the University of Sydney, who impresses Reg MacDonald with his knowledge of Local Government. He perpetrates a lie that his father, Tom, had died of unrequited love for Lucy Sutcliffe. He becomes a boarder in Flat 8 and attempts to wreck the Sutcliffes' marriage. He tearfully confesses all when Lucy discovers that Tom Bartlett is alive. Michael and Marilyn are in love and decide to elope so that Michael can share Marilyn’s bed in Flat 5 without compromising her parents' standards of decency. For a time, Michael is a suspect in the Pantyhose Murders. His marriage to Marilyn is revealed as a sham; she eventually discovers that Michael has a wife and newborn child in New Zealand. Portrayed by Peter Flett.

Mrs BARTLETT, the invalid wife of Tom, and mother of Michael and Martin. Lucy Sutcliffe finally sights her during a night at The Cosmopolitan restaurant and realises she is crippled. Mrs Bartlett's death is reported in the newspaper.

Thomas "Tom" BARTLETT, the father of Michael and Martin, and a sympathetic friend to Lucy Sutcliffe when she is struggling in her marriage to Alf Sutcliffe. The accountant befriends Lucy at the laundrette and Tom's kindness almost tempts Lucy away from her moody husband. Vera Collins spends some time with Tom and Alf assumes they are having an affair. Tom wants to divorce his wife and considers renting the vacant Flat 6 at Number 96 after the demise of Bev Houghton-Goodman. A death notice for the crippled Mrs Barlett appears in the newspaper. Although it appears that Tom took Lucy away with him, she was actually staying with a friend, Mary Singleton, in Queensland. Tom moves his family to New Zealand after the death of his invalid wife. Lucy is told by Michael that Tom has died, leaving Lucy $25,000 in his will. In truth, Tom is still alive. He tries to contact Michael at Number 96 several times, but all of his letters are returned "Address Unknown". Portrayed by Ron Roberts.

Bill BARTON, a reporter from a national crime magazine, who warns Maggie Cameron that Cliff Stevens has given her name as a character referee after his arrest on drug charges. Portrayed by Tony Allen.

Gilbert "Gil" BARTON, a travelling representative for a Hunter Valley winery, he attempts to romance Norma Whittaker, both before and after the death of her husband, Les. Portrayed by Don Philps.

Mr BAYSWATER, the real estate agent who represents the original owners of Number 96 before the building is purchased by the investment company run by Jack Sellars and Johnny Briggs. Portrayed by Reg Gillam.

Daphne BEGLEY, an oft-mentioned member of the Paddington Senior Citizens Bowling Club. She was also Flo Patterson's neighbour in Paradise Street who, after the fire at the Gosford Mansion flats, found a little pile of ashes in Ponsonby the cat's favourite spot, and gave them to Flo in an urn.

BELLA, a longtime friend of Roma Godolfus, her last one left from "the old country". Roma invites Bella to her art exhibition. Bella has a grandson, Michael.

Doctor BENNETT, who warns Don Finlayson that his cardiac patient, the retired Charles Thurgood, risks a massive heart attack if he does not slow down. Portrayed by John Dease.

Mr BENNETT, a business associate of the missing Sir William Mainwaring arrive at Mainwaring House in Point Piper looking for him. Portrayed by Alan Harvey.

Clem BENSON, a local councillor defeated in an election by Edie MacDonald.

Doctor BENTON, who treats an unconscious Bev Houghton.

BERNADETTE, a beautiful model from a Pol magazine shoot, who moves into Flat 7 with Vera Collins. Although she is lusted after by numerous residents of Number 96, including Miles Cooper, Bernadette is also being pursued by her brother Alan, with whom she has had an incestuous affair. Unable to cope with her situation, she dies by suicide, having thrown herself in front of a speeding truck. Portrayed by Charne Marshall.

BERNI, the fence who regularly finds buyers for the suitcases of stolen goods that Dick Riggs fills for him. Portrayed by Ed Thompson.

Larry BERRINGER, the prosecutor in Maggie Cameron's trial over the delicatessen bomb blast. Portrayed by Tony Girdler.

BERT, the perpetually job-seeking, long-time boyfriend of Meg Robinson. They have been together for 12 years. Portrayed by Al Thomas.

"BERTIE" --> See Herbert "Junior" WINTHROP

BEV, one of three young women, with Judy and Lenore, invited to a party by Lee and Grant Chandler. It was hosted by Giovanni Lenzi in Flat 2. The attendees are eventually playing strip poker. Portrayed by Sharon Higgins.

"Mr BIG", the unnamed kingpin of an international heroin-smuggling ring. Gary Whittaker is part of a secret operation to expose the gang after packets of heroin had been hidden inside a Buddha statue. It was sent to Don Finlayson by Baroness Amanda Von Pappenburg. He sends his thugs to threaten Don.

BIKIE, friend of Tony Brent, who watches the rape of a stranded Vera Collins on a lonely road, and presumably joins in. Much later, he expresses his distaste over the pasta served at the Giomaria Bistro by harassing Giovanni Lenzi. Chook Feather comes to his rescue. The bikie wears a leather jacket with the logo of The Devils motorcycle gang and promises to send his friends around, including Paul Sheldon's neo-Nazis. Portrayed by Phil Avalon.

BIKIE FRIEND, a colleague of Tony Brent, who also watches the rape of a stranded Vera Collins on a lonely road, and presumably joins in. Portrayed by Tony Fields.

BIKIE'S MOLL, the girlfriend of one of Tony Brent's bikie mates. She laughs as she watches the rape of a stranded Vera Collins on a lonely road. Portrayed by Caz Lederman.

BINGEY, the tiny Pomeranian dog that Vera Collins owned as a young child in South Africa.

Mr BINGHAM, the overly-loyal principal of a prestigious, private boarding school, Kennard House. He tampers with Guy Sutton's car and threatens the lives of Debbie Chester, Laura Trent and Vera Sutton, setting fire to a farmhouse where they are sheltering. He reveals himself as the murderer of teacher Phillip Chambers, whom he killed to cover up Phillip's attacks on Robin Dunmore and other students. He also killed Robin to keep him quiet. Portrayed by Redmond Phillips.

"BINKY", the first husband of Baroness Amanda Von Pappenburg. A millionaire, "Binky" took his own life by jumping from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, leaving his fortune to Amanda, and a lot of adverse publicity.

Margaret BISHOP, a work colleague of Reg MacDonald, who is seemingly dating him in secret. When Marilyn MacDonald realises what is happening, she suspects that her father is having an affair. Edie MacDonald claims to already know. Margaret tries to convince Edie that her connection with Reg is only friendship. She applies for a transfer to a similar position in Newcastle.

Matt BLACK, a journalist who contacts Chad Farrell about an article he is writing about discrimination in the NSW Department of Education. Mark Eastwood had suggested Chad to be interviewed for the piece.

BLACKIE, colleague of Tank, he is one of Edie MacDonald's witless kidnappers. Portrayed by Barney Combes.

Jessie BLANCHARD, a gossipy friend of Dorrie Evans, from Paddington Senior Citizens Bowling Club, who sees Herb Evans out with two "tarty girls" and informs Dorrie. A few weeks later she sees him with "two prostitutes". His companions that second time turn out to be Lucy Sutcliffe and her daughter, Ethel Brinkman. Portrayed by Margo Lloyd.

Fiona BLUEBELL PARTRIDGE, the bar manager of the Dog & Feathers pub near Wylie Park. A widowed friend of Arthur Partridge, she is wanting to get out of the hotel industry. She agrees to marry Arthur so he can take up the position he covets at the Railway Museum.

"BLUEY", a criminal acquaintance of Dick Riggs and Charlie. Herb Evans catches Dick with a suitcase of what looks like real silverware, destined for Charlie's house.

BODYGUARD, who is hired by Opal Wilkinson to protect Dorrie Evans when she is suing the Paddington Senior Citizens Bowling Club. He carries Dorrie into Flat 3 over his shoulder. Portrayed by Paul Graham.

Shirl BOOTHROYD. With her ditzy friend, Petal Wagstaff, Shirl is Don Finlayson's partner on an unlikely double date with Dudley Butterfield. Portrayed by Zoe Salmon.

Sister BOTTOMLEY, a nursing colleague of Les Whittaker. She accidentally became locked in the hospital's morgue for over six hours and was only missed at afternoon tea. She was very cold when rescued by the staff, so they sat her in the boiler room for a while and gave her three large brandies.

Detective BOWERS, who assists Detective Sergeant Banning to conduct an official search of Carlo Lenzi's residence following an anonymous tip-off about the Moritza Diamond.

BOWLING LADY, a member of the Paddington Senior Citizens Bowling Club who informs Dorrie Evans that the Ayers Rock team is in quarantine for measles! Portrayed by Jean Hadgraft.

John BRADDON, the father of Kerry, whose violent mood swings seem to be triggered by his feelings of inadequacy around his son. He and Kerry are eventually happily reunited. Portrayed by Revelly Jones.

Kerry BRADDON, a 16-year old homeless, but very intelligent, shoplifter with a violent past. Kerry was apprehended in the delicatessen and was due to be adopted by its proprietors, Aldo and Roma Godolfus, before the bomb explosion which claimed their lives. His father, John, removes Kerry from the boarding school the Godolfuses had provided for in their wills. He turns up in Flat 6, eventually becoming the ward of Arnold Feather and enrolled at the same school as Debbie Chester. Kerry's nickname for Arnold is "Skinny". Following a severe bashing, Kerry suffers a temporary bout of blindness. Portrayed by Ashley Grenville.

Frank BRAIDWOOD, the assistant manager of The Cosmopolitan restaurant and a colleague of Helen Sheridan. He sets up Angelo for failure to irritate the feminist Helen. Portrayed by Tony Ingersent.

Detective Sergeant BRANIGAN, who has no luck interrogating Duncan Swann so Paul Sheridan offers to speak with the suspect in his holding cell. Later, he tells Don Finlayson that he doubts Harold Wilkinson's sanity over the Coral Fuller case. Portrayed by John Larking.

Mr BRAYSHAW, the new laundrette chain owner who revokes Dudley Butterfield's franchise after he took over from Lucy Sutcliffe. A very upset Dudley wants Jaja Gibson to go with him as they plan to make Mr Brayshaw change his mind. However, they fail to change Mr Brayshaw's mind.

Jim BRECKETT, Les Whittaker's fellow orderly at the hospital. Les is called in to take over his shift when Jim suffers a strangulated hernia.

Ernst BREMERSKI, who sees Roma Godolfus's picture in the newspaper, has information about someone with that surname being responsible for a massacre of innocent Jewish women and children at the German town of Lindorf during World War II. After Franz Godolfus is revealed to be the guilty party, Aldo is reunited with his old friend, Ernst. Portrayed by Louis Wishart.

BRENDA, Dudley Butterfield's oft-mentioned aunt, who lives in Beecroft in Sydney. After her sister, Mabel Butterfield, suffers a stroke, Mabel moves from Melbourne to live with Brenda. Brenda also hosts a niece, Elsie Gibson, when Elsie's daughter, Jaja, goes missing. Don Finlayson drives Brenda and Mabel back to Beecroft after Dudley's funeral.

Nicholas "Nick" BRENT, the debonair politician, also a widower, and a society friend of Claire Houghton's. Nick becomes a suitor of Vera Collins, whom he meets while Vera is recuperating from a pack rape. He is unconcerned that her seedy past may harm his chances at the next Federal election. He becomes Australia's next Prime Minister. Portrayed by James Condon.

Tony BRENT, the cruel, but ruggedly handsome leader of a group of bikies who rapes a stranded Vera Collins on a lonely road. He is later revealed to be Nick Brent's son and he dies in a fiery car crash while attempting to silence Vera permanently. Portrayed by Patrick Ward.

Magistrate BREVERTON, who is involved in settling the illegal wine case that involves Roma Lubinski. Years later, he orders Debbie Chester into juvenile detention. Portrayed by John Rayner.

Elena BREWSTER, an elderly, asthmatic patient at the hospital at which Les Whittaker is an orderly. She showers Les with gifts, making Norma jealous. Elena has a Maltese terrier named Impetu, which she tries to give to Les. Later, she tries to bribe Les with $1000 to ensure that the hospital security guard, Jim Parnell, is away from his post on a particular morning. When a detective shows Norma Whittaker some mugshots, she recognises Mrs Brewster as part of a drug-trafficking criminal gang, wanted by Interpol. Her aliases include "Nellie Hopgood" and "Sarah Goodman". Portrayed by Olga Dickie.

Johnny BRIGGS, a ruthless business partner of Jack Sellars, whose grandiose idea for extending the wine bar at Number 96 threatens to put Aldo Godolfus and his deli out of business. Johnny leaves the partnership over his disagreement with Don Finlayson and Jack. Maggie Cameron is a surprise replacement for Johnny. Although Johnny moves to Melbourne, he continues to run a separate partnership with Jack. Portrayed by Deryck Barnes.

Monsieur Vernon BRIGGS, Court Photographer, was to be appointed by Roma Lubinski to take photos at Rose and Julian Myers' wedding. Maggie Cameron is not impressed with his work.

Alfred BRINKMAN, the youngest son of Ethel and Kevin, and grandson of Alf and Lucy Sutcliffe. He lives with his parents in Darwin.

Debbie BRINKMAN, the daughter of Ethel and Kevin, and granddaughter of Alf and Lucy Sutcliffe. Alf is annoyed about Lucy spending money on clothes for Debbie. She moved with her parents to Darwin.

Ethel BRINKMAN, Lucy and Alf Sutcliffe's daughter, and mother to Debbie, Garth and, later, little Alfred Jr. Ethel and her family move from Newcastle to Darwin, instead of Sydney as they originally planned, which upsets Lucy terribly. Portrayed by Jenny Lee.

Garth BRINKMAN, the eldest son of Ethel and Kevin, and grandson of Alf and Lucy Sutcliffe. He moved with his parents to Darwin.

Kevin BRINKMAN, Ethel's husband. He moves the family from Newcastle to Darwin when he becomes Area Manager of the Northern Territory of a soft drink company. Portrayed by Peter Corbett.

Mrs BROTHERTON, former Blacktown neighbour of Reg and Edie MacDonald. When she hears that the Marilyn MacDonald will be returning to the suburb, she plans a reception to welcome them and to introduce Marilyn to Blacktown society.

BRUNO, who stalks and seemingly threatens Dorrie Evans after she witnesses a murder in a window across the street. He claims to be a talent scout and, after Dorrie knocks him out and ties him to a chair, Flo Patterson arrives to announce that Bruno really is a talent scout, as the real murderer has just been apprehended by the police. Eventually, Mrs Terry gets cast in the movie instead of Dorrie.

Daphne BRYANT, the late Sylvia Vansard's vengeful, identical twin sister from England. Portrayed by Shirley Cameron.

Mrs BRYCE-JONES, along with Mrs Charlton and 40 other women, she is a member of Edie MacDonald's Meals on Wheels Committee.

"BUBBLES" --> See Reginald P. MACDONALD

Mrs BUCHANAN, who owns a Mona Vale beach house which Edie MacDonald manages to burn down. Her sons in LG have both been TCs at the TH (Town Clerks at the Paddington Town Hall), Ian Duncan and Edward Duncan. She calls Edward "Teddy". Mrs Buchanan coerces him to promote Reg MacDonald to ADTC (Assistant Deputy Town Clerk). Portrayed by Lea Denfield.

"BUGS" --> See Grant CHANDLER

BUILDING INSPECTOR, of the Paddington Council, who attends Reg MacDonald's 47th birthday party with Miss Prendergast.

Alderman Mrs April BULLOCK, Reg MacDonald's stern-faced colleague in LG who becomes hopelessly enamoured of him. She later plots with Aldermen Sinclair and Palfrey to use Edie MacDonald to defeat Clem Benson in the next election. Portrayed by Judi Farr.

Bobby BULLOCK, April's inept alderman nephew, who rises to the position of DTC of the TH and conspires with Edie to have Reg given a knighthood.

Angela BURKE, an actress and also a client of Meg Robinson's Megaphone. She has received a coffin from a creepy admirer and Hope Jackson has it delivered to Megaphone so the undertakers could collect it. Unfortunately, Bert is hiding inside it. Later, the same stalker sends Angela three Russian wolfhounds.

Maisie BURNETT, a big-noting prostitute in the wine bar who loudly claims to be the last person to see Lorelei Wilkinson alive. Thus, Maisie provides her client of the previous evening - the main suspect, Matt Barrington - with an alibi. Portrayed by Josie Mackay.

Mr BURROUGHS, the prosecutor associated with Gordon Freeman's abortion case. Portrayed by Henry Heydeman.

"BURT", a fake admirer of Bev Houghton. He supposedly rings to organise a date when Janie Somers and Jack Sellars are trying to convince Bev to come out with them, but it is actually her unwitting mother, Claire.

Brian BURY, a television compere at Channel TEN, who interviews Dorrie and Herb Evans about the plight of Australian pensioners. Portrayed by Himself.

BUSINESSMAN, who is supposedly visiting from Dubbo and requires an escort for a work function. He rejects the tarty girls in David Palmer's listings and offers the gig to David's assistant, Jaja Gibson. Portrayed by Hugh Sawkins.

Ben BUTTERFIELD, a young boy suspected to belong to Dudley from his marriage to Jan. Later, a secret visit with Ben leaves Dudley without an alibi during the Pantyhose Strangler’s reign of terror. Portrayed by Ben Huber.

Dudley BUTTERFIELD, Arnold Feather's movie buff friend from catering school who comes to Number 96 to work in the deli. He lives at Mrs Parallel's boarding house nearby. He swaps jobs with Arnold to become the chef at Norma's Bar. With the encouragement of Don Finlayson's aunt, Amanda Von Pappenburg, Dudley moves into Flat 4 as Don's partner. Previously, he had considered himself to be bisexual. He has a troubled, secret romantic relationship with Carol Finlayson and they almost accept jobs at a rival established Dudley breaks the thrilling news about his and Carol's successful appointments to the management team of The Grapevine, a rival eatery. He also has a brief relationship with his distant cousin, Jaja Gibson, which they attempt to morph into a ménage à trois situation with Jane Chester. Dudley tries his hand as the proprietor of the nearby Bun 'n Oven restaurant (in partnership with Arnold), which they rename The Continental. After a disastrous brawl breaks out on opening night, they keep the name but convert the business into a hairdressing salon, employing Jaja as their trained stylist. They retain the name, The Continental. Upon moving into Flat 6, Dudley takes up with hairdresser Rhonda Jackson. Kerry Braddon's nickname for Dudley is "Buttercup". Dudley transforms Norma's Bar into Duddles' disco so he can emphasise music in the venue. After winning TV's King of Trivia crown, Dudley is given a job as an on-air personality, introducing classic movies. He falls in love with Shani Carroll, which leads to his violent death in a siege at the wine bar. Portrayed by Chard Hayward.

Jan Everett BUTTERFIELD, Dudley's wife from his hidden past and the mother of a young boy, Ben. Jan lived with a man named John Traynor after she left Dudley. She is terrified of her brother, Tony Everett - but is it he or Dudley who is Ben's real father? Jan and Ben join her mother, Mrs Everett, when they move away in secret. Portrayed by Denise Otto.

Mabel BUTTERFIELD, Dudley's mother, an avid gambling enthusiast, who lives in Melbourne. After suffering a stroke, Mabel wants Dudley to return home to be her carer. Instead, she now lives with her sister, Brenda, at Beecroft in Sydney. Don drives Mabel back to Beecroft after Dudley's funeral. Portrayed by Sheila Helpmann.

Mrs BUXTON, the mother of Toby and a devout Catholic; her deathbed confession holds Debbie Chester to a tragic secret about Toby's health. Mrs Buxton fears that if Toby knows he is dying, he will kill himself, then will never get to Heaven. Portrayed by Joan Lord.

Toby BUXTON, the arrogant and anti-social young artist who is taken in as a boarder in Flat 4 by Debbie Chester. He met her at university and he has a powerful hold over her, nicknaming her "Mouse". His name first comes to Don Finlayson's attention as a suspect in a series of blackmail letters to the residents of Number 96. Supposedly, he booked the hotel room where Rob Forsyth must deliver $1000, but Toby is an innocent pawn. Jane Chester finds herself both repulsed and attracted to Toby. To scare Jane out of prostitution, Toby poses as a kinky client. He uncovers an old Rembrandt masterpiece hidden underneath Maria Panucci's painting of The Madonna. When Dorrie Evans asks him to design a "murial" for the Sunshine Patio, Toby completes it in typically controversial style. Canon Clydesdale unveils Toby's art, which he entitles The Copulation Explosion, depicting our world as "a giant screw". Dorrie is outraged when she realises it is "pornographical". Toby is commissioned to paint a portrait of Reg MacDonald in his knighthood regalia, but it is premature and can't be used as intended. Marilyn MacDonald renames the painting TC in Fancy Dress and it is considered for the Archibald Prize, but Edie steals it back and gets arrested. Toby smuggles his pet, Dog, into the flat. Toby is unaware that he is dying of leukemia. When he does find out, he confesses to his priest that he intends to suicide. Toby will take Dog's life, too, although he is unable to fire the gun. Toby passes away before the Last Rights can be given. Portrayed by Malcolm Thompson.

Mr CALTHROP, Dorrie and Herb Evans' solicitor. Portrayed by Ken Fraser.

Maggie CAMERON, the bitchy, red-haired fashion editor who has an adulterous affair with the bisexual Bruce Taylor. She has lived in Flat 5 and has also boarded with Vera Collins in Flat 7. Estranged from her husband, Victor Cameron, Maggie has numerous dangerous liaisons, including with a bikie, Cliff Stevens. Maggie opens a Double Bay salon, The Tapemeasure, with her friend (and often rival), Vera Collins. She replaces Johnny Briggs in a business partnership run by Jack Sellars and Don Finlayson. Maggie seemingly contributes to the shooting death of Bev Houghton and often makes life unpleasant for many of Number 96's residents. Gary Whittaker sleeps with her when he is seeking information of a Buddha statue filled with heroin. When kidnapped by Cain Carmichael, Maggie manages to escape and uses scissors to stab him in self-defence. As part-owner of Number 96, she tries to usurp Norma Whittaker from the wine bar, without success. While attempting to force a "vacant possession" sale of the building, Maggie plants a time bomb to scare out the tenants. The first one is phony, the second deadly. Although she gives ample warning before flying to Melbourne to create an alibi, the bomb goes off in the delicatessen that night at 6.00pm, killing four long-time residents. At her trial, the judge certifies Maggie as temporarily insane and she spends several years behind bars "at the Governor's pleasure". After her release, Maggie plays a cruel trick on the residents of Number 96 on the eve of Arnold Feather's third marriage. Portrayed by Bettina Welch.

Victor CAMERON, the estranged husband of Maggie. He is very rich and supervises large engineering projects. Portrayed by Owen Weingott.

Colin CAMPBELL, the teenaged son of Margo, Colin comes to board in Flat 7 with Vera Collins while his parents are overseas. He gets up to all sorts of hijinks, including hanging out with cannabis-smoking friends. Colin eventually joins Penny Snow, a squatter who has taken over the vacant Flat 6. When Penny leaves, Colin moves back to Flat 7 and tells Vera that he is certain that his father hates him. He does not want to travel to South Africa to be with his parents. Colin resents the blossoming romance between Jack and Vera. Colin develops a hero-worship crush on Don Finlayson, much to the concern of Jack Sellars, Dudley Butterfield and Vera. Colin shares the same initials, "C.C.", as Cain Carmichael, and this leads to a mix-up over an incriminating identity bracelet found in the deli by Aldo Godolfus. Portrayed by Steve Bannister.

COLIN'S FRIENDS, who visit Flat 6 while Colin Campbell and Penny Snow are squatting there. Penny catches the amorous teenaged couple in her bedroom, smoking cannabis and removing their clothes. She orders them out of the flat. Colin's association with the pair eventually leads to him getting suspended from school. Portrayed by Chris Benaud and Angela Punch (McGregor).

Margo CAMPBELL, a South African friend of Vera Collins and the mother of Colin. She writes to Vera to tell her that she and her husband are delaying their return to Australia and, later, that they are staying in South Africa. Portrayed by Doris Goddard.

Mr CAMPBELL, the husband of Margo Campbell and the father of Colin. According to Colin, his father hates him.

CANDY, a naked prostitute found in Giovanni Lenzi's wardrobe by his Aunt Maria Panucci. She says that "Candy" is short for Candice. Portrayed by Melissa Mitchell.

CARETAKER, who tells Les Whittaker that "Madelaine" (Dorothy Dunlop's alter ego) does not exist. This caretaker is possibly Mrs Parallel, of a local boarding house.

Mrs CARFAX, a society matron and one of Vera Collins' first clients at The Tapemeasure fashion salon in Double Bay.

Marion CARLTON, Arnold Feather's teacher at catering school. Although Marion is a married woman, she teaches Arnold more about life and love than cookery. Portrayed by Lorrae Desmond.

Mr CARLTON, who unexpectedly answers the home telephone when Arnold Feather is trying to reach Marion. Arnold quickly hangs up. Later, he is returning home earlier than planned when Arnold has been spending an evening in the Carlton marital bed.

Mrs CARLTON-BELL, who refuses to release Reg and Edie MacDonald from a lease they signed on a property in Rose Bay - until Edie and her daughter, Marilyn, unleash a cunning plan to sublet all the rooms to unsavoury groups, which horrifies Mrs Carlton-Bell. Portrayed by Aileen Britton.

Cain CARMICHAEL, a former prison associate of Dick Riggs and Cliff Stevens. The attractive Cain tries to get work as a male model with Maggie Cameron's fashion agency. He shares the same initials, "C.C.", as Colin Campbell. His lost identity bracelet reveals Cain to have been an associate of an acid-throwing assailant, who assaulted Roma Godolfus in the deli. On behalf of Cliff, Cain blackmails Aldo Godolfus by threatening the lives of his daughter, Rose Myers, and her family, who live in Port Moresby. Cain kidnaps Maggie after tricking Aldo out a $40,000 ransom and running him down with a motorcycle. Maggie escapes being Cain's prisoner by stabbing him in the stomach with a pair of scissors. Portrayed by Tristan Rogers.

Jilly CARPENTER, an old school friend of Debbie Chester, who introduces her to The Children of Jesus cult and their leader, Joshua, during a day at the beach while Lee and Grant Chandler were off surfing. Debbie almost didn't recognise Jilly with longer hair. Portrayed by Karlene Rogerson.

Simon CARR, a handsome, but shy, public relations businessman working for The Tapemeasure salon. Simon finds himself a rival of Peter Harvey for Vera Collins' affections but is reluctant to choose between Maggie Cameron and Vera. Years later, he returns to them, but settles for Don Finlayson instead. He is severely injured by Tony Brent when a motorcycle is deliberately ridden towards him. Portrayed by John Orcsik.

Max CARROLL, an escaped prisoner and the brother of Shani. Max kills Dudley Butterfield and two wine bar customers with a machine gun, then holds several of the Number 96 residents as hostages in a bloody siege. He is eventually shot dead by Derek Costa. Portrayed by Stuart Campbell.

Shani CARROLL, a shady character who cons her way into Dudley Butterfield's life so she can run a call-girl racket out of Duddles'. She is found out by Lee Chandler and Opal Wilkinson and retaliates by attempting to have Opal killed. Shani makes an offer to Lee to "look the other way" whenever her girls "accommodate" the needs of the male patrons. After Dudley Butterfield's death, an attempt is made on Shani's life when her boss, Alex Leicher, gives her an overdose of drugs. She is revived in hospital, but disappears from Number 96 without saying goodbye. Portrayed by Margie Brown (now Margi Brown Ash).

Superintendent CARROLL, the chief investigator into the death of Gordon Vansard's wife, Sylvia. Later he returns to investigate new accusations against Gordon Vansard. Portrayed by Mike Dorsey.

Daisy CARSON, a frequent customer of Number 96's deli, laundrette and The Continental hairdressing salon. She farewells Aldo and Roma Godolfus at the airport when they fly to USA. Portrayed by Joyce Jacobs.

Georgina CARTER, Dorrie Evans' teenaged niece from Coffs Harbour, who moves into Flat 3 when her parents, Jeff and Lois, are injured in a car accident. An avid hippy, she has eclectic interests, including discos, which she attends with Kit Vansard, meditation, guitars, marijuana, and her involvement with The Church of the Enlightened, which seems akin to Hare Krishna. At Dorrie's instigation, Georgina takes a job as an assistant at the Vansards’ pharmacy. Arnold Feather and Georgina find each other sexually attractive, but they never consummate their relationship, which only adds to their frustration. Long after returning north, an unexpected phone call that Georgina makes to Arnold almost ends his engagement to Patti Olsen. Georgina rings her "Auntie Dee" to come to Coffs Harbour and look after him, but Dorrie sends Uncle Herb Evans instead. Portrayed by Susannah Piggott.

Jeffrey "Jeff" CARTER, Dorrie Evans' brother, who lives in Coffs Harbour, NSW. The husband of Lois Carter and father of Georgina Carter. He and his wife are critically injured in a car accident in Queensland. Several years later, he falls ill and Georgina rings her "Auntie Dee", Dorrie Evans, to come to Coffs Harbour and look after him, but Dorrie sends Herb Evans instead.

Lois CARTER, Dorrie Evans' sister-in-law. The wife of Jeff Carter and mother of Georgina Carter. She and Jeff are critically injured in a car accident in Queensland.

Mr & Mrs CARTER, the parents of Dorrie Evans and Connie Meadows. Mr Carter was a strict Methodist and a leading ornithologist. According to Flo Patterson, he left Mrs Carter for a bottle-blonde from Katoomba.

Mr CARTWRIGHT-SMITH, a tenant who briefly leases Flat 6 from Dorrie Evans. He treats it like a guest house, with Herb, Dorrie and Flo attempting to cater to his every whim.

Doctor Mike CAVANAGH, a client of Megaphone who takes a shine to both Hope Jackson and Emma Robinson. Portrayed by John Hamblin.

CECIL, (aka "Cec") is a friend of Herb Evans. He attends a poker game in Flat 3 with Les Whittaker and another friend, George, while Dorrie Evans and Flo Patterson are away at the Hydro Majestic Hotel in Medlow Bath.

Elizabeth "Liz" Sarah CHALMERS FEATHER, Dean MacDonald's former fiancée from Adelaide, who moves into Flat 5 with his parents just before Marilyn MacDonald goes abroad. Liz hides her devious persona by feigning a saccharine innocence. She marries Arnold Feather and works with him in the delicatessen. Simultaneously, Liz conducts a torrid affair with Gary Whittaker. She commences poisoning Arnold with potassium antimony tartrate and is eventually revealed to be a bigamist. Her real name is revealed to be "Beckie Wilson" of Auckland when she is recognised by Athol and his wife, tourists from New Zealand. Her deceased husband was James Dermot Wilson, whom Beckie had poisoned with antimony. She was also married to Colin Morris. Portrayed by Margaret Laurence.

Phillip CHAMBERS, a school teacher at Kennard House, and the former lover of Laura Trent. Phillip returns from England after a three-year absence and, at first, believes Laura to be having an affair with her flatmate, Don Finlayson. Phillip replaces Mr Tizzard, after a fire broke out in that teacher's office. A scandal ensues when school student Robin Dunmore claims to have been bashed by Phillip. Warwick Thompson tricks Phillip into revealing his guilt and his bisexuality to Laura. Phillip is brutally murdered by his own principal, Mr Bingham, during an attempt to protect the school's good name. A series of diary entries reveal the existence of a sexual relationship between Phillip and Robin. Portrayed by Henri Szeps.

Bernard CHANDLER, the husband of Fay and father of Lee and Grant. Not long after moving into Flat 7, Bernard leaves his family to take up an interstate mining job and is thought to have suicided when he learns of Fay's infidelity. However, his death is proven to be an accident. Portrayed by James Moss.

Fay CHANDLER, Reg MacDonald's pushy sister, who upsets his rigid routines when her family moves into Flat 7 above him. Her sister is named Evelyn. Fay is hoping to commence work as a receptionist and stenographer for Dr Mike Purcell, but is secretly having an affair with him. Her sons, Lee and Grant, are suspicious and then Reg recognises Mike as Fay's fiancé before she met Bernard. Fay suffers a mental breakdown after her husband's death and becomes a resident at the Zeigler Clinic in Gosford. She later moves in with her son, Lee, and his partner, Jane Chester, in Newcastle. Portrayed by Lynne Murphy.

Grant CHANDLER, Bernard and Fay's youngest, carefree and laziest son, whose bisexual liaisons, underworld connections, and love of surfing, often create havoc for his family. His brother Lee calls him "Bugs". Grant commences work as a gigolo, conducting an affair with Claire Houghton while working as her chauffeur and dog-walker. He later launches a successful singing career in Duddles', but is frequently mobbed by fans. Opal Wilkinson helps Grant to fake his own death, temporarily. Portrayed by Michael Howard.

Lee CHANDLER, Grant's older brother. Lee has a brief fling with Laura Trent, but she dumps him for the older Gary Whittaker. He becomes very concerned by his mother's affair with Dr Purcell and blames Fay for Bernard Chandler's death. Lee is promoted to manager of Duddles' after its owner, Dudley Butterfield, becomes a television star. Lee moves to Newcastle to be closer to his mother. A flat comes with The Kit Kat Club, the wine bar he is running with Jane Chester. Portrayed by Stephen McDonald.

Ursula CHANDLER of Brisbane, sister of Bernard. Lee and Grant Chandler visit her on their long drive from Townsville to Paddington.

Norah CHAPMAN, who rings Edie MacDonald, intending to visit her, a thought which alarms Reg MacDonald. Norah knows the truth about Marilyn's background. Marilyn is determined to find out the family secrets and arranges to meet her real father, Bill Sumner.

CHARLENE. Flo Patterson once knew Charlene, whom she describes as "a real nag". Charlene's husband ran off with the bar girl down at the Rose & Crown Hotel.

CHARLES, a mature-aged suitor of Bev Houghton when they double date with Janie Somers and Alex Lederer. Charles reminds Janie of Bev's late father, Alec. Portrayed by Max Osbiston.

CHARLIE, a criminal acquaintance of Dick Riggs and "Bluey". Herb Evans catches Dick with a suitcase of what looks like real silverware, which is valued at about $200.

Mrs CHARLTON, along with Mrs Bryce-Jones and 40 other women, she is a member of Edie MacDonald's Meals on Wheels Committee.

Sid CHATTERTON, a homeless tramp befriended by Herb Evans in the local park. Herb secretly installs Sid into Flat 6, which had remained vacant since the death of Bev Houghton-Goodman. Although he claims to be using methylated spirits to clean his war medals, it is suspected that Sid is drinking from the bottle. Portrayed by Harry Lawrence.

CHAUFFEUR, who is employed by Henry Dunmore and is ordered to collect Don Finlayson. Portrayed by Digby Thomas.

Bob CHESTER, the brother of Ian, who offers him a partnership in an engineering business in Rockhampton. Ian recalls that Eileen Chester always got along well with Bob's wife.

Debbie CHESTER, a 16-year old, rebellious schoolgirl with low self-esteem, she is easily influenced by others. She and her mother, Eileen, move into Flat 7 with Vera Collins. Her friend from high school, Teresa, coerces her to experiment with uppers, downers and heroin under her naive mother's nose. She uses the alias "Joan Thomas of Smith Street, Paddington" to pawn Eileen's engagement ring with a local pawnbroker. Debbie gets "tarted up" and heads to Kings Cross, but has little success raising drug money. Debbie is soon placed on probation by the court. For a time, she works at Bun 'n Oven restaurant. Debbie grows up not knowing Ian Chester, Jane's estranged father, nor her real father. She later learns the truth about her mother's extramarital affair, which led to her birth. Later, Debbie becomes temporarily mute through the shock of witnessing her mother's horrific death at sea. Becoming the legal ward of Don Finlayson until her 18th birthday, Debbie continues to share Flat 4 with her older sister, Jane. Debbie is a key witness in the mystery surrounding the murder of Phillip Chambers. Phillp's killer targets her as his next victim. Her excellent marks in the Higher School Certificate examinations gain her entrance into university to study veterinary science. Still easily-led, Debbie is often manipulated by both Toby Buxton and a religious cult leader named Joshua. Portrayed by Dina Mann.

Eileen CHESTER, Vera Collins' seamstress at the House of Danielle salon whose work suffers with the trials of bringing up two daughters as a single mother. Eileen moves in with her employer as a boarder. Accompanying her is her sulky younger daughter, Debbie, who causes Eileen much heartache. When Flat 4 becomes vacant, they move downstairs and are joined by Debbie's elder sister, Jane. An unexpected reconciliation with husband, Ian, brings out the truth that Eileen has kept hidden for years: that illegitimate Debbie was the product of Eileen's extramarital affair with a man named Grant, not a rape. Eileen's reunion vacation with Ian is cut short by a marauding shark. Portrayed by Patti Crocker.

Ian CHESTER, the estranged father of Jane Chester. A former merchant mariner, he left Eileen Chester after she fell pregnant with Debbie Chester while he was at sea. Ian reunites with Eileen and his family but goes missing, and is presumed killed, when he attempts to rescue Eileen from the jaws of a shark in Rockhampton. Portrayed by Stuart Finch.

Jane CHESTER FORSYTH, Debbie's older sister, a theatre usherette and, later, a waitress at Norma's Bar. Jane becomes a victim of the Hooded Rapist and discovers, to her own horror, that she enjoyed the experience. Her love for a married man, Frank Hobson, results in a murder charge. Cleared through the efforts of Don Finlayson, Jane marries homosexual Rob Forsyth so that he can stay in Australia beyond the date of his visa expiry. She claims to have aborted a baby belonging to Frank when she realises that Rob will not stay with her. Shani Carroll gets Jane work as an escort, but she has several scary experiences, including with Toby Buxton, and wants out. Her pimp is a man named Judd. Jane is used as a human shield in Max Carroll's siege at Duddles'. For a time, Jane feels a sexual attraction to Ros Halliday. When Jane falls pregnant again, she realises that her heart, and unborn child, belong to Lee Chandler, who had recently left Sydney, so Jane goes off in pursuit of him. Portrayed by Suzanne Church.

Mr CHESTER, the father of Noeline Sutcliffe.

"CHINKA", a colleague of Weppo Smith's on the garbage truck. On his the last day on the truck, he celebrates with a rowdy lunch at Norma's Bar.

Adrian CHIVERS, who is the pompous host of TV's King of Trivia game show. Dudley Butterfield wins his movie category on his show. Portrayed by Tony Langshaw.

Sister CHUTER, Patti Feather's nursing supervisor at the hospital. Patti is worried about disappointing her.

Ida CLAPPER, a member of the Paddington Senior Citizens Bowling Club and a colleague of Hilda Dynasty. Ida is responsible for organising a bus trip which is overbooked.

CLARENCE, also known as "Nutsy", is a colleague of Weppo Smith's on the garbage truck.

CLAUDINE, an out-of-work actress with a broad Australian accent, who happens to be a look-alike of Amanda Von Pappenburg. Amanda's former husband, Rudi Savanto, convinces Claudine to impersonate the Baroness while the real Amanda is on an ocean cruise. Claudine orders $900 worth of clothes from Madame Jacqueline's boutique. They plan to cheat Amanda out of the late Max Von Pappenburg's estate. Portrayed by Carol Raye.

Mr CLAYTON, a Blacktown resident who was, according to rumours spread by Mrs Palmer, involved with Mrs Jackson in an embarrassing incident at the local recreation reserve. Edie MacDonald found it disturbing that the romour became public knowledge.

Mrs CLEGG. A woman associated with the delicatessen around the time that Roma Lubinski's wedding trousseau goes missing. Portrayed by Eve Wynne.

CLIENT, Terry Sanford's first client as a call girl. Portrayed by Peter Colville.

Roger CLIMPSON, Flo Patterson rings the host of Dorrie Evans' forthcoming This is Your Life episode, but it is a hoax to put Dorrie off the trail of the real surprise: a birthday party in Duddles'.

Canon CLYDESDALE, a local church dignitary, and colleague of Mr Wormald, who is invited by Dorrie Evans to unveil Toby Buxton's "murial", The Copulation Explosion on the Sunshine Patio fence.

Mrs COLE, the owner of a holiday cottage in Kurrajong. Michael Bartlett uses her to spread misinformation about Lucy Sutcliffe. Portrayed by Judith "Judy" Champ.

Denise COLEMAN, the first victim of the Pantyhose Strangler. Blonde Denise, a young, local hairdresser, due to be married in a few weeks, is found dead in Chestnut Lane. For a while, the body is unidentified and the residents of Number 96 worry that it is Marilyn MacDonald who has been killed.

COLIN, the brother of John. Now residing in Sydney, they are supporters of the depressed Helen Eastwood, from her days in Perth.

Harold "Harry" S. COLLINS, the estranged car salesman husband of Vera Collins, he makes several return visits to Number 96, but always reverts to suspicion, jealousy and violence. Harry is a bigot and expresses a strong dislike for Chad Farrell. A womaniser and an alcoholic, Harry finds solace, for a short time, through Alcoholics Anonymous and religion. He takes inspiration from the preacher, Adam Lord. A drunken girl whom Harry has been supposedly counselling, Diana Ford, is accidentally killed, implicating Vera over the death. While working for Gerald Sotherby of Sotherby Motors, Harry must do a TV commercial for the business. Harry has a carnel attraction to Jill Sheridan before her return to Wilcannia. Vera identifies Harry's burned body after a car crash and she believes him dead for a long time. However, Harry turns up again, six months after his own funeral, involved in an art theft. He is captured, goes on trial and is gaoled after the scam is revealed to Vera in a series of dreams. Portrayed by Norman Yemm.

Vera Danielle DeGroot COLLINS SUTTON, a former high class call-girl from South Africa who tells fortunes with playing cards. Vera is a longtime resident of Flat 7. Her numerous love affairs always seem to be with the wrong men, including estranged husband, Harry Collins, Peter Harvey, Ralph Finlayson, Gil Dawson, Mal Jackson and Simon Carr. A talented fashion designer, Vera opens The Tapemeasure salon with sometime rival, Maggie Cameron and, later, runs The House of Danielle for her lover, Warwick Thompson. She is a trusted friend of Lucy Sutcliffe, Helen Sheridan and Don Finlayson. Over the years, Vera takes in numerous female boarders, including Terry Sanford, Sue Marshall, Marie Crowther, Maggie Cameron, Trixie O'Toole and Grace "Prim" Primrose". Vera is the main suspect in the death of Diana Ford, one of Gil's working girls. Vera was twice raped by her stepfather, Neville DeGroot, once in South Africa, when she was just 13, and many years later in Sydney. Vera helps out Don Finlayson, when he opens his own law office but, by her own admission, she is hopeless as a secretary. One of Vera's romantic interests, Jack Sellars, gives her a racehorse which is named I Kid You Not, after Jack's iconic saying. As a young girl, Vera had a small Pomeranian dog named Bingey. She loses Jack to Helen Sheridan and starts a brief romance with his friend, Andy Marshall. Vera is romanced by politician Nick Brent, who is running for election and becomes the Prime Minister of Australia. Vera takes the opportunity to accompany young Adam Shaw to study music in Stuttgart, Germany, but their relationship doesn't work and a sad Vera returns alone. She marries racing car driver, Guy Sutton, on the rebound from Warwick, and departs for a new life in Europe. Vera returns to Sydney for Maggie's murder trial and finally settles in Kirribilli with two new flatmates, Samantha Minerver and Eve. Portrayed by Elaine Lee.

Vince CONNOR, who is hunting down Herb Evans after he signed a binding purchase order for $10,000 worth of poker machines for the Paddington Senior Citizens Club. Portrayed by Wallis Eaton.

Miss CONSTANTINO, who enquires by telephone about David Palmer's high-class prostitution agency.

Jeremy CONWAY, who goes on a date to see the movie, Last Tango in Paris with Paul Mathews, and then they sleep together. This drives a wedge between Don Finlayson and Paul, causing them to break up.

Miles COOPER, a womanising medical student attempting his degree for the second time. A good friend of Bernard Spaulding, Miles is determined to succeed in life without any help from his father, Sir Paul Cooper. However, he has developed the habit of constantly borrowing money from his friends and neighbours. Miles has brief encounters with Carol Finlayson, Tanya Schnolskevitska, Susan Temple, Marilyn MacDonald and Bernadette. He is sharing Flat 6 with David Palmer and Prim when he is fatally wounded in a bomb blast in the delicatessen. Portrayed by Scott Lambert.

Sir Paul COOPER, the wealthy father of Miles Cooper. A successful surgeon, he keeps his perpetually-broke son on an allowance while he attends university. Portrayed by Phillip Ross.

Detective CORD, supposedly from Police Headquarters, is actually bogus. He helps Oscar Barry to run a white slavery racket. When Jaja Gibson signs with Barry's agency, it leads to David Palmer and Jaja being kidnapped. He pushes Jaja into the taxi, in which David has already been secured against his will. Cord's dead body is found in the burnt-out taxi several weeks later. Portrayed by John Vale.

Sir Bernard CORINTH, a medical doctor and throat specialist, brought in to treat Janie Somers when she gets laryngitis before opening night of a play.

Joe CORLESS, a gang boss who uses three of Alf Sutcliffe's employees, Mick Milligan, Sue Marshall and Wally Scott, to move illicit goods with Alf's trucks. After her scheme unravels and Mick gets killed, Sue's friend, Jerry, knocks Joe cold. Portrayed by Tony Allyn.

Mr CORMACK, a teacher at Kennard House, an exclusive boys' school. He shows Phillip Chambers around the school and mentions the fire that broke out in the office of Phillip's predecessor, Mr Tizzard, a few weeks earlier. Portrayed by Michael Barnacoat.

Julia CORNICH, a reporter who moves in with Dorrie and Herb Evans to research and write an article on the plight of penniless pensioners. Portrayed by Jenee Welsh.

COOKIE, Arthur Partridge's pet sulphur-crested cockatoo. Mr Perky misses Cookie when he leaves Flat 3 with Arthur. Portrayed by Himself.

Sergeant COOMBS. The police investigator looking into the deaths of Phillip Chambers and Robin Dunmore. Portrayed by Ben Gabriel.

Count COPERNICUS, a skinny male stripper inadvertently employed by Dorrie Evans for a Paddington Senior Citizens Bowling Club function. During an audition, she refers to him as "Count Copper Knickers". Portrayed by Himself (aka David Albert Clark).

Derek COSTA, the police sergeant who investigates a break-in and assault at the home of Claire Houghton. Later, Derek becomes the hero during a siege at the wine bar, but is suspended from the force for failing to follow proper procedure. He becomes Don Finlayson's flatmate in Flat 8 after a dispute with Derek's parents. His sometime lover is Ros Halliday. Don employs him as a private investigator, and they become involved in the mystery kidnapping of their next door neighbour, Dr Harold Wilkinson. Portrayed by Stephen O'Rourke.

Mr & Mrs COSTA, who are Derek's parents. The father is a retired 35-year veteran of the police force and quite homophobic. So unimpressed with Derek's dismissal from the force, they have a big argument.

Alan COTTERELL, the stage manager boyfriend of Janie Somers. He has a burning intensity for all things theatrical, with a particular passion for the more intellectual plays. He and Janie Somers have a lot in common. Alan moves into Flat 6 when he loses his job working with Grant Morris. He organises a vigilante group among the residents of Number 96 to catch the knicker-snipping Prowler, but is eventually revealed to be the mysterious perpetrator. Portrayed by Mark Hashfield.

Mr CRAIG, Lucy Sutcliffe's medical specialist. He thinks Lucy is overdoing it regarding working in the laundrette. Later, on Claire Houghton's recommendation, he operates on Grant Chandler when he loses his singing voice. Portrayed by Ronald Morse.

Mr CRANFALL, the original proprietor of the Bun 'n Oven restaurant and Debbie Chester's boss. He has become bored with the business and wants to sell up so he can go to New Guinea and paint. Dudley Butterfield and Arnold Feather form a partnership and buy the restaurant, which they rename The Continental.

Mr CROOKSHANK, who wants to publish a diet calendar featuring photographs of Norma Whittaker. Les Whittaker has recommended the idea and Norma signs a contract before realising that the concept requires nudity. Norma tosses Mr Crookshank out of the wine bar.

Marie CROWTHER, a friend of Harry Collins from Alcoholics Anonymous, who moves into Flat 7 briefly on the pretext of giving Harry moral support. She is eventually revealed to have lesbian tendencies and she peeps on Vera while she showers. Portrayed by Hazel Phillips.

CULT SINGER, who strums his guitar at the headquarters of The Children of Jesus in Kings Cross, while the leader, Joshua, works on Debbie Chester's mind. Portrayed by David Gilchrist.

CUSTOMS OFFICIALS, who give Reg and Edie MacDonald's luggage very close scrutiny upon their return from visiting Dean MacDonald in Spain. The MacDonald's suspicious behaviour lead to strip searches. Portrayed by Edward J Newman and Bettina Smeaton.

Doctor DALTON, who must amputate Arnold Feather's leg after Poreski's parcel bomb maims Arnold.

Jill DAMON, an actress in Janie Somers' previous play, who takes over as understudy to the new star, Sally Nash.

Ben DANIELS, the father of Ian. When he returns to Sydney, Ben falls in love with Amanda Von Pappenburg and proposes marriage to her, but she turns him down. Portrayed by John Trenaman.

Ian DANIELS, a young boarder staying with Les and Norma Whittaker while his father is in Germany. Ian begins working in the wine bar, but his employers are shocked to learn that he is only 16 years old. Rather than return to school, Ian has grand plans to leave his family and join a commune. Portrayed by Alan Wilson.

Sergeant DAVEY, who investigates a complaint about a draft dodger, Danny Morrison, hiding out in the cellar of Number 96. Several years later, he organises an evacuation of the building following a bomb threat. Sergeant Davey is also on the case investigating the gaol escapee, Peter Raikes. Portrayed by David Williams.

Warren DAVIES, a colleague of Gil Dawson, who comes to visit Flat 7. He has a very wrong impression of Vera Collins. Portrayed by John Faassen.

Gilbert "Gil" DAWSON, a particularly nasty live-in boyfriend of Vera Collins, Gil is eventually revealed by Terry Sanford to be a pimp and a member of the Mafia. As such, he organises the bashing of Salvadore Russo and Anna Maria Whittaker. The Mafia bosses are not happy, leaving Gil scared for his own life. Some time later, one of his working girls, Diana Ford, dies outside Vera's flat, putting Vera under suspicion. Portrayed by Terence Cooper.

Jill DAWSON, a friend of Simon Carr. At first, Maggie Cameron mistakes her for Vera Collins when she sees Simon in a restaurant with a woman. Portrayed by Helen Martines.

Mrs DAWSON, the overly-protective mother of Vicki Dawson. Mrs Dawson lives in Murwillumbah. She is pleased that Arnold Feather is apparently nothing like his twin, Charles "Chook" Feather. Mrs Dawson briefly absconds with her baby grandson, Simon, when Vicki announces her intention to marry Arnold. Portrayed by Wendy Playfair.

Simon DAWSON, the young son of Vicki Dawson, who is briefly kidnapped by his grandmother.

Vicki DAWSON FEATHER, Don Finlayson's secretary from Tamworth, who once had a relationship with Charles "Chook" Feather. She arrives in Sydney looking for Chook, but falls in love with his identical twin, Arnold Feather. Her mother briefly absconds with her baby son, Simon, when Vicki announces her intention to marry. Portrayed by Kay Powell.

DeCOMO, the evil high priest at a satanic Black Mass, which involved Vera Collins, Bev Houghton and Karen Winters. Portrayed by Peter Reynolds.

Horace DEERMAN, who was Herb Evans' Best Man at his and Dorrie's wedding forty years earlier. He was a last-minute replacement for Charlie Marshall. It is discovered that Horace and Herb signed the marriage certificate in the wrong places, so when Horace returns for the Evans' Ruby Anniversary celebrations and discovers the mistake, he demands his conjugal rights. Much to Dorrie's horror, Horace also enjoys the odd swig of methylated spirits. He is temporarily employed by Aldo Godolfus as a Connaught Rooms waiter, with disastrous results. Portrayed by Harry Lawrence.

Bill DEGOTARDI, one of Jane Chester's boyfriends. He is not good looking but has a rich father and was given a sportscar, but her sister, Debbie, thinks that he is a boring creep with a weak chin - and he smells of prawns.

Mrs DeGROOT, Vera Collins' mother, who lived in Johannesburg, South Africa, before her death. Her second husband, Neville, writes to Vera to inform her of his wife's passing.

Neville DeGROOT, Vera Collins' stepfather from Johannesburg, South Africa, who had raped her as a 13-year-old girl and, years later, arrives in Sydney to repeat the act. Neville befriends Harry Collins and convinces him that Vera's memories are fantasies. For a brief time, Vera thought she was pregnant with her stepfather's baby - and Harry was unable to accept that the child might be born black. Portrayed by Ronald Morse.

DEIRDRE THE WAITRESS, an accident-prone waitress, employed temporarily by Maggie Cameron to work in Norma's Bar after Norma Whittaker gets fired. Portrayed by Sheila Taylor.

Leon DELGARDIE, a food and wine writer. Norma Whittaker invites him to a disastrous wine-tasting at Norma's Bar.

DELIVERYMAN. He drops off an unassembled sauna to the Whittakers in Flat 1. On another occasion, the gum-chewing man brings a chest freezer, and all the frozen food to go into it, to Edie MacDonald in Flat 5. Portrayed by Paul Chubb.

DELIVERYMAN. He delivers a bouquet of flowers. Portrayed by Richard Hill.

DELIVERYMEN, who arrive with 48 bottles of gin, ordered by Rocky when Vera Collins was flatting with Samantha Minerver and Eve.

Mr DENFORD, a client of Bev Houghton's, who drove her home after her PR event. He wants to come in but Bev eventually escapes him. Portrayed by Colin Hughes.


"Doctor DENNING" --> See KYLEY

Barry DEPROSE, a trucking colleague of Alf Sutcliffe and Joe Mason. Portrayed by John Armstrong.

Loueena DERWENT. A high society attendee of the grand opening of Vera Collins and Warwick Thompson's The House of Danielle salon. Portrayed by Lorraine Bayly.

DESK SERGEANT, who is on duty at Paddington Police Station. He tells Dudley Butterfield to visit the morgue when news comes to hand of a dead body fitting his description of Jaja Gibson. Portrayed by Digby Thomas.

DETECTIVE, who shows Alf Sutcliffe and Norma Whittaker a book of mugshots to identify members of a criminal gang, including Elena Brewster. Portrayed by Don Philps.

DETECTIVE SERGEANT, who interviews Isobel Mainwaring and "Junior" Winthrop about the missing emeralds of Lady Fairmont. He releases Isobel when he establishes that the jewellery has been returned by regular post and authenticated. Later, Marilyn MacDonald exasperates him at the police station when he tries to get a clear description of hthe man who tied her to a bed and assaulted her. Portrayed by Gordon Piper.

DETECTIVE SERGEANT, who attempts to interview Edie MacDonald at the police station after she steals Toby Buxton's portrait of her husband, Reg, from the art gallery. Portrayed by Robert Quilter.

Gloria DEVINE, a Point Piper friend of Lady Mendl, who is recommended Dorrie Evans as a babysitter, but gets Les Whittaker in drag instead. She doesn't notice the difference.

Vince DEXTER, a card sharp who cleans up playing poker at Dorrie Evans' doomed attempt at holding a bridge party. Portrayed by Phil Avalon.

DINER IN RESTAURANT. Portrayed by Reverend Alan Russell.

DINO, one of Italian identical twins, who is double-dating Vera Collins and Eve. Samantha Minerver steals both Dino and Reno for the night.

Franklin DOBB, who is the son of the real Henrietta P. Dobb. Franklin is an advisor to the State Department on chicken feed. Herb Evans meets him in Paddington, Michigan, in the USA.

"Henri P. DOBB" --> See Hope JACKSON

Henrietta "Henri" P. DOBB, who was an 80-year-old American woman from Paddington, Michigan, selected to do a three-month citizen exchange with Herb Evans. At first, Dorrie Evans is expecting to host an elderly male exchangee, Henry. On the flight to Sydney, there is a stopover in Tahiti and the very religious Henrietta decides to stay there permanently "and just paint", swapping identities with fellow passenger, Hope Jackson, who takes up the citizen exchange. In Michigan, Herb meets her son, Franklin, her daughter, Merle, and a little granddaughter, Sue-Anne. Reg MacDonald is notified when Henrietta passes away in Tahiti.

DOCTOR. Helen Eastwood's doctor. Portrayed by Charles Thorne.

DOCTOR. Sally Finlayson's doctor. Portrayed by Alton Harvey.

DOCTOR. Norma Whittaker's doctor during her recovery from the delicatessen bomb blast. Portrayed by Graham Dixon.

DOCTOR. Arnold Feather's doctor. He is treating Arnold for a virus but Liz Feather tells him that she believes her husband is being slowly and systematically poisoned. Portrayed by Brian Anderson.

DOCTOR. Debbie Chester's doctor, who tells Jane Chester what to expect regarding her sister's recovery. Portrayed by John Larking.

DOCTOR, who examines Edie MacDonald when she is convinced by tea-leaf readings that she is about to die. He recommends psychiatric help. Portrayed by Peter Hanlon.

DOG, Toby Buxton's poodle, which was smuggled passed Dorrie Evans and into Flat 4. After Toby's death, Edie MacDonald succeeds in finding Dog a new home. Portrayed by Himself.

"THE DOG FROM THE HARDWARE STORE", a friendly labrador that chases after Arnold Feather when he is returning from deliveries. He later wanders into Norma Whittaker's disastrous winetasting evening and also frequents The Continental hair salon, much to the salon owners’ annoyance. Portrayed by Gough.

"The DONKEY" --> See Mr DONKIN

Mr DONKIN, an oft-mentioned member of the Paddington Senior Citizens Bowling Club. He provides the car to take Dorrie and Herb Evans and Flo Patterson on a vacation to Hill End. Sometimes referred to in jest as "The Donkey".

Mrs DOUBLEDAY, a customer of Aldo Godolfus's deli. Aldo bores her with anecdotes about his latest golf game and she makes a hasty retreat.

DRUNK, a nuisance regular at the local Paddington pub. Portrayed by Al Kenny.

DRUNK, who passes out in the wine bar, causing Les and Norma Whittaker to miss Flo Patterson's wedding to Dick Riggs. Portrayed by Richard Gilbert.

DUCHESS OF BEDFORD, wife of the 13th Duke of Bedford. She visits Norma's Bar to catch up with her friend, the Baroness Amanda Von Pappenburg, while in Sydney. Portrayed by Herself, Nicole Russell, Duchess of Bedford.

Mr DUCKSBOROUGH, a former neighbour of Lorelei Wilkinson's when she lived in Griddle Creek. One of his arms almost withered away when he had chicken pox, or was it leprosy?

DUKE OF BEDFORD, member of the English royal family, and an acquaintance of Amanda Von Pappenburg, who visits Norma's Bar with his wife, the Duchess, while in Sydney. Portrayed by Himself, Ian Russell, 13th Duke of Bedford.

Edward DUNCAN, the younger, randier brother of TC Ian Duncan and a son of Mrs Buchanan. As the new Town Clerk, Edward is Reg MacDonald's boss at the Paddington Town Hall (ie. "the TC of the TH"). Trixie O'Toole calls him "Eddie" when he becomes enamoured with her. His mother calls him "Teddy". Mr Duncan announces his retirement from LG (Local Government) at Reg MacDonald's birthday party in 1976, and Reg finally assumes the mantle of TC in his place. Portrayed by Brian Moll.

Ian DUNCAN, the Town Clerk, Reg MacDonald's first boss at the Paddington Town Hall (ie. "the TC of the TH"). He is the older brother of Edward Duncan and their mother is Mrs Buchanan. The TC is quite taken with Dean MacDonald and gives him a job as a JC (Junior Clerk). By a twist of fate, Mr Duncan has never actually met Edie MacDonald in person, and therefore mistakes Trixie O'Toole for Edie. Reg takes a suspect concrete sample to the TC's office. Ian Duncan's position on the Council is taken over by his brother. Portrayed by John Rayner.

DUNLEAVY THE GARBO, an angry colleague of Weppo Smith's. He comes to Flat 5 looking for Weppo, as a result of what was said on The Mike Walsh Show. He is keen to "hang Dorrie Evans on a meat-hook and leave her for the crows". Portrayed by Ray Meagher.

Dorothy DUNLOP, Arnold Feather's replacement as chef at Norma's Bar, who claims to have had numerous reincarnations, as well as psychic "vibrations". Arnold is quite enamoured of her; they were once classmates at catering school. Dorothy claims that she was attracted to Number 96 because Vera Collins is her "soulmate". They supposedly knew each other in previous lives. She also "sees" the escaped Mr Perky sitting on a fence several blocks away. Dorothy is revealed to be schizophrenic. Her evil alter-ego, "Madelaine", is discovered to be the writer of a series of anonymous "poison pen" letters received by the residents of Number 96. Portrayed by Diana McLean.

Henry DUNMORE, the wealthy father of Kennard House student, Robin. He is also chairman of the school's Board of Governors. Henry possesses a diary, written by his son, that will resolve the murder of Phillip Chambers. Portrayed by Don Pascoe.

Robin DUNMORE, the teenaged class captain of 4A at Kennard House, an exclusive boys' boarding school. He becomes a suspect in the killing of teacher Phillip Chambers after claiming to have been bashed by him. Robin plans to blackmail Don Finlayson for interfering in a crime scene, but comes to a sticky end himself at the bottom of a cliff. Portrayed by Mark Lee.

Major DUNSTON, Gary Whittaker's Army Welfare officer, informs his parents that their daughter-in-law, Anna Maria Whittaker, will soon be arriving to stay with them, prior to Gary being demobbed from Singapore. Portrayed by Frank Ward.

Mary DUVAL, the late wife of Major Stephan Duval.

Major Stephan DUVAL, an ex-army major and restaurateur from Perth, who comes back into Roma Lubinski's life after the death of his wife, Mary. He attempts to sweep off Roma off her feet, which makes Aldo Godolfus jealous. Stephan is revealed to be a phony and a con man. After his first wife died, Stephan married a supposedly wealthy widow but everything backfired and he came to Sydney in an attempt to exploit Roma instead. All of the residents, except Herb Evans and Norma Whittaker, think that Stephan is a wonderful person. Portrayed by Kenneth Laird.

Mrs DUXBURY, of Blacktown. An acquaintance of Edie MacDonald. She serves gin and tonic.

Hilda DYNASTY, an oft-mentioned member of the Paddington Senior Citizens Bowling Club. Her bowling partner is Ida Clapper.

Helen EASTWOOD, the eight-month pregnant wife of Mark and daughter of Mr Fulton. Helen is rushed to hospital after a fall down the stairs at Number 96 a few days after they move in. Their baby girl is born prematurely and Helen becomes catatonic. The baby fails to thrive and the traumatised Helen returns to Flat 4 but then disappears for several weeks. Mark eventually locates her and they start a new life away from Number 96. Portrayed by Briony Behets.

Mark EASTWOOD, a young high school science teacher living in Flat 4, who begins an adulterous liaison with Rose Godolfus when his pregnant wife refuses his sexual overtures. Later, he takes in teaching colleague Chad Farrell as a boarder. Mark and Chad discover the body of Sylvia Vansard on the floor of Flat 1. When Mark moves out, Don Finlayson takes over the lease of the flat. Portrayed by Martin Harris.

EDNA, a madam whom Don Finlayson has previously represented in court. She is to spread the word that Frank Hobson has plans to leave the country with a lot of cash, in an effort to flush out Melissa Hobson's killer. Later, Don tells Edna that Henry Novak and Frank are big wheels in the criminal organisation known as The Company. As the sole source of information about Don's pursuers, Edna then suffers a violent death. Portrayed by Shirley Cameron.

EDUARDO, Giovanni Lenzi's uncle who lives in the country. After feuding with Carlo Lenzi, Giovanni takes Jaja Gibson to stay with Uncle Eduardo.

Edgar EGGERTON, a prissy landlord who quibbles about renting his Kirribilli apartment to Vera Collins and two other divorced women, Samantha Minerver and Eve. Portrayed by Terry O'Neill.


ELDERLY LADY, who informs a policeman that Reg MacDonald's suitcase has floated away on the tide. Portrayed by Jean Calver.

ELIZABETH, a friend of Sonia Freeman. The two women used to be flatmates and Sonia arranged to stay with her when Sylvia Vansard, and later Kit Vansard, were making life at Number 96 difficult. Portrayed by Yvonne Adams.

ENERY, the male Vaudevillian who played opposite Trixie O'Toole's roller-skating Orangutan character, "Ermintrude", at the Tivoli Theatre.

Judge ERICKSON, who has been assigned to Don Finlayson's perjury case, supposedly loathes homosexuals, according to Sir Percival Quail and Maggie Cameron.

"ERMINTRUDE", Trixie O'Toole's roller-skating Orangutan character when she performed opposite Enery at the Tivoli Theatre. The mask was actually of a gorilla.

Dorothy "Dorrie" Carter EVANS, the interfering, malapropping "conserge" of Number 96, where she lives in Flat 3, rent-free with her husband, Herb. Their marital home was on the site where Number 96 was built. A pensioner, Dorrie is the life-long friend of Flo Patterson. Dorrie has a brother, Jeff Carter, who lives in Coffs Harbour with his wife and daughter, Lois and Georgina. Dorrie's sister, Connie, was married to Frank Meadows. Dorrie is a past Vice President of the Paddington Senior Citizens Bowling Club and dreams of one day climbing the "socialist" ladder to Point Piper. She loves to gossip and is always seems to be trying to organise protests and petitions about local issues. Dorrie forms the Paddington Purity League against "porno-graffy" and conducts a rally at The Domain, where attempted to make a speech at Speakers' Corner. Dorrie argues with Flo over this, and also their former mutual heartthrob, Claude Tufnell. She also has an ongoing feud with Norma Whittaker, dating back to a mix-up over the lease of Flat 5 when the Whittakers first moved in. Dorrie lapses into a coma after a fall down the stairs caused by Bernadette's troubled brother, Alan, but she makes a full recovery. She commences divorce proceedings against Herb several times, but always takes him back. After Flo's second marriage, she takes in Lord Andrew Whittaker as a boarder for a time, followed by the secretive Hope Jackson. Portrayed by Pat McDonald.

Ellie EVANS, Herb Evans' cousin, who was said to be mentally ill. Herb recalls how she used to stick knitting needles through keyholes to protect herself from eavesdroppers, a practice which horrifies Dorrie.

Herbert "Herb" EVANS, a hen-pecked husband, more or less. He had met then-Dorothy Carter at a fireworks display at Circular Quay one New Year’s Eve. During World War II, Herb joined the Army and was stationed in Redfern from 1940. His and Dorrie's marital home once occupied the site of Number 96. Herb is a close friend of Alf Sutcliffe and Les Whittaker and is often unwittingly involved in their dubious money-making schemes. He has access to S.P. bookies, Fred Watkins, and later, Sam, with whom he bets on the horses over the phone, trying not to be caught out by Dorrie. Herb suffers a mild stroke but makes a full recovery. For a time, Herb is Vice President of the Pensioners Liberation Movement (PLM). He inherits an adult son, "Junior" Winthrop, in the will of a former girlfriend, Gladys Winthrop, whom he met while cane-cutting in Queensland with Cecil "Shagger" Stevens. Another "Cec", and his friend, George, are Herb's poker buddies. For a time, it is suspected that Herb has absconded with a large sum of money from the Paddington Senior Citizens Club bank account. During an American cultural exchange with Hope Jackson, Herb is suspected of having an affair. He enjoys gambling and he and Opal Wilkinson eventually share a large lottery win. Portrayed by Ron Shand.

Herbert EVANS Jr --> See Herbert "Junior" WINTHROP

Mr EVANS-JONES, a prospective tenant of Flat 5 who impresses Dorrie Evans as to his suitability. He even has the right surname. A charming stocks and bonds broker, he doesn't smoke or drink, is unmarried, and his only vice is reading late into the night. To Dorrie's displeasure, Les and Norma Whittaker move in instead. Portrayed by Colin Croft.

EVE, a vivacious, four times-divorced flatmate and friend of Vera Collins, whom she met in Europe. Portrayed by Abigail.

EVELYN, one of Reg MacDonald's sisters. Reg wants Marilyn to stay with her aunt on an orchard in Narrandera to evade the Pantyhose Strangler.

Mrs EVERETT, the mother of Jan Butterfield and Tony Everett, and the grandmother of Ben Buttfield. She joins Jan and Ben when they move away in secret to avoid her very controlling son.

Tony EVERETT, the homophobic brother of Jan Butterfield, Dudley's wife from his hidden past. Is Tony or Dudley the real father of little Ben Butterfield?

The EXECUTIVES, a live band which sometimes appears in Dudley Butterfield's wine bar, Duddles'. The group alternates with other bands, Karma and Taxi. In addition, The Executives provide backing for two residents of Number 96, solo singers Grant Chandler and Hope Jackson. Recordings of The Executives' songs are also played.

FABIO, the young son of Giovanni Lenzi's Aunt Theresa. On Giovanni's first day on the job, Giovanni brings his family to the deli to introduce them to Arnold Feather.

Lady FAIRMONT, whose valuable necklace is swapped with a forgery by "The Raven", a mysterious jewel thief known to both Carlo Lenzi and Christina Vettare. The necklace is found by "Junior" Winthrop in a delivery of groceries from the deli. Thinking it was a prize from the box of Cornflakes, "Junior" presents the necklace (or the forgery?) to Isobel Mainwaring, who promptly gets arrested while wearing the jewellery.

Bill FALCON, a friend of Alf Sutcliffe's, who sends a 30th wedding anniversary card. Although Alf doesn't admit it, he has been in contact with Bill while making plans to return to "the old country".

FARMER, who finds a collapsed Liz Feather in a Warralumba field, and Laura Trent locked in the boot of her own car. Portrayed by Tom Farley.

FARMER, who explains to Don Finlayson about the old Mason Estate, which is used as a base by cropdusters and for other purposes by Frank Hobson and Henry Novak. Portrayed by Robert Quilter.

Alderman St John FARMER, a councillor in LG at the Paddington TH. He gets along well with Edie MacDonald. Portrayed by Peter Collingwood.

Mrs FARNSWORTH, who wins a dog competition, in which Claire Houghton's Serena comes second.

Chad FARRELL, an African-American school teacher who flats with Mark Eastwood. For a time, Chad courts the pharmacy’s Sonia Freeman. Chad is a victim of racism, both at Number 96 and in his workplace. Unable to find a permanent job in Sydney, he relocates to a teaching position in Goulburn, and then to Canberra to lecture at the university. Portrayed by Ronne Arnold.

Miss FARROW, who is the receptionist at Willoughby, Willoughby & Martin, Solicitors.

Mrs FAZACKERLEE, an oft-mentioned member of the Paddington Senior Citizens Bowling Club.

Arnold Francis FEATHER, an orphan who was fostered out at age 10, Arnold comes to Number 96 as Roma Lubinski's solution to help run A. Godolfus Delicatessen more efficiently. Arnold is the original chef at Norma's Bar, but is wooed back to work as manager of the delicatessen, essentially swapping jobs with Dudley Butterfield. Arnold has a series not-always-successful romantic liaisons, including Georgina Carter, Robyn Ross, Marion Carlton and Dorothy Dunlop. Arnold was often pursued by Marilyn MacDonald. A long-time boarder with the Sutcliffes in Flat 8, one of his legs is amputated after a Croatian terrorist's parcel bomb explodes. Arnold takes over the lease of Flat 6 and suffers through a rocky marriage to his former nurse, Patti Olsen, which ends tragically. Arnold inherits the deli after the death of Aldo and Roma Godolfus. For a time, he is a foster parent to Kerry Braddon. Falling in love with Liz Chalmers, they marry, but she is plotting to kill him. He survives her scheming, goes into business several times (often with Dudley), and eventually marries Vicki Dawson, who once fathered a child to Arnold's twin, "Chook" (aka Charles). Portrayed by Jeff Kevin.

Charles "Chook" FEATHER PRINCE, the long-lost, identical twin brother of Arnold, who has a quite opposite, ocker personality. He was adopted at a young age by "Bluey" and Marge Prince. A graduate of St Paul's Academy for Young Gents in Brisbane, he left school for a life of shearing, prospecting, jackarooing, buckjumping, gambling, drinking and womanising, mainly in the outback of Queensland. He moves into Flat 6 while Arnold is overseas, competing in a sauce-making competition in Paris. Chook and Giovanni Lenzi are almost killed by a vengeful bikie gang. It is revealed that Chook was once engaged to Vicki Dawson, the mother of his child. Portrayed by Jeff Kevin.

Gloria FEATHERSTONE, who arrives at Number 96 without her glasses. Miss Featherstone is Edie MacDonald's new tango teacher, but is initially assumed to be a new lesbian friend of Marilyn MacDonald. Portrayed by Diana ("Di") Davidson.

Pete FELLOWS. Portrayed by Ernest Butchard.

Mrs FERGUSON, who is the strict owner of the nearby Beauregard Hotel on Cynthia Street. Aldo Godolfus knows her well. Years later, Vicki Dawson is staying at the hotel when the Number 96 residents are evacuated there after the oil leak in the Sunshine Patio. At 2.00am, the patience of Mrs Ferguson is sorely tested. She is displeased when Opal Wilkinson manages to chloroform Giovanni Lenzi during mealtime. Portrayed by Patricia Hill.

FERNANDO'S LATIN RHYTHMS, a five-man combo band, whom Flo Patterson wants to book for her wedding reception when she marries Dick Riggs.

April FERNSIDE, a gossipy friend of Opal Wilkinson.

Mr & Mrs FIELDING, the parents of Sally Finlayson. Their son-in-law Don, has to visit them to break some tragic news about their pregnant daughter.

Sally FIELDING FINLAYSON, the pregnant, "marriage of convenience" bride of Don Finlayson, who was to bring him respectability and vice versa. She was expecting Sir Arnold Ashton's baby and is unable to cope with the secrecy Sir Arnold demanded. Don's homosexuality and the unexpected return of Don's former partner, Paul Mathews, propels Sally deeper into depression. She takes an overdose of sleeping pills, expecting Don to rescue her in time, but he is waylaid. Sally dies before she can receive medical attention. Portrayed by Christina Danielle.

Carol FINLAYSON, an air hostess and Don's younger sister, who comes to stay with him during a difficult period that she's having with her fiancé, Brad Hilton. After commencing work as a waitress in Norma's Bar, Carol has an affair with Dudley Butterfield, Don’s longtime lover. She eventually moves to USA. Portrayed by Paula Duncan.

Donald FINLAYSON, Bruce Taylor's law student flatmate and lover in Flat 5. Don moves down into Flat 4 when Mark Eastwood leaves Number 96. Don has an older brother, Ralph and a younger sister, Carol. Don is a love interest of Bev Houghton but cannot return her affection. Don works at Willoughby, Willoughby & Martin, a firm of solicitors. Early flatmates include Chad Farrell, Kit Vansard and (almost) the Mike Parsons. He is the nephew of both Sir Arnold Ashton and the Baroness Amanda Von Pappenburg. During his university days, Don had a relationship with a man who eventually becomes a senior politician in the Federal Cabinet. After graduating from Law School, Don has a series of homosexual encounters and relationships, such as with Kevin Ramsey. Several of these liaisons jeopardise his job and family. Don tries to spark a relationship with Anne Spencer, to test her sincerity when she makes allegations against Gordon Vansard. Later, he agrees to a brief sham marriage to Sally Fielding, which ends in disaster following the unexpected return of his former partner, Paul Mathews. A psychiatrist, Dr Alistair Pascall, attempts to cure Don Finlayson of his homosexuality, but the doctor tries to start a relationship with him. After working as a law clerk and solicitor for Mr Willoughby Sr, Don enters several business partnerships, first with Maggie Cameron and Jack Sellars and later Finlayson & Trent with Laura Trent. Dudley Butterfield is his live-in lover for several years, but Don becomes frustrated by his partner's re-emerging bisexual urges. Don develops a seemingly-fatal blood disorder and heads to Heidelberg to stay with Amanda. Doctor Eugene Zorfitch diagnoses a psychosomatic illness instead. Returning to Number 96, Don agrees to swap flats with Alf and Lucy Sutcliffe when their child is due. Grant Chandler sleeps with him to hide drugs in Don's flat. Don becomes the legal guardian of Debbie Chester after her parents' deaths. Later flatmates in Flat 8 include Rob Forsyth, with whom he has a brief relationship, Laura Trent and Derek Costa. He is posing as a "Mr Rankin" when a questionable Oxford Street jeweller he is investigating attempts to asphyxiate Don in a garage. Portrayed by Joe Hasham.

Mr & Mrs FINLAYSON, the parents of Ralph, Don and Carol are killed in a light plane crash near Tamworth. Mrs Finlayson was also the sister of Sir Arnold Ashton and the Baroness Amanda Von Pappenburg.

Ralph FINLAYSON, the elder, homophobic brother of Don and Carol. After the Finlaysons' parents are killed in a plane crash, Ralph comes to visit Don from his farm near Tamworth. He attempts to find work in Sydney to evade his troubled marriage to Ruth, but refuses to join a trade union. A romance with Vera Collins fizzles when his child becomes ill and Ralph has to return home. Portrayed by Max Cullen.

Ruth FINLAYSON, Ralph's estranged wife and the mother of his children. He has no intention of divorcing her.

FIREBUG, who sets fire to Aldo Godolfus's restaurant. Portrayed by Brian Hinselwood (now Hinzlewood).

Lenny FISHER, a weedy and nervous employee of Norma's Bar. Shy around women, he befriends Debbie Chester. Lenny is ultimately unmasked as the dreaded Hooded Rapist who has been claiming victims for weeks, including attacks on Jane Chester, Rhonda Jackson and Laura Trent, and almost Debbie herself, until he is scared off (twice) by Jaja Gibson. Jane eventually guesses his identity and reveals Lenny. Portrayed by Terry Peck.

Mr FISHER, the Evans' loan officer at their bank and a colleague of Mr Stewart. Portrayed by David Goddard.

FISHERMAN, who finds Sir William Mainwaring's seemingly abandoned rod, reel and fishing basket on the rocks at Wattamolla Beach. He is off to make a police report by encounters Lady Flo Mainwaring on the way. Portrayed by Alan McGuiness.

Mr FISK, boss of the Mafia heavies. He has encounters with the residents of Flat 3 and is later involved with the bashing of Anna Maria Whittaker and Salvadore Russo. Mr Fisk later visits Flat 7 to threaten Gil Dawson over that incident. Portrayed by Kevin Leslie.

Mr FITZGERALD, former headmaster at Bankstown Primary School, travels from Rooty Hill to misremembers Reg MacDonald as Ronnie MacDonald, "international rugger star". Unfortunately, Edie MacDonald contacted the wrong person for Reg's 47th birthday party. (Reg had attended Blacktown North Public School.) Elderly Mr Fitzgerald departs Flat 5 in anger. Portrayed by Edward Howell.

"Rats" FLANAGAN, a friend of Cuthbert "Spider" Jones, who sends a telegram of congratulations when Spider marries Phyllis Pratt.

Doctor Julian FLAXMAN, a friend of Miles Cooper, who informs him that Susan Temple is carrying Miles' child. Portrayed by Rob Dallas.

Quentin FLEMMING, the Queen's Council barrister friend of Bunny Pycroft, who urges Don Finlayson to drop Gary Whittaker's attempted muder case or, at least, get more tangible evidence about Liz Feather. Portrayed by Les Foxcroft (miscredited as "John Cobley").

FLETCHER. Warwick Thompson's butler, who is informed that two settings are required for breakfast, meaning that Vera Collins is expected to stay overnight at The Penthouse. Portrayed by David Bradley.

Graham FLETCHER, a homosexual friend of Bruce Taylor, who turns to Don Finlayson for legal advice. Sonia and Gordon Vansard have reservations about him. Portrayed by Gavin Hamilton.

FLOOSY, a drunken, flirty woman who greets Herb Evans at Central Station when he is looking for Georgina Carter. Portrayed by Robyn Moase.

FORBES, a butler employed by Claire Houghton at Buckingham Lodge. He knows that his employer has been conducting an affair with her son-in-law, Earl Goodman. Forbes is later replaced by Mutashi. Portrayed by Kenneth Burnett.

Anne FLORENTINE, the stubborn mother of Patrick Florentine and Norma Whittaker. Anne decides to leave Armidale to live with her daughter, Norma, in Flat 1. Her ruse of faking illness and frailty is eventually revealed. She suffers numerous indignities courtesy of Les, his sausage machine and a newly-installed Murphy bed. Portrayed by Aileen Britton.

Patrick FLORENTINE, the brother of Norma Whittaker.

Mr FLORENTINE, the deceased husband of Anne, and father of Patrick and Norma. He lived on the land but was also a successful Armidale publican, much to Anne's disgust. Mr Floretine used to take his daughter, Norma, to the local cinema to avoid the high society recitals loved by his wife.

Diana FORD, a drunken woman who comes to Flat 7 looking for Harry Collins, and refuses to leave. She struggles with his wife, Vera, and then manages to fall over the bannister. She dies at the bottom of the staircase, implicating Vera in her demise. Although Vera comes to accept that Diana's death was a terrible accident, Detective Sergeant Wellington's investigations links the dead girl with Gil Dawson, and Vera is again under suspicion.

Mr FOREST, who is a contact of Maggie Cameron's blackmailer, Pelham. Portrayed by Bill Hunter.

Robert "Rob" FORSYTH, an American tourist who meets Jane and Debbie Chester on holiday in Queensland. Rob returns with them as a boarder in Flat 4. An architect, he is full of mystery regarding his visitor's visa status, even marrying Jane Chester to extend his stay in Australia. Rob is openly homosexual and finally agrees to a relationship with Don Finlayson. He is commissioned to overhaul the interior decoration of Norma's Bar into Duddles' disco. Rob frames Toby Buxton and Debbie in a series of blackmail attempts, including a threat to expose an early homosexual relationship between Don and a man, who is now a senior politician in the Federal Cabinet. Rob's own schizophrenic behaviour results in his tragic death. Portrayed by John McTernan.

Mr FORSYTHEN, one of the clients of the business partnership owned by Jack Sellars, Maggie Cameron and Don Finlayson. Vera Collins makes a number of mistakes in a letter that is being sent to him.

FRANCIS, an advertising executive who meets with Dudley Butterfield after his debut in the Ninotchka Vodka commercial.

Ron FRASER, an Australian actor and comedian who accepts the role of compere of a charity revue, for which Vera Collins has designed the costumes. Portrayed by Himself.

Mrs FRAZER. Brian Banerjee organises to sell the excess pharmaceutical stock from Sonia Vansard's chemist shop to Mrs Frazer when Jack Sellars is converting it into a wine bar. Portrayed by Judith Fisher.

Eric FREEMAN, the father of Sonia and husband of Vi.

Gordon FREEMAN --> See Gordon VANSARD

Vi FREEMAN, the mother of Sonia and wife of Eric. She comes to stay with Sonia in Flat 1 after Gordon Vansard's death. Portrayed by Marion Johns.

Sonia FREEMAN VANSARD HUNTER, comes to Number 96 to open a pharmacy with her lover, Gordon Vansard, whom the residents assume is her brother. They live in Flat 1, behind the shop. Sometimes emotionally estranged from Gordon, Sonia becomes romantically involved with Chad Farrell. Sonia and Gordon eventually marry after the death of his staunchly Catholic wife, Sylvia Vansard. When Gordon is killed in a car accident, Sonia starts to lose her grip on reality. She makes a pass at Brian Banerjee, mistaking him for Gordon. Sonia is eventually revealed to behind a long-running series of "poltergeist" incidents, in which objects belonging to many residents go missing - and then turn up in unexpected places. She agrees to sell the chemist shop and is committed to a psychiatric hospital. Cured, Sonia briefly returns with a new husband, Duncan Hunter, and moves into Flat 5. She soon discovers that Diana Moore and Duncan are trying to send her mad again; they are after the Vansard fortune. Portrayed by Lynn Rainbow (now Rainbow-Reid).

Miss FROBISHER, a prospective tenant of a vacant Flat 5. According to Dorrie Evans, the fact that she has nine pet cats eliminates her from the running. Portrayed by Kay Eklund.

Coral FULLER, a former psychiatric patient of Harold Wilkinson, on whose evidence she was committed to a mental facility. She was suspected of the murder of her brother at the old family property. Despite Coral's supposed suicide six months before, Coral assumes the pseudonym of "Olga Medcalf" and tracks Harold down at Number 96, lures him into a trap and tries to send him insane with tape-recorded messages. Dr Marshall, who treated her 18 months ago, is also warned about Coral's vendettas. She kills herself before Don Finlayson and Derek Costa can ask her about Harold's whereabouts. Portrayed by Jinx Huber (Lootens).

Freda FULLER, an unpopular proprietor of the delicatessen, who buys the shop when Arnold Feather gives up his share of the business so that Aldo and Roma Godolfus can go overseas. She is the niece of the wealthy Sir Osborne Fuller. She tells Dorrie Evans that she also owns several boutiques and a millinery shop. Although she retains the A. Godolfus name on the business, the humourless Freda has difficulty keeping staff. When the residents put a boycott on shopping there, she instructs her accountant, Mr Mayhew, to sell the deli back to Aldo promptly. Portrayed by Sheila Bradley.

Sir Osborne FULLER, of Vaucluse, the uncle of Freda.

Mr FULTON, Helen Eastwood's concerned father, who arrives from Perth to search for his missing daughter. Portrayed by Kevin Manser.

"Mrs GALANI" --> See Giovanni LENZI

GARAGE MECHANIC, who is threatened by Liz Feather about having the car belonging to her husband, Arnold, repaired in time for a banquet in Terrigal. Portrayed by Don Goldenburg.

Manuel GARCIA, a secret liaison of Marilyn MacDonald's from her lengthy visit to Spain. A former bullfighter, he was a colleague of Pepe Bordello. Manuel follows Marilyn to Sydney, ties her to the bed and assaults her, but what he really wants is to read the Swiss bank account number which is said to be tattooed on her bottom. After challenging his rival, Chook Feather, to a duel, he admits that he is already married. Portrayed by Garth Meade.

Eddie GARRICK, who wants revenge against Derek Costa. Eddie blames Derek for a seven-year stint in prison. Working for Coral Fuller, Eddie tampers with the brakes on Don Finlayson car, causing an accident which almost kills both Don and Derek. He also boasts of more problems to come at Don's office. Portrayed by Kevin Leslie.

Policewoman Barbara GATES, who interviews Jane Chester about the Hooded Rapist's attack, as described in Don Finlayson's report. Portrayed by Shirley Sunners.

GEORGE, a friend of Herb Evans, who attends a poker game in Flat 3 with Les Whittaker and another friend, Cecil, while Dorrie Evans and Flo Patterson are away at the Hydro Majestic Hotel in Medlow Bath.

GEORGE, a young, accident-prone movie stunt man who creates havoc regularly for Meg Robinson and Bert. Hope Jackson reluctantly agrees to spend an evening with him at Duddles' in return for him accompanying frumpy Emma Robinson on a date the following night, but disaster dogs him both times. Portrayed by Graeme Bassett.

Officer GEORGE, the partner of Police Sergeant Davey. George finds a bomb in the cellar of Number 96, which turns out to be a real one.

GEORGES, an experienced cordon bleu Frenchman who applies for Norma Whittaker's advertisement for a chef for Norma's Bar. He was previously the chef at the Savoy Grill in London, Maxim's in Paris, and the Four Seasons restaurant in New York. Georges claims to have once been the personal chef to His Highness Prince Rainier III of Monaco. Georges enjoys his bottle of cooking sherry too much and is quickly replaced as chef by Weppo Smith. Portrayed by Philip Jay.

GERALDINE, a relief barmaid at the pub near Number 96. Portrayed by Beryl Marshall.

Bob GERROLD, Alf Sutcliffe's feisty boss at the trucking company, who fires him for organising a strike without union support. Portrayed by Bob Lee.

Shirley GIBBS, who was the centre of an historic debacle in LG ("Local Government") involving Reg MacDonald, that led to him leaving the Blacktown Council TH ("Town Hall"). His son, Dean MacDonald, knows many of the details.

Elsie GIBSON, of Forbes. She is the wife of Vern and mother to Jaja, who lives in Forbes and is a distant aunt to Dudley Butterfield. She comes to Sydney to stay with her aunts, Mabel Butterfield and Brenda, when a dead body is identified as the missing Jaja.

Jacqueline "Jaja" GIBSON, Dudley Butterfield's precocious country cousin, originally from Forbes. A sulky, bigoted, but beautiful, blonde woman who attracts the attentions of Nigel Morgan and other lechers. Her relationship with David Palmer exposes her to great danger. They are kidnapped by a white slavery racket and, when a woman's dead body is found on a beach, it is identified by Dudley as Jaja. However, Jaja had escaped her captors and she returns to Number 96 with temporary amnesia. Jaja has a brief affair with Dudley and becomes extremely jealous when he begins courting Rhonda Jackson. Jaja is a talented hairdresser in Dudley's Continental Salon, and has also had jobs in Norma's Bar, the deli and the laundrette. Portrayed by Anya Saleky (now Selecki).

Vern GIBSON, of Forbes. The husband of Elsie and father to Jaja, and a distant uncle to Dudley Butterfield.

GIRL AT AUDITION. Miles Cooper auditions a string of hopeful models while pretending to be film director David Palmer. Girl 1 is almost discovered in the bedroom by Tanya Schnolskevitska, but "wasn't interested". Word gets around about the auditions and soon there are nine women in the flat when David arrives.

GIRL 2 AT AUDITION, who claims to be "very versatile" but has brought along her professional model sister. Portrayed by Susan Hannaford.

GIRL 3 AT AUDITION, who has brought along her overprotective, male talent agent. Girl 3 is professional model. Portrayed by Robyn Bartley.

Elsie GLEESON, a nurse at the local hospital and a work colleague of Patti Feather's. Elsie is getting married and is being farewell with a party, to which Patti and Arnold Feather have been invited.

Aldo GODOLFUS, the Jewish delicatessen owner, originally from Hungary, is full of concern over his wayward daughter, Rose, but also has dreams of owning a restaurant he plans to name Garden of Roses after his daughter. That business goal introduces him to widow, Roma Lubinski, whom he marries after a lengthy courtship. They elope in Surfers Paradise. Aldo manages to anger bikie Cliff Stevens, who maintains a vendetta over the years. Aldo's sister, Selma Horowitz, discovers that Aldo has committed bigamy when his first wife, Ida, returns from the dead. Arnold Feather is like a son to Aldo and he is made a part owner of the deli. Aldo takes on the management of The Connaught Rooms, a reception hall which hosts Dorrie and Herb Evans' Ruby Wedding Anniversary. For a time, he and Roma sell the deli to Freda Fuller and travel to Europe, but they return to Sydney and buy it back from her. Aldo is a tragic victim of the bomb blast that destroys his shop. Portrayed by Johnny Lockwood.

Franz GODOLFUS, presumed long-dead brother of Aldo Godolfus and Selma Horowitz, is not only still alive, but a respected export merchant in Tel Aviv and generous contributor to Jewish charities. Franz has a son who is a sergeant in the Israeli Army.

Ida GODOLFUS HARDY, the mysterious first wife of Aldo, and mother of Rose. She was thought to be dead for many years. When Ida started going out with Joe Bartholomew, Aldo told a young Rose that her mother was dead. Eventually, he came to believe the lie himself. After Joe's death, Ida takes up with his best friend, Maurice Hardy. Portrayed by Brenda Senders.

Rose GODOLFUS MYERS, a raven-haired, rebellious Jewish girl, Rose is quick to fall into the arms of married Mark Eastwood after he prevents Cliff Stevens from attacking her. Cliff sets Rose up to be gang raped and she becomes pregnant. Realising her love for Dr Julian Myers, for whom Aunt Selma Horowitz had played matchmaker, Rose marries him. After miscarrying, Rose departs for a new life in Port Moresby, New Guinea. She and Julian eventually have a son, Damien. Cain Carmichael, acting for Cliff Stevens, threatens Rose's and Damien's lives to terrorise Aldo. Rose returns to Paddington briefly following the death of her father, but is distraught that she is too late to attend the orthodox Jewish funeral arranged by Arnold Feather. Portrayed by Vivienne Garrett.

Manny GOLDMAN, owner of The Majestic Rooms function centre. Aldo Godolfus is keen to purchase the business.

Solly GOLDMAN, who attempts to swindle Dorrie Evans and Lady Flo Mainwaring when they seek his advice about buying the mineral rights for their oil discovery under the Sunshine Patio. Portrayed by Henri Szeps.

Earl GOODMAN, the American businessman who marries Bev Houghton while she is overseas. Not long after they move back into Bev's flat at Number 96, Earl is embroiled in numerous shady business deals and starts a steamy relationship with Claire, his wife's mother. Bev's brother, Rod, discovers the affair and expresses his concerns. Earl's despicable behaviour sends Bev into a tragic downward spiral, involving Bruce Taylor, Maggie Cameron and a gun. Portrayed by Richard Lupino.

"Sarah GOODMAN" --> See Elena BREWSTER

Rabbi Norman GOODMAN, who marries Rose and Julian Myers in the Jewish Synagogue. Portrayed by Himself.

Lady GORDILLAN, who hosts a swanky dinner party attended by Les and Norma Whittaker. Les had met her at the horse races.

Doctor GOTT, the prestigious Macquarie Street surgeon who attends to the many ills of Claire Houghton and her family. He knows that Claire sometimes feigns a heart attack to get her own way. He enjoys a gossip over martinis with some of his patients. Among his other affluent clients are Lady Betsy White, Lorna Lumberdale and Felicity Lambert-Waters. On another occasion, Doctor Gott treats Claire for food-poisoning. Later, Claire calls him to attend to the ailing Grant Chandler. Portrayed by George Carden; John Dease.

Charles GOUGH, Mayor of the Paddington TH, who tricks Edie MacDonald into regularly giving access to Flat 5 for his secret lunchtime rendezvous with his "daughter", Sandra. Sandra is actually the mayor's lover. Later, he woos Reg with an irresistible, but illegal, proposal. Portrayed by David Whitford.

Eunice GOUGH, who is oblivious to the secret lunchtime sex sessions of her husband, Mayor Charles Gough, and his lover, Sandra.

Rita GOUGH, now-deceased first wife of Mayor Charles Gough and the supposed-mother of Sandra.

Gloria GOULD, the American female lead actor in a controversial play being produced by Harry Lederer and directed by Grant Morris. The Rainbow Trap is known as "the nude play" as it features some confronting scenes for the audience. Flat 6's Janie Somers wins the role of understudy to Gloria. Janie is torn when Gloria abruptly leaves the production, and now it is Janie who must perform nude on stage. Portrayed by Judy Lynne.

GRANT, revealed to be the actual father of Debbie Chester. Previously, Debbie had been led to believe that she was the result of a rape, but her mother, Eileen, eventually confesses to an extramarital affair.

GREEK DANCER, a young elite soldier in the traditional Evsona costume. Edie MacDonald befriends him during an outrageous Zorba dance in the wine bar. Portrayed by Harry Michaels.

Mr GREELY, a solicitor representing George Baker.

Mrs GREENBAUM, a regular customer of the delicatessen. Arnold Feather is so shaken by a mysterious letter he received that he refers to her as Mrs Shultz.

Alexander GREY, the famous author of Among the Daffodils, who meets Edie MacDonald when she is working for Ros Halliday's travel agency. He asks Edie to type up his latest manuscript. Alexander's publishers, Grimshaw & Keating, are impressed by Edie's writing talents, which she is able to display after losing the original final chapter of his novel. Alexander's writing is not anywhere near as raunchy. Portrayed by Peter Collingwood.

Mr GRIMSHAW, the managing director of the publishing firm, Grimshaw & Keating. He correctly suspects that Edie MacDonald wrote the last chapter of Alexander Grey's novel after she accidentally loses the original ending. Mr Grimshaw offers Edie a five-year contract to write her own "sex novels". Portrayed by David Phillips.

Tim GROSE, the sleazy boyfriend of Jill Sheridan, who uses a series of scams to trick her and Arnold Feather into performing for a pornographic movie. Tim is turned on by sexual flagellation, among other sadomasochistic activities. Portrayed by Stuart Finch.

GUISEPPE, an Italian boyfriend of Gary Whittaker's wife, Anna Maria. An old friend from Italy, he arrives to take Anna Maria out to the cinema. Portrayed by Franco Valentino.

GUISEPPE, country cousin of Giovanni Lenzi, and the eldest son of Eduardo. Jaja Gibson is besotted by him and describes Guiseppe as looking like actor Dirk Bogarde, only Italian - and bronzed from weeks of fruit-picking.

Mr & Mrs GUBERAN, Heidelberg residents and high society friends of Amanda Von Pappenburg.

Miss GUMBLE, a driving instructor with Rick's Driving School. She attempts to teach Les Whittaker to drive. Years later, she is left in a state of shock when she gives Reg MacDonald his first driving lesson. Portrayed by Aileen Britton.

GUNMAN, who threatens to shoot Les Whittaker over his involvement in the Susi O'Donnell case. Portrayed by Lex Marinos.

Dolores HACKENBACK, an American Oomph! cosmetics consultant, whom Aldo and Roma Godolfus met on their flight to the USA. Her husband is Joe. Delores comes for a visit to Australia and helps Roma set up a cosmetics section in the delicatessen. Portrayed by Del Harmon.

Joseph "Joe" HACKENBACK III, the American husband of Delores.

Mrs HADLEY, from Paddington, Michigan, in the USA, who drops into Flat 3, during a world tour. She intends a brief visit with her old friend, Henrietta P Dobb. It seems to Dorrie Evans and Lady Flo Mainwaring that the Henrietta described by Mrs Hadley is a very different person. As Mrs Hadley leaves Number 96, she bumps into Henri - and they don't recognise each other. Portrayed by Jinx Huber (Lootens).

Ros HALLIDAY, the travel agent girlfriend of Derek Costa. They have a stormy relationship and, during one of their separations, Ros finds herself an unexpected admirer: the sexually-confused Jane Chester. Portrayed by Joanna Lockwood.

Mr HAMILTON, Vice President of Claret Development and a major shareholder of Edifix Constructions. Maggie Cameron and Don Finlayson invest in this company and quickly regret their actions. Hamilton is found to be bribing Stanley Rogers, of Edifix, to use inferior building materials on his projects.

HAMILTON FAMILY, former Blacktown neighbours of Reg and Edie MacDonald. Marilyn MacDonald remembers their son from when he was 10. She thought he was a "pervy little freak".

Dudley HAMMOND-JONES, a photographer friend of Bev Houghton. He tempts her into travelling with him to the USA, causing the breakup of her relationship with Jack Sellars. Portrayed by Mark Albiston.

HANK, the cameraman of Tim Grose's pornographic movie. Portrayed by Frank Gallacher.

Vince HANSEN, an executive for a big clothing manufacturer, Solange. Maggie Cameron organises him to look at Vera Collins' designs, but Warwick Thompson poaches Vera from him for the House of Danielle. Portrayed by David Nettheim.

Glamour HANZY, Nigel Murston-Morgan's "ideas man" lunchdate, who turns out to be a beautiful, prospective model. Glanda Vasseline is very jealous of her.

Maurice HARDY, the best friend of the late Joe Batholomew. Maurice is the current boyfriend, then new husband, of Ida Godolfus. He only has about two years to live and Ida wants the best for him. Portrayed by John Faassen.

Mr HARDY, of McCabe Constructions, who visits Flat 7 to reassure Lee Chandler and his brother, Grant, that their father Bernard did not take his own life. Portrayed by Rob Steele (aka Graham "Stainless" Steele Robertson).

Fred HARRIS, husband of Marge.

Marge HARRIS, a gossipy friend of Dorrie Evans who tells her horror stories of a local massage parlour. She is a cousin of The Hetheringtons and has a husband named Fred.

George & Myrtle HARRISON, Lucy Sutcliffe's brother and sister-in-law, and the parents of Vanessa.

Mrs HARRISON, Lucy Sutcliffe's elderly, widowed mother, who marries a man she has known as a friend for many years. They are doing it for each other, for the company, not love. Lucy is worried that it is a pretence just to stop her and Alf Sutcliffe from having to uproot and return to England.

Vanessa HARRISON, the beautiful hippy niece of Lucy Sutcliffe, who arrives at Number 96 from Hong Kong, just in time for her prediction about the end of the world. Vanessa has been studying at art school. Portrayed by Wendy Hughes.

Clark HARVEY, a boyfriend of schizophrenic Tanya Schnolskevitska. Clark eventually tracks her down to Number 96. Portrayed by Brandon Smith.

John HARVEY Jr, the suspicious elder brother of Vera Collins' boyfriend, Peter. John investigates her seedy past and tries to warn her off. Portrayed by Ken Goodlet.

Mrs John Churchill HARVEY, the wife of the late John Sr, and mother of John Jr, Peter and Michael. A major shareholder in the family wine business, Harvey & Sons. Suspicious of Peter's developing relationship with Vera Collins, she passes herself off as a "Mrs Llewellyn" to learn more about her. Portrayed by Enid Lorimer.

Peter HARVEY, one of Vera's early fortunetelling clients who begins to see her socially and then offers assistance with various problems associated with The Tapemeasure salon. Peter is very wealthy and the brother and business partner of John and Michael. Portrayed by Peter Guest.

Doctor HAWTHORNE, a psychiatrist who is treating Dorothy Dunlop (and her alter ego, "Madelaine") for her schizophrenia.

Mike HAZEL, Gloria Gould's co-star in the play, The Rainbow Trap. Mike is a friend of American crooner, Dean Martin.

Detective Constable HEAD, who accompanies Detective Sergeant Merry to interview Vera Collins about the stolen Pintor paintings.

Miss HEMINGWAY, a beautiful, blonde patient in psychiatric therapy with Dr Harold Wilkinson. A compulsive nudist who is unable to feel comfortable wearing clothes, she frequently creates interest for the startled visitors to Harold's office in Flat 7. At a birthday party for Dorrie Evans in Duddles', Miss Hemingway does a poetry recital, fully-clothed. Portrayed by Deborah (Tutty-) Gray.

George HENDERSON, a council worker who gives information about illegal Two-Up sessions to Reg MacDonald for his own personal reasons, including relgious ones. Weppo threatens George after Reg is accused of organising the games. Portrayed by Ron Butchard.

William HICKEY, a reporter who breaks the story of Reg and Edie MacDonald's encounter with Customs at Sydney International Airport after Edie chats to him. Later, Reg tries to circumvent another damaging story from appearing in The Paddo Scream by inviting Mr Hickey to Flat 5.

Sean HILLIARD, a music producer who is interesting in presenting Adam Shaw's concerto at the Sydney Opera House.

Brad HILTON, a homophobic airline pilot and the fiancé of Carol Finlayson. He insists on Dudley Butterfield and Don Finlayson bringing "girlfriends" (Shirl Boothroyd and Petal Wagstaff) on an unlikely date that he organises for Carol. Brad shows his true colours by propositioning her brother, Don, for sex. When confronted, Brad lies that Don had made the first approach. Portrayed by Terry Bader.

HIPPIES. Two of Lucy Sutcliffe's laundrette patrons, from "a pad just up the street", who strip down to their underpants to wash the rest of their clothes. Alf Sutcliffe takes a shine to the female. The hippies are disgruntled when the power fails. Portrayed by Chard Hayward & Cathy Jones.

HIPPY. A guitar-playing partygoer, brought home by Kit Vansard. Portrayed by Rory O'Donoghue.

HIPPY, who delivers an unconscious Jill Sheridan to the front door of her older sister, Helen.

Oliver HOBBS, a journalist who does not instill confidence about the accuracy of the article he is writing to cover Edie MacDonald's election campaign. Portrayed by Reg Gorman (miscredited as playing Quentin Flemming).

Frank HOBSON, an unhappily married, former employer of Jane Chester. Frank runs a contract cleaning business and begins an intense affair with her during a time when money is tight for the Chester sisters. Frank seems to be buying Jane's affections by paying her bills. Portrayed by Alister Smart.

Mark HOBSON, the sensitive young son of Frank. He is enamoured of Debbie Chester but is a suspect in the murder of his mother, Melissa. Mark kills his father and an aunt, Leone Novac-Armstrong. Don Finlayson tricks him into admitting to also having killed his mother, Melissa (and thereby framing Jane Chester), while Mark's grandfather, Henry Novak, and Detective Sergeant Reeper were listening in. Portrayed by Alan Wilson.

Melissa HOBSON, the vitriolic wife of Frank, who is found stabbed to death with a pair of scissors in the doorway of Flat 4; Jane Chester is charged with her murder. Portrayed by Pat Bishop.

Mr HOGAN, who is brought to the cellar of Number 96 to put a price on the Chandler Family's stored Pianola. Portrayed by John Larking.

Mr HOLLOWAY, the business agent who convinces Aldo Godolfus to sign, in haste, an agreement to buy a restaurant. He absconds with Aldo's deposit money. Portrayed by Ken Goodlet.

HOLLOWAY'S OFFICE CARETAKER, who hasn't seen Mr Holloway since his office was abandoned. Portrayed by Les Foxcroft.

Mr HOLLY, who encourages Dorrie Evans and Flo Patterson to collect old clothes for his charity drive.

HOOD, from the protection racket threatening David Palmer's escort agency. He collects his cut - $325 - and then complains that it didn't seem enough. He insists on taking Jaja Gibson for the evening, to receive his 30% share. Portrayed by Jim Clifford.

Mrs HOOPER, the marriage celebrant presiding over the wedding of Junior Winthrop and Isobel Mainwaring. Portrayed by May Turner.

"Nellie HOPGOOD" --> See Elena BREWSTER

Reverend HOPPER, a minister at Dorrie Evans' church, St. Stephen's. Mr Wormald tells him to ask Dorrie to announce the postponement of Flo Patterson's wedding to Dick Riggs.

Selma HOROWITZ, the elder sister of Aldo Godolfus, lives in Balmoral. She interferes in Aldo's life and insists on him keeping to orthodox Jewish values always. Selma successfully helps to matchmate her niece, Rose, with Dr Julian Myers, but disapproves of Roma Lubinski organising the wedding. Selma discovers that Aldo's first wife, Ida, is still alive. Years later, after Aldo's death, Selma insists on following the strict rules of Jewish funerals, causing friction between Arnold Feather and Rose. Portrayed by Marion Johns; Hilda Scurr; Lea Denfield.

HOTEL MANAGERESS, who reports that the disgraced Major Stephan Duval has left town. Portrayed by Brenda Gayle.


Beverly "Bev" HOUGHTON GOODMAN, the ebullient, spoiled daughter of Claire and the late Eric Houghton, Bev shares Flat 6 with her friend, Janie Somers. Bev has no qualms about posing nude for photographer Bruce Taylor and flirts with numerous passengers on the harbour cruise vessel on which she is a hostess. When she falls for homosexual neighbour Don Finlayson, she is shattered that he can't return her affections. After an attempt at training to be an air hostess for Ansett ANA, she becomes Public Relations Officer for Leda Fashions. For a time, Janie and Bev both date Jack Sellars, and Bev finally loses her virginity to him after he rescues her from being sacrificed in a Black Mass. Bev shares a special, almost incestuous, relationship with her brother, Rod. While on a business trip to the USA with a photographer friend, Dudley Hammond-Jones, Bev marries an American businessman, Earl Goodman. They return to Australia, but his infidelity with her mother, Claire Houghton, sends Bev into a deep depression. The return of Bruce is a tipping point and Bev dies of a bullet wound to the stomach. Bruce is blamed for the gun going off but Maggie Cameron, a rival for his affections, was also in the room when the incident occurred. Portrayed by Abigail; Victoria Raymond (Resch).

Claire HOUGHTON, of Point Piper's social set, is the interfering mother of Rodney and Beverly. She lives in a mansion named Buckingham Lodge, with butlers Forbes and Mutashi, and maid, Alicia. A widow of a rich grazier, Claire often makes racist comments. She is good friends with people of class, such as Maggie Cameron, Jack Sellars, Ozzie and Rita Rhinegold and politician Nicholas Brent, but rarely has a kind word for the Paddington area in which her daughter resides. Bev "hates her mother's guts" and can't forgive her for once stealing a love interest, a newspaper columnist. Claire manipulates Bev by feigning a heart attack and moves into the spare room. Later, Claire has an intense affair with her daughter's new husband, Earl Goodman. Claire even poisons herself to cast suspicion onto Earl. She refuses both of her children the chance to gain early access to their trust funds. Bev's untimely death is traumatic for her, but she maintains connections with Bev's friends and neighbours at Number 96. She looks after Vera Collins at her Point Piper mansion when Vera is recuperating from a pack rape. Carlo Lenzi has designs on her substantial fortune. Several years later, Claire has sold her mansion, bought a Point Piper townhouse near Sir William Mainwaring, and has acquired a pet poodle named Serena. Claire has a new butler, Pocock, and an elderly maid named Jasmine. Claire takes on young Grant Chandler as a chauffeur, dog-walker and gigolo, later sponsoring Grant's musical aspirations. Portrayed by Thelma Scott.

Rodney HOUGHTON, a handsome young man who takes up a job as a cattle rancher in Texas, USA, but is confined to a wheelchair after an accident. Son of Claire Houghton, Rod opts to move in with Bev to convalesce, but their unique closeness (since childhood) threatens to destroy his sister's relationship with Jack Sellars, who suspects incest. Rodney does learn to walk again, depending on a cane for balance. The next time he returns home, he tries to gain access to his trust fund. Portrayed by John Benton.

Herr HUMPERNICKEL, who travels to Australia from the Hamburg Sanitation Department in Germany to consult with Reg MacDonald and the Paddington Local Council. He is inadvertently caught up in David Palmer's TV commercial for Ninotchka Vodka. Portrayed by Raymond Duparc.

Mrs HUMPHRIES, the hard-of-hearing wife of a retired Borneo-based minister. She and her husband contemplate moving into Flat 4.

Reverend Mr HUMPHRIES, a retired Borneo-based minister who is shown through the Sutcliffes' flat with his wife by Dorrie Evans. Reverend Humphries has to repeat things often for his wife, who is hard-of-hearing. Portrayed by Robert Eagen.

Doctor HUNTER, who is Vera Collins' obstetric specialist. He delivers grim news after the miscarriage of her baby with Warwick Thompson. Vera's previous history of abortions, including a badly botched one, mean that she will never be able to bear children. Portrayed by John Charlton.

Duncan HUNTER, a journalist and the second husband of Sonia Vansard (nee Freeman). Duncan is revealed to be in partnership with next-door neighbour Diana Moore; their evil ambition is to drive Sonia insane again. After drugging her, Duncan almost causes his new wife to leap to her death off the balcony of Flat 5, hoping to inherit the sizeable Vansard fortune. Portrayed by Alister Smart.

HYMIE, who assists Solly Goldman in his attempt to swindle Dorrie Evans and Lady Flo Mainwaring over their oil discovery under the Sunshine Patio.

HYPNOTIST, who attempts to help Norma Whittaker with her diet, but manages to hypnotise Les Whittaker instead.

I KID YOU NOT, a three-year old chestnut racehorse given to Vera Collins as a farewell gift from Jack Sellars. The filly has some success, but when the horse is doped, suspicion falls upon the trainer, Bert Kelly, Andy Marshall and Vera. Portrayed by Scarlett O'Hara.

IMPETU, the white Maltese terrier belonging to Mrs Elena Brewster. It almost ends up living in Flat 1. Portrayed by Itself.

INTERIOR DECORATOR, who has several rows with Maggie Cameron during the initial set-up of The Tapemeasure salon. Portrayed by Daniel Forrester.

INTRUDER, who assaults Don Finlayson in Flat 4 and then almost knocks Reg MacDonald down the stairs when escaping. The incident is connected to the drug-filled Buddha sent to Amanda Von Pappenburg.

IRATE FATHER, who confronts Don Finlayson and assaults him after Don picked up the man's teenaged son in a park. Portrayed by Reg Gorman.

ITALIAN CUSTOMER, who is tossed out of Norma's Bar after Les Whittaker thought he was his wife's romantic interest, Pierre.

"JACK THE RIPPER", the popular professional wrestler who was defeated by "The Masked Bard" of Paddington (aka Frank "Weppo" Smith) in a televised bout. "Jack" had been described by the announcer as having won his last 34 consecutive bouts. Portrayed by Bob Lee.

"Curly Meat" JACKSON, a deadbeat, heroin-addicted, acquaintance of Adam Shaw. Investigating a strange noise, Vera Collins finds a naked "Curly Meat" Jackson sitting crosslegged on her kitchen table, drumming with knives. It is realised that he managed to steal $640 from the rent box in Flat 3 when Flo Patterson and Trixie O'Toole brought the two men home from a club, leaving Adam to take the blame. Portrayed by Wayne Pickard.

Hope JACKSON, a former New York go-go dancer, who arrives at Number 96 under the assumed name of Henri P. Dobb, Herb Evans' intended cultural exchangee from Paddington, Michigan. The real Henrietta and Hope had swapped identities in Hawaii, but complicating matters even further was the fact that Dorrie Evans was expecting to play hostess to an elderly white American male. The real Henri passes away in Tahiti but Hope stays on in Lady Flo Mainwaring's old room in Flat 3, nevertheless. Later, when her identity is revealed and Herb is expected home, she and Grant Chandler become singers at Duddles'. After a search for her the whereabouts of her estranged parents, Hope leaves Number 96 for Valentine Street, Petersham, to commence work on an old-fashion switchboard at Megaphone, an answering service run by Meg Robinson. Portrayed by Chelsea Brown.

Malcolm "Mal" JACKSON, a guitarist from Norma's Bar, and one of Vera Collins' former boyfriends, but not related to Rhonda or Hope. He steals Vera's sketchpad to scare her from poaching designs. Jack Sellars thinks that Mal is actually Jim Wilson, a heroic Vietnam veteran. Mal is taken away by army officials for being AWOL. Portrayed by George Assang.

Mr JACKSON, who was an US ex-serviceman and the former owner of 127 Valentine Street, Petersham. He is the late father of Hope Jackson. According to a neighbour, Mr Rochfort, Number 127 became Number 67, and the management agreement, that Mr Jackson once signed, allowed the property to eventually be surrended to creditors.

Mrs JACKSON OF BLACKTOWN, a resident who was, according to rumours spread by Mrs Palmer, involved with Mr CLAYTON in an embarrassing incident at the local recreation reserve. Edie MacDonald found it disturbing that the romour became public knowledge.

Mrs JACKSON OF PETERSHAM, who was the Australian-born mother of Hope Jackson and a former resident of 127 Valentine Street, Petersham.

Rhonda JACKSON, the beautiful Aboriginal hairdresser who falls for Dudley Butterfield and agrees to join him in a dangerous publicity stunt to promote his new salon. The plan backfires when the Hooded Rapist attacks her for real, just days after the feigned "assault" by Dudley. Portrayed by Justine Saunders.

Madame JACQUELINE, who runs a boutique supposedly visited by Amanda Von Pappenburg. When Amanda receives a bill for $900 worth of clothes that she did not buy, Madame Jacqueline insists that she had served the Baroness herself. Portrayed by Anne Charleston.

JAMES, one of Vera Collins' handsome dates when she was flatting with Samantha Minerver and Eve. Eve tries to steal him for the night.

JAMES, a young potential member of the Children of Jesus cult, whom Debbie Chester must save with love. He treats Debbie better than her next client, Mark. James pays Joshua $60 for the session.

Doctor JANSEN, Helen Eastwood's psychiatrist. Mark invites him to dinner so he can access Helen's mental state after losing her baby. Portrayed by Max Meldrum.

Richie JANSEN, a friend of Gary Whittaker's, who is goaded into ruining the opening night of Dudley Butterfield and Arnold Feather's The Continental restaurant. Booked under the name "Charles Lloyd Smith", Richie, a drunken mate, and two other friends, instigate a huge brawl. Portrayed by Clifford Hallett.

Richie JANSEN's MATE, who helps instigate a huge brawl on the opening night of Dudley Butterfield and Arnold Feather's The Continental restaurant. Portrayed by Paul Chubb.

Superintendant JANSEN, who castigates Detective Sergeant Derek Costa for acting too hastily during the seige at Duddles'. Portrayed by Ken Goodlet.

Wally JARVIS, an old war-time buddy of Sir William Mainwaring who comes to stay after Bill's marriage to Flo Patterson. However, he holds a grudge because of Sir William's success and is discovered to be the source of the mysterious ghostly return of Kate, the first Lady Mainwaring. Portrayed by Colin Croft.

JASMINE, Claire Houghton's deaf, elderly maid at her new Point Piper townhouse, replacing Alicia. Jasmine sets up Grant Chandler as a thief but is eventually revealed as the perpetrator of all the "inside jobs".

Doctor P. JASON, who pronounces Rose Godolfus as pregnant. Later he offers to arrange the abortion of her unborn baby, but Rose can't go through with it. Portrayed by Lex Mitchell.

Mr JEFFRIES. Portrayed by Ray Bennett.

JERRY, the playwright of "the nude play", The Rainbow Trap, in which Janie Somers has been cast as Gloria Gould's understudy.

JERRY, a colleague of Sue Marshall's, who knocks out Joe Corless in Flat 5 after Mick Milligan was killed in a fiery truck crash.

JENNY, a friend of Rose Godolfus.

Sven JENSON --> See Hans SCHMIDT

JEWELLER, who runs a questionable Oxford Street jewellery store being investigated by Don Finlayson. He and a colleague attempt to asphyxiate Don in a garage. Portrayed by Brian Barrie.

Jimmy JOCK, a TV quiz master, upon whose show Dorrie and Herb Evans win an ocean cruise. Portrayed by Johnny Ladd.

JODY, a cheeky, potential conquest of Gary Whittaker. She mentions her recent encounter with a weightlifter who had started putting on her underwear and earrings. Jody takes great delight in teasing Gary when he is unable to perform sexually. Portrayed by Judy McBurney.

JOHN, a supportive friend of Helen Eastwood, from her days in Perth, and the brother of Colin. John now lives in Sydney. Portrayed by Bob Lee.

Detective JOHNS, who finds a bottle of antimony in Gary Whittaker's pocket while he and Senior Sergeant Murphy are investigating Arnold Feather's illness. Portrayed by Alan McGuiness.

Mrs JOHNSON, a customer of the deli. Arnold Feather will have to apologise to her for being late with her home delivery after a late night party.

Cuthbert "Spider" JONES, boyfriend, and later new husband, of Phyllis Pratt. She abruptly accepts his marriage proposal when it seems that Maggie Cameron is interested in him. Portrayed by Don Reid.

Bob JONES, who owns a taxi that Alf Sutcliffe starts driving after the failure of the Sutcliffes' trucking business.

Eddie JONES, the referee of a televised, professional wrestling bout between "Jack the Ripper" and "The Masked Bard".

"Mr JONES" --> See Arthur PARTRIDGE

JOSEPH, a comrade of Tanya Schnolskevitska who hides out in the wine bar with another Russian man, thinking that Les Whittaker was with the KGB.

JOSHUA, a charismatic leader of a religious cult, The Children of Jesus. Joshua who recruits Debbie Chester. However, he is a pimp and a con man, cheating her out of a large sum of money. At the same time, Joshua confesses his homosexuality to Don Finlayson and the two have a brief, yet doomed, relationship. Portrayed by Shane Porteous.

Sir JOSHUA, a member of Sydney's high society, who befriends Amanda Von Pappenburg and then cheats her out of a lot of money. He turns out to be a confidence trickster.

JUDD. Jane Chester and Shani Carroll's nasty pimp. He works for Alex Leicher, who ensures that Judd has a fatal "accident". Portrayed by John Orcsik (credited as "Crosik").

JUDGE, of the District Court, who was associated with Gordon Freeman's abortion case. Portrayed by Ron Roberts.

JUDGE, who heads the panel of three presiding over Don Finlayson's perjury case. He advises Don that he is likely to be disqualified from practising in the legal profession. Portrayed by Norton Howarth.

JUDGE, who presides over Maggie Cameron's trial for the delicatessen bomb blast which killed four residents of Number 96. Portrayed by Don Crosby.

JUDY, one of three young women, with Bev and Lenore, invited to a party by Lee and Grant Chandler. It was hosted by Giovanni Lenzi in Flat 2. The attendees are eventually playing strip poker. Portrayed by Deborah Gray.

KARMA, a live band which sometimes appears in Dudley Butterfield's wine bar, Duddles'. The group alternates with another band, The Executives. Recordings of Karma's and Taxi's songs are also played.

KEITH --> See Keith TRAVIS

Bert KELLY, the replacement trainer of Vera Collins' racehorse, I Kid You Not, after Billy Barnes was dismissed. When the horse is doped, suspicion falls upon Bert. Portrayed by Reg Gorman.

Mrs KELLY, a customer of Aldo Godolfus's deli.

KBRC-TV REPORTER, who interviews Herb Evans in San Franciso after he manages to miss the plane trip that was hijacked to Mexico by terrorists. The segment was seen live, via satellite, by Dorrie Evans and Lady Flo Mainwaring, including Herb mentioning his host in the USA, Bernice Jancowitz. Portrayed by Chuck McKinney.

K.G.B. MAN. In response to Opal Wilkinson's claims in a television interview about Grant Chandler being kidnapped by Russians, the mysterious man arrives at Flat 7 and fires three shots at her. He is tackled in the stairwell by Derek Costa and Don Finlayson and reveals himself to be a card-carrying member of Actors' Equity. Portrayed by Phillip Hinton.

Ron KIRK, a television producer whose show interviews Dorrie and Herb Evans about the plight of being Australian pensioners. Portrayed by Danny Adcock.

KIRSTEN, the new romantic interest of Adam Shaw, according to the letter he sends to Vera Collins from Stuttgart.

Mr I. KLEINER, the leading trustee lawer in Germany, who is handling the Estate of Baron Max Von Pappenburg. Mr Kleiner tells Amanda Von Pappenburg that she is approved to use "all reasonable travelling expenses" to travel to Heidelberg, and intends taking Dudley Butterfield and Flo Patterson with her. Amanda thinks that Mr Kleiner's name suggests the Mozart serenade, "Eine kleine Nachtmusik".

Doctor KNICKERBOCKER, who invites Herb Evans to join a protest march, but Dorrie Evans is against the idea.

"Stella KNIGHT" --> See Hope JACKSON

KYLEY, aka "Dr Denning", who is Peter Raikes' criminal friend. They hold Dorrie and Herb Evans, Flo Patterson hostage for several days in Flat 3. Posing as Dorrie's cousin, he claims they are all suffering influenza and cannot have visitors. He also takes Debbie Chester as another hostage before being killed by the unstable Peter. Portrayed by Robert Quilter.

LADY GUEST, who attends the opening reception of Dudley Butterfield and Arnold Feather's The Continental hair salon, where most of the guests are professional party-goers sent by Aldelphine Service Agency. Portrayed by Shirley McDonald.

Felicity LAMBERT-WATERS, hostess of a formal farewell party for Amanda Von Pappenburg.

Mr LAMBERT-WATERS, husband of Felicity and the co-host of a farewell party for Amanda Von Pappenburg.

Doctor LANGTON, who gives Don a dire prognosis on his health condition. Portrayed by John Keithley (now Keightly, aka Keightley).

Leroy LaRUE, the professional knife-thrower who almost skewers Dorrie Evans when she answers his job ad for a showbiz assistant. Portrayed by Paul Faranda.

John LAWS, the popular broadcaster on 2UE's talkback radio program, whose show features a call from Edie MacDonald. Portrayed by Himself.

Doctor LeCROSS. Helen Sheridan's doctor, who recommends an abortion after Helen is exposed to German measles in the early stages of pregnancy. Portrayed by Ann Brisk.

Alex LEDERER, a sleazy American producer who promises Janie Somers stardom as a stage actress, but instead seduces her. Later, he attempts to rape Bev Houghton. Portrayed by Harry Harris.

Mr LEFORT, who attempts to assault Dorrie Evans when she goes to interview him, while she is impersonating Flo Patterson, about a room for rent.

Ross LEGGETT, who is an American journalist sent to interview Tanya Schnolskevitska in Flat 6 about "Rosemary Prior" and her father, who has announced a plan to move into politics. She tricks Miles Cooper into throwing Ross out. Portrayed by Brian Evis.

Alex LEICHER, who is Shani Carroll and Judd's boss of a call-girl racket being run out of Duddles'. Portrayed by Revelly Jones.

Miss LEMUS. Secretary to Warwick Thompson.

LENORE, one of three young women, with Bev and Judy, invited to a party by Lee and Grant Chandler. It was hosted by Giovanni Lenzi in Flat 2. The attendees are eventually playing strip poker. Portrayed by Bronwyn Winter.

Antonio LENZI, one of Giovanni Lenzi's cousins on his father's side of the family. On his first day on the job, Giovanni brings him and his brothers, Carlo Jr and Luigi, to the deli to introduce them to Arnold Feather.

Carlo LENZI, the sophisticated Italian father of Giovanni and Sergio Lenzi. He brings an air of intrigue and sophistication to the delicatessen, and he and Norma Whittaker discover a mutual attraction. When money is of concern, Carlo tries to romance the wealthy Claire Houghton. Only Christina Vettare knows the truth about Carlo's secrets and his shady past. Is he the famous European jewel thief known as "The Raven"? Carlo returns to South Australia to turn over his vineyards to Giovanni's brothers, before heading home to Italy. Portrayed by Joseph Furst.

Carlo LENZI Jr, one of Giovanni Lenzi's cousins on his father's side of the family. On his first day on the job, Giovanni brings his three cousins, Carlo Jr, Antonio and Luigi, to the deli to introduce them to Arnold Feather.

Giovanni LENZI, Arnold Feather's eager-to-please assistant in the delicatessen. Giovanni is desperate to have a successful love affair but most attempts are thwarted by his aunt, Maria Panucci. Christina Vettare is brought to Australia as a potential bride for him. Chook Feather and Giovanni are almost killed by a gang of bikies they have angered. Disguised as Mrs Galani, Giovanni attempts to prove he is a master of disguise, applying for a job as Don's new private investigator, replacing Derek Costa. Don is unconvinced. For a time, Giovanni is attracted to Marilyn MacDonald but, before anything sizzles, she is swept off her feet by his newly-arrived brother, Sergio. Portrayed by Harry Michaels.

Luigi LENZI, one of Giovanni Lenzi's cousins on his father's side of the family. On his first day on the job, Giovanni brings him and his brothers, Antonio and Carlo Jr, to the deli to introduce them to Arnold Feather.

Sergio LENZI, Giovanni's brother, fresh off the plane from Italy, who romances Marilyn MacDonald, causing her to give up plans to become a nun.

Marty LEVIN, who is the accused in a court case for which Aldo Godolfus is selected as a juror. Aldo helps to find Marty guilty and starts receiving poison pen letters about the case. With new evidence coming to light, Don Finlayson seeks an appeal on the conviction through the court.

Mrs LEVIN, who maintains that her son, Marty, is innocent. When Roma Godolfus meets Mrs Levin, Roma becomes convinced that Aldo Godolfus and the jury made the wrong decision. Don Finlayson receives $500 from her that he had not actually billed her for, he reexamines the handwriting on the envelope. It is proven that Mrs Levin was planting evidence to shift the focus away from Marty's guilt. Portrayed by Hazel Hollander.

Reuben LEVY, of the Jewish Board of Deputies, arrives at the deli to interview Aldo Godolfus about his brother, Franz Godolfus's accusations. Portrayed by George Pollak.

Irving LEWIS --> See Irving LUBINSKI

LICENCE INSPECTOR, who poses as a regular delicatessen customer to investigate Roma Lubinski for selling her shop "special": a piece of Rose Myers' wedding cake, served with a glass of red wine. He later returns with a colleague and serves Roma with a summons. Portrayed by Roger Ward.

LILY, the sister of Alf Sutcliffe. She lives in England.

LINDA, the lost daughter of "Mad" Stella, kidnapper of little Emma Sutcliffe.

"Mrs LLEWELLYN" --> See Mrs John Churchill HARVEY

Tom LLOYD, the handsome fiancé of the underage Pandora Scott. Portrayed by Bruce Barry.

Mr LOCKSLEY, the Attorney at Law who who takes Anne Spencer's confession. Later, he represents Gary Whittaker when Salvadore Russo gets shot, and Les and Norma Whittaker when the wine bar is being set up. Aldo Godolfus seeks Mr Locksley's advice when Johnny Briggs tries to evict him from the deli to extend Norma's Bar. He also looks over the agreements for Alf and Lucy Sutcliffe when they plan to purchase a bungalow before their daughter, Emma, is born. Portrayed by John Rayner.

Adam LORD, a charismatic preacher who works with Alcoholics Anonymous counsellors, John Vernon and Marie Crowther. A fundamentalist Christian, Adam attempts to assist in Harry Collins' ongoing battle with drinking.

LOUT, who beats up Lucy Sutcliffe in the laundrette, causing her temporary blindness. Portrayed by John Fitzgerald.

LOUTS, who help their friend to bash Lucy Sutcliffe in the laundrette, causing her temporary blindness.

Irving LUBINSKI, the untrustworthy architect son of Roma, he changes his surname to Lewis in an attempt to conceal his Jewish heritage. Irving's fiancée is Samantha Vanderhum, who dumps him when she realises he is Jewish. Roma rescues Irving from several financial disasters, but he is eventually gaoled for embezzlement in the USA. When he is freed, Irving makes back all the money on the stock market, and sends his mother that is was paying her back in full. Portrayed by Bill Riley.

Roma LUBINSKI GODOLFUS, a restaurateur and widow of Yuri, Roma escaped death at the hands of the Nazis in Russia as a young woman. She has a son, Irving. In Australia, Roma meets and falls for Aldo Godolfus, who wants to buy her restaurant, until he is swindled out of his deposit. Roma takes over his daughter's duties in the delicatessen, eventually asking Aldo to marry her. She and Aldo have an eventful married life and take up numerous, separate hobbies. Roma attempts political activism, pottery, singing and painting, with varying results. The victim of an assault in the deli, Roma's arm is burned by acid, thrown by a masked robber. One of the perpetrators was later revealed to be Cain Carmichael, incriminated by a lost identity bracelet, engraved "C.C." Roma convinces Aldo to sell the deli to Freda Fuller to help Irving in the USA. Not long after their return to Number 96, and repurchase of the deli, a bomb is planted in their shop by Maggie Cameron, and they are tragically killed. Portrayed by Philippa Baker.

Yuri LUBINSKI, late first husband of Roma Lubinski and father of Irving. Yuri was a qualified architect in Russia and, until his death, a restaurateur in Sydney.

LULU, a prostitute who briefly leases Flat 6 from Dorrie Evans, and entertains a succession of men, all seemingly answering to "Mr Lulu". Her rate is $30 for 15 minutes.

"Mr LULU", the pseudonym of at least three men who visit a prostitute, Lulu, in the vacant Flat 6. They all pass themselves off as her husband. Dorrie Evans meets an older, balding man. Flo Patterson meets a young, redhaired man with freckles, while Herb Evans unwittingly catches a third "Mr Lulu" in bed with his "wife".

Lady Lorna LUMBERDALE, a socialite friend of Claire Houghton and Jack Sellars. She is an early client of Vera Collins at The Tapemeasure. Harry Collins secretly takes a ballgown that Vera had just finished for Lady Lorna and coerces Jill Sheridan to put it on before they have sex. Lady Lorna's "broken" toe, is a mere sprain, according to Dr Gott. She hurt it while using the escalators at Circular Quay Station.

Lord LUMBERDALE, the husband of Lady Lorna Lumberdale. He is planning a yachting trip with Lady Lorna and Claire Houghton.

Earl of MACCRADDONOW --> See Lord Andrew Whittaker.

Dean MACDONALD, the restless and well-travelled eldest child of Reg and Edie MacDonald. Not long after his family move to Number 96, Dean arrives to continue a clandestine affair with his adopted sister, Marilyn. He is offered a job as JC (Junior Clerk) at the Paddington Town Hall by his father's work colleague, Mr Ian Duncan. Relocating to Adelaide, Dean is briefly engaged to Liz Chalmers, but he sees through her wicked scheming and sends her packing. Marilyn joins Dean on an extended sojourn to Spain, where he enjoys playing tennis. Dean remains in Spain. Reg and Edie briefly visit him there, missing Marilyn by just minutes. Portrayed by Marty Rhone.

Edith "Edie" MACDONALD, the scatterbrained, easily-confused wife of Reg, she often feels inadequate to the task of being involved in her husband's civic duties. Originally from Blacktown, she often misses living there. Edie, or "Mother" as she is called by her husband, has been known to rely on daytime TV (soap operas such as Natalie Faces Life, and foreign language programs), headache powders and even gin to get her through the day. She has a collection of seven garden gnomes (her "little men") on the front balcony of Flat 5. Edie is the star of a deliberately-amateurish TV commercial for Ninotchka Vodka made by David Palmer. Alderman Mrs April Bullock convinces Edie to join the Meals on Wheels Committee. Following her daughter Marilyn's departure to Spain, Edie takes in a string of boarders including Trixie O'Toole, Nigel Morgan, Liz Chalmers, Christina Vettare and Weppo Smith. Maggie Cameron gets her a job as campaign manager for a Gay Liberation organisation. Alderman Bullock helps her to defeat Clem Benson to a position on the local council. Edie rings her sister, Ethel, as the one free call, at police expense, when Edie gets arrested for stealing a portrait from the art gallery. Later, Edie achieves unlikely success as a novelist. Portrayed by Wendy Blacklock.

Marilyn MACDONALD BORDELLO, the adopted daughter of "Mummy and Daddy" MacDonald - and younger sister of Dean - Marilyn is a hopelessly naive romantic. Marilyn's real father is Bill Sumner, who left her with the MacDonalds when she was just a baby. Marilyn suffers through a procession of infatuations and failed love affairs, including brief liaisons with Dean, Arnold Feather, Andy Marshall, Dudley Butterfield, Miles Cooper and even a lesbian bikie named Heather Potter, who introduces her to the Absolute Truth Movement. Marilyn loses her virginity to Gary Whittaker. She and Michael Bartlett pretend to elope, a scam they carry off for several weeks. She has an extended holiday in Spain and marries an ill-fated bullfighter, Pepe Bordello (pronounced "BOR de low", but often mispronounced). Marilyn has the number of a Swiss bank account tattooed on her bottom. A seedy character named Manuel Garcia follows her back to Sydney, where she is romanced by both Chook Feather and Giovanni Lenzi. Several failed attempts are made to matchmate Marilyn with Harold Wilkinson. Broken-hearted, Marilyn turns briefly to a life of chastity as a postulant nun before meeting Sergio Lenzi. Portrayed by Frances Hargreaves.

Reginald P. MACDONALD, the officious head of the MacDonald household and brother of Fay Chandler and Evelyn. Fay used to call him "Bubbles". He moves his family from Blacktown into Flat 5 at Number 96. His wife, Edie, manages to research, poorly, that Reg was born in Cooma (not Coonabarabran, as his wife misremembers), then moved to Strathfield (not Ashfield), then Bankstown, and then Blacktown, before moving his family to Paddington. Reg has been in LG (Local Government) for over 20 years. After arriving at the Paddington TH (Town Hall), he holds positions such as MBI (Municipal Building Investigator), ADTC (Assistant Deputy Town Clerk, thanks to the urging of Mrs Buchanan), DTC (Deputy Town Clerk) and ATC (Acting Town Clerk). He is accused of having an affair with work colleague, Margaret Bishop, and unwittingly attracts the attentions of both Maggie Cameron and Alderman Mrs April Bullock, who plot to distance him from Edie by keeping her busy with various social engagements and civic duties. Reg becomes the TC on his 47th birthday in 1976, after the retirement of his predecessor, Mr Edward Duncan. For a time, Reg believes he has been nominated for a knighthood. Portrayed by Mike Dorsey.

Mrs L. MACREADIE, who is Debbie Chester's headmistress. Eileen Chester is called up to the school for an interview with Mrs Macreadie about Debbie's poor attitude. Portrayed by Lynne Murphy.

"MADELAINE" --> See Dorothy DUNLOP

Miss MADELAINE, from Maison Maisie's hairdressing salon. She was interviewed by Dudley Butterfield for the position of stylist at the new The Continental salon when Jaja Gibson makes herself unavailable. Miss Madelaine auditions her skills for Arnold Feather, giving him an ugly afro hairstyle. Portrayed by Joanna Lockwood.

MAGISTRATE, who is frustrated by the Baroness Amanda Von Pappenburg when she is representing Herb Evans in court. Portrayed by Desmond Rolfe.

MAGISTRATE, who presides over Kerry Braddon's case after the boy was caught shoplifting in the deli. Portrayed by Les Foxcroft.

Doctor MAGNUS, who diagnoses Aldo Godolfus as having an operable stomach ulcer rather than the terminal cancer that Aldo suspected.

Larry MAGUIRE, the racing car mechanic and longtime colleague of Guy Sutton. Portrayed by Tim Eliott.

Isobel MAINWARING, the eccentric daughter of Sir William Mainwaring, who meets "Junior" Winthrop at the Sydney Opera House. They bond over a box of Fantales at the candy bar and become romantically involved. Portrayed by Jill McKay.

Lady Kate MAINWARING, the deceased wife of Sir William.

Sir William MAINWARING, a man with several tragic secrets, he is briefly married to Flo Patterson, whom he takes to live in his luxury Point Piper residence. After bailing out Herb Evans from a poker machine scandal at the Paddington Senior Citizens Club, there are doubts about Bill's finances. He stages his own death to escape his enemies, pretending to drown in the sea, but is eventually killed in a plane crash while travelling on a false passport. Portrayed by Les Foxcroft.

MAÎTRE D'HÔTEL, the blond male head waiter/barman at The Cosmopolitan restaurant where Helen Sheridan is the manager. He has a French accent and Maggie Cameron enjoys flirting with him. He looks familiar to Don Finlayson when he and Maggie have lunch at The Red Baron. Maggie mentions having followed him from The Cosmopolitan to his new position.

Detective Constable MALLET, of Special Branch, who delivers the news to Vera Collins that her ex-husband, Harry, apparently did not die in the car crash of six months earlier. Portrayed by Anthony Wheeler.

Barney MALLISON, the former partner of Pamela Marshall after her separation from Andy Marshall. They are no longer an item.

Mr MANDELBURG, whose fur shop has a Persian lamb coat in the window. Edie MacDonald covets the coat and believes that her husband, Reg, will buy it for her as a 25th wedding anniversary gift.

Miss MANSON, an assistant to Vera Collins at The Tapemeasure fashion salon. Portrayed by Shendelle Franklin.

Mrs MARCAZITE is considered Paddington Senior Citizens Bowling Club's best player. Her bowling partner is often Lady Flo Mainwaring, much to Dorrie Evans' frustration.

Mr MARCELL, Norma Whittaker's regular wig hairdresser. When Les Whittaker has a mix-up at the salon, Mr Marcell lends him a Cleopatra wig for Norma, which she ends up wearing in the bar for the night.

Yvonne MARETTE, a beautiful French counter assistant in Gordon and Sonia Vansard's pharmacy, who takes over after Georgina Carter returns home. She is also Gordon's lover, tragically killed instantly in the car accident which also eventually claims Gordon's life. Portrayed by Sophie Vaillant.

MARK, a sleazy, potential member of the Children of Jesus cult, whom Debbie Chester must save with love. He pays Joshua $60 for the session. Portrayed by Alan McGuinness (or McGuiness?).

Greg MARLOW, a brilliant playwright friend of Alan Cotterell.

MARQUIS OF CHANTILLY. Mrs Terry brings this special guest to the dinner party that Flo Patterson must host. Dorrie Evans was the original hostess, but her plans were ruined by the imminent arrival of Dennis Parker.

Andy MARSHALL, a journalist friend of Jack Sellars. They have known each other for over ten years. When Andy begins to spend time at Number 96, he quickly attracts the amorous attentions of both Marilyn MacDonald and Lorelei Wilkinson, despite his recent separation from his wife, Pam. Jack warns him about Maggie Cameron, who already knows of Andy's millionaire father, Clayton. Andy assists Vera Collins by organising the training of her racehorse, I Kid You Not, and later becomes romantically involved with Tracey Wilson and then Tanya Schnolskevitska before returning to his wife and young child. Portrayed by Peter Adams.

Clayton MARSHALL, the deceased millionaire industrialist father of Andy Marshall. He owned several newspapers, and Andy got his start at one as a journalist.

Charlie MARSHALL, an old friend of Herb Evans and an acquaintance of Horace Deerman. Charlie was supposed to be Best Man at Herb's wedding but came down with chicken pox and was replaced by Horace.

Doctor MARSHALL, of Macquarie Street, who examined the mentally-deranged Coral Fuller 18 months before she seemingly returned from the dead and kidnapped Harold Wilkinson. He knows about the Fullers' old family home, where the remains of Coral's brother was once found. Both Don Finlayson and Derek Costa believe that Dr Marshall is now in grave danger, too. Portrayed by Gordon Poole.

Pamela MARSHALL, a former model and the estranged wife of Andy. To aid in divorce proceedings, she employs a private eye to catch him having an affair with Marilyn MacDonald. After splitting with Andy, Pam took up with Barney Mallison, but they are no longer an item. Pam had kept the birth of Andy's child a secret for three months until Tanya Schnolskevitska interferes. She overdoses with pills in a desperate attempt to take Andy away from Tanya, but her life is saved. Portrayed by Louise Howitt.

Sue MARSHALL, a flatmate of Helen and Jill Sheridan, who commences work for Alf Sutcliffe as his accounts clerk. She is secretly in collusion with Mick Milligan and Wally Scott to deal in stolen goods using Alf's trucks. Sue is revealed to be an escapee from a detention centre. Portrayed by Anne (Louise) Lambert.

MARTHA, a friend of Rose Godolfus.

MARTIN. Warwick Thompson's publicist, who is keen to get Vera Collins' finished designs so they can be photographed for the House of Danielle salon's campaign. Portrayed by John Bennett.

MARRIAGE REGISTRAR, who marries Gordon and Sonia Vansard. Portrayed by Gordon Lishman.

"MASKED BARD" --> See Frank "Weppo" SMITH

Doctor MASON, who attends Jack Sellars' penthouse to pronounce Elissa Sheridan as deceased. He manages to revive the unconscious Helen Sheridan, Elissa's daughter. Later, he mentions to Arnold Feather that Patti Feather has been offered a new job caring for an invalid patient.

Joe MASON, a shady trucking colleague of Alf Sutcliffe and Barry Deprose. Portrayed by Peter Colville.

Valerie MASON. Oft-mentioned original laundrette assistant to Lucy Sutcliffe. Valerie finds an unconscious Lucy on the floor after she was bashed by a lout. Later, Valerie is supposed to manage the laundrette while Lucy is on vacation. Lucy is worried that Valerie's child is often ill. Another time, Valerie becomes annoyed by delays and she leaves in a huff. She later gives birth to another baby and is unavailable for regular work. After Alf Sutcliffe fires Marilyn MacDonald as laundrette manageress, Valerie explains that her new permanent job at the local Woolies' supermarket checkout prevents her from doing any shifts at the laundrette. Portrayed by Sally McMaster.


Mr MASTERS, an evil and vindictive North Coast drug lord known to his minions as "The Master". He runs a commune at Bower Tree Farm for "The Family". He pursues Lee and Grant Chandler and Mandy Ward to Sydney. Portrayed by Jon English.

Doctor Nick MASTERS, a colleague of Julian Myers. He delivers Rose Myers' premature baby.

Doctor Clinton MATHER, a music agent contact of Maggie Cameron's, who is impressed by Adam Shaw's concerto.

Paul MATHEWS, a journalist from Pymble, who is a former heartthrob of Don Finlayson, although they had not explored a relationship. Paul has just started work with the Evening News. He moves in with him soon after Don's sham marriage to Sally Fielding. Sally reacts badly when he and Don resume their relationship. A date with Jeremy Conway, to see the movie Last Tango in Paris, ends the romance and trust between Don and Paul. Portrayed by David Whitford.

Geoffrey MATTHEWS, a professional stills photographer journalist, who is said to be a friend and work colleague of the Royal Family's Antony Armstrong-Jones. He is Rhonda Jackson's new boyfriend. Geoffrey also seems to have eyes for Jaja Gibson. Portrayed by Don Swanell (now Swonnell).

MATRON. Les Whittaker's supervisor at the hospital where he works as a ward orderly. Portrayed by Patti Crocker.

MAVIS, the daughter of Arthur Partridge, who lives in Wiley Park with her husband, Ted. She is tired of sharing a place with Arthur and is keen for him to move out.

Clive MAXWELL, the Macquarie Street psychiatrist, recommended by Charles Thurgood to examine Maggie Cameron before her trial.

Mr MAYHEW, the accountant of Freda Fuller who handles the resale of the delicatessen back to the Goldolfuses. Portrayed by Henri Szeps.

MCALISTER, the ghost who has supposedly followed Lord Andrew Whittaker to Sydney from MacCraddonow Castle, taking up residence in Flat 3. Rattling water pipes are to blame.

Myrtle MCINTYRE, a frequent patron of Aldo Godolfus's deli, Lucy Sutcliffe's laundrette, and a bowling colleague of Dorrie Evans, from the Paddington Senior Citizens Bowling Club. Flo Patterson buys her a drink in Norma's Bar to secure her vote in the club's presidential election, to replace Mrs Terry.

Connie Carter MEADOWS, the sister of Dorrie Evans and Jeff Carter. For six months, Dorrie looks after her regularly, only to discover that her gallstone is indigestion. Her husband, Frank Meadows, eventually passes away, leaving Connie a rich woman. Connie intends to sell her semi-detached cottage in Epping, to depart on a world cruise. Portrayed by Delore Whiteman.

Frank MEADOWS, the now-deceased carpenter husband of Connie Meadows.

"Olga MEDCALF" --> See Coral FULLER

MECHANIC, who reassures Guy Sutton that he has been fully briefed on the Amaroo Park car race by Larry Maguire. Portrayed by Bartholomew John.

Lady MENDL, an oft-mentioned Point Piper society friend of Claire Houghton. Lady Mendl invites Dorrie Evans to one of her parties. On another occasion, Dorrie once had her hand trapped in a Ming vase belonging to her.

MERLE, who is the daughter of the real Henrietta P. Dobb. Merle is president of her local book-of-the-month club. Herb Evans meets her in Paddington, Michigan, in the USA.

Detective Sergeant MERRY, who interviews Vera Collins about the stolen Pintor paintings. Portrayed by Ian Dyson.

MERVIN, a darkhaired shopfitter working to set up the new chemist shop. Portrayed by Tony Allen.

Detective Sergeant MILLER. He investigates the stolen money in Flat 8 and later deals with the robbery of morphine from Sonia Vansard's chemist shop. Portrayed by Mark Kelly.

Mick MILLIGAN, a junior driving partner in a trucking business with Alf Sutcliffe. Mick enjoys the recreational use of marijuana and offers it around to his dates. In collusion with Sue Marshall, Mick begins to use the business to cover up numerous illegal activities, which eventually leads to their demise in a fiery truck crash. Portrayed by Peter Berg.

Miss MILLS, Peter Harvey's secretary at Harvey & Sons.

Joe MINERVER, the adulterous and highly-sexed former husband of Samantha, who is finally set up and shown up for the lecher he is by Vera Collins and Eve. Portrayed by Peter Flett.

Samantha MINERVER, recently divorced, but still enamoured of her ex-husband and quite naive, Sam starts a new life as a gay divorcee with her friends, the more experienced Vera Collins and Eve. Portrayed by Lynette Curran.

MINISTER, who marries Arnold and Patti Feather. Later, he returns in Dorrie Evans' dream in which she imagines marrying a hippy version of Don Finlayson, with Baroness Amanda Von Pappenburg as her Maid of Honour. Portrayed by Derek Strahan.

Detective Inspector MITCHELL, who attempts to resolve the kidnapping of Emma Sutcliffe by "Mad" Stella and the resulting clifftop siege. Portrayed by Mark Kelly.

Miss MITCHELL, Sir Arnold Ashton's perky secretary. Portrayed by Pamela Garrick.

Ray MITCHELL, former world title judge, television commentator, and boxing historian, who was involved in Australian boxing for many decades. He interviews Alf Sutcliffe on about Mr Poreski and his gang on a midday current affairs TV show, Names in the News. Years later, he is the announcer for a televised wrestling bout between "Jack the Ripper" and Weppo Smith (as "The Masked Bard"). Portrayed by Himself.

MODEL, from an event held in Norma's Bar. Portrayed by Robyn Robb.

MODEL, who is working for Dudley Hammond-Jones when Bev Houghton is preparing to go overseas with him. Portrayed by Yvonne Sherley-Price.

MODELS, from The Tapemeasure's gala opening. Portrayed by Leonora Vawn, Robyn Moase and Anne Brogan.

MOHAMMED. Owner of a Paddington shop, Mohammed's Take-Away Shish-Kebabs. He promotes his business with sandwich boards on "resting" actors who walk along Lindsay Street.

MONICA, Maggie Cameron's feisty secretary. Portrayed by Maureen Elkner.

MONICA THE MODEL, who works with Vera Collins and Warwick Thompson at The House of Danielle fashion salon.

MONIQUE, a friend of Flo Patterson's. She is having trouble with warts on her nose but is also recovering from "having her tubes tied".

Mademoiselle MONIQUE, a client of Meg Robinson's Megaphone. Hope Jackson breaks the rules several times to read out a recipe for Sweet Potato Pie over the switchboard.

Richard MONKHOUSE, Earl Goodman's business associate. Portrayed by Roger Cox.

Ethel MONTEFIORE, Edie MacDonald's sister who lives in Bermuda on a banana plantation. Edie rings her as the one free phone call, at police expense, when she gets arrested for stealing a portrait from the art gallery.

Mr MONTEFIORE, a Bermuda banana grower who is Edie MacDonald's brother-in-law. He is married to Ethel.

Diana MOORE, the air hostess who moves into Flat 6, next door to the former Sonia Vansard and her new husband, Duncan Hunter. Diana pretends to be in love with Jack Sellars when, in reality, she is having an affair with Duncan and is plotting with him to send Sonia insane. Portrayed by Rebecca Gilling.

Doctor MORGAN, the Olsen family's GP. Arnold offers to take the late Patti's mother there after her psycological breakdown.


Mr & Mrs MORGAN-JONES, old friends of Jack Sellars who throw him a birthday party, to which Bev Houghton, Janie Somers and Alan Cotterell are invited.

Beckie MORRIS --> See Elizabeth "Liz" CHALMERS FEATHER

Colin MORRIS, who tells Arnold Feather of their common problem: they are seemingly both married to the same woman, Liz Chalmers. Colin knew her as "Beckie Wilson" in New Zealand and married her two years before Arnold met Liz. Colin is in Sydney on business and saw details about Liz in the newspaper. Portrayed by David Foster.

Grant MORRIS, the director of two of Janie Somers' stage plays, The Rainbow Trap and Find Me a Lover. Portrayed by John Bonney.

Danny MORRISON, the young draft resister found hiding in the cellar of Number 96 by Georgina Carter. Portrayed by Gregory Ross.

Mr MORTON, aka referred to as "old Morton". He is a legal colleague of Don Finlayson.

Mr MORTON'S SECRETARY. She is a stickler for correct layout in legal letters. She is a potential problem for Vera Collins and her rusty typing skills.

MOTEL RECEPTIONIST, who notices that taxi driver, Alf Sutcliffe, has the same distinctive accent as Tom Bartlett's guest, Lucy Sutcliffe.

"MOUSE" --> See Debbie CHESTER

Senior Detective Sergeant MURPHY, who is investigating Arnold Feather's health dilemma. Detective Johns shows him find a bottle of antimony that was in Gary Whittaker's pocket. Portrayed by Max Osbiston (credited as "Orbiston").

Dorothy MURSTON-MORGAN, a society matron and a board member of O.P. Piper Promotions, the advertising company for which her son, Nigel, works. Portrayed by Jacqueline Kott.

Nigel MURSTON-MORGAN, as Nigel Morgan of Woy Woy, he was the newly-appointed DTC of the Paddington TH, and Reg MacDonald's immediate superior. He is extremely flirtatious with women and has a brief romance with Jaja Gibson. After boarding with the MacDonalds, he leaves LG for a more lucrative job as an advertising executive. There, Nigel adopts his mother's more prestigious, hyphenated surname. Later, a fall down the main stairwell at Number 96, with Trixie O'Toole, makes him an unwanted house guest in Flat 5. Portrayed by John Allen.

MUTASHI, a butler employed by Claire Houghton at Buckingham Lodge in Point Piper. He bruises the gin. He is replaced by Pocock when Claire moves to a townhouse.

Aldo Bronislav Damien MYERS, the full name of Damien, the grandson of Aldo Godolfus. Cain Carmichael, acting for Cliff Stevens, threatens Damien's life to terrorise Aldo. Damien lives in New Guinea.

Bronislav MYERS, the father of Julian and Joseph and another namesake of little grandson, Damien. Portrayed by Frank Hauser.

Damien MYERS --> See Aldo Bronislav Damien MYERS

Joseph MYERS, the brother of Julian. Portrayed by Ira Herson.

Doctor Julian MYERS, the handsome Jewish doctor husband of Rose Godolfus who was introduced to her through the matchmaking talents of her aunt, Selma Horowitz. Not long after marrying Rose, he moves with her to Port Moresby, New Guinea. They have a son, Damien. Portrayed by Lew Luton.

Mrs MYERS, the wife of Bronislav. Portrayed by Lila Warner.

NAKED LADY, who is fan of TV celebrity Dudley Butterfield, the host of Duddles' Magic Lantern Show. She greets him completely naked and Dudley puts her outside his front door, still naked. Chook Feather has booked fans to visit them in Flat 6 every half hour. Portrayed by Terry Herlihy.

Sally NASH, an actress in Janie Somers' play, who takes over the part that Janie once understudied. Her colleague, Jill Damon, thinks that Sally is stuck-up.

"NATALIE FACES LIFE" ANNOUNCER. The voice heard in the closing monologue of each episode of the TV soap opera beloved by Edie MacDonald. Portrayed by Ian Dalgleish "Dal" Myles.

Princess NATASHA, Amanda Von Pappenburg's Russian octogenarian friend, who had a colourful escape from Vladivostok during the Revolution.

Mr NETHERTON, who is Roma Godolfus's stockbroker. A jealous Aldo Godolfus goes to see him and ends up buying shares and debentures for himself.

NEWSMAN. Portrayed by Douglas Stark.

NEWSREADER, who announces on the television news that Grant Chandler's music career has been seemingly cut short; he is missing, presumed drowned at Bondi Beach. The incident has been organised by Opal Wilkinson for publicity purposes. Little does Reg MacDonald suspect that his nephew is safely hidden in Flat 7. Portrayed by Mike Roach.

NICK THE PUSHER, who supplies drugs to Debbie Chester's friend, Teresa. He threaten Debbie about monies owed and urges her to try her luck raising money in Kings Cross. Portrayed by Terry Camilleri.

NORMAN, the hall porter of the building in which Jack Sellars' penthouse is contained. Norman rings Flat 4, seeking Jack. Don Finlayson and Bruce Taylor want to visit Jack, but Jack wants Norman to say that no one is home. Days later, after a fire in the penthouse. Jack still hasn't heard from Norman, but Don discovers that the Arson Squad suspects that the fire was no accident. Norman reveals that he is anticipating a handout from Jack in order to buy his silence.

HENRY NOVAK, the underworld big wheel, with his son-in-law, Frank Hobson, in "The Company". Henry is the father of the late Melissa Hobson and Leone Novak-Armstrong. He is also the grandfather of Mark Hobson. Portrayed by Allan Penney.

Leone NOVAK-ARMSTRONG, the lover of Frank Hobson, and sister of his wife, Melissa. Leone is the aunt of Mark Hobson and the daughter of Henry Novak. Don Finlayson is set up by Mark to appear to be Leone's killer. Portrayed by Anne Semler.

NUN, when Arnold Feather is attempting to seduce Dorothy Dunlop in the delicatessen, they sink to the floor in an embrace... right at the feet of an unimpressed Roman Catholic nun.

NUN, Helen Sheridan is shown to the phone by a nun when Vera Collins' call comes in at the Roman Catholic convent where Helen is staying.

NURSE. A blonde nurse at the local hospital. Portrayed by Jinx Huber (Lootens).

NURSE, who cares for the critically injured Norma Whittaker. Portrayed by Josephine Townsend.

NURSING SISTER, who cares for the critically injured Gordon Freeman. Portrayed by Barbara Frawley.

NURSING SISTER, on Dorrie Evans' ward, who begrudgingly allows Flo Patterson and Herb Evans to visit Dorrie outside official visiting hours. Portrayed by Trish Hughes.


Father David O'BRIEN, the handsome, young Roman Catholic priest who falls in love with Jill Sheridan, a complication which threatens to ruin both of their lives. When Helen Sheridan is contemplating her own future, she takes Father David into her confidence. Portrayed by Hilton Bonner.

OBSTETRICIAN. Lucy Sutcliffe's specialist, who delivers baby Emma. A few days later, he tells Alf Sutciffe that the baby is in the Observation Ward with a chill, and may develop pneumonia. Portrayed by John Faassen.

Agnes O'CONNOR, who is on the staff of the nearby Beauregard Hotel. When the Number 96 residents are evacuated there after the oil leak in the Sunshine Patio, her job as a waitress becomes extremely difficult. Portrayed by Joy Cashmore.

Cathy O'CONNOR, a friend of Lucy Sutcliffe's, who regularly books card readings with Vera Collins.

Susi O'DONNELL, a fully-bandaged patient, hooked up to a blood transfusion IV. The young stripper is a victim of gang-related crime and under police guard. Despite hospital orderly Les Whittaker's concerns, she is murdered in her bed by an intruder. Les is taken in for questioning. Susi whispered something like "Rhubarb!" as her last word, and the police think that this is a clue as to who murdered her.

Rory O'HOOLIHAN, who is an Irish-accented real estate agent. He shows Reg and Edie MacDonald around a rental property in Rose Bay. Portrayed by Derek Strahan.

OLD MAN, wearing a cap and long, plastic raincoat, he has come in response to an ad in the newspaper for the inflatable sex dolls being sold by Herb Evans and Les Whittaker. The man takes a seat on the couch in Flat 3 and sees Georgina Carter rushing naked from her bedroom to the bathroom, greeting him with, "Morning, Uncle Herb!" Portrayed by Archie Hull.

Mrs OLSEN, the mother of Patti Olsen. Some months after Patti's death, she suffers a mental breakdown and impersonates Patti in a series of mysterious letters and phone calls to Arnold Feather and other residents of Number 96. Portrayed by Susan Swinford.

Patricia "Patti" Margaret OLSEN FEATHER, Arnold Feather's young nurse during his hospitalisation after the parcel bomb incident which resulted in the amputation of a leg. Patti became Arnold's wife after a stormy engagement. When Reg MacDonald attempts to castigate Arnold over a perceived interest in Marilyn MacDonald, Patti reminds Reg that she has an uncle high up in LG ("Lower Government"). Although Patti dreads a honeymoon on Hayman Island, Jack Sellars uses his connections to purchase tickets and accommodation in Singapore. She disapproves of Freda Fuller's treatment of Arnold and encourages him to seek new employment. After taking in her traumatised work colleague, Tracey Wilson, as a boarder, Patti becomes a victim of the Pantyhose Strangler. Portrayed by Pamela Garrick.

Mr OSITO, who comes to Paddington from Tokyo to discuss Japanese effluent recycling systems with Reg MacDonald. Les Whittaker and Edie MacDonald organise a special tea ceremony for him. Portrayed by Terry Woo.

Trixie O'TOOLE, the former showgirl who tries to offer comfort to Alf Sutcliffe when his wife briefly leaves him. Her wayward daughter is squatter Penny Snow. Trixie makes several visits to Number 96 and befriends Edie MacDonald, twice becoming her long-term boarder and confidante. When Trixie impersonates Edie to dupe Mrs Buchanan, it sets a precedent for future meetings. Trixie regularly fends off the attentions of TC Edward Duncan, who she calls "Eddie". Trixie also becomes known as "the Goldybix Girl" after making an embarrassing shopping centre appearance and signing a contract for several TV commercials. Portrayed by Jan Adele.

PABLO, an artist who delivers some way-out art to the laundrette at Marilyn MacDonald's suggestion. When Reg MacDonald hears that the young man wants to paint Marilyn, he encourages her to bring the talented young man home. Reg catches him bodypainting his naked daughter in her bedroom. Portrayed by Gerard Maguire.

Mrs PACKETT. Les Whittaker's hairbrained scheme to divorce his wife, Norma Whittaker, includes making Mrs Packett from the hospital his co-respondent. She sends an expensive gift to Les by courier. Not long afterwards, Les has to provide the "kiss of life" to save her. With Norma boasting of wanting an affair with Pierre, Les again suggests the same with Mrs Packett. "Pierre" is revealed to be fictitious, and Mrs Packett threatens to sue Les for breach of promise. Les attempts to put her off him by pretending to be homosexual, asking Dudley Butterfield for tips.

PADDINGTON SENIOR CITIZENS BOWLING CLUB. Lead by President Mrs Terry, other members include Mrs Bairstow, Daphne Begley, Jessie Blanchard, Ida Clapper, Mr Donkin, Hilda Dynasty, Dorrie and Herb Evans, Mrs Fazackerlee, Mrs Markazite, Myrtle McIntyre, Flo Patterson and Harvey Williams.

Alderman PALFREY, who plots with Alderman Mrs Bullock and Alderman Sinclair to use Edie MacDonald to defeat Clem Benson in the next local council elections.

Celia PALMER, the estranged wife of David, who is "old enough to be his mother" - and seems to enjoy allowing people to assume she is his mother! Celia tracks down David to Number 96 and when her affections are rebuffed, she attempts suicide by slashing her wrists in his bathroom. Portrayed by Margaret Christensen.

Cheryl PALMER, the fantasy "wife" of David, a character invented to deflect attention from Celia, his true wife of six years.

David PALMER, a handsome film director/writer who shares Flat 6 with his assistant, Grace Primrose. David's good friend is Miles Cooper. David and Prim's long-running, unfilmed, movie project was to be called Fear is a Green Baize Door. David becomes embroiled in a drug-running scam conducted by a movie investor, Louis Spiro, who also wants David to turn his script into a heavy porn film. David is pronounced a hero following Spiro's arrest. David's wife, Celia, turns up from his past but, as she is many years his senior, he always passes her off as his "mother". To escape an ironclad contract, David produces a deliberately-amateurish TV commercial for Ninotchka Vodka featuring several Number 96 residents. David and his girlfriend, Jaja Gibson, are kidnapped by Oscar Barry's white slavery racket. Jaja escapes but David is killed when the taxi in which he is trapped is driven over a cliff. Portrayed by Vince Martin.

Mrs PALMER, a Blacktown resident well known to Edie MacDonald. She always "finds out everything" and is the source of many rumours, include one involving Mrs Jackson and Mr Clayton.

Maria PANUCCI, wife of the Leichhardt fruiterer, Umberto, and the sister of Giovanni Lenzi's deceased mother. Her other sister is Rosa. Maria plays the interfering aunt to the hilt, coming to live with her nephew behind the delicatessen at Number 96 after Umberto's death. She is a very religious woman and worries about Giovanni's sexual exploits. When the wine bar is converted into a disco, she organises to serve bistro meals from the deli. Attracted, for a time, to both Arnold and Chook Feather, Maria eventually finds happiness with Luigi Vezulla, the patriarch of a rival family. Portrayed by Arianthe Galani.

Umberto PANUCCI, the Leichhardt fruiterer uncle of Giovanni Lenzi and husband to Maria Panucci. On Giovanni Lenzi's first day on the job, he brings Uncle Umberto to the deli to introduce him to Arnold Feather. When Umberto later dies, Aunt Maria comes to live with Giovanni at Number 96.

Mrs PARALLEL, owner of a boarding house located near Number 96. Her tenants include Dudley Butterfield and Lorelei Wilkinson. Flo Patterson almost moves in. Dudley returns there after he and Don Finlayson separate temporarily. Dorrie Evans calls her "Mrs Parallelogram".

Dennis PARKER, Dorrie and Herb Evans' "clean freak" son-in-law, who makes their lives a fumigation nightmare when he visits from Melbourne. He is also the father of little Kingsley. Portrayed by Ron Blanchard.

Joan Evans PARKER, the mentally unstable daughter of Dorrie and Herb Evans. As a child, her best friend was Raylene Patterson (now Shackleton). Joan now lives in Melbourne as the wife of Dennis, whom she finds a challenge to stay with. Joan has a breakdown while staying with her parents. Dorrie convinces Joan to get "artificially incinerated". She and Dennis produce a son, Kingsley. Portrayed by Judith Fisher.

Kingsley PARKER, Dorrie and Herb Evans' grandson, who lives in Melbourne with his parents, Dennis and Joan.

Mr PARKER, Kerry Braddon's probation officer, who paints a dire picture of the boy's current circumstances. Portrayed by Rob Steele (aka Graham "Stainless" Steele Robertson).

PARKING OFFICER, who orders Herb Evans and Arthur Partridge to move the Senior Cits' Clean-Up Campaign truck from a "No Standing" zone during the garbage strike. Herb accidentally tips garbage onto him. Portrayed by Ken Links.

Harold PARKINS, former classmate of Reg MacDonald, attends his 47th birthday party and recalls how he once set up Reg for stealing apples - and Reg was punished for it. Gary Whittaker throws Harold out of Flat 5. Portrayed by Guy Pennington-Bird.

Jim PARNELL, a security guard at the hospital where Les Whittaker is an orderly. Elena Brewster tries to bribe Les with $1000 to ensure that Jim is away from his post on a particular morning. In a doublecross, Jim is seemingly in cahoots with her and he holds up Les with a gun. Portrayed by Robert Bruning.

Mrs PAROT, who makes accusations against Lucy Sutcliffe, suggesting that she stole money that was left in clothing in the laundrette. Portrayed by Shirley Sunners.

Mike PARSONS, a ruggedly handsome lawyer colleague (and rival) of Don Finlayson at Willoughby, Willoughby & Martin. Mike was set to move into Flat 4 as a boarder. However, when he learns of Don's homosexuality, he attempts to blackmail him for a better position at work. Portrayed by Patrick Ward.

Violet PARSONS, of Mittagong, whom Raylene Shackleton accuses of having an affair with her husband, Tyrone.

Arthur PARTRIDGE, a loquacious friend of Flo Patterson who poses as "Mr Jones" to tease Dorrie Evans. A resident of Wiley Park, his daughter Mavis, and son-in-law, Ted, find it hard to live with him. Arthur has a pet cockatoo, Cooky, and a fascination for model train sets and long-winded anecdotes. He moves into Flat 3 with Flo while Dorrie isin Melbourne. A widower, Arthur is desperately seeking a new wife. Dorrie puts Arthur to work creating the Sunshine Patio in the backyard of Number 96. He is also temporarily employed as a cook at Norma's Bar, replacing Dudley Butterfield. Arthur proposes to a widowed friend, Fiona Bluebell, the bar manager of the Dog & Feathers pub near Wylie Park. With a new wife, he is able to take up the position he covets at the Railway Museum. Portrayed by Gordon Glenwright.

Mr PARTRIDGE, Alf Sutcliffe's former boss back in England. Alf's sister, Lily, writes to tell him that Mr Partridge died several years ago.

Doctor Alistair PASCALL, a psychiatrist who treats Don Finlayson and (supposedly) believes that he can cure Don of his homosexuality. After Don fails in an attempted sexual liaison with Helen Sheridan, he reveals his own bisexuality suggests leaving his wife to start a relationship with Don. Portrayed by Raymond Duparc.

Mrs PASCALL, the long-suffering wife of Alistair. She is well aware that her husband is bisexual. She presents Don Finlayson with a long list of the young homosexual men that Alistair has had affairs with over the years.Portrayed by Judy Ferris.

PATIENT, who causes a revealing scene at the hospital where Les Whittaker works. Portrayed by Noel Brophy.

PATIENT, who claims to be the husband of the newly-engaged Patti Olsen. After much confusion, the man is revealed to be a former patient of hers, escaped from a mental hospital.

Eric PATTERSON, the late husband of Flo and the father of Raylene Shackleton. He was a Grand Master of the Royal & Ancient Order of the Buffaloes.

Florence "Flo" PATTERSON MAINWARING, a close friend, confidante, lawn bowling colleague, and often rival of Dorrie Evans. Flo is the widow of the late Eric. Dorrie is jealous when Mrs Terry asks Flo to organise the Paddington Senior Citizens Committee members' dinner party, to which the Marquis of Chantilly has been invited. Flo moves into the spare room of Flat 3, bringing Mr Perky (her pet budgie), with her, after Flo's residence in Paradise Street gets burnt out. She has a selfish, lazy daughter, Raylene Shackleton, who lives in Mittagong. Flo gets involved in a variety of crazy schemes, often involving Herb Evans, which they keep secret from Dorrie. Senator Spindle offers Flo the position of Liaison Officer of the Bring or Buy Sale, which requires her to write up the official report on the venture. A few days later, he cancels the possibility of a job in Canberra. She takes a part-time job as a cleaner at Norma's Bar and is befriended by the Baroness Amanda Von Pappenburg, who takes Flo overseas for a holiday, and loses her. For a time, Flo works as a reporter for the Paddington Daily newspaper. Flo feuds with Dorrie over a former mutual heartthrob, Claude Tufnell and is left at the altar by the conniving ex-criminal, Dick Riggs. Flo and Dorrie compete in a bowling tournament to determine who will be acting President in Mrs Terry's absence. For a time, Lady Flo is married to Sir William Mainwaring, but she finds it difficult playing the role of a Point Piper society matron, and returns to Flat 3 when Bill fakes his own death. Raylene doesn't want any help from her mother when Flo's first grandchild, Crystal Shackleton, is born. Portrayed by Bunney Brooke.

Keith PATTERSON, the late uncle of Raylene Shackleton, and Flo Patterson's brother-in-law, was a lay preacher for a Lutheran Mission in New Guinea.

PAWNBROKER, who runs the shop where Debbie Chester tries to pawn her mother's engagement ring. Portrayed by Noel Mitchell.

Mr PAYNE, the administrator of the apartment building where Jack Sellars has a penthouse. After a fire destroys the penthouse, Mr Payne informs Jack that he knows that he is in a lot of debt, and that the insurance company suspects arson.

Judge "Beakie" PEACOCK, a friend of Amanda Von Pappenburg. He attends Phoebe Sorrows' fancy dress party dressed as Tarzan.

Mrs PEACOCK, the wife of Judge Peacock. She attends Phoebe Sorrows' fancy dress party dressed as Tarzan's Jane, but Amanda Von Pappenburg thinks she looks more like Cheeta.

Doctor PEARMAN, a Paddington G.P. who makes house calls and has members of the Evans, Sutcliffe, Finlayson, MacDonald and Chester families as clients. Portrayed by Edward Lansdowne; Tony Girdler.

Mr PELHAM, who has Mafia connections and is attempting to blackmail Maggie Cameron. Portrayed by John Larking.

Mavis PENNYQUICK, former work colleague of Reg MacDonald, attends his 47th birthday party. Reg is pleased to see her but she slaps Reg's face. Miss Pennyquick then leaves Flat 5 in anger. Portrayed by Sandra Bates.

Mr PERKY, the pet blue budgerigar of Flo Patterson. Mr Perky is quite talkative, his most common phrase after moving into Flat 3 being "Why wasn't I told?" He comes to live in Flat 3 when Flo's place in Paradise Street burns down. Mr Perky goes missing for several weeks when Herb Evans accidentally lets him out while feeding him an Iced Vo-Vo. He is finally found when a girl is interviewed on television about finding a budgie with a large vocabulary. After a walkathon, Flo is staying in Mittagong when Mr Perky, seemingly deceased, is discovered lying on the floor of his cage. Herb goes to the pet shop to replace him but, when Flo returns home early, it is Dorrie Evans who is startled to see Mr Perky seemingly recovered! Another saying that the bird learns is "This is the end of the world!" Mr Perky's death, during Flo and Sir William Mainwaring's honeymoon, involves several residents in an attempted cover-up of the truth. Portrayed by Himself.

Mr PERKY II, a replacement blue budgie bought by Dorrie and Herb Evans. They finally decide to tell Lady Flo Mainwaring the truth about the original's death when the only phrase the new bird can utter is "Hello Sexy, drop your knickers." Portrayed by Himself.

PETER, the ex-husband of Helen Sheridan, who wants her to remarry him.

Mrs PETERS, an elderly woman believed to be harbouring the missing Helen Eastwood in her house. When Mark Eastwood confronts her, she denies knowing Helen. Portrayed by Molly Raynor.

PHILLIPE, a French ex-boyfriend of Tanya Schnolskevitska, during her time living in Paris.

PHOTOGRAPHER, who visits Norma's Bar and wants to employ Lorelei Wilkinson as a model. Dudley Butterfield sends him on his way.

PHOTOGRAPHER. Warwick Thompson's fashion photographer at the House of Danielle salon is annoyingly thorough about his role. Portrayed by Jeff Murray.

PHOTOGRAPHER, who does a publicity shoot with Henri P Dobb, Reg MacDonald, Dorrie Evans and Lady Flo Mainwaring, then accompanies them upstairs. Henri stays behind to open his camera and expose the film to the light. Portrayed by Bert Bianchi.

Mrs PICKERING-SMYTHE, a socialite and the very first client of The Continental hairdressing salon. Dudley Butterfield refers to her as "Mrs Pickering-Nose" behind her back. Portrayed by Joanna Boulken.

"PIERRE", who catches Norma Whittaker's attention as a potential romantic liaison after an amorous phone call piques her interest, but Les Whittaker is not ruffled at all, at first. Several residents, including Dudley Butterfield and Flo Patterson, end up impersonating Pierre over the phone, and Les even tosses out an Italian customer from the wine bar, thinking it was Pierre. Norma intends to make her husband jealous, but he counters by suggesting an affair with Mrs Packett. In the end, "Pierre" was revealed to be non existent, just Dudley's little joke that took on a life of its own.

PIETRO, a cousin to Giovanni Lenzi, the son of Tony and a nephew to Maria Panucci.

Oswald P. PIPER, the loud, ocker head of an advertising agency, O.P. Piper Promotions, who offers Reg MacDonald a lucrative offer to join his company after Reg accidentally clinches a large account with Tyman Tyres. Ozzie is a former entertainer and an old friend of Trixie O'Toole. Portrayed by John Ewart.

POCOCK, who is Claire Houghton's butler when she moves from Buckingham Lodge to a Point Piper townhouse. When an ill Grant Chandler needs help in Claire's absence, all he has to do is "Ring for Pocock".

POLICE CONSTABLE, who does a nightly beat in Paddington, and is curious about lights left on overnight in the chemist shop and on Gordon Vansards's car, not realising that it was a series of mischevious ploys by Kit Vansard. Portrayed by David Williams.

POLICE CONSTABLE. Portrayed by Steve Carey.

POLICE SERGEANT, who is investigating a counterfeit $10 that was passed at the deli, supposedly by Toby Buxton, at least according to Hope Jackson. Portrayed by Trevor Prior.

POLICEMAN, who is posted at the door of Flat 1 after the death of Sylvia Vansard. Portrayed by Stan Rogers.

POLICEMAN. Portrayed by Reverend Alan Russell.

POLICEMAN, who questions Don Finlayson about a hit and run incident, which left a pedestrian in a coma. While Don does admit to being the driver, he confesses that thought he hit a signpost. He doesn't mention that Carol Finlayson was actually driving. Portrayed by Arthur Faynes.

POLICEMAN, who is door-knocking Number 96 with his partner, warning the residents about prison escapee, Peter Raikes. Portrayed by Bill Charlton.

POLICEMAN, who requires Herb Evans to accompany him to the police station to be questioned about the missing $10,000 belonging to the Paddington Senior Citizens Bowling Club. Portrayed by John Kelly.

POLICEMAN, who evacuates all of the residents of Number 96 to protect their lives from a dangerous oil leak in the Sunshine Patio. Portrayed by Ian Turpie.

POLICEMAN, who visits Flat 8 to explain the details of the Sunshine Patio oil leak to Don Finlayson. Portrayed by Michael McAlister.

POLICEMAN, who is searching for Don Finlayson's loved ones when he is investigating a suspected suicide. He tells Dorrie Evans and Lady Flo Mainwaring of his fears for their friend. Portrayed by Stuart Campbell.

POLICEMAN, who apprehends Reg MacDonald as a Peeping Tom after an alert goes out about a hooded rapist in the area. Portrayed by Ted Egan.

POLICEMAN, who arrests Edie MacDonald on suspicion of stealing Toby Buxton's portrait of her husband, Reg, from the art gallery. Portrayed by Andrew Peterson (aka Robert Neesam).

POLICEMAN, who attempts to tell an undercover Reg MacDonald on the beach that his suitcase has floated away on the tide.

POLICEMAN, who castigates Reg MacDonald for his unseemly attire in Lindsay Street after Reg's investigation into nude beaches. Portrayed by John Larking.

POLICEMEN, who arrest Helen Sheridan for the murder of her mother when it was established that Helen's fingerprints are the only ones on the knife.

POLICEMEN, who take Alf Sutcliffe in for questioning after he accidentally hits a man with his taxi.

Bert POLLOCK, a local leader of the Communist Party, who signs up an unwary Edie MacDonald and then refuses to remove her name from the roll of members when her husband's upcoming knighthood is put in doubt. He is in Paddington for a meeting of the Subversive Activities Committee. Portrayed by Ernest Butchard.

POMPHREY, Alderman Mrs April Bullock's driver.

PONSONBY, the deceased pet cat of Flo Patterson, which was killed during a fire in her Paradise Street residence. Dorrie accidentally disposes of the cat's ashes and replaces them with garlic salt. R.I.P.

Mr PORESKI, an underworld figure who believes the Sutcliffes know too much about him after his wallet is left in Alf's taxi. Arnold Feather recognises the names on a slip of paper in the wallet as those of known Croatian terrorists. A parcel bomb sent to Flat 8 explodes, causing the amputation of Arnold's leg. Alf Sutcliffe is determined to tell all to a TV interviewer on the Names in the News current affairs show. Portrayed by Tim Eliott.

Sir Montague PORTER, Rod Houghton's doctor. Portrayed by John Faassen.

Mrs PORTEOUS, of nearby Ilkley Street, Paddington, who is easily recognised by the warts down her arm.

Heather POTTER, a lesbian bikie whom Marilyn MacDonald meets while fruit-picking at Marilyn's Aunt Evelyn's farm in Narrandera. She is a believer in the Absolute Truth Movement.

Phyllis PRATT, an accident prone waitress at The Majestic Rooms restaurant and function centre in Bondi Junction. Phyllis comes to terrorise Aldo Godolfus when she starts working in his delicatessen. Phyllis calls everybody "Chook". She attempts to prevent her estranged 17-year-old daughter, Pandora Scott, from marrying Tom Lloyd, but soon takes a new husband of her own: Cuthbert "Spider" Jones. Portrayed by Moya O'Sullivan.

Miss PRENDERGAST, from Impounding at the Paddington Town Council, attends Reg MacDonald's 47th birthday party.

PRIEST, from the Catholic Church in Oxford Street, he hears Confession from Toby Buxton. He attempts to talk Toby out of suicide and offers to pray with him in the church. Portrayed by Tony Girdler.

Grace "Prim" PRIMROSE, a tall, attractive production assistant and colleague of David Palmer who captures the attention of Miles Cooper. When work is scarce, Prim takes a job as a waitress at Norma's Bar. After David's mysterious disappearance, she moves into Flat 7 with Vera Collins. It is revealed that Trevor Banks, a faded Hollywood actor, is the estranged father of Prim. Portrayed by Pamela Gibbons.

"Bluey" PRINCE, the adoptive father of Charles "Chook" Feather. He lives in outback Queensland with his wife, Madge. Chook describes the couple as "the greatest pair of scouts since Bjelke-Peterson".

Madge PRINCE, the wife of "Bluey" and the adoptive mother of Charles "Chook" Feather.

Mr J.G. PRIOR, the American millionaire father of Rosemary. A journalist, Ross Leggett, is sent to interview Tanya Schnolskevitska about "Rosemary Prior" and her father after Mr Prior had announced a plan to move into politics. Portrayed by Brian Adams.

Mrs PRIOR, the wife of American millionaire, J.G. Prior. Tanya Schnolskevitska drops her Russian accent and records an urgent message to the parents of "Rosemary Prior" on a taperecorder, indicating that she is in grave danger.


PRIVATE EYE, who is employed by Pamela Marshall to follow her husband, Andy Marshall, to gather photographic evidence of his adultery for her divorce proceedings. The private eye manages to catch Marilyn MacDonald and Andy in bed together in his flat.

PROSTITUTE, who castigates a "tarted up" Debbie Chester, calling her "Lolita", and pointing out the nearby Wally, the protector of her interests. Portrayed by Jinx Huber (Lootens).

Brian PROUD, who attempts to interview Weppo Smith and Dorrie Evans when covering the Paddington Council garbage strike for TV's Eyewitness News. A TV report by Brian reveals details of Peter Raikes' involvement in a Randwick bank robbery and murder. He reports the hijacking, by terrorists, of Herb Evans' plane. Later, Brian interviews Opal Wilkinson on television, making Grant Chandler's situation even worse. Portrayed by Himself.

Madame PUCCINI, the spirit medium invited by Dorrie Evans to perform a seance in Flat 3 to expose the Ghost of McAlister. Portrayed by Vola Vandere.

Doctor Mike PURCELL, Fay Chandler's employer, with whom she has an extramarital affair. Portrayed by Graham Corry.

Bunny PYCROFT, a friend of Ozzie and Rita Rhinegold. He once drove Prue Rhinegold to the door of Norma's Bar when all of the Rhinegold household cars were unavailable. He has a son, Roger, of similar age to Prue. Quentin Flemming mentions to Don Finlayson that Bunny is up for Commodore at his local yacht club.

Roger PYCROFT, a wealthy young man charged with multiple traffic offences and a manslaughter charge. After his accident, Roger is to be represented in court by Sir Percival Quail and Don Finlayson. Laura Trent and Don are involved in Roger's next car accident, when he becomes catatonic at the wheel. Roger is terrified that both car accidents were caused by a brain tumour but has always refused to see a doctor about it. Another collapse in Don's office puts Roger hospital. The diagnosis is that Roger suffers from a form of epilepsy, brought on by a skiing accident concussion four years ago. With the new medical evidence, Roger is likely to win his court case. Portrayed by Andrew Grant.

Sir Percival "Percy" QUAIL, a respected prosecutor in a murder case. Mike Parsons wants Don Finlayson to let him take his place, sitting in on the trial as Quail's assistant. Don refuses. Years later, Sir Percy warns Maggie Cameron that Judge Erickson, who has been assigned to Don's perjury case supposedly loathes homosexuals. Don and Sir Percy work together on the Roger Pycroft case, but Sir Percy departs after disagreeing with Don's methods.

Father QUINN, Maria Panucci's parish priest in Leichhardt. She constantly tries to send Giovanni Lenzi to him for Confession.

RADIO ANNOUNCER. The voice heard on Vera Collins' transister radio on the day of the bomb explosion in the downstairs delicatessen. "Have a happy day..." On another occasion, he updates a news item about Lady Fairmont's missing emeralds. Portrayed by Ian Dalgleish "Dal" Myles.

Peter "Kid" RAIKES, a desperate criminal who hides out in Flat 3 with Kyley, holding Dorrie and Herb Evans, Flo Patterson and Debbie Chester hostage. Kyley calls him "Kid". Portrayed by John Paramor.

Mr RAINTREE, one of Flo Patterson's colleagues in the Pensioners Liberation Movement (PLM). When Herb Evans explains that he had promised Dorrie Evans that he would only leave the flat if he were "carried out feet first", Flo orders Mr Raintree to carry Herb out the front door... feet first!

Kevin RAMSEY, a young and good-looking homosexual friend of Don Finlayson. One day, Jack Sellars returns home to Don's flat to find that Kevin has ransacked it and stolen much of his clothing. Portrayed by Robert Brockman.

Mr RANDOLPH, company secretary of a family wine business, Harvey & Sons. Portrayed by Frank Spear.


RAPIST, a creepy young man who watches Marilyn MacDonald in the laundrette. He ties her up after-hours and intends to rape her, but she escapes after telling him she has a venereal disease. After her escape, she turns up at Flat 5 wearing a surfie's boardshorts and shirt.

Doctor Peter RATHBONE, Alf Sutcliffe's surgeon after his back injury. He warns Alf that he must lie completely flat while his spine injury heals. Dudley Butterfield refers to him as "Dr Kildare" and then "Basil". Dr Rathbone corrects him that his first name is Peter and he is particular that the preferred pronunciation of his surname is "Rathborne". Portrayed by John Fitzgerald.

Charlie RAYMOND, a boxer competing in a ten-rounder match, to which Andy Marshall invites Lorelei Wilkinson.

Elsie REDWAY, of Parramatta, who invites Norma Whittaker to a 25th wedding anniversary party. The late Les Whittaker was her husband's Best Man at their wedding.

Mr REDWAY, of Parramatta, and husband of Elsie. The late Les Whittaker was his Best Man at his wedding.

Detective Sergeant REEPER, who investigates Don Finlayson over the murders of Melissa Hobson and Leone Novak-Armstrong. Portrayed by John Gaden.

REMOVALIST, who impatiently dumps Bernard and Fay Chandler's furniture and Pianola from Townsville in the entrance to Number 96 because Reg MacDonald was not at home to receive it. Portrayed by Paul Chubb.

RENO, one of Italian identical twins, who is double-dating Vera Collins and Eve. Samantha Minerver steals both Reno and Dino for the night.

REPORTER, who quizzes Guy about the Spanish Grand Prix incident, which killed his racing colleague, Owen Truscott, and several spectators. Portrayed by Craig Berry.

REPORTER, who interviews Rhonda Jackson after she was supposedly raped by the Hooded Rapist, as part of Dudley Butterfield's misguided publicity stunt for The Continental hair salon. Portrayed by Graeme Roberts.

Grace RHINEGOLD, the Point Piper socialite sister of Ozzie Rhinegold and an aunt to Prue. Aunty Grace had use of the family's Rolls Royce.

Ozzie RHINEGOLD, the husband of Rita Rhinegold and father of Prue. Oft-mentioned friend of Claire Houghton, Jack Sellars and Roger Pycroft. Peter Harvey intended to holiday with them in Acapulco. Prue was almost late to work because Ozzie's Volvo was in for a respray.

Prudence "Prue" RHINEGOLD, the dizzy Point Piper socialite daughter of Ozzie and Rita, Prue briefly takes a job at Norma's Bar, but is ill-suited for the work. A family friend, Bunny Pycroft, drives her straight to the wine bar door when the Rhinegolds' fleet of cars was unavailable. According to Roger Pycroft, Prue later moves overseas and takes up skydiving in San Francisco. Portrayed by Camilla Rountree.

Rita RHINEGOLD, the Point Piper socialite wife of Ozzie Rhinegold. Prue was almost late to work because Rita was using Prue's little Mercedes.

Richard "Dick" RIGGS, a supposedly reformed ex-criminal and acquaintance of Cain Carmichael, Charlie and "Bluey". After some matchmaking by Dorrie Evans, Dick proposes to Flo Patterson in the hope of getting close to the riches of her friend, the Baroness Amanda Von Pappenburg. Raylene Shackleton considers Dick to be "a criminal", "a gangster" and unsuitable to marry Flo. Herb Evans catches Dick with a suitcase of what looks like real silverware. Dick abandons Flo at the altar. Portrayed by Colin Taylor.

Doctor RILEY, a local GP who is prepared to sell his business to a newly-reinstated Dr Gordon Vansard. Portrayed by Raymond Duparc.

RINGIE, who runs a Two-Up game which is broken up by police after Dorrie Evans, Weppo Smith and Reg MacDonald become involved. Portrayed by Jimmy Haines.

ROBBERS, who harass and hold up Aldo Godolfus in the delicatessen. One of them throws acid at Roma Godolfus, injuring her arm. Working in cahoots with Cain Carmichael, it is revealed that the stocking-masked robbers are acting on orders from Cliff Stevens. Portrayed by Andrew Peterson (aka Robert Neesam) and Rob Winch.

Detective Constable ROBERTS, a plainclothes policeman who learns about Don Finlayson's perjury in the "hit and run" case. Portrayed by Mark Kelly.

Emma ROBINSON, the plain, manic-depressive daughter of Meg Robinson. Emma is studying at university and avoids contact with most people, but she is brought out of her shell by Hope Jackson. Portrayed by Lorna Leslie.

Margaret "Meg" ROBINSON, the no-nonsense proprietor of Megaphone, a Petersham-based switchboard message service based in a two-storey house at 67 Valentine Street, formerly owned by the father of Hope Jackson. Meg takes on Hope as an operator, which causes her both regret and gratitude. Portrayed by June Salter.

Mr ROCHFORT, a longtime resident of 57 Valentine Street, Petersham, which is close to Meg Robinson's property. He remembers Hope Jackson's father, who lived in the street. Portrayed by Alton Harvey.

ROCKY, one of Vera Collins' dates when she was flatting with Samantha Minerver and Eve. Samantha confuses Edgar Eggerton with Rocky. Portrayed by David Foster.

RODNEY, an antique dealer and long-time partner of the younger Adrian. Rodney and Adrian befriend Edie MacDonald and show her the sights of Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. Portrayed by Alan Faulkner.

Stanley ROGERS, of Edifix Constructions, has a grudge against DTC Reg MacDonald, who once beat him to a promotion at the T.H., so he sends a series of expensive gifts to Edie MacDonald to cover his tracks and make it appear that Reg is corrupt. An investigation by Don Finlayson reveals that Stanley is, in turn, being bribed by Vice President Hamilton, of Claret Development, to use inferior materials on his building projects.

ROSA, an aunt to Giovanni Lenzi. Carlo Lenzi is critical of her and her husband, Tony, because they live behind a shop, where Giovanni has been a boarder.

Mr ROSENTHALL, a lawyer for the building's new owners. Don Finlayson wins a reprieve of the eviction order against Dorrie and Herb Evans in a meeting with Mr Rosenthall. Portrayed by Louis Wishart.

Robyn ROSS, a friend of Terry Sanford who becomes involved with Arnold Feather. She is boarding at Terry's father's house. When it is revealed that Robyn is actually a transsexual, Arnold is horrified. Portrayed by Carolle Lea (aka Carlotta; aka Carol Byron).


RUBY, a cockroach from Les Whittaker's breeding program, which Les believes will solve the world's oil crisis. Herb Evans is entrusted with the safekeeping of Ruby and her mate, Stanley. They are exterminated by Dennis Parker. Portrayed by Herself.


Peter RUSSELL, who is part of an unsavoury chapter in Maggie Cameron's life. Amanda Von Pappenburg uses the information to keep Maggie off Don Finlayson's back.


RUSSIAN MAN, a comrade of Tanya Schnolskevitska and Joseph. They hide out in Norma's Bar, mistakenly thinking that Les Whittaker was with the KGB.

Mrs RUSSO, mother of Salvadore. When she falls ill, it ruins Anna Maria Whittaker's night with her in-laws.

Salvadore RUSSO, an Italian friend of Anna Maria Whittaker. Her in-laws worry that husband Gary will interpret the friendship as an affair, which ultimately occurs, with Salvadore suffering a gunshot wound. Some months later, Salvadore recognises Gil Dawson as an associate of the Mafia and his life is again in danger. Salvadore and Anna Maria eventually return to Italy to marry and start a family. They have one "little bambino" together. Portrayed by John Serge.

SAILOR, who crashes Flo Patterson's hens' night. He and his three colleagues want to join the women's table and he puts the hard word on Dorrie Evans, who is aghast. Portrayed by Al Taylor.

SAM, Herb Evans' second S.P. bookie, replacing Fred Watkins.

SANDRA, Mayor Charles Gough's nubile young mistress, whom he passes off as his daughter. Portrayed by Peta Peter.

SANDY, who agrees to help Jane Chester, for money, to confuse Don Finlayson about a work-related phone message taken by Debbie Chester. Her partner, Keith Travis, agrees to assist. Portrayed by Donna Ritchie.

Mr SANFORD, the father of Terry. Arnold Feather has to ring Mr Sanford's house to get a message to Terry's friend, Robyn Ross.

Terry SANFORD, a flatmate of Vera Collins, who is a seamstress. Terry is revealed to be a call girl working for Gil Dawson and his Mafia connections. Portrayed by Bernadette Hughson.

Rudi SAVANTO, the only surviving ex-husband of Amanda Von Pappenburg. Of Spanish origin, he assumes that, after Amanda's latest husband's death, she is very wealthy and he covets her inheritance. Rudi attempts a ruse with an Amanda look-alike, Claudine, whom he met in Madrid. He plans to replace Amanda with the imposter and plants a listening bug in Flat 4 so that Claudine can perfect her impersonation. Portrayed by Kevin "Kev" Golsby.

Vernon SAVILLE, the hypnotherapist boss of Karen Winters, who treats both Vera Collins (for her nicotine addiction) and Bev Houghton (for her sexual problems). He is later revealed to be part of a black magic coven. Portrayed by Alastair Duncan.

Otto SCHILLER, a distinguished German suitor of the Baroness Amanda Von Pappenburg. Otto pursues her to Sydney, but is really after her vast inheritance. Portrayed by Alfred Sandor.

Hans SCHMIDT, Vera Collins' muscular "cleaning lady" and male massage therapist. Hans is a bodybuilder who learned to speak English while working alongside Australian wharfies, hence his salty language. A typical greeting would be, "You getting any?" Hans is explained away to Edgar Eggerton as being "an ex-priest cousin, forced to be a cleaner". Portrayed by Horst Pladdies.

Tanya SCHNOLSKEVITSKA, a beautiful, dark-haired Russian Countess with a secret past, who just might be a spy. She hides out in the wine bar with her comrade, Joseph, and another man, thinking that Les Whittaker was with the KGB. Most of the residents cannot pronounce her surname. Dudley Butterfield misremembers it as "Schnol-have-a-pizza". Tanya is offered work in Norma's Bar but takes a job in the delicatessen instead, working for its new owner, Freda Fuller. Tanya falls in love with Andy Marshall, but is heartbroken when he returns to his wife. Andy had discovered that Tanya is actually the missing heiress, Rosemary Prior. She was supposed to marry Quincy Samuel Adams, but wanted to be with Clark Harvey instead and staged her own kidnapping. Both Clark and Rosemary's father, J.G. Prior, manage to track down her whereabouts. Tanya does end up working as a waitress in the wine bar, and shares Flat 6 with Miles Cooper. Miles eventually discovers Tanya's secret identity. Portrayed by Natalie Mosco.

SCHOOLGIRL. One of Debbie Chester's friends who sees her waiting for Nick the drug pusher, and warns Debbie not to be late for roll call. Portrayed by Wendy Horton.

SCHOOLGIRL. One of Debbie Chester's friends who seems unapproachable about hard drugs, but would be interested in getting some pot. Portrayed by Terrie Lynn.

Bert KELLY, the stable boy of Vera Collins' racehorse, I Kid You Not. Vera .

Millicent "Millie" SCOTT, the estranged sister of Phyllis Pratt and the guardian of Pandora Scott, Phyllis's daughter. Portrayed by Brenda Gayle.

Mr SCOTT, an insurance man. Reluctantly, Vera Collins has to tell him the details of her dream about the stolen paintings. Portrayed by Doug Ramsay.

Pandora SCOTT, the wayward, 19-year-old daughter of Phyllis Pratt, who was raised from birth by an aunt, Millie Scott. A boarder at the exclusive St Agnes' School for Girls in Bowral, Pandora shocks her mother with plans to marry a man named Tom Lloyd. When Phyllis gets married, Pandora does send a congratulatory telegram to the wedding ceremony. Portrayed by Jennifer Cluff.

Wally SCOTT, Mick Milligan's friend, who starts driving for Alf Sutcliffe's trucking business. Portrayed by Peter Corbett.

SEBASTIAN, Eve's mysterious phone friend, to whom she shares raunchy sex calls and offers advice.

SECRETARY, Meg Robinson's secretary at Megaphone, who is at the switchboard when Hope Jackson first arrives. She is off to lunch, but due to finish up at the service soon, leaving a vacancy that Hope thinks she can fill. Portrayed by Kathy Trout.

Jack SELLARS, a playboy entrepreneur and sometime SP bookmaker, he makes a lot of money on the property market and becomes a part-owner of Number 96. Jack is responsible for the establishment of Norma's Bar on the site of the chemist shop after the death of Gordon Vansard. Norma and Les Whittaker run the bar on his behalf. He romances both Janie Somers and Bev Houghton and has a long relationship with the latter. It is Jack who identifies Alan Cotterell as the elusive Knicker Snipper. A former veteran of the Vietnam War, Jack recognises that Malcolm "Mal" Jackson is war hero, Jim Wilson. Jack was involved with Helen Sheridan (who aborts his unborn child), Diana Moore and Vera Collins. Reunited with Helen, he starts a new life in Paris. Don Finlayson and Maggie Cameron remain the active partners in his company but he returns to Australia briefly to unmask Maggie Cameron as the Mad Bomber. Jack tells Norma Whittaker about little "Jackie Jr", his pet name for John Sellars, his and Helen's baby. Jack instructs Laura Trent to represent his Australian financial interests. Portrayed by Tom Oliver.

John "Jackie Jr" SELLARS, the baby son of Jack Sellars and Helen Sheridan-Sellars. John lives with his parents in Paris, France.

SENIOR CITIZENS' COMMITTEE MEMBERS. Members of Paddington Senior Citizens Bowling Club. Portrayed by Harry Pegg and Molly Raynor.

SERENA, Claire Houghton's pet poodle. Claire offers Grant Chandler $5 to mind Serena for her, so long as he doesn't let her mix with the local mongrels. In a dog competition, Serena comes second to "that Farnsworth woman's little horror - a 'cartoon' poodle!" Portrayed by Herself.

Mr SEYMOUR, who is intended to be a replacement for Dudley Butterfield in the deli. Appointed by Arnold Feather, Mr Seymour gets annoyed with so many changes to the Godolfuses' plans to go on an overseas trip.

Crystal SHACKLETON, who is Flo Patterson's little granddaughter in Mittagong.

Raylene Patterson SHACKLETON, of Mittagong, Flo and Eric Patterson's stubborn, whining and selfish daughter. Growing up, her best friend was Joan Evans (now Parker). Raylene who strongly disapproves of Flo's intended marriage to Dick Riggs. She returns to Paddington while Flo is using her honeymoon hotel booking with Dorrie Evans, and outstays her welcome with Herb Evans. Lorelei Wilkinson assumes that Raylene and Flo are sisters. Raylene is keen to visit the Argyle Art Centre in The Rocks. Raylene eventually produces Flo a granddaughter, Crystal, but their mother/daughter relationship becomes even more strained. When Raylene requires a hysterectomy, she expects Flo to travel to Mittagong to help out at her home. Portrayed by Robina Beard.

Tyrone SHACKLETON, the hen-pecked husband of Raylene. Tyrone is a ham radio fanatic who works in a hardware store in Mittagong. Later, he becomes the father of Crystal. Flo Patterson resists going to look after him and Crystal when Raylene is hospitalised. Portrayed by James Bowles.

Adam SHAW, the handsome, young pianist at Norma's Bar who becomes Vera Collins' lover. He and Curly Meat Jackson dabbled in drug culture until Trixie O'Toole takes Adam under her wing. Marilyn MacDonald and Maggie Cameron try unsuccessfully to seduce him. Maggie shows Adam's unpublished concerto to Dr Clinton Mather, who is impressed. Taking the opportunity to study music in Stuttgart, Adam invites Vera to depart Number 96 with him, but a sad Vera returns alone. Portrayed by Julian Rockett.

Mr SHAW, Adam's father, a talented musician whose best work was stolen from him. Unavle to face rewriting it from scratch, Mr Shaw suicided when Adam was just 12 years old.

Paul SHELDON, a representative of the Race Relations Board, who interviews Chook about the bikie incident. They become friends but Paul is secretly the leader of the neo-Nazi bikie gang that is terrorising Giovanni Lenzi. Paul is killed when he rides his bike through a wall of fire after kidnapping and torturing Chook. Portrayed by David Foster.

Elissa SHERIDAN, Helen and Jill's mentally unstable mother. Helen had originally been told that her mother had died not long after giving birth to Jill. When Helen brings her from Cobar Asylum to live in Jack Sellars' penthouse, Elissa attempts to kill Jack several times. She eventually suicides, managing to implicate Helen in her death. Portrayed by Betty Dyson.

Helen SHERIDAN SELLARS, a staunch feminist, devout Catholic, and the manager of The Cosmopolitan restaurant. She is at odds with Frank Braidwood, who finds it hard to work with a female boss. Helen falls in love with Jack Sellars and becomes pregnant to him. She is wracked with guilt about aborting the child when her sister, Jill, exposes her to German measles. She and Jack become engaged. After moving into Jack's new penthouse, she is pursued by her ex-husband, Peter, who wants to marry her again. She turns him down. Helen also worries she has inherited her mother's mental problems. She is arrested for the murder of her mother when it was established that Helen's fingerprints are the only ones on the knife. Helen is exonerated at the inquest, but jilts Jack at the registry office and retreats to a Catholic convent for "peace and tranquility". Later, Vera Collins brings the couple together again and they relocate to Paris, France, and start a family. Her son with Jack is named John Sellars. Portrayed by Carmen Duncan; Jill Forster (aka Forster-Stanton).

Jill SHERIDAN, the very promiscuous, younger sister of Helen, who has romantic entanglements with Tim Grose (her director in a blue movie), Arnold Feather and Harry Collins. Jill is bashed by Harry several times during aggressive sexual encounters, but she is drawn to him. She goes missing during a return visit to her hometown of Wilcannia. Jill is kidnapped and given LSD, which has repercussions after she successfully makes a bid for freedom. After an affair with a Catholic priest, Father David O'Brien, Jill misleads him into thinking she has slept with Dudley Butterfield. It is revealed that, as a three-day old baby, Jill narrowly escaped being smothered with a pillow by her mentally-unstable mother. She eventually is sent back to Wilcannia by Helen, where history repeats itself: Jill gives birth to a baby girl, smothers it three days later, and is committed to a mental hospital for treatment. Later, she becomes a Catholic nun. Portrayed by Candida (Candy) Raymond.

Mr SHERIDAN, the troubled husband of Elissa and the father of Helen and Jill. Portrayed by Tom Farley.

SHERIFF'S OFFICER, who delivers a summons to Phillip Chambers. Robin Dunmore's father, Henry, is having Phillip charged with assault. Portrayed by Bill Ayers.

Myron P. SHOEMACKER III, an American visitor, sent by Herb Evans to visit Paddington in Sydney. Dorrie Evans and Lady Flo Mainwaring attempt to entertain him and his wife, "Moitle". He turns up wearing Native American warpaint and headdress. Bows, arrows and a "scrotum pole" had already arrived separately. Portrayed by Arthur Sherman.

Myrtle "Moitle" SHOEMACKER, the heavily-accented wife of Myron P. Shoemacker "the Thoid". Portrayed by Lila Davies.

Detective Sergeant SHORT, the policeman in charge of the Pantyhose Strangler investigation, who was netted (literally) by Les Whittaker's strangler trap. Portrayed by Ken Fraser.

Benny SHRIMPTON, Fred and Elsie's baby son, twin brother of Freda.

Elsie SHRIMPTON, the (unfit) mother of young twins, Freda and Benny, who gives her babies gin to keep them quiet. Elsie and her husband are involved in a brawl at Duddles' on the night of Hope Jackson's farewell performance, and later become the new tenants of Flat 5 when Reg MacDonald decides to move to Rose Bay, a suburb more in keeping with his upcoming knighthood. Portrayed by Rita Ryder (now Rider).

Fred SHRIMPTON, Elsie's seedy husband, an unemployed butcher from Tempe, who is eventually arrested by a Federal police officer for 15 charges of defrauding the government. Portrayed by Ray Meagher.

Freda SHRIMPTON, Fred and Elsie's baby daughter, twin sister of Benny.

Mrs SHULTZ, a regular customer of the delicatessen. Arnold Feather is so shaken by a mysterious letter he received that he mistakenly calls Mrs Greenbaum by the wrong name.

Mr SILVER. Helen Sheridan's former boss at The Cosmopolitan, who was unaware of how Frank Braidwood and some of the staff had been treating her. Jack Sellars encourages Helen to inform Mr Silver of the situation.

SIMMONS, oft-mentioned Head of the Art Department in Maggie Cameron's fashion business.

Alderman SINCLAIR, who plots with Alderman Mrs Bullock and Alderman Palfrey to use Edie MacDonald to defeat Clem Benson in the next local council elections.

Mr SINCLAIR, an employee of Harvey & Sons' holdings company who answers directly to Peter Harvey.

SINISTER MAN, who tells David Palmer about the protection racket. They are holding Jaja Gibson hostage until David agrees to pay 50% of his fledgling escort agency's earnings. Portrayed by Robert Driscoll.

Mary SINGLETON, a friend of Lucy Sutcliffe's. Lucy spends time with her in Queensland around the same time that Alf Sutcliffe had suspected his wife of of having an affair with Tom Bartlett.

Mrs SMEDLEY-BEASTON, a marriage celebrant who marries Phyllis Pratt and Cuthbert "Spider" Jones in the wine bar. Portrayed by May Howlett.

"Brunhilde SMITH" --> See Grace "Prim" PRIMROSE

"Charles Lloyd SMITH" --> See Richie Jansen

Frank "Weppo" SMITH, a Paddington Council garbage collector, with a love for Shakespeare. His colleagues on the garbage truck are "Chinka", "Armpits" and Clarence, aka "Nutsy". Weppo becomes a boarder in Flat 5 with Reg and Edie MacDonald. Weppo is threatened by fellow garbos, including Dunleavy and his mates, during the garbage strike. Later, he takes over as chef at Norma's Bar. Under his trainer, Gary Wittaker, Weppo starts a career as a professional boxer named "The Masked Bard" of Paddington, defeating the reigning champion, "Jack the Ripper". For a brief time Weppo is also Norma Whittaker's fiancé. Portrayed by Roger Ward.

Cliff SNOW, the ex-husband of Trixie O'Toole and father of Penny Snow. If Cliff had the get-up-and-go of his father, George, Trixie's marriage to him might have lasted.

George SNOW, the elderly grandfather of Penny, father of Cliff and the father-in-law of Trixie O'Toole. He is almost blind without his glasses. Portrayed by Scott Griffiths.

Penny SNOW, a young schoolgirl, chaste and studious, who becomes a squatter. Penny temporarily makes use of Number 96's vacant Flat 6 with a school colleague, Colin Campbell. Her mother, Trixie O'Toole, eventually signs a lease for Penny and Colin, later moving into the building herself. Penny catches two of Colin's friends in her bedroom, smoking cannabis and removing their clothes. She orders them out of the flat. Penny breaks contact with her mother. Penny's estranged father is named Cliff Snow. Years later, Edie MacDonald attempts to impersonate the missing Penny, to help Trixie to dupe Penny's grandfather, George Snow, by dressing in a school uniform to gain an inheritance. Portrayed by Bethany Lee.

Barney SOLOMON, Aldo Godolfus's wholesale importer of Jewish foodstuffs.

Janie SOMERS, a close friend and flatmate of Bev Houghton. An up and coming actress, one of her first roles is as understudy to Gloria Gould in a controversial play, The Rainbow Trap. Between acting gigs, she is a waitress at The Blue Danube restaurant. Janie becomes briefly involved with producer Alex Lederer and then competes with Bev over the attentions of Jack Sellars. On the eve of her next play, Find Me a Lover, she loses her voice from laryngitis. Janie's new boyfriend, Alan Cotterell, gets her a job in a touring acting troupe. She is conflicted between Jack's marriage proposal and Alan's romantic overtures. Portrayed by Robyn Gurney.

SOPHIA, Giovanni Lenzi's cousin, twice-removed, who is currently taking singing lessons. On Giovanni's first day on the job, he brings her to the deli to be introduced to Arnold Feather and sing for him.

Phoebe SORROWS, of Pymble, who holds a combined "Hello and Farewell" fancy dress party for her friend, Amanda Von Pappenburg.

Gerald SOTHERBY, boss of Sotherby Motors, who offers Harry Collins a job as a car saleman. Harry must do a TV commercial for him and Flo Patterson, Herb Evans and Vera Collins help Harry to rehearse his script. Gerald considers Neville De Groot for a casual job.

SPANISH TEACHER, one of the Spanish-speaking cast members of the educational TV series, Hello, Europe, to which Edie MacDonald becomes addicted after the axing of her favourite soap opera, Natalie Faces Life. Portrayed by Robyn Robb.

Bernard SPAULDING, a lawyer colleague of Don Finlayson's. Don introduces him to his sister, Carol, but she is more interested in his medical student friend, Miles Cooper. Bernard leaves the date early. Portrayed by Craig Ashley.

Anne SPENCER, a pretty young woman who accuses Gordon Vansard of having butchered her during an illegal abortion. Don Finlayson becomes involved with Anne to test her sincerity. Portrayed by Lynda Keane.

Senator SPINDLE, who attends Dorrie Evans' Bring and Buy Sale and offers Flo Patterson the position of Liaison Officer, which requires her to write up the official report on the venture.

Louis SPIRO, the sleazy film producer with underworld connections, who interviews Dudley Butterfield about appearing in a pornographic movie. Louis attempts to involve David Palmer in his drug courier operation. Portrayed by Jeff Ashby.

Eunice SPRINGER, a friend of Liz Chalmers. She is from New Zealand and knows many of Liz's secrets. Liz blackmails her into lying to provide alibis. Portrayed by Anne-Marie Wiles.

STANLEY, a cockroach from Les Whittaker's breeding program, which Les believes will solve the world's oil crisis. Herb Evans is entrusted with the safekeeping of Stanley and his mate, Ruby. They are exterminated by Dennis Parker. Portrayed by Himself.

STELLA, also known as "Mad" Stella, the kidnapper of little Emma Sutcliffe. Stella calls the baby "Linda", the name of her own baby. Portrayed by Anne Charleston.

STEVE, Frank Hobson's contact when he is preparing to leave in a helicopter.

Cecil "Shagger" STEVENS, the real father of Herbert "Junior" Winthrop and an old friend of Herbert Evans. Junior's mother, Gladys Winthrop, always believed that her son, Junior, was fathered by Herbert Evans instead. Portrayed by Edward Howell.

Cliff STEVENS, a nasty bikie who seems to have a powerful hold over Rose Godolfus. Cliff assaults Mark Eastwood and introduces Rose to marijuana and sex orgies. He is briefly involved with Maggie Cameron, who supposedly wants to use him as swimsuit model. Later, he is revealed as the instigator of a prolonged vendetta against Aldo Godolfus, which Cliff plotted from gaol with the help of Cain Carmichael and a couple of young robbers. Portrayed by Vincent Gil.

Greg STEVENS, one of Jane Chester's boyfriends. He has a great physique but Debbie Chester and her school friends refer to him as "the six-million dollar moron".

Mrs STEVENS, a fussy Point Piper client of The Continental hair salon. She berates Jaja Gibson for her shoddy skills. Portrayed by Coralie Neville; Margaret Ede.

Sharon STEVENS, the biker's moll wife of Cliff. Portrayed by Mirren Lee.

Mr STEWART, the Evans' bank manager and a colleague of Mr Fisher. Portrayed by Gordon Lishman.

"Bill STICKUP", who is introduced by Alderman Mrs April Bullock as responsible for pasting Edie MacDonald's election campaign posters all over Paddington. His name is a pseudonym, since bill-posting is not approved by the local council. "Bill" seems to have severe asthma or emphysema.


STINKY'S OWNER, who reclaims the lost Webster from the Whittakers in the wine bar. Portrayed by Gordon Poole.

STOBOE, a professional boxer who enjoys taunting Don Finlayson, and goading him into sparring with him, at Laming's Gym. Portrayed by Bill Ayers.

STRANGE MAN, who turns up in Norma's Bar claiming to have information about a bomb. He is nursing a bag and a police officer escorts him outside. Portrayed by Peter Morris.

Claude STRAUSS, an acquaintance of Aldo Godolfus, who claims to have had similar war experiences in Europe, but Roma Lubinski recognises him to be a Nazi war criminal, who ordered the deaths of her parents during the Holocaust. Portrayed by Alexander Archdale.

Gemma STRAUSS, the wife of Claude. Portrayed by Hilda Scurr.

SUE-ANNE, who is the granddaughter of the real Henrietta P. Dobb. Herb Evans meets her in Paddington, Michigan, in the USA. The young Sue-Anne recently made her debut with Ringling Brothers' Circus as an elephant trainer.

Mr & Mrs SUMMERVILLE, high society friends of Claire Houghton. They are hosting a gala ball and Claire is eager to attend, and for Jack Sellars to escort her. Vera Collins is too busy to make her a ballgown and Jack has gone missing anyway. At another Summerville party, Jack and Claire meet up with Vera Collins, Terry Sanford and Gil Dawson.

Bill SUMNER, the real father of Marilyn MacDonald. When Marilyn discovers the truth about her adoption, she tracks him down and briefly moves out of Flat 5 to be with him. He has since returned to the country. Edie and Reg MacDonald briefly suspect Bill of the mysterious amounts of money being slipped under their door. Portrayed by Alan Tobin.

Pauline SUMNER, Bill Sumner's eventual wife. They were not married when Pauline first meets Marilyn MacDonald, Bill's daughter, and Marilyn complains that she finds the pair boring.

Ingrid SUMNER-SPRING, a woman Herb Evans meets on the cruise which he won on a TV quiz game. After Dorrie leaves the cruise early, Ingrid tries to seduce him. Herb is later caught buying Ingrid chocolates from the downstairs deli. Ingrid later takes a fancy to Roger Wotherspoon. Portrayed by Faye Hastings.

SURGEON, who operates on Kerry Braddon when the boy is sufferering from blindness. Portrayed by Michael Morton-Evans.

Alfred "Alf" SUTCLIFFE, the disgruntled, middle-aged English immigrant husband of Lucy. Originally from Salford, near Manchester. He and Lucy met and married during the war. They have a son, Jim, and a daughter, Ethel Brinkman. A resident of Flat 8, Alf pines for his former life in England and corresponds with his sister, Lily, who still lives there. While Lucy is on holiday, he invites Arnold Feather to move in as a boarder. Alf has various businesses including a trucking service, which goes broke, and driving a taxi for its owner, Bob Jones. Alf accidentally hits a man with the taxi and is wanted for questioning by the police. When working as a builders' labourer, he is severly injured on a construction site. After the birth of his daughter, Emma, Alf moves his family to Perth for a fresh start. Portrayed by James Elliott.

Emma SUTCLIFFE, Lucy's change-of-life baby, born on the evening of the fatal delicatessen bomb blast. Emma is briefly kidnapped by "Mad Stella", a woman suffering a mental condition, but is safely returned to her parents. Portrayed by Herself (actually the baby son of Floor Manager/Producer, Ian Leigh-Cooper).

James "Jim" SUTCLIFFE, the son of Alf and Lucy, ex-husband of Noelene and father of young Sebastian. Jim lives in Perth. He makes three visits to his parents when they lived at Number 96, eventually convincing them to move to Perth to be closer to him and young Sebastian Sutcliffe. Portrayed by Brendon Lunney.

Lucy SUTCLIFFE, the wife of Alf, who runs the local laundrette for Mr Thorburn. Her best friend is her next-door neighbour, Vera Collins. Lucy undergoes numerous near-tragedies including suspected breast cancer and a bout of temporary blindness, which was brought on after an assault in the laundrette. She almost leaves Alf for Tom Bartlett. Instead, she stays with a friend, Mary Singleton, in Queensland. Thinking she is suffering the change-of-life, Lucy is stunned to discover that she is pregnant. Don Finlayson, of Flat 4, agrees to swap flats with the Sutcliffes to make it easier to take her baby up and down the stairs of Number 96. Portrayed by Elisabeth Kirkby.

Mrs SUTCLIFFE, Alf and Lily's domineering mother who emigrates to Australia, staying with Alf and Lucy in Sydney. She displaces Arnold Feather from his bedroom and upsets Lucy at every opportunity. Mrs Sutcliffe eventually moves to Perth to help her grandson, Jim, to care for Sebastian. Portrayed by Neva Carr Glyn.

Noelene Chester SUTCLIFFE, the spoiled, sulky wife of Jim who taunts him about having to work for her father's company. She eventually divorces him. Jim comes looking for her and Sebastian when she flees to Sydney. Portrayed by Penne Hackforth-Jones.

Sebastian SUTCLIFFE, the son of Jim and Noelene, and grandson of Alf and Lucy Sutcliffe. He lives with his father and great grandmother in Perth.

Guy SUTTON, the amiable racing car driver who sweeps Vera Collins off her feet, rescuing her from Warwick Thompson. For a time, he is unable to race due to memories of an accident which killed a colleague, Owen Truscott, and his affair with Owen's wife, Diana. Guy and Vera marry and he eventually takes her to live in Europe. Portrayed by Peter Whitford.

Mr SWAIN, a client of Bev Houghton's. He is an aggressive, married man who forces his way into her room. Karen Winters chases him off. Portrayed by Fred Betts.

Duncan SWANN, a bikie colleague of Paul Sheldon, who is caught attempting to murder Giovanni Lenzi while disguised as a Catholic priest. He is killed when bitten by a funnelweb spider planted in his gaol cell by Paul. Portrayed by Ken Shorter.

Inspector SWANSON, of the CIB (Commonwealth Investigation Branch), who questions Andy Marshall about the missing American heiress, Rosemary Prior. Portrayed by Stuart Finch.

Mrs SWARTZ, an elderly customer of the deli. Aldo thinks that, now that she has her new dentures, Mrs Swartz is buying out "almost the whole shop".

Fred SWEENEY, a hospital orderly who replaces Les Whittaker during the Susi O'Donnell murder case. He is beaten up by someone who mistakes him for Les.

Detective Sergeant SYMONS, who investigates Anne Spencer's abortion claims against Gordon Vansard. Several years later, he questions Maggie Cameron about her role in the fatal delicatessen bomb blast. He also arrests Fred Shrimpton over several incidents of Federal fraud, initially mistaking Fred for Reg MacDonald. Portrayed by Tony Wager.

Maggie TABBERER, an Australian TV personality, editor and fashion guru. She approaches Maggie Cameron in the restroom of a restaurant, wanting to do a social piece on Vera Collins and The Tapemeasure salon. Invited to play Herself (but not known if she accepted.)

TALENT AGENT. When Miles Cooper is pretending to be film director, David Palmer, he sets up a faux audition for three young women. The talent agent of a professional model, Girl 3, claims to accompany his clients "to all of their auditions". Portrayed by Brian Anderson.

TANK, colleague of Blackie, he is one of Edie MacDonald's witless kidnappers. Portrayed by Kevin Howard.

TANQUERAY SISTERS, who are spinsters and permanent residents of the nearby Beauregard Hotel. They are not tolerant of the invasion of Number 96 evacuees after the oil leak in the Sunshine Patio.

TART, a woman who takes Herb Evans onto a train departing Central Station when he has $10,000 belonging to the Paddington Senior Citizens Club. Herb falls aleep, and she steals the bag containing the money and his wallet and leaves him on train. Portrayed by Robyn Moase.

TAXI, a band whose recordings of songs are sometimes played in Dudley Butterfield's wine bar, Duddles'. Their music is alternated with songs from The Executives and Karma.

TAXI DRIVER. Portrayed by Andrew Peterson (aka Robert Neesam).

Bruce TAYLOR, a professional fashion photographer, is having an adulterous affair with his boss, Maggie Cameron. Bruce is a tenant of Flat 5, which he shares with Don Finlayson, later revealed to be Bruce's lover. Bev Houghton poses nude for Bruce's photo portfolio, oblivious to his and Don's relationship. After leaving Number 96 for Adelaide, he then lives in Canada for a year. Returning to Sydney, he becomes romantically involved with both Bev and Maggie - and is implicated in Bev's untimely death. Portrayed by Paul Weingott.

"Osborne TAYLOR", a young, homosexual cinema manager, whom Dudley Butterfield met when he was boarding at Mrs Parallel's boarding house. This is the new guy in Dudley's life, not long after moving out of Don Finlayson's flat. But it is revealed that Osborne doesn't exist. Dudley made him up to make Don jealous.

Scott "Scotty" TAYLOR, originally a secretary to Trevor Banks, Scotty has been the actor's manager in Hollywood for fifteen years. He is the only supporter Trevor has left. Portrayed by Robert Davis.

TED, the son-in-law of Arthur Partridge, who lives in Wiley Park with Arthur's daughter, Mavis.

Constable TED, the policeman assisting Detective Sergeant Short with the Pantyhose Strangler investigation and the poisoning of Vera Collins. Portrayed by Frank Menzies.

Professor TEDDINGTON, who buys a convict brick, retrieved from the Number 96 cellar by Les Whittaker. He eventually rejects the rest of the bricks extracted by Aldo Godolfus and Les.

"TEDDY" --> See Edward "Eddie" DUNCAN

TEENAGED BOY, who is picked up in a park by a depressed Don Finlayson after the breakup with Paul Mathews and the death of Sally Finlayson. Don tries to pass him off as a young cousin. The man's irate father comes looking for Don and assaults him.

Susan TEMPLE, a university friend of Miles Cooper who allows him to believe that she is pregnant with his child. Portrayed by Debbie Baile.

TERESA, a school friend of Debbie Chester, who is responsible for supplying her with drugs. Teresa eventually introduces Debbie to heroin, daring her to try it. Debbie has to deal directly with Nick the pusher after Teresa is hospitalised. Portrayed by Julie Anne Newbould.

TERESA'S MOTHER, who tells Debbie Chester that her daughter is ill in hospital after an overdose. Portrayed by Jennifer West.

Mrs TERRY, the local president of the Paddington Senior Citizens Bowling Club. She calls a Special General Meeting of the club when Dorrie and Herb Evans are being prosecuted for inadvertently serving members a marijuana salad. Mrs Terry invites the Marquis of Chantilly to a committee members' dinner party that Flo Patterson must host. She also organises a dance night to raise funds for Flo after her Paradise Street home was burnt out. A casting agent chooses Mrs Terry over Dorrie for a part in a movie. Dorrie and Flo must do a play-off at the bowling club to decide who will fill in for Mrs Terry when she goes overseas.

Barry TETT, a homosexual client of Don Finlayson's, who is introduced to him by Graham Fletcher. Allegedly, Barry had propositioned a policeman, Constable Wyatt, in a public toilet, but Don and Graham realise that part of Barry's story is fanciful and Don is reluctant to continue wth the case. Portrayed by Spencer Whiteley.

THERESA, an aunt of Giovanni Lenzi and the mother of little Fabio. On his first day on the job, Giovanni brings them to the deli to introduce them to Arnold Feather.

The THING, a pop group led by a longhaired musician, who intends to move into the vacant Flat 5 and use it for a rehearsal space.

"Chiller" THOMAS, who tries to cheat Alf Sutcliffe out of $12,000 when the ticket in Chiller's name wins first prize in the lottery.

"Joan THOMAS" --> See Debbie CHESTER

Mrs THOMAS. Wife of "Chiller", who tries to make amends for her husband's betrayal of Alf Sutcliffe. Portrayed by Kitty Greenwood.

Carolyn THOMPSON, daughter of Warwick and Muriel Thompson and sister of Simon Thompson. She and Simon hate Vera Collins for stealing their father's heart. Portrayed by Belinda Grose.

Graham THOMPSON, a private patient of Patti Feather's, who gives her an engraved bracelet.

Muriel THOMPSON, the bitchy, socialite wife of Warwick and the mother of his children, Simon and Caroline. They reside in a mansion called Kimberley. She is a longtime friend of Claire Houghton. Muriel fights Vera Collins for Warwick's attention. A surfing accident makes her a paraplegic, but Warwick is reluctant to lose Vera. Portrayed by Rowena Wallace.

Simon THOMPSON, son of Warwick and Muriel Thompson and brother of Carolyn Thompson. Simon delivers a disturbing message to Vera Collins at his father's penthouse. Portrayed by Sean Hinton.

Warwick THOMPSON, the handsome businessman who goes into partnership with Vera Collins in the fashion salon, The House of Danielle. He mentors Laura Trent after the death of her father. Warwick maintains a private penthouse, separate to Kimberley mansion, and moves Vera Collins into it. Despite his wife's objections, he conducts a stormy affair with her, leading Vera to believe that his wife, Muriel, approves of the relationship. Vera suffers a miscarriage of the child she conceived with Warwick. He attempts to kidnap Vera when she announces her plans to leave for Europe with Guy Sutton. Portrayed by Kit Taylor.

Mr THORBURN, the laundrette franchise owner who gives Lucy Sutcliffe a job as manageress. Vera Collins first met him when he visited to have his fortune read. He uses his business contacts to clarify if Number 96 was going to be demolished and replaced by a high-rise apartment block. Later, Dorrie Evans tries to matchmate Flo Patterson with Mr Thorburn, to provide Flo with somewhere to live. Portrayed by Reg Evans.

Matron THORNE of the Stromboli Institute assures Don Finlayson that the late Coral Fuller definitely died six months ago, after plunging from the roof of the facility, even though an unnamed kitchen hand had disappeared on the same day. Portrayed by Faye Donaldson.

Frank THRING. In the delicatessen one day, Dorrie Evans mistakes the famous actor for Paul Hogan when he buys a packet of Winfield cigarettes instead of Martins. Portrayed by Himself.

Phoebe THROGMORE, Nigel Murston-Morgan's 70-year-old secretary, replacing Glanda Vasseline, who is to be moved across to a new employee at O.P. Piper Promotions, Reg MacDonald.

THUG, who delivers a curt message to Prim for David Palmer from Louis Spiro. Portrayed by Ron Hansen.

THUGS, who wait for Salvadore Russo and Anna Maria Whittaker to return from a cocktail party, so thay can bash them for exposing Gil Dawson as an associate of the Mafia.

THUGS, employees of "Mr Big", who threaten Don Finlayson over a Buddha statue that is filled with packets of heroin. When the statue goes missing from Flat 4, they give Don 48 hours to surrender the Buddha, or Baroness Amanda Von Pappenburg will be killed.

Charles THURGOOD, the retired lawyer friend of Don Finlayson, who leads the defence team for Maggie Cameron's court case over the bombing of the delicatessen. He spends more time talking about his greenhouse garden. He wants Maggie released on bail so she can be examined by the Macquarie Street psychiatrist, Clive Maxwell. During the trial, Charles suffers a massive heart attack, having ignored Dr Bennett's advice, and dies later in hospital. Portrayed by Malcolm Phillips.

Mr & Mrs THURLOW of Gympie. Lee and Grant Chandler visit them on their long drive from Townsville to Paddington.

TIM, the literary agent of novelist Alexander Grey.

Doctor TOBIUS, the surgeon who performs Alf Sutcliffe's back operation who gives Lucy Sutcliffe a good preliminary report. Portrayed by Robert Quilter.

Cyril TONKIN, winner of the "Ugliest Man in Blacktown" Competition. Edie MacDonald intends to run a similar competition as a fundraiser for her Paddington Meals on Wheels Committee.

TONY, an uncle to Giovanni Lenzi, and the brother of Maria Panucci. Carlo Lenzi is critical of him and his wife, Rosa, because they live behind a shop, where Giovanni has been a boarder. Their son is named Pietro.

Betty TOWNEY, a former high school colleague of Marilyn MacDonald, who now works in the TC's office of Blacktown Council.

Mrs TOWNEY, mother of Betty. She tells Marilyn MacDonald the facts about Reg MacDonald turning down his recent LG offer at Blacktown Council in order to stay at Paddington.

Miss TOWNSEND, an employee of Warwick Thompson at The House of Danielle fashion salon. Vera Collins insists that Eileen Chester is to be fired, but Miss Townsend refuses to comply. Portrayed by Patricia Craig.

TRAIN CLEANER, a woman who finds Herb Evans onto a train in Newcastle. The bag he had with him, containing $10,000 belonging to the Paddington Senior Citizens Club, is missing, stolen by a tart. The cleaner orders him off the train. Portrayed by Doris Goddard.

Keith TRAVIS, whose partner, Sandy, agrees to help Jane Chester, for money, to confuse Don Finlayson. Keith agrees to assist, returning a lighter that Don supposedly left behind the previous night in Whale Beach, when he was supposed to be in Canberra. Keith's surname might be false. Portrayed by Rob Dallas.

John TRAYNOR, the man with whom Jan Butterfield lived after she had left her husband, Dudley.

Laura TRENT WHITTAKER, Jack Sellars’ solicitor and, later, a business partner and flatmate of Don Finlayson. Laura's education was paid for by Warwick Thompson after the death of her father, Patrick Trent. After a reunion with former boyfriend, Phillip Chambers, and a brief fling with Lee Chandler, Laura takes up with Gary Whittaker, despite his temper, and eventually moves to England with him when he inherits a House of Lords position in the British aristocracy. Portrayed by Mary-Ann Severne (Szeps).

Patrick TRENT, who was Warwick Thompson's first senior partner and the father of Laura Trent. When Patrick was dismissed from the Board and become bankrupt, he suicided, leaving Warwick to assist Laura to finish her education.

TRIXIE, a tarty woman whom Herb Evans befriends at the pub. He gives her a faux fur coat that Dorrie Evans rejects, then can't get it back. Trixie works at the local supermarket and is a companion of George Baker and the equally tarty Babs. Jessie Blanchard informs Dorrie Evans of her suspicions. Portrayed by Noeline Brown.

Diana TRUSCOTT , the widow of Guy Sutton's racing colleague Owen. She is given Guy's new address by Larry Maguire. Diana tells Vera Sutton that she is convinced that Guy killed Owen deliberately. Portrayed by Maggie Oehlbeck.

Owen TRUSCOTT , the deceased racing car driver colleague of Guy Sutton. Owen's accident at the Spanish Grand Prix also killed several spectators. Guy blames himself for the accident and says that it was more like premeditated murder. Larry Maguire claims that the two men were close friends.

Claude TUFNELL, an old school friend and heart-throb of both Dorrie Evans and Flo Patterson. He is invited to stay in Flat 3, which causes Herb Evans to move out in protest. However, Dorrie and Flo are horrified to find that Claude has "let himself go" over the years. Portrayed by Noel Brophy.

George TURNER, the injured "hit and run" pedestrian, who awakens from his coma and remembers that it was a woman (revealed to be Carol Finlayson) driving Don Finlayson's car, but he hasn't yet told police. George decides that he wants $10,000 from Don to keep quiet. Portrayed by Ray Bennett.

Jack TURNER, a work colleague of Bernard Chandler at McCabe Constructions, who causes an explosion that kills Bernard. Jack claims that Bernard had suicided, but Mr Hardy discovers the truth and conveys the news to Lee and Grant Chandler.

Mr TYMAN, the impatient owner of Tyman Tyres, who engages Reg MacDonald as his advertising guru during Reg's brief stint with O.P. Piper Promotions. Portrayed by Kenneth Laird.

UNICYCLISTS, two young twin unicyclists stay overnight in Flat 7 at the invitation of Trixie O'Toole. Vera Collins finds one of them, still on his unicycle, in her bathroom the next morning.

UTE DRIVER, whose vehicle is "borrowed" by Don Finlayson during his investigation into the Melissa Hobson case. Don eventually offers $50 for the driver's inconvenience. Portrayed by Stuart Finch.

Elspeth VALE, the local Cubs Mistress, who has been promised some land by Alderman Edie MacDonald, but Reg MacDonald says that it is is already earmarked for senior citizens' housing. Elspeth stays for lunch and later joins a birthday party in Flat 5 for Junior Winthrop. Portrayed by Maggie Kirkpatrick.

Denise VANDERHUM, the wife of RJ Vanderhum and the mother of Samantha. The two women are overheard at The Blue Danube restaurant making anti-Semetic remarks in earshot of Aldo Godolfus and Roma Lubinski.

Samantha VANDERHUM, the fiancée of Irving Lewis, and the daughter of RJ and Denise Vanderhum. When Samantha realises that Irving has changed his surname from Lubinski, to conceal his Jewish heritage, she dumps him. Portrayed by Jinx Huber (Lootens).

R.J. VANDERHUM, the wealthy father of Samantha. He runs a large construction company in the USA. When he rings Roma Lubinski, to enquire after his daughter's fiancé, Irving Lewis, Roma denies knowing him.

Doctor Gordon VANSARD, the pharmacist who arrives at Number 96 posing as the brother of chemist shop owner, Sonia Freeman, but is revealed to be her de facto husband. Vera Collins recognises him to be a convicted abortionist. Convicted in 1966, Gordon was struck off the register of General Practitioners. Now freed from gaol, he runs the chemist shop at Number 96 Lindsay Street in Paddington. Gordon is implicated in the murder of his estranged wife, Sylvia, who had refused him a divorce due to her staunch Catholic beliefs. Gordon is then harassed by his eldest son, Kit, and his sister-in-law, Daphne Bryant, who both still blame him for Sylvia's death. Anne Spencer claims that Gordon had recently aborted her baby, but it is also part of Daphne's ruse. Gordon has plans to return to being a GP and buys Doctor Riley's practice. Although he marries Sonia, he discovers that he is infertile and, therefore, not his boys' true father. Gordon begins an affair with Yvonne Marette, which culminates in a tragic car crash. After several weeks in a coma, Gordon succumbs to his injuries. Portrayed by Joe James.

Kit VANSARD, the manipulative elder son of Gordon and brother of Martin, Kit blames his father for the death of Sylvia Vansard and aims to break up Gordon's relationship with the then-Sonia Freeman. Kit comes to stay in Flat 1 until he gains a university place, working part-time at a service station. After tension builds between him and Sonia, Kit moves into Don Finlayson's spare room, which causes Gordon some concern. Kit is flirtatious and enjoys nights at the disco and socialising with Georgina Carter. Moving to England to study, Kit convinces his aunt, Daphne Bryant, that Sylvia was murdered. Portrayed by Denny Lawrence.

Martin VANSARD, youngest son of Gordon and Sylvia Vansard, who now attends an English boarding school.

Sylvia VANSARD, who made family life unbearable for Gordon after her conversion to Catholicism, then refused to grant him a divorce. She suicides in Flat 1, using drugs taken from Gordon and Sonia's shop, to implicate them in her death. She was revealed to be suffering a terminal brain tumour. Since Gordon is infertile, the identity of Sylvia's sons' biological father is a mystery. Sylvia has an identical twin sister, Daphne Bryant. Portrayed by Shirley Cameron.

Glanda VASSELINE, the dippy secretary of O.P. Piper. Portrayed by Lorna Leslie.

Mr VERLAINE, who is mistakenly sold the painting that Roma Godolfus purchased as a wedding gift for Arnold Feather and Patti Olsen's wedding. Aldo thought it was one of Roma's own paintings. Roma is eventually able to track him down and buys the painting back.

John VERNON, a friend of Don Finlayson's who is from Alcoholics Anonymous. He and his colleagues, Adam Lord and Marie Crowther, attempt to assist in Harry Collins' ongoing battle with drinking. Portrayed by Harry Lawrence.

Christina VETTARE, a blonde Italian woman who moves into the MacDonalds' Flat 5 as a boarder, she is supposed to be a future wife for Giovanni Lenzi. Only Christina knows the truth about Carlo Lenzi's secrets and his shady connection to the famous European jewel thief known as "The Raven". In a private chat with Carlo, Christina admits that she is not the real Christina Vettare. Portrayed by Karen Petersen.

Benito VEZULLA, a young member of the feuding Vezulla family. He is ordered to befriend Giovanni Lenzi, get his trust, then kill him. Through their mutual love of soccer, Benito and Giovanni decide put an end to their troubles by working together. Portrayed by Brandon Burke.

Janine VEZULLA, a young woman whom Giovanni Lenzi brings home to satisfy his father, Carlo, that he can find his own Italian girlfriend. Carlo knows of the family and assumes that Janine was born in Torino, Italy. However, she is from Leichhardt, sells cheap chainstore makeup for a living and is "as dinky-di as Coles". Janine admits to not being sure where in Italy her parents come from. Some time later, she reunites with Giovanni, to the horror of Maria Panucci, who tries to keep them apart, and the impatience of Janine's father, Luigi, who declares a family vendetta. Portrayed by Delores Ernst.

Luigi VEZULLA, an old acquaintance of Maria Panucci, who declares a family vendetta with the Lenzis when a planned marriage between Janine Vezulla and Giovanni Lenzi takes too long to occur. After the rivalry is calmed, Luigi shows that he is a master of practical jokes, with Giovanni usually the hapless target. When Maria overhears what she thinks is a plot to murder her, it turns out that Luigi has a pet cockatoo that needs to be put down. He eventually proposes marriage to Maria and whisks her away from Number 96, much to Giovanni's delight. Portrayed by Franco Valentino.

VICTORIA, a scantily-dressed tart, who is successfully interviewed by David Palmer when he is setting up a high-class prostitution racket. Portrayed by Terry Herlihy.

Louis VOGEL, a prospective financial backer of a movie project of Alan Cotterell's. Janie Somers is concerned that Louis wants to inject more sex, rape and nudity into the script.

Baron Maximillian VON PAPPENBURG, a late millionaire husband of Amanda Von Pappenburg. Max was killed accidentally, gored by a rhinoceros, when he and Amanda were on safari in Kenya. His family in Germany contested the will. When it was finally settled, Amanda is suddenly penniless. Max's family eventually give Amanda a generous share of Max's estate.

Baroness Amanda Ashton Savanto VON PAPPENBURG, the zany, jet-setting, oft-married aunt of Ralph, Don and Carol Finlayson, who arrives at Number 96, via Marrakesh, on the suggestion of her older brother, Sir Arnold Ashton, who had described Don's "emotional troubles" to her. Three of her past husbands were millionaires. All of them, except one, met with grisly deaths and left her large sums of money. The first husband, "Binky", took his own life. He bequeathed Amanda his fortune and she decided it was time to leave her lucrative modelling career. Amanda moves into Flat 4 and befriends next door neighbour, Flo Patterson, taking her on a disastrous trip to Hawaii. Amanda encourages Don's relationship with Dudley Butterfield. Amanda is romanced by Ben Daniels, but she turns him down. While back in Heidelberg, Amanda is embroiled in a heroin-smuggling scheme, in which packets of drugs are hidden inside a hollow Buddha statue she has had delivered to Don's flat. On another visit to Number 96, her "Aunty Mame" antics and immense wealth attract the attentions of Otto Schiller, Dick Riggs and even an ex-husband, Rudi Savanto, who all attempt to relieve Amanda of her latest inheritance. A dispute over Baron Max Von Pappenburg's will leaves her temporarily penniless. She has to travel to Germany to collect her inheritance and settles back in Heidelberg. She is visited there by Don when he believes he has only months to live. Portrayed by Carol Raye.

Petal WAGSTAFF. With her ditzy friend, Shirl Boothroyd, Petal is Dudley Butterfield's partner on an unlikely double date with Don Finlayson. Portrayed by Terry Fogarty.

WAITER, a colleague of Janie Somers at The Blue Danube restaurant. Alf and Lucy Sutcliffe think that he looks familiar. Portrayed by Graham Webb.

WAITER, a colleague of Deirdre. They are employed temporarily by Maggie Cameron to work in Norma's Bar after Norma Whittaker gets fired. Maggie demands that he is pleasant to the patrons. Portrayed by Edward Wall.

Mr WALLACE, Gordon Vansard's representative at the District Court when Gordon is seeking to be reinstated as a doctor. Don Finlayson acts as assistant to Mr Wallace. Portrayed by Frank Lloyd.

Peter WALLACE, the solicitor of Sir William Mainwaring, who discovers the unconscious Don Finlayson, locked in a garage and suffocating from carbon monoxide poisoning. Portrayed by Phil Jaye.

WALLY, the nearby protector of several Kings Cross prostitutes when a "tarted up" Debbie Chester encroaches on their territory.

George WALPOLE, a producer and talent scout of Mardi Gras Records, who catches Grant Chandler's singing at Duddle's on a bad night. Portrayed by Mark Marinato.

Jock WALPOLE, a scruffy newspaper journalist whose astrology charts, written under the pseudonym of "Madame Zenda", are followed avidly by Edie MacDonald. When Edie is hospitalised following dire tea leaf predictions of her own death, Jock is brought in to meet her. Edie is shattered to discover that Zenda is male. Portrayed by Brian Wenzel.

Michael "Mike" Hayden WALSH, the compere of a well-known television chat show, "The Mike Walsh Show". Mike interviews Dorrie Evans and Weppo Smith, at the Channel TEN-10 Studios in North Ryde, about the Paddington Council garbage strike. Portrayed by Himself.

Wesley WALTON, an unsuccessful suitor of Marilyn MacDonald, he resembles a cloned, younger version of her father, Reg. In an effort to "tame" his wild daughter, Reg had thought that Wesley would be the perfect influence. Not long after meeting him, Marilyn has her top off, and is clasping Wesley’s hands to her bosom, while supposedly searching for a lost rare stamp from his stamp album. They are soon interrupted by her parents. Portrayed by Chris King.

Mandy WARD, a girlfriend of Grant Chandler whom he met while in Queensland when both had come under the influence of The Master, an evil drug lord. When she arrives at Number 96, Mandy has a brief affair with Giovanni Lenzi. Portrayed by Ingrid Mason.

Josephine WARDELL, a respected performer who gave pianoforte recitals for Armidale's high society. These were attended by Anne Florentine and her son, Patrick.

Sister WARREN, Les Whittaker's supervisor at the hospital where he works as a ward orderly. She rings the wine bar to ask him to take over Jim Breckett's shift when he suffers a strangulated hernia.

Bunty WATKINS, a rich friend of Jack Sellars and considered to be Claire Houghton's best friend. With her husband, Noel, she owns a chalet in the Snowy Mountains, where Bev Houghton goes to recover from a suicide attempt.

Fred WATKINS, Herb Evans' S.P. bookie. He wants the $300 he is owed, or else. He is soon replaced by Sam.

Noel WATKINS, Bunty's husband, who is a supreme practical joker. The couple once wired up all the bedlamps in their guest rooms so that overnight visitors received mild electric shocks from the mattresses when they turned the lights out. Another time, Noel rented a live elephant and had it delivered to Bunty on her birthday. It was holding a diamond necklace in its trunk. (Noel had promised her "something really big".) Noel later refuses to help his friend, Jack Sellars, pay off some underworld figures.

WEBSTER, the lost Golden Labrador puppy taken in, against regulations in their lease, by Les and Norma Whittaker. They struggle to hide the animal from Dorrie Evans. Upon his escape, little Webster is taken in by Dorrie herself and rechristened "Rover". When the real owner is finally located, the puppy's real name is revealed to be...: "Stinky"! Portrayed by Himself.

Detective Sergeant WELLINGTON, who investigates the death of a drunken Diana Ford, who tumbled over the stairwell bannister outside Flat 7. He arrests Vera Collins over the girl's demise after his investigations links the dead girl with Gil Dawson. Portrayed by Andrew Grant.

Miss WENDY, Dorrie Evans' regular hairdresser. Her salon is in nearby Paradise Street.

Bill WHITE, a journalist who is pursuing actor Trevor Banks, trying to get the backstory on several old scandals. Scott Taylor warns Bill that Trevor is not giving interviews. When approached by Bill, Trevor's estranged daughter, Prim, pretends that she is someone else. When Bill makes a nasty remark about Prim's mother, Trevor decks him and Bill resolves to ruin him. Portrayed by Antony Wheeler.

Lady Betsy WHITE, a society matron who hosts an after-party for Janie Somers and the cast of her new play. Arnold Feather is invited to one of her parties and must hire a suit to attend it. Lady Betsy is a friend of Amanda Von Pappenburg. They both attend Phoebe Sorrows' fancy dress party and Herb Evans tries to help her out when her car breaks down.

Andrew WHITTAKER, the bearded Scottish Earl MacCraddonow and widower of the late Countess Myrtle. While living in Johannesburg, Andrew accepts the transfer of the family title from his lookalike brother, Les, in good faith and repairs the family castle with his wife's money. However, the renovations led to his wife, Myrtle, catching pneumonia and dying an early death. Lord Andrew is forced to sell up to a Texan millionaire, who dismantles MacCraddonow Castle, brick-by-brick, to be rebuilt in America as a tourist attraction. After Les's death, Lord Andrew comes to Sydney, staying at the Hotel Beauregard, before moving in with Dorrie and Herb Evans as a boarder. Eventually, he confesses that, legally, the MacCraddonow title should have been inherited by his nephew, Gary. Andrew departs Sydney with his sister-in-law, Norma, to take up a position as the castle's tour guide in Texas. Portrayed by Gordon McDougall.

Anna Maria WHITTAKER RUSSO, the fiery Italian bride of Gary Whittaker, who comes to stay with her in-laws, Les and Norma, in the weeks leading up to Gary's departure from the army. She is apparently a Countess of Italian nobility. Her authentic Italian cooking has disastrous effects on Norma's attempts to diet. Anna Maria is unhappy in her marriage and is consoled by Salvadore Russo, whom Gary tries to kill during a fit of anger. Some months later, when Salvadore recognises Gil Dawson as an associate of the Mafia, Anna Maria's life is in danger. After divorcing Gary, she returns to Italy with Salvadore, but maintains contact with Norma. Anna Maria and Salvadore now have one "little bambino" together. Portrayed by Rosalba Verrucci.

Gary WHITTAKER, the only son of Les and Norma, he makes several extended visits with his family while on leave from the Australian Army. Gary did a tour of duty during the Vietnam War, and was also based in Singapore. He is in denial about the war's effect on his mental state. His first marriage, to Anna Maria, is short-lived, due mainly to his short temper (and what is now recognised as PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). He returns to the army and applies for an overseas posting. Later, Gary is romanced by Marilyn MacDonald but he is still unable to settle. Returning to Number 96 in 1975, this time after his father's death, Gary has a dangerous liaison with Liz Feather. He attempts to assassinate Maggie Cameron for causing the death of his father, but is prevented from doing so by Don Finlayson. Sexual impotence is a recurring problem for Gary. A brief liasion, Jody, teases him about it. Inheriting his father's title of the Earl MacCraddonow, Lord Gary attracts the attentions of Laura Trent, who agrees to marry him. They emigrate to the United Kingdom. Portrayed by Mike Ferguson.

Leslie "Les" WHITTAKER, the bumbling but well-meaning husband of Norma. Moving into Flat 5, they take in Anna Maria, the wife of their son, Gary. Les was a hospital orderly and devised the Whittaker Radio Controlled Ambulance. A part-time inventor of devices such as the Wine-o-matic, for which he was granted a patent. Invited onto a television show about inventions, his idea was taken up by a gentleman in Melbourne and manufactured. Les didn’t read the small print of the contract and two million units have to be sold before he makes any royalties. With Norma, Les moves down to Flat 1 to live behind their new wine bar. Les is eventually revealed as the writer behind a magazine serial, 54 Paddington Place. All of the characters in the Woman & Culture magazine are based on residents and associates of Number 96. He considers himself an expert in phrenology. Les declines the family MacCraddonow title to his lookalike brother, Andrew. Les intends to takes on a pseudonym, "Miss Hotchkinson", following his success in impersonating Dorrie Evans to do babysitting through Dig Up a Treasure. Many of his inventions continue to cause havoc for the residents of Number 96, a bomb detector, the formula for a miracle hair restorer, a confetti machine, a sausage machine, the Baby-matic, and a do-it-yourself sauna that he builds in the cellar with Herb Evans and Alf Sutcliffe. Les was killed in the delicatessen bomb blast and pronounced a hero. Portrayed by Gordon McDougall.

Myrtle WHITTAKER, wife of Lord Andrew, the Earl MacCraddonow. The Countess's inheritance was used to attempt to renovate the draughty MacCraddonow Castle in Scotland, but she develops pneumonia and dies.

Norma Florentine WHITTAKER, the barmaid wife of Les and later the manager of Norma's Bar. Originally from Armidale, Norma moves to Sydney from the Melbourne suburb of Toorak, Victoria, after "the Chook Dung Incident". Frustrated by her husband's constant stream of inventions and crazy schemes, Norma is almost tempted into having an affair with Gilbert Barton during a wine-tasting tour of the Hunter Valley. After her husband's death, she is briefly engaged to Weppo Smith but eventually departs for Texas with Lord Andrew Whittaker, where MacCraddonow Castle has been relocated from Scotland. Norma eventually returns to Number 96, taking over the management of the renamed wine bar, Duddles', after the sudden departure of Lee Chandler. Portrayed by Sheila Kennelly.

Harvey WICKSHAW, who is a special guest invited to Dorrie Evans' dinner party for the Sydney "socialist set". Flo Patterson only agrees to help when she realises that Harvey will be inattendance. In the end, he fails to turn up, as does Claire Houghton - and everyone else!

Mr WILBERFORCE, an old family friend of Lucy Sutcliffe's elderly mother, who marries her a few months after the death of her father.

Mrs WILBERFORCE, Lucy Sutcliffe's widowed mother, who marries a friend named Mr Wilberforce.

Cedric WILKINSON, the deceased husband of Opal and grandfather of Harold.

Doctor Harold WILKINSON, a psychiatrist friend of Don Finlayson. They were once on the same university debating team. Harold moves into Flat 7 with his grandmother, Opal. Among his patients are Edie MacDonald, Miss Hemingway and Claire Houghton. He is frequently pursued romantically by Marilyn MacDonald, but shows little interest in her. He is lured into a life-threatening trap by a former mental patient, Coral Fuller, but is saved by Don Finlayson and Derek Costa. Portrayed by Dave Allenby.

Lorelei WILKINSON, no relation to Harold or Opal, Lorelei was the naive, blonde waitress at Norma's Bar who befriends Dudley Butterfield. Hailing from a tiny country town called Griddle Creek, she is fresh from a three-year romance with a 73-year-old man. When he died, he left Lorelei $2000. Arriving in Sydney, she quickly becomes enamoured with Dudley and moves into Mrs Parallel's boarding house at his suggestion. Lorelei is concerned about her limited vocabulary and she insists on learning the meaning of a new word from a dictionary every day, often uses them in her conversations, such as "congenial", "effervescent", "elegant sufficiency", "impotent" and "pragmatic". Lorelei takes a fancy to Otto Schiller and then Jack Sellars. Lorelei was a rival to Marilyn MacDonald, but less free with her sexual favours. She draws attention from Andy Marshall, who calls her "Doll Face", and Matt Barrington, who calls her "Cookie". Lorelei stands up to Maggie Cameron when she is called a "moron", but checks the word in the dictionary first. Lorelei was the second victim of the Pantyhose Strangler, leaving all of her modest savings to Dudley, whom she apparently had referred to as her fiancé to her relatives and friends in Griddle Creek. Portrayed by Josephine Knur.

Mrs WILKINSON, a resident of Griddle Creek and the mother of Lorelei. She used to tell her daughter that one should "consider every possibility when it comes to matrimony".

Opal WILKINSON, the elderly widow of the late Cedric, Opal is known as "Gran" by several of the residents of Number 96. The grandmother of Harold, she varies her age to suit the circumstances and is usually very successful in a range of gambling pursuits. Her gossipy friend is April Fernside. Gran organises the disappearance of Grant Chandler for publicity purposes. She shares a large lottery win with Herb Evans. Portrayed by Nat Nixon.

Harvey WILLIAMS, who answers an ad on the noticeboard at the Paddington Senior Citizens Club. He wishes to be considered as a replacement tenant for Flo Patterson's room in Flat 3. Dorrie Evans sees much more of Harvey than she intended - twice! Portrayed by John Armstrong.

Mike "Shirley Temple" WILLIAMS, floor manager of Network 0-10's "The Mike Walsh Show". Dorrie Evans and Weppo Smith are interviewed by compere Mike Walsh on the show. Portrayed by Himself.

Mr WILLOUGHBY Jr, the younger partner of the firm of solicitors known as Willoughby, Willoughby & Martin.

Mr WILLOUGHBY Sr, the boss of Don Finlayson and Mike Parsons, and the senior partner of the firm of solicitors known as Willoughby, Willoughby & Martin. When Mike attempts to blackmail Don over his sexuality, Mr Willoughby shows unexpected loyalty by cautioning Don but firing Mike. Portrayed by Gerry Duggan.

Beckie WILSON --> See Elizabeth "Liz" CHALMERS FEATHER

Doctor WILSON, who works on the critically injured Gordon Freeman. Portrayed by Kevin Healey.

James "Jim" Dermot WILSON, the deceased husband of Liz Chalmers, formerly known as Beckie Wilson. Don Finlayson supposedly orders that Jim's body be exhumed, although his tactics are a ruse. The faux autopsy report was to reveal the presence of antimony in the body.

Jim WILSON --> See Malcolm "Mal" JACKSON

Peter WILSON, the violent, estranged husband of Tracey Wilson, who has several arguments with Arnold Feather when Tracey is boarding in Flat 6. Portrayed by Dennis Miller.

Tracey WILSON, the nursing colleague of Patti Feather who moves into Flat 6 to escape her violent marriage to Peter. She has an affair with Andy Marshall and appeared to have escaped death at the hands of the serial killer known as the Pantyhose Strangler. Among her victims were Denise Coleman, Lorelei Wilkinson and Patti. Eventually, she is revealed as to be the perpetrator herself with sadomasochistic tendencies. Thwarted from killing Marilyn MacDonald, Tracey escapes the police and suicides from a window of Flat 6. Portrayed by Chantal Contouri.

Karen WINTERS, Bev Houghton's flatmate, replacing Janie Somers. Karen works as a receptionist for Vernon Saville. She is later revealed to be a lesbian witch, who is a part of a coven intent on exploiting Vera Collins and Bev at a black mass. Portrayed by Toni Lamond.

Gladys WINTHROP, the deceased mother of Herbert "Junior", who always believed that her son was fathered by Herbert Evans, not "Shagger" Stevens.

Herbert "Junior" WINTHROP, a gentle, child-like man from Bundaberg who has been brought up thinking that Herb Evans is his long lost father. His mother, Gladys Winthrop, was an acquaintance of Herb's. Junior comes to Sydney to be close to Herb and is taken under Dorrie Evans' wing. For a time he fancies himself as a private eye. Junior becomes romantically involved with Isobel Mainwaring, who calls him "Bertie". It is later proven that Junior's real father was Herb's mate, "Shagger" Stevens. Portrayed by Curt Jansen.

Miss WINTHROP, the elderly neighbour who is revealed to be the mystery dogfood saboteur. Portrayed by Colleen Clifford.

Adrian WOLFE, the artist who paints the notorious Goya-influenced portrait of Norma Whittaker, which graces the wall of the pub in which she works as a barmaid. Norma posed for Adrian fully clothed, but the finished result suggests otherwise. When Jack Sellars opens Norma's Bar, the painting becomes a permanent part of the new decor. Portrayed by Owen Weingott.

WORKMAN, a cheeky, blond shopfitter, who is working with Mervin to set up the new chemist shop. He teases Dorrie Evans that the shop will be a massage parlour. Portrayed by Michael Lowe (Chris Haywood).

Mr WORMALD, the Rector of Dorrie Evans' church, St. Stephen's. He is reluctant to refund a large donation made by Dorrie Evans. He tells Reverend Hopper to ask Dorrie to announce the postponement of Flo Patterson's wedding. Portrayed by Roger Milliss.

Mrs WORTHINGTON, a socialite who shows Dorrie Evans and Flo Patterson through her $300 per week Point Piper mansion when it is expected that Herb Evans will inherit money from Gladys Winthrop's estate. Portrayed by Lannie Dalziel.

Roger WOTHERSPOON, a man with whom Dorrie Evans is suspected of "gallivanting". Roger works at the Autistic Children's Association and is pleased when Flo Patterson and Herb Evans win $500, which they had promised to donate to the charity. Flo takes a shine to him, but he is allergic to Mr Perky and seems to prefer the company of Ingrid Sumner-Spring. Portrayed by Terry O'Neill.

Joyce WRIGHT, a mutual friend of Miles Cooper and Susan Temple. Joyce tells Miles that Susan is pregnant.

Constable WYATT, who speaks with Don Finlayson at the police station. A homosexual client of Don's, Barry Tett, had allegedly propositioned Constable Wyatt in a public toilet. Portrayed by Reg Gorman.

Doctor YARDLEY, of the Stromboli Institute, is not keen to discuss former patient, Coral Fuller, with Don Finlayson, due to the mystery of her death plunge, six months earlier, from the roof of the facility.

YOUNG CUSTOMER, who comes into the deli and is mistakenly identified as one of the robbers by Aldo Godolfus. It turns out that the boy is the son of a local policeman.

YOUNG MAN, who attempts to chat to Debbie Chester on the Boulevard Cafe. Don Finlayson witnesses Mark Hobson's sudden violence towards the man. Portrayed by Jaye Paul.

YOUNG MAN IN PLAZA, who criticises Trixie O'Toole's performance as "the Goldybix Girl" because the jingle in her script doesn't scan. His interference causes the biscuit display stand to collapse. Portrayed by Brian Hinselwood (now Hinzlewood).

Doctor ZEIGLER, who runs a new sanitarium, the Ziegler Clinic, in Gosford. Fay Chandler is admitted to this facility after suffering a mental breakdown. Dr Zeigler surprises Lee Chandler when it is revealed that his mother's admission fee has been paid in advance by Claire Houghton. Portrayed by Kevin Manser.

"Madame ZENDA" --> See Jock WALPOLE

Doctor Eugene ZORFITCH, an endocronologist based in Heidelberg. He diagnoses Don Finlayson with a psychosomatic illness that was brought on by stress.

* * * Other actors (characters as yet unknown): Walter Chiari, Benita Collings, Jane Dyver, Nicholas Edie, Brian Evis, Ron Falk, Belinda Giblin, Pauline Guest, Sandy Harvy, Tony Hillman, Sophie Ko, Caz Lederman (in addition to the movie), Clive Marshall, Sandra Lee Paterson, Veronica "Ronnie" Rogosin, John Sheerin, Susanne Stuart, Jerry Thomas, Maria Venuti, Bob West, Kim Wran. Some of these were brief cameos. More than 1000 actors and 6000 extras appeared in the series over its six year run of 1218 episodes.

© 1994, 2020 Ian McLean and Lindsay Street Productions. Compiled and annotated from information derived from Sydney and Melbourne editions of TV Week and TV Times, cross-referenced with original Cash Harmon documentation and viewings of episodes. No text may be reproduced without the express permission of the author. To use this material in research, you are requested to inform the author and credit his contribution accordingly. Thank you.

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